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Bella her cousin,Rosalie, and sister , Alice are going to NYU. They are little flirts/players and LOVE to party like crazy. But what happens when they meet their match? Will love be able to blossom? What will happen to them? Will the boys be able to control their wild ways?

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you dont know how much i missed dis it was totally worth it
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i like it a lot! keep me updated!
yay you updatede ! [:
NEW READER post more like NOW ok and keep me updated
I LOVE IT!!!!!
short but sweet!

Chapter 5: Bella's POV
I rolled on my side. I was extremely tired. I felt Edward carress my back. It felt nice. This one simple gesture. I think he liked me just because of our current status. I wanted to become an 'item' but I wasn't to sure. It was a little over a year ago when another guy left me to be with another girl just because she was prettier or whatever. I decided to forget the past, for now, and move on to the present. I opened my eyes.
"Your finally up." he said. His tone wasn't annoyed, he'd said it more as a statement.
"Yeah." I replied drowsily. I yawned and turned on my back. I pulled myself closer to him. He carefully planted a small kiss on my cheek that made me blush happily. And then of course like all perfect moments it was ruined.
"Hey Bel- Oh my god! Sorry!" Rosale screamed and ran out giggling. Edward and I laughed and then got out of bed and got dressed. He ran out the door giving me a quick kiss before leaving. I knocked on Alice's door.

"I'm decent!" I yelled. I could hear them giggling.
"Bella I am soooo sorry! I didn't know you had... Company." Rosalie said between laughs.
"Bella baby," Alice said. "Just notify us next time or leave a sign on the door!"
"Oh will you shut up! I don't want to talk about this anymore! Ugh! What happened with you guys last night?" I put my head in Rosalie's lap and we both looked at Alice.
"Um I studied with Sydney and then we emptied her fridge, I helped her clean up, and then we went to sleep. It wasnt that interesting." Alice said quietly.
"Cool. I slept over at Emmett's." Rosalie said in à cool tone of voice.
"That's it?" Alice asked in a bored tone.
"We kissed?" Rosalie said kind of nervously.
"Awesome!" I yelled.
"Bella my ears." Rosalie whined. I stuck my tongue out childishly. She rolled her eyes.
"So what time is it?" Alice suddenly remembered.
"I think it's nine." Rosalie murmered.
"Are we gonna go to the farmers market today? I kind of wanted to do that. Especially since that muffin stand thing opened." I said. We got dressed in skinny jeans and shirts with jackets. Alice only picked out her outfit amazingly enough. When we arrived we stopped at different stands buying fresh fruits and vegetables. I liked getting all the fresh local foods. I got the muffins I wanted and upon sampling a piece of fruit with my sister and cousin I heard a voice that I didn't want to particularly hear.
"Oh my gosh! Hey Bella!" Jessica's snooty voice tooted in my ear. I rolled my eyes and forced myself to face her.
"Hello." I replied in a bored tone. Alice smirked a little.
"Fancy seeing you here." She remarked.
"So seeing anyone lately?" She asked innocently. I shook my head. It wasn't any of her business.
"So I have a crush on Edward. I think he totally likes me back.." she was either saying this because she knew something was going on between me and him ad she wanted me to spill my guts or she wanted me to get angry. I shrugged and walked away. She huffed when I walked off. I didn't particularly care. As I was leaving I saw the one person I hadn't seen in ages. I wish I had been hiding in a dark corner when he called my name. I should have ignored it all together. Oh why didn't I?
who called out to her
love it
update soon please


*new reader* LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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