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A sigh escaped the mouth of a boy with dark brown hair wearing a blue shirt, leather jacket, his brown eyes scanning over everyine single person in the clump of twenty. The dimly lit stone walls gave off a relaxing feeling for everyone. His thin fingers touched out to the stone, tracing down the wall.

"This," The woman with the brown-blond hair smiled, "is the throne room. Where the vampires would sit, until they were banished from Volterra," the large wooden doors came slamming shut. As the boy turned, he could see two figures. One small, skinny, and very pale person around his thirties maybe forties and then a large, muscular and very pale person around the same age group.


"Welcome. To the end of your tour," The voice of the male broke the silence, it caught the boy's attention, sweeping it to him. Though, he did not get a proper view. Screams of pain and horror sliced the air. The boy in the leather jacket watched them all die around him, in a circle. His fists raised as if to put up a fight he'd lose.


Then, all the dead bodies lay on the floor. The last man standing. This was the end of his trail.


"No," The man with the long black, maybe a dark brown, color said quickly to every vampire inside of the small room. As he walked towards the boy with the black leather jacket, he whispered. "You are to stay as a human, and as to stay as a guest. Go get some sleep, my dear boy. Tomorrow will be hectic, it is then you will meet The Twins," The man said. "Demetri, show him to a room."


"Yes, master," The skinny male smirked, grabbing onto the boy with the leather jacket's arm and dragging him into a room, basically throwing him in the room as they arrived there.
Lucky for the boy, he landed on the bed. The lights were off, he didn't bother to do anything besides curl up, go to sleep, and hope it was a nightmare.









Author's Note; The point of the story, isn't clear. Yet. It will be though, in the next chapter. If someone, just one person, says to continue. Oh, banner coming shortly, I promise.

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Holly shizzle ! O.o Jane and Cade are gonna get busy ! xD Im surprised Alec is actually controlling himself :3 . Update soon ! :3

B u s a y.


And Alec is being surprisingly calm, isn't he?

Chapter Fourteen

Alec was just sitting there to everyone's surprise. So still and calm until Jane and Cade's sounds leaked into the throne room and he started to shake still remaining his still composure until he basically let it all out.


Though Jane and Cade didn't hear him.

Heidi stood, paralyzed with wide eyes. Everyone did. Alec was always so calm, and then he just let everything out. And then he went back to his normal composure. Heidi let out a whimper and moved, standing behind Demetri who was standing behind Felix who was standing behind a wall.

It was about a few hours later when Jane and Cade walked in, fiddling with fixing their clothes, acting very normal and casual. Then they stopped and slowly looked up.

"Is it just me or is it hot in here?" He laughed nervously, Jane gave a soft laugh, sounding off guard.

"Ha, um. I think it is, but I'm vampire so, I don't know," Jane twitched lightly as they all just stared at the two of them.

"I heard you two were up to business?" Heidi smirked at Janie and the human named Cade, her head tilting. Cade
opened his mouth and closed it.

"You act as if we were doing something inappropiate," Jane said, seeming to be innocent.

"Now, we think you might have been, Janie," Heidi retorted, looking down at her.

"And if it was a movie?" Jane questioned.

"Sure as hell didn't sound like one," Heidi smirked.

"What would you know about movies?" Jane snapped.

"About as much as you do, Jane," Heidi laughed.

"And what mades you so insistent on the idea we engaged in activites of the such?" Jane rolled her eyes.

"Your brother, he said the sounds were quite clear. What did you do, Cade? Don't be scared, you can tell Heidi," She gave a wicked grin.

"Something you've done before, I'm sure. Actually, I'm sure you all have, I know Jane has. She's amazing! Very beautiful too, when she loses all of her edge and becomes the girl that's sexy yet classy, friendly yet she'll kick your ass, the one who keeps everyone coming back for more! And when she succumbs to the pleasure, mmm," Cade grinned as he spoke.

Jane had to say something to that. "I let him get drunk after our activities!" She yelled quickly.

Alec held his emotions, growling lowly trying to restrain himself from killing Cade that was just so close to him.
Chapter Fifteen

The wooden doors swung open and in strolled a vampire, he had a grin plastering his face and light brown hair. He paused, looking around and then grinning even wider as his eyes found Jane and Alec.

"Janella, darling! Isaac, don't you remember?" The vampire laughed as he mocked the face he had worn so many years ago. "I-I s-saw you! Y-You killed h-him!" He stuttered, mocking himself.

"Damn you!" Jane yelled. "I am not ever to be called Janella! Ever!" She boiled, her word rolled off her tongue like pure acid -- her words weren't hurtful, but her tone made them sound that way. Alec looked at his sister and then Isaac, actually remembering him. "But I do remember you. I remember hissing in your ear later that night, If You Tell Anyone What I Did, I'll Slit Your Family's Throats While You're Asleep," she hissed.

"And you, Alexander! It's ni--"

"It's Alessandro, not Alexander," Jane interrupted, glaring. At the sound of 'Janella', old memories flooded her. She had forgotten them all happily, and now they were back inside of her head as she remembered the things she did.

"Sorry. Alessandro. It's nice to see you, as well," Isaac's grin was dark and deadly. His eyes flicked around the room and then back to Jane and Alec. And just in the second, Jane's crimson eyes were now an enticing blue color and her pale skin turned tan just as it had been before she was changed. He reached out, his fingertips brushing her skin -- silky feeling. As always.

