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Hey guys Alex here!! So I got this idea and I had to write it :)

btw i suck at summaries sorry :(

Summary: This takes place during New Moon. Edward leaves, and Bella is lifeless untill she realizes that he never loved her and he wont come back. You cant force someone to love you...right? Bella decides to change ... completley, she goes all goth rebelling against everything. Bella is just getting used to her life until someone or should I say some people shows up. Will thoose certain 'people' like Bella's change? Will Bella ever forgive these 'people' will she go back to being sweet shy Bella or will she stay like the cold,mean,rebel '' Izzy'' ???

ok guys I have the preface so im going to post it .....


''Bella, I dont want you to come with me...''

his words rang through my mind. He doesnt want me.
He doesnt love me.
As I started imagining his voice,his face,his .... My breathe quickend my stomach felt like it was fliping, the whole in my chest started to turn from pain to agony... I feel to the floor screaming. It has been only two weeks since 'his' family left, since 'he' took my heart with him. Breaking it along the way, even though he left without me he took a part of me that I know I will never ever get back....
My happiness........

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sounds great!  please post more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds great can't wait for more!!!


The tears fell to the floor forming a little puddle. I have been crying for what seemed like decades but really it has been 2 hours. I curled up on my side and cryed even harder. My life was over, 'he' was the first person I trusted my life with and now he threw it all away. School is making my life even worse. I always imagine his family walking threw those doors and sitting down at their table. I have tried emailing Alice or Emmett and even Rosalie but all their adresses are disabled. Jacob has come and visited me   From time to time but when I wouldn't answer his calls he stopped coming. The same with all my other friends Angela called me 3 times last week I just watched the phone ring. Jessica called 5 times after the fifth she never called back. What I mostly do all day is sitting in my room crying. Sometimes I think that this was all a dream, maybe Edward didn't exsist at all? Maybe none of this was real ? Maybe if I try and pinch myself or something maybe I will wake up back in Phoenix. But when I do pinch my self I open my eyes and I am still in my room feeling this pain... Charlie walked into my room

" Bella??"

He said

I just nodded he sighed

" Bella, are you okay?? I heard you crying and I -"

" Im Okay Dad can you just give me some alone time please ?"

I said cutting him off

" Sure Bells just er.... never mind"

He said and closed the door .......

sorry guys this is all I have ♥

Hi Alexandra,

I feel the pain in the writing - which is a good thing - looking forward to more.

I like the detail of each friends number of phone calls it made it more real.

thanks and I know my Chapter 1 sucks maybe I will redo it but thanks for reading!!

Keep going its really awesome!!!

love the update!  update agan soon please!


 Thanks and I wasnt really sure about the phone calls but I decided maybe I should put it in :)




Chapter 2: Numb

Charlie closed the door behind him and I continued on with my crying. I got up and sat next to the window. The phone rang and I heard Charlie softly say Hello. Suddenley his heavy footsteps got louder and louder as came closer to my room.

" Bella? You have a phone call it's Angela"

He said. I got up and opened the door just a crack to retrieve the phone.

" Hello?"

Oh darn it! My voice cracked now it sounds like I have been crying! Which I have.

" Bella!! Oh my god!! It's about time you picked up the phone!! I heard about them leaving..... Are you okay?"

Angela asked. Well how can I be okay? My true love, my Romeo gone.... Left me... He never loved me..

"I'm okay..."

I managed to whisper but suddenley I started crying again sobbing into the phone.

" I don't care if you don't want me to come I'm coming! You are not okay and we need some girl talk? understood?"

She asked. I nodded into the phone as if she can see me but continued to cry into the phone.

" I'll be there in about five minuetes... See you later"

Then the line went dead. I continued to cry even harder as realization hit me. Edward never loved me. Only used me for whatever reason. After he knew that I was head over heels with him he leaves me. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie well Rosalie never liked me. But could Esme and Carlisle be in this little game of Edward's?? Esme, I just can't belive Esme would be capeable to be mean. I continued to cry when suddenley Angela walked threw my door. I looked up and she almost ran to me as she put her arms around me.

" Bella.... It's okay.... It's Okay.. Don't cry... I know it's hard but everyone goes threw a heartbreak, Shhhh.... Don't cry...."

She murmured soothingly as she rubbed my back as I continued to cry a little bit harder.

" Thank you Angela for visting me, I really need it"

I said feeling a tiny bit better. Then I guess Angela wanted to lighten up the mood because she said

" Bella Im concerned about you.... But now I think I'm a little bit more concerned about your father!! have you ever taught Charlie to cook?? Do you know what he's eating like right now?? Microwave food!! "

She gasped teasingly I laughed a little at that. Suddenley I heard the door being burst open.

" BELLA!! "

Charlie screamed

I suddenley stoped smiling and got up

" Dad what's wrong !?!?" I asked alarmed

" Help!!! The microwave is on FIRE!! "

He yelled I ran downstairs to see not the microwave on fire but the food.

" Dad you put it in to long in the micro!! Didnt yoy read the back of the bag of what ever this is!"

I said as I held up the bag of what I thought was brocolli.

"Oh ok...."

Charlie said. As he was about to reset the microwave I threw the bag away.

" Bella!! That was my dinner!! "

Charlie whined, I rolled my eyes

" Dad, no more microwave meals okay? I will make dinner tonight."

" Angela do you want to have dinner with us? "

I asked Angela she nodded and helped me prepare for dinner.
A/N : Sorry Guys I will post more its just that What I wrote was more than 4000 words. Grrrr I will post more soon !!
Okay guys here is the second part of what I wrote :)

When I got to school everyone was staring at me. Angela and Jessica waved me over I nodded and smiled. Then stopped dead as we passed by his parking spot. Immediately my arms went around my stomach and as I was about to fall to the ground Angela ran over to me, I was already hyperventilating and hallucinating. I saw his Shiny Silver Volvo and I saw him step out of the car....

When I felt a hand on my forehead I realized that I was in the nurses office with Jessica and Angela. The nurse had a worried look on her face

" Sweetie, are you okay??"

she asked me

" He's gone " I murmured

" Sweetie who's gone?? "

she asked me with a confused look on her face. Suddenley my cheeks felt really wet. My knees went up to my chest and I wrapped my arms around them as I cried softly

" He's Gone.... He's Gone... "

I continued to whisper while rocking a little bit.
Angela had a look of pain and sympathy written across her face. Jessica had actually a few tears.

" Sweetie, I think you should go home..."

Ms. Linda said to me

(A/N lol Ms. Linda is a random name I came up with )

I nodded , Jessica and Angela helped me up from the chair and got me inside Angela's car.....
Oh my gosh !!! Grrrr !! I named the Chapter wrong!!! Grrrrrr.....!!! So mad now :( lol


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