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A sigh escaped the mouth of a boy with dark brown hair wearing a blue shirt, leather jacket, his brown eyes scanning over everyine single person in the clump of twenty. The dimly lit stone walls gave off a relaxing feeling for everyone. His thin fingers touched out to the stone, tracing down the wall.

"This," The woman with the brown-blond hair smiled, "is the throne room. Where the vampires would sit, until they were banished from Volterra," the large wooden doors came slamming shut. As the boy turned, he could see two figures. One small, skinny, and very pale person around his thirties maybe forties and then a large, muscular and very pale person around the same age group.


"Welcome. To the end of your tour," The voice of the male broke the silence, it caught the boy's attention, sweeping it to him. Though, he did not get a proper view. Screams of pain and horror sliced the air. The boy in the leather jacket watched them all die around him, in a circle. His fists raised as if to put up a fight he'd lose.


Then, all the dead bodies lay on the floor. The last man standing. This was the end of his trail.


"No," The man with the long black, maybe a dark brown, color said quickly to every vampire inside of the small room. As he walked towards the boy with the black leather jacket, he whispered. "You are to stay as a human, and as to stay as a guest. Go get some sleep, my dear boy. Tomorrow will be hectic, it is then you will meet The Twins," The man said. "Demetri, show him to a room."


"Yes, master," The skinny male smirked, grabbing onto the boy with the leather jacket's arm and dragging him into a room, basically throwing him in the room as they arrived there.
Lucky for the boy, he landed on the bed. The lights were off, he didn't bother to do anything besides curl up, go to sleep, and hope it was a nightmare.









Author's Note; The point of the story, isn't clear. Yet. It will be though, in the next chapter. If someone, just one person, says to continue. Oh, banner coming shortly, I promise.

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I promise to have chapter one up by tomorrow, around 5 site time. :)
Sounds good....please continue :)
Chapter One

The boy with the leather jacket was awoken when he hit a stone floor. Just barely he opened his eyes to see the room in which something undescribable happened just the night before. Letting out a groan, he stood; rubbing his eyes and yawning.

After a good few minutes of standing there, he had fully gotten used to the light. About that time, two people -- a boy and a girl -- came through one of the door ways, holding hands.

A couple, maybe. Though, they looked more. . . related in a way. Their posture, the way they strolled in as if they owned the place. The girl's blond hair had been swept into a bun, suggesting it was some kind of long. Though, the boy's brown hair seemed to be flicked out around the end.

"Who is this?" The boy with the brown hair asked, an eyebrow raised towards the boy with the leather jacket. At that moment, the man with the long dark colored hair took a hold of the boy with the leather jacket's hand, until he let it go after four minutes.

"Alec, this Cade. Cade is a human," Aro smiled that one smile he usually would that positively scared everyone. He was planning something, his wheels were turning.

The boy in the leather jacket, Cade, would've too been scared if he had been focusing on the man with the long hair. Instead, he was busy staring in pure awe at the beauty of the girl with the blond hair.

"He should honestly stop looking at my sister like that, though," Alec hissed under his breath, giving a glare before taking Cade's sight, a smirk on his face. He enjoyed it, what he did.

"I can't see," Cade whispered softly, scared as hell. He should be able to see. No, this wasn't right. He began to pinch his arm, hoping to wake himself up. "Wake up, Cade. This is a bad dream."

With a dark laugh, Cade could see again and sent a glare in Alec's direction. "I wouldn't look at me like that," Alec
warned Cade, a sinister grin on his face. With a frown and a tilt of his head, he then felt pain. An idescribable burning sensation that made your back arch, your head tilt back, and a scream that scarred people. All of this happened.

Jane grinned evilly, watching the poor boy with the leather jacket scream in pain, too paralyzed to do anything else. Finally, after a good five minutes, the pain finally stopped.

"You were warned," Demetri hissed into the boy with the leather jacket's ear.

"These. . . are the Twins," Cade whispered, something scared written all over his face. Yes, this is who they were. The gorgeous killers.

"You look scared," The blond smirked. "I don't know about my brother. But I'm sorry that your scared," She lied easily. "You really shouldn't be. We just want some fun, y'know..."

"I-it's alright," Cade stuttered, staring at her with wide brown eyes. And then some things went numb while he felt pain and screamed again. He let his guard down. This wasn't something that was wise.

