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Bella her cousin,Rosalie, and sister , Alice are going to NYU. They are little flirts/players and LOVE to party like crazy. But what happens when they meet their match? Will love be able to blossom? What will happen to them? Will the boys be able to control their wild ways?

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that was...............brilliant
short but good
ooh love it please update me x
haha funnny
omg love it!! is she mourning for jacob? i hope not!
post more soon!!!
more soon??? plz???

Chapter 4: Bella's POV I am studying for an upcoming quiz while listening to some music. I finally get hungry and decide to take a break and cook something. I look at the clock. It's only seven. I sigh and get up. I make a sandwich and pour a glass of wine to relax me. I sit back down in front of my books. I review everything over and over again. By the time I finish everythig and feel like I practically know the book by heart it's only nine. Alice is at a friend's house studying for one of her classes. Rosalie is probably at Emmett's place and I am assuming she won't be back till morning. I fold some of my clean clothes just to be useful. I am folding my pair of shorts when I see a small piece of white paper. It has Edward's number on it. We hung out sometimes. I looked at it. I grabbed my cell phone. I dial the number.
"Hello?" I hear him say.
"Hey Edward it's Bella!"
"I was wondering if maybe you wanted to come over..." I trail off and cross my fingers.
"Yeah sure just give me your address and I'll come by. You want me to bring anything?"
"No that's fine," I reply I give him my address and we hang up. I clean my room and straighten things up. I'm happy to actually be doing something. I am also happy I get to be doing things with Edward. I could see us becoming an item. I heard the door ring. He was there wearing jeans and a t-shirt.
"Hey." He greeted wrapping his arms around my waist. He already knew what I wanted.
"Want something to drink or anything?" i asked.
"I think I'm good.." He said smiling.
"Wanna see my MY room?" I purred pulling him toward it. He pulled me on my bed and began kissing down my jaw hungrily. I was happy. At least I had something to do.

i'll be upating this more often!!!!
love love love it
update soon please

Hey.... This is really good, and I need you to post a longer chappie! Luv ya!

you dont know how much i missed dis it was totally worth it
post more soon
i like it a lot! keep me updated!


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