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Hey guys Alex here!! So I got this idea and I had to write it :)

btw i suck at summaries sorry :(

Summary: This takes place during New Moon. Edward leaves, and Bella is lifeless untill she realizes that he never loved her and he wont come back. You cant force someone to love you...right? Bella decides to change ... completley, she goes all goth rebelling against everything. Bella is just getting used to her life until someone or should I say some people shows up. Will thoose certain 'people' like Bella's change? Will Bella ever forgive these 'people' will she go back to being sweet shy Bella or will she stay like the cold,mean,rebel '' Izzy'' ???

ok guys I have the preface so im going to post it .....


''Bella, I dont want you to come with me...''

his words rang through my mind. He doesnt want me.
He doesnt love me.
As I started imagining his voice,his face,his .... My breathe quickend my stomach felt like it was fliping, the whole in my chest started to turn from pain to agony... I feel to the floor screaming. It has been only two weeks since 'his' family left, since 'he' took my heart with him. Breaking it along the way, even though he left without me he took a part of me that I know I will never ever get back....
My happiness........

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loved the chapter Alex! Please post more soon!:)

thanks and I will ! :)

OMG................... Im completly speechless

Keep writing :)

great update!  can't wait to see how the makeover turns out!


Great Update. I am so happy to see Bella coming back to herself. How is the new Bella going to be. I guess i will have to read the next update to find out. Update soon



Way to go Bella... Love the chapter!!

Chapter 4 New BPOV

We entered the hair salon and got to work.

" Hey Im Amber, what can I do for you? "

Amber asked us

" I want my hair cut in layers, dyed black, and I want red highlights"

I said. She nodded.....


When we had already paid for everything we ran to the bathroom. We looked at ourselves and at eachother and squeeled

" We look AMAZING!! "

Angela got red highlights, Jessica got her ends trimmed with Red highlights and I cut my hair in layers dyed it black and got red highlights.
Once we finished looking at ourselves we walked out the bathroom. All the guys were whistling and yelling

" HOT! "

We all laughed as we got closer to Hot Topic all the hoots and hollering had died down a little.
We entered Hot Topic and separated. I got a ton of black shirts, tank tops, and black mini skirts which were actually really cute. I got black makeup and bloodred lipstick.

When we were done Angela and Jessica only had two bags meanwhile I had about 7 of them. We were walking, talking and drinking lemonade.

" Hello shopers the mall is closing in 15 minutes! "

Someone announced from the speakers and we went outside to Angelas car and drove home.


" Ok, Now we are going to change your name! "

Angela said as we went up to her room.

" Change my name? "

I asked, she nodded.

" I got it!!! "

Jessica shouted as we walked inside Angela's room. We sat on the floor

" What?"

Angela and I asked at the same time.

" IZZY!! "

Jessica yelled,

Izzy really wasnt so bad

" I like it! " I said as I smiled.

" Ok, Now the biggest challenge of all!! Your attitude!! and the way you talk and act! "

She said, I rolled my eyes

" Ok then lets start! " .........

A/N : Sorry guys :( this really wasnt my best work.. but I am getting grounded with no computer for a week and I wanted to update ASAP. Hope you like and dont be shy to say in your comments that you hate it ! :)

Alex <3

Love it!!!! Awesome chapter!!

Hey new reader here :) great story. Keep me updated plz?

I love the update. Sorry about you not having a computer. But this was a great update please update soon


Hey guys !! For now I have the whole week with the computer cuz I have an essay I have to do about the whole civil war :( If only Jasper Cullen was here with me :( he would be able to help me :( lol well thanks alot for the comments !! by the way Have a Happy Spring Break :)


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