He noticed it was brighter in this room. The sun leaking in through the glass. How had he not noticed?

Thank you. <3

Oh Aro has... special plans for him.

Though, if you can't already tell, The Twins hate him. Then again, they hate everyone.


Chapter Two coming later. :3

Chapter Two


Finally, it all stopped and he was curled on the floor once more. Aro moved towards the boy, helping him to a standing position.

"You are correct. These are the twins, Jane and Alec. You must choose which one of the two you would like to guard you. Remember, they must be somewhat nice to you, not torturing you all day. Basically protecting and catering to you," Aro said smoothely, watching young Jane, now standing behind Cade, his cold hands on the leather jacket.

"The girl," Cade whispered softly, and with that was pushing in her direction. Though, he didn't fall as he suspected, he wasn't even touching the ground anymore. "Can you please put me down?" He asked, his eyes shut. And then he was very gently laid on his feet.

"With all due respect Master Aro, I don't think that this is a wise choice. If he is to press my buttons, he'll be a nice little midnight snack," Jane said, her voice like an angel's sigh -- or that's how Cade described it.

"Jane, show our guest to his room," Aro said simply, walking to his throne. "Alec, follow your sister," He added on.

"Follow us," Jane and Alec sighed, no emotion showing as they began to hold each other's hands and walk out the room, Cade following quickly behind him. He was. . . attracted to the beautiful blond. Though, he knew he shouldn't be thinking this.

"Marcus. Is there a tension between Jane and the boy?" Aro asked curiously, smiling in the sick twisted way that scared all.

"Yes brother," Marcus's sad voice spoke, filling the air around him with a sadness.

"This is excellent," Aro decided, clapping his hands together.

"Is there anything you need, or want?" Jane sighed, glaring at the stone floor hard. Why must she be nice to the
filthy human? Why was this her job?! Though, there was something. . . different about him.

"Hm," Cade thought, biting his bottom lip. "No. But, your name. It's Jane, right?" He chuckled, feeling like an idiot. The beautiful blond answered with a simple nod of her head. "Alright. And this is Alec?" He asked, gesturing to her brother. Once again, she nodded her head. "And you are?"

Jane and Alec looked at each other, and then him, laughing. "You tell us!" They choired.

"Vampires?" Cade suggested, and with a grin from the Twins, he knew that he was absolutely right. This scared him,
and made him respect them even more. How odd, this was. Feeling this way towards a. . . vampire.

"So, you kill people a lot?" Cade gulped, he could be next. He could be supper. . . Or lunch, or breakfast, or maybe just a snack.

"That's what we're made to do," Alec smirked, rolling his eyes. If you watched closely, you'd notice that Jane did too. Then again, focusing on only one of them resulted in the other one being 'invisible' in a way. For Cade, Alec was always the invisible one.

"Oh," Cade bit his lip, glancing at Jane and then back to Alec.

"So, welcome to hell," Jane grinned.

Aro is just. The best at times. I have to put myself in the mind of Aro to write his character. That and I know where I want things to go so. :3

Jane and Alec are very hating people. That and they'll kill you with no mercy. And scare you to death. I would tell you if you were on the right track BUT, I won't. >:D Wow, sorry. Kinda hyper. :3

I will, shortly. I enjoy writing this story.

I like it. Please continue

Chapter Three

"The tension between them is?" Aro prodded, watching Marcus carefully. He was on a happy track and the more he found out about this, the easier getting Cade to stay would be.

"Mm, the boy seems to want Jane in both ways, whereas Jane is unsure of everything but her loyalty to us and her brother," Marcus sighed.

"So, if we had Jane seduce him into becoming on of us. . ." Aro pressed on, needing the information so desperately it was going to drive him mad before midnight.

"He'd stay," Marcus finished. "Anything else?" He asked, emitting a sigh. Aro was such the happy one when it came to things and people he wanted in the coven, especially when he knew how to make them stay.

"Nothing at all," Aro grinned, sitting back in his chair with a smirk on his face. He knew just what he would have happen.

As Jane walked through the doors, Aro smiled. "Jane dear!"

"Yes, master?" Jane said curiously, looking up to him.

"I know that you don't like this human, but I simply need you to seduce him into becoming what we are," Aro chuckled. He watched for any sign of reaction and clapped his hands once at her gaping mouth and large crimson eyes.

