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Bella her cousin,Rosalie, and sister , Alice are going to NYU. They are little flirts/players and LOVE to party like crazy. But what happens when they meet their match? Will love be able to blossom? What will happen to them? Will the boys be able to control their wild ways?

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Chapter 2: Bella's POV
So for the party I am wearing a cute pair of shorts, t-shirt and of course my necessity converse. Alice is wearing torn shorts, tank top and flip flops because everyone knows how these pool parties tend to happen. Me, Alice, and Rosalie are known for getting a little crazy. We go to our classes for the day and then meet up at our campus cafe.
"Okay so I have some good news and I have some bad news." Rosalie announces sitting at a table.
"Okay bad news first." Alice says.
"Jessica and Lauren are coming." Rosalie sighs.
"Ugh." I groan sinking back into chair.
"Whats the good news?" Alice asks.
"There are a couple of new people. Two new guys are joining the faternity." Rosalie says as she picks up the menu.
"What?" Alice asks looking at me.
"Umm I'm in the welcoming comittee!"
"Bella we don't welcome new comers like that." Rosalie reminds me. I roll my eyes a her.
"As if there us a guy out there who can control us." Alice murmered texting someone.
"Who ya textin?" Rosalie asked.
"I'm asking your future husband who the new guys are." Alice replied. I laughed.
"I don't like him!" Rosalie insisted. I rolled my eyes.
"Right. Anyways there are two new guys and he said that he thinks that Bella and one of the new guys joining the faternity would be a great couple or would be like cool to hook up with." Alice says eyes still on her phone.
"Ooooooo....." Rosalie says.
"Oh nothing."
"Geez Emmett not loud enough they dis hear you in JERSEY!" I yell. He laughs and gives me a quick hug and then walks up to Rose whispering something into her ear while she giggles. I grab a beer and start dancing in the crowd. All of the sudden I feel my body getting picked up.
"No Mike don't!!!" I scream. He throws me into the pool. I come out sopping wet and laughing. Some Guy are Looping out here window, snickering. I run up to Mike and shove him in the pool.
"Bella come in join me." He beckons at the pools edge. I shake my head and peek to the side where I see Jessica flirting with a gorgeous guy with bronze hair and green eyes. He looks at me up and down and I smile. He smiles back. I walk over to where He is standing.
"Don't pay attention to her." Jessica says."No one wants something that's already been used." She smiles triumphantly.
"You think he cares?" I ask her. I make my voice loud enough to where he can hear me. All he does is chuckle and smile at me some more. She rolls her eyes.
"Go away." she orders. I shrug.
"Okay." I go over to where Rosalie and Alice are standing with Tanya, Kate, Breanne, and Sydney. They are giggling.
"Bella why are giving me a look like that?" Tanya asks. I smile. She weighs enough for me to grab her ,while she screams, and jump into the pool. We are in the shallow end laughing. The guy with green eyes looks curiously over in our direction. Tanya and I are splashing each other with pool water. I feel his eyes follow me as I get out of the pool. I hug Alice despite the fact I'm wet.
"Hahaha! Omigosh!" She screams. She puls me to the pool and pushes me in again. Some guy with honey blonde hair grabs her and jumps in. The guy with bronze hair is looking at us and Jessica is trying everything to get his attention. It makes me laugh when I look over. He grabs his drink and walks to the pools edge where I am sitting. Jessica looks straight up angry that he left her for me and I stick out my tongue and get ready to get my flirt on. Before he can get to me Emmett runs to the pool ,Rosalie over his shoulder, and jumps in. Rosalie is screaming and now Alice, Tanya, and a few other people are splashing them. I giggle and this is the time he finally reaches me.
"I'm Edward," he starts out "I'm new around here."
"Bella." I respond sticking my right hand out. He shakes it.....
yay!!!!!!!!! they met!!!!!!!!!!!
@TLNM I klnkow the point id to keep you comin back for more ;D and to Maddieand Samantha thank you I appreciate it:)
i love this keep me updated
love it
they meet at last
poor jessica bella wins again
i love this story please keep me updated
i love this story write more soon please
plz keep me updated!!
omg post more soon
bella betta get her flirt on go head with ur bad self lolz
love it!!
love it


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