The Twilight Saga

Rosalie and Jasper Hale were never the closest siblings. Being twins, they usually despised how often they were compared. Never did Rosalie think she'd miss her brother so much.

Set in the 1940's follow the battles the pair face as Jasper struggles to overcome the war and his overprotectiveness of his sister. All Twilight Characters will be included. All Human.

SO what do you think? Should I write it? I know, I have like a million other stories on my plate, (And my little gem, DUST FAIRIES!) But I've been running this idea over in my head for so long and now I'm completely in love with it. Updates would be every two weeks (So not as often) If you guys have read my stories before than you know that I love to write about history and will take you on many emotional rides. Most people don't touch on the 'Rosalie and Jasper' situation, I wanted to see that. Its a brother and sister story with the contrast of World War II.

If I get at least 20 comments telling me to write it than I'll have the first chapter up soon. =)

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Thank you! 1 comment! 19 to go!
yea go for it plz add me as a friend
Hey Alice it is a good idea but wwll was in the 1940's, vietnam was in the 60's but you should definetly write it.
This seems awesome Alice! You always have original and with quality ideas!
I'll read it :) Hope you decide to write it, even if there aren't 20 comments. It's not so easy to receive 20 comments with just the idea posted XD

No, no... it isn't that I want to convince you, :P haha.
That actually does sound like a good idea Alice. No one really does remember or consider the fact that those two are related when they're vampires. I think you should write it. It sounds like it would be a great story, even though updates are only every two weeks and everything.

This comment means you have *goes to count*

16 more to go, I think. I can't ever do math, even simple math (hardly), in my head. *shakes head*

The following is for everyone who hasn't posted a comment:


Brie. =D
write it plz
this is going to be an awesome story!!!!!
YES..write write! ANything with Jasper and Rosalie are approved by me. just one question, will alice be in the story too?
i think it will make a good story (ill guess ill add it to my long list of storys im reading youd be suprized at how many im reading lol)
yeah, definitely!
18 comments(includes yours) 2 more.............................
definitely u should write it.

I love your idea of this story and I want to read it along with a lot of other people. I did you the liberty of sending your link to this story to all my friends. I have left a comment before but it wasnt enough to reach your twenty comment goal. Please forgive me for my selfishness for wanting this story written.

With Love and Luck
Courtney Ann Crowley


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