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Hey guys Alex here!! So I got this idea and I had to write it :)

btw i suck at summaries sorry :(

Summary: This takes place during New Moon. Edward leaves, and Bella is lifeless untill she realizes that he never loved her and he wont come back. You cant force someone to love you...right? Bella decides to change ... completley, she goes all goth rebelling against everything. Bella is just getting used to her life until someone or should I say some people shows up. Will thoose certain 'people' like Bella's change? Will Bella ever forgive these 'people' will she go back to being sweet shy Bella or will she stay like the cold,mean,rebel '' Izzy'' ???

ok guys I have the preface so im going to post it .....


''Bella, I dont want you to come with me...''

his words rang through my mind. He doesnt want me.
He doesnt love me.
As I started imagining his voice,his face,his .... My breathe quickend my stomach felt like it was fliping, the whole in my chest started to turn from pain to agony... I feel to the floor screaming. It has been only two weeks since 'his' family left, since 'he' took my heart with him. Breaking it along the way, even though he left without me he took a part of me that I know I will never ever get back....
My happiness........

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Oh I feel so bad for bella! :( its so sad what shes going through! I hope Edward comes back soon!
I loved the updates! They were really good, and I cant wait for more! That reminds me that I need to update my fan-fics, 3 fan-fics is so hard to deal with! :P
You need to update really soon, because I'm already excited for more and I LOVE THE STORY!!!!! Angela and Jessica are really helping her in this! I love it, but its so sad!
By the way I love the name you made up! Ms. Linda! Haha I loved it! :) its great so far Alex, update reallllyyyyyyy soon! :)
Your friend,

Lol Thanks I was listening to my sisters watch tv while I was typing and I was stuck with the Nurses name then suddenly a person on the tv yelled " Oh Linda!! " and I was like I got it!! Ms. Linda!! Really glad that you like my story ! :) I dont know if you noticed but I have a million Spelling mistakes lol like with you i spell it like yoy :) lol Anyways I have to go finish typing the next chapter of Best Friends!


Alex <3<3

Haha! That's a good place to get that idea from, like seriously! And oh my gosh, how do you find time to update your stories, I never ever get to get to mine because of homework. Boy, do I hate junior high and homework! :P
And YES! I am really excited for the next chapter of Best Friends because it's really good!
Don't worry about the spelling, because I am pretty sure I have tons of spelling mistakes in my stories! Haha :)
I am listening to One Direction ( love them) and I am considering on updating Untouchable! :)
Cant wait for the update on Best Friends!:)
Your friend,

Lol since I have homework, my job, and prom is already coming up and not to mention college :( I really have no time to do anything so when I have a few minutes at home i type what I can then I email it to my phone then I finish my update at school :) its a really dificult process lol Btw I also love One Direction!! I love Harry!! I dont even have time to go out with my friends!! but sometimes my friends through really huge parties when their parents arent home lol I have crazy friends!! i really hope you update your stories!! Untouchable is my fav!

I love Harry too! He is just way toooo cute and adorable! :) Louis would be my second favorite, hes hilarious and hes cute too!:) I really want to meet them!
And thanks! Untouchable would probably be my favorite too, it seems a lot better than my other fan-fics! School is stressing me out! But spring break is next week and its 9 days off, thankfully! I'll probably spend most of spring break updating my fan-fics. That should be good, I'm excited to update! I'm just not sure what to do for my updates on Untouchable and The First time We Met. So I will have to think about it, if you have any ideas can you please tell me? (Well only if you have the time to) I am thinking on bringing Caught You to the last chapter soon, I will probably do like 5 more chapters probably, unless I have a change of plans! :) Well good luck with updating your fan-fics and school, and all that! :)

Hi there,

I'm really please Bella has good friends in this story who look after her.

I think the microwave fire will have pulled her out of her self obsesed state a bit - it was a good idea to include it.

Please keep me posted

best wishes


great updates!

Thanks :)

Love it!!


I feel so bad for Bella. This is a great story I love the emotions that you describe with bella. Please update a.s.a.p



thanks Ashley and Chris!!
Chapter 3 EPOV

Pain, Agony, a living hell. Thats what I live in, a living hell. Being away from my sweet Bella, my blushing,klutzy,shy Bella, leaving her was the most idiotic stupid and horrible mistake I have ever made. Just saying the words

" I dont want you to come"

Were painful for me. But it was for the best, She doesnt belong in our world. She could die and it would kill me to.

I know , I know I will have to visit her.... one day just to see how she is doing. My love for her will never change.

" I love you..."

I whispered and slid to the ground where I closed my eyes seing her face, I smiled and whispered 'I love you' once more..


Once I was in Angela's car I closed my eyes and did my normal breathing routine.

" Breathe in, Breathe Out"

I thought to myself. Angela was still outside talking to Jessica about something.

" Bella?"

Angela asked softly, I nodded

" Bella we called Charlie and asked if you could stay over with me and he said only if you want to. So Do you want to come?? "

She asked me I opened my eyes

" Thanks Angela that would be awsome"

I smiled and she laughed

" Come on Jess were ditching! "

Angela called Jessica and she ran to the car giggling.

" Bella we are going to the mall! You need a total complete new LOOK!! "

Jessica yelled as she opened the window , stuck her head out and yelled


I laughed and in that moment I forgot all about him and all the pain vanished, I was finally having fun.

" Angela, I think I have decided something. "

I said once Jessica's head was back in the car.

" What?"

Angela asked

" I think I need to get over my breakup and be free again, no more pain, I need to forget about him and anything involving him and what other way to do that then being the complete opposite of who I am now."

I said, Angela was smiling but Jessica looked confused

" So.. What your saying is that You dont want to be a girl.. but a DUDE!! "

Jessica yelled I laughed

" No! Jess as in right now Im sweet ,shy and I let people use me all the time. But I want to change that, I want to be strong, outgoing, fun, I dont want to care about what people think of me I want to be... I dont know a differrent person "

I said Jessica was smiling and Angela looked like she was about to burst out with joy.


Jessica squeeled and hugged me. By the time she let me go we were already at the mall.

" Ok first we are getting are hair cut, dyed and highlighted! "

Angela said as we linked our arms and walked inside.........


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