Jane looked down and then back up, glaring. "You. YOU. YOU!" She was shaking as Alec had done before, but she was turning red -- Alec finally was beside her, rubbing her arm and whispering into her ear again until she calmed down. "Am I hallucinating?" She whimpered, seeming pitiful and weak.

"No, Jane," Alec sighed and then he snapped to Isaac, who raised his hands.

"In a few days, possibly a week or two, you'll return to your vampire state. Alessandro, do you wish to join her in humanity?" Isaac asked, the other Witch Twin, who seemed to just glare. "Alright then, ciao. Be back when it should be over," As Isaac's fingers snapped, he was gone.

Jane seemed to pause. "So, I can bleed? And eat? And go in the sun?" She asked, her voice soft and with a nod she returned with a nod. "Oh," She murmured, her stomach growling. She ignored it though as she walked to one of the stone benches and sat on it, stretching out on it and shutting her eyes.
This is Alec and Jane's dirtier side of their relationship.

Chapter Sixteen

They all stared at Jane for a minute as she composed herself on the stone bench before she just started having a mental breakdown.

"My life is over! I'm a pathetic, worthless human! What do I do with my life? No paining until this is over. My life!" She cried out, of course she'd complain about not being able to torture people.

"Well. Um." Alec laughed, enjoying seeing his sister like this, it was funny as hell. "Sing, you can do that!" He suggested, shrugging.

Jane glared. "When I return to normal state, I'm going to beat you, Alessandro Lucio De Journe!" She hissed.

"This world doesn't revolve around you," Alec winked.

"I don't know Alessandro. You're pretty damn happy when I yell at you, when I order you around. Everyone is," She grinned.

"You have no idea how dirty that sounded," Alec teased her. "Hm. Yea, but, one day you'll have to go down more than once for people."

Jane rolled her eyes, "You're still waiting for that day, I see. And my own brother! How very bad of you," She teased back at him.

"The ladies love me, Janella," He smirked; his eyes arms out as if he were king of females. "Anyways, you have no idea how much I wish we weren't related some times," He laughed.

"Hm. I remember when you cleaned my cut, slowly trailing your fingers up my thigh. Alessandro, What're You Doing?" She smirked. "Oh, um, nothing Janella," She mocked his voice -- tried at least.

"I remember it, now that you bring it up," Alec laughed. "You know you liked it, stop lying to yourself."

"If I liked it, I would've kept my mouth shut and let you continue on. But I didn't," She rolled her eyes.

"Mhmm," Alec rolled his eyes. "You know, when I get a girlfriend..."

"HA! I'll make sure you're forever alone."

"I can kill Cade you know," Alec grinned at Cade, that one shut her up. They all stared at the two.

"Well, you two are surprisingly disgusting with each other. Pretty sexy around each other. I'm scared now, that you two just might be sleeping with each other," Heidi laughed nervously; this called Alec and Jane fell out laughing.

"Oh... My... God!" Jane said, through laughing, and soon enough were Alec and Jane rolling on the floor laughing, Jane was gripping her sids that ached from laughing.
Sorrry Sooo sorry I haven't read lately d: I just caught up tho ! Its crazy ! x3 Out of no where now Jane is a human Thats like ... wow ! x3 Continueeeee :)

Chapter Seventeen

Jane and Alec finally stopped laughing but where still laying on the floor.


“Good god this place is going to make me freeze my ass off,” Jane commented and Alec nodded.


“Mhmm,” He nodded.




“Daaaaaammmmmmnnnnnnn. Moody much?” Alec smirked at her. She just held her middle finger in front of his face, really his mouth because he licked her finger.


“Ewww! Disgusting!” Jane yelled and jerked her hand away. “Cade, will you sit by me?” She pleaded, and like a lap-dog, Cade was there. He felt uneasy as Alec shot him a glare but then it disappeared, suggesting Jane had told him to knock it off or something.


“Anything for you, Jane,” Cade smiled and leaned over, pecking her soft, mushy, fleshy, cell-filled lips that were like his own.


“Having weird mushy lips is weird,” Jane whispered on Cade’s lips before parting. “I mean, I have cells and I can make that weird sound humans make when they kiss. Cade, what is that sound?”


“How am I supposed to know? Your brother might.”


“NOW. HOW THE HELL YOU THINK I KNOW, CADE? YOU ARE DAMN TRIPPING,” Alec yelled with a ‘really man, really?’ tone to his voice.


“Well,” Cade murmured, seeming so small now. “I don’t know! Your Alec. You know these things!”


“Yeah, because I am so human. It sounds like. . . a wet sound or something. It’s disgusting.”


“A wet sound, Jane, write that down!” Cade laughed.


“Yes sir, Mister Cade! PEN, PEN. I NEED A PEN GIANNA DEAR AND A PAPER. NO, IT CAN’T WAIT. NO, I DON’T CARE GLEE IS ON. NO, I DON’T CARE YOUR EATING COOKIES. NO, I DON’T CARE YOUR DRINKING COFFEE. JUST GET ME A PEN!” She yelled loudly and Gianna was there in seconds, handing her a pen and paper, muttering unhappily about how Jane had interrupted her before she stopped.


“Holy hell. Jane. What. Happened to you? I thought that you. But’d you’d be like, old. Dead? Huh?” Gianna said, unable to make sense of it all.

Lol, Gianna loves her some Glee, cookies and coffee. AND WHEN YOU PUT THEM ALL IN ONE SHE REALLY LOVES THEM.
Lol that was a funny chapter :3 . I loved it ! Updateee ! :D

lol love it post more soon keep me updated please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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