The Twilight Saga

This story may seem like Blast to the Past. But it will only seem like that in the beginning.
Little Bella runs into the cullens when a an accident happens. They take care of her and become friends with her. But her mom and Dad get divorced and her mom takes her with her. But when she is 17 she comes back. She sees the cullens and think they seem familiar. and starts to remember them but she thinks they arent the same people cause they look the same as they did when she was younger.

Ch. 1

"Give up Edward. You are going to lose. I can see it." I told him. We were playing chess for about a minute now.
"You have not!" Edward chuckled. Ofcourse he knew that I hadnt seen it. "Mm hm." he said still reading my thoughts.
"Ok so I havent seen it. But-" My vision went blurry for a second before the vision showed up.
"Let me have her or you will be killed in the process of getting her. You dont have to die." A woman with brunette curly hair said to a man. The man was human but the woman was a vampire. Then a human woman jumped on to the vampire's back.
"You will never get her!" The human woman said.
"Thats it! I am through playing games!" The vampire said. She grabbed both humans and threw them against the walls. She went over to them and started to make them bleed by cutting parts of their body with her sharp nails. They were unconscious now. The vampire ran upstairs and to closet. She threw the doors open and there sat a 5 year old girl that looked alot like the human woman. She had her knees bent up to her chin. Her arms wrapped around her legs and she was crying.
"What are you going to do to me?"she asked in a small terrified voice.
"Dont worry." the vampire said while creeping closer to the little girl. "This will hurt a lot but only for a short time." Then she lunged for the girl. And the girl shrieked.

End of vision.
Edward was bouncing up and down with anger. It was people, mainly humans, like that that he killed when he was still feeding off of human blood.
"What happend?" Emmett asked impatiently.
"It doesnt matter right now. We have to go. Now!" Edward said. Everyone nodded and followed Edward and I.
We got to the house just as the evil vampire woman was cutting the humans. She was shocked at first. But then tried to run.
"Emmett get her!" I yelled. He quickly got her and held her against the wall in an unbreakable grasp.
"Jasper get out of the house. There is too much blood. Alice and Rose, get those two to the hospital immediatly." Edward ordered. "Carlisle and Esme, go upstairs, turn right, go to closet of the first room and there will be a little girl. Get her and make sure she is safe." Edward was really taking charge. We nodded and did our job.
"Emmett, Get Jasper and have him help you take care of that"I heard Edward spat before we left, not willing to call her...well...her. Didnt bother calling her a person for that matter. Kinda funny but I am wondering why he was so attached. Luckily I was now out of his hearing distance. Then my vision blurred and I had another vision.
The little girl wasnt little anymore. She looked about 17. And she had her arms around Edwards neck. He was leaning his head down. They were smiling and Both told each each other "I love you" then she went on her tip toes and he leaned his head down and they kissed.
End of vision. Oh my gosh! Now I know why he is attached. He doesnt know the reason just yet. But I know. Oh my gosh!!!!

what do you think??? Should I continue???

except for some that i might make up.

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omg!!! post more soon!!!!!
ahh cliffie!!! what is lily going to do!!!!
Lmao. Hmmm.... I wonder...
Haha. Ill try
oh hey!!! i havent read this fanfic in like 3 might as well catch up :) its not like u updated a whole bunch anyways *cough* ahahaha
ahhh maybe the whole mermaid thing isnt so ad afterall :-) lol it doesnt completely suck! good job hehehe jk its gooddd. if it was a cookie itd be nummy. lol update pweaasseeeeee
i need more plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Oh shush Zoe!

I'll update soon!
lol u know u loveee meeeee. xoxooo gossip girl hahaha

yessssssssss. u do that. quickly.get to it. y r u on here? START TYPING! hahahaha
*new reader* really good. plz plz plz plz plz continue


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