"But, why do I have to do it?" The blond whined, her voice hitting an all time high, sounding much like an eight year
old's fangirl squeal.

"Because he's attracted to you and you only," Aro said simply. Once he had been around Jane for long enough, he knew what she was feeling by her posture. And he knew that this time, she was pissed.

"Fine," Jane growled unhappily, storming off to her room; grabbing her brother's collar and dragging him with her on the way. Once they got into the room and it shut, Jane groaned.

"What happened?" Alec chuckled, watching as she sifted through everything for something to break before completely crashing the mirror she had in her room to a thousand bits.

"I have to seduce the human. Why me? Because I'm apparently the only one he's attracted to!" She growled, sitting on the small bed that she didn't have a use for, but still liked it being here.

Alec made a face of disgust. He didn't want his sister near the human, he didn't want the human thinking whatever it was he was thinking about Jane, and he didn't want Jane to have to do anything with him.

"It would've been better if we grew old with cats," Alec smirked and sighed.

"True, but at least this way we're forever young," Jane smiled at her brother, he always knew how to make her smile.


Aro is always mean. Or at least, he should be.

Yea, Aro's new quote: "Being rude and mean gets you everywhere in the world." <3

I love that.

I'm thinking of this at the very moment. While I write.

I'm just wanting to write out Cade's reactions because I keep trying to imagine them and it's so funny. :3

Chapter Four

Alec watched his sister and then heard Aro's words to Jane. Best start now, dear. He gave a light grin as Jane rolled her eyes in complete and utter disgust. "Don't worry, Jane dear. The quicker it's over with, the more you can come back and return to normal!" He smirked.

"You are not helping, brother," Jane hissed his way, hanging her head and then glancing into another mirror she had, grabbing a dark red lipstick and applying it quickly as Heidi had taught her. At times she too would go grab a tour group and Heidi often dressed her differently.

"You should put on a dress," Alec smirked, smiling then when she turned and glared. "Well, I'm trying to help. Trust me, I would rather him die," He raised his hands, walking to her closet and sifting through it. "This one," Alec sighed sadly, passing her a peach-pink dress.

"You are not helping," She repeated, and grabbed the dress, pushing Alec out of the door. "Stay, I'll get you when my dress is on," She growled the last half of her sentence.

"Alright, alright," Alec rolled his eyes, leaning on the wall outside of his Jane's room. He was very pissed at Aro, and that's when Demetri walked through. "Hey Demetri," He grinned to him. Skinny Demetri that just towered over Jane and Alec gave a grin back, leaning on the oposing wall.

"Hello Alec. You seem mad," Demetri noted, an eyebrow raised.

"You haven't heard about Jane's new task?" He asked, his voice very low. Demetri shook his head no slowly. "She has to. . . seduce. . . the new human. Into being a vampire, and into staying with the Volturi," He sighed, his voice still the low it had been at.

Demetri eyes were wide before Jane opened the door slightly. "You two can come in," Jane said and she moved far from the door; letting Demetri and Alec in.

"Aw, Janie!" Demetri laughed at her, she looked precious. To him. "You look like a little porcelian China doll!" He grinned.

Alec chuckled and shook his head, she looked good. Too good. "You look good, Jane," He smiled, giving a light hug. "Now, off you go before Aro gets annoyed with you," Alec sighed, kissing his little sister's forehead.

"I feel like an utter idiot," Jane sighed sadly, before pushing a sadistic grin on her face and walking out of her room, and towards Cade's, as she gave a knock at the door.

"Jane, h-" Cade paused, his mouth hanging open as he registered her. "Hi," He laughed lightly, his eyes running up and down her body quickly. He looked down at the ground and then right back up to her eyes. "Come in," He said quickly,
opening the door quickly and tripping over his feet on the way in, mesmerized still by her looks.

"Hi Cade," Jane smiled, letting her Italian accent run through the words, taking a seat beside him; grinning at him. "How are you?" She asked sweetly. Cade seemed taken aback.

"Great, wonderful. Really really excellent," Cade trailed off, staring at her.

Hm, a bit of a conversation cliff hanger.

Jane is not a happy camper today. Lol. ALEC MIGHT CAUSE A SCENE. ALEC IS BAD LIKE THAT. omg, I feel like I'm a reader and not a writer. AND THEN ARO IS JUST SO CRUEL. But we still love him. Lol.

I'm writing as we type.


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