The Twilight Saga

This is a fanfic about Paul and Rachel . I don't think I have seen one about them so here it goes. In this Nessie does not excite so Jake spends a lot of time at home

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I look at the women that I loved. She was laying next to me looking like a angel. Which she was. She changed my whole life. Well most of it. I still have temper but when I am around here she clams it, like she is my chill pill. But the only time it does not work is when Jake is around.
“Ugh” Rachel said as she yawned.

“Hey sleepy head” I said to her as she smiled.

“Hey, you know if you keep sleeping in my bed when my dads not home, I might need to buy some pj's that are thinner and shorter” she said walking into the bathroom.

“Don't tees me” I said. I got up and garbed a tole and headed off to the other bath room. All I could think about was her and how much I love her. I have been thinking of asking her to marry me but I don't know when. I walked into the bathroom to find Jake in there.
“Spent the night again” he said.

“Ya got a problem with that” I asked pulling my toothbrush of the shelf.

“Ya I do” he said. I was about to respond in Rachel walked in looking well beautiful.

“If you to punch each other again I am not making breakfast” she said and kept walking. Man I love that women. Jake left the room so I continued to get ready for the day. Me and Rachel were going to beach and Jake well I hope he will find an imprint, so he is out of my hair. How could Rachel be related to him. I just don't get it.
“Hey Paul” Rachel said coming in the bathroom.

“Ya” I asked.

“Which one” she said holding up two bathing suits.

“Um the pink one” I said.

“White it is” she said. I don't get it. She asked me what I though and the choices the other one. I will never understand her.

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aww i loved it!
srry jakes wolf girl havent read the story in a while its rlly good keep going plz at idk vamp speed :) lolz
okey so here is the last chapter I hope you like it

The Wedding Day

I looked at my self in my one of a kind dress. It's all white, floor length, and slim fitting. I pick up my flowers as I herd the wedding song start to play. I was happy to be marrying Paul. We could move on and forget our past. Well everything that happened on the camping trip a week ago.

I stepped onto the white clothe that was place on the sand with chairs on each side. I looked up at Paul, he had the brightens smile on his face. I looked at my dad, who wanted to walk me down the isle but opted not to because it be hard to wheel his chair on sand, he was smiling at me, I looked at Jake who was smiling at me and glaring at Paul, and I turned to my sister she was in tears.

I came up to the alter as the wind blew and the waves crash up against the rocks. Paul took my hand and looked down into my eyes. With all the love in the world in them. Old Man Quil said some stuff. Them me and Paul said our vows. Old Man Quil said some more stuff,this guy can talk, then he said you may kiss the bride. I got up on my toes and Paul lend down and kissed me. Everything felt wonderful. I was so happy.

We walked down the isle and when we got to the end we ran towered the ocean. We stopped right at the water, I slipped out of my wedding dress with the of help Leah to revile a white swim suit, Paul took of his tux to revile white swim trunks. We took each others hand once again and jumped in the water. We swam out to where we were out of herding rang.

“I love you” Paul said to me.

“I love you to” I said with a smile.

“So I hope your all packed to move to New York” he said with a smile.

“I sure am” I said as I kissed him. I was sad to be leaving the place I grew up. But I needed to move on with life. Some day I will visit, in human form or fairy form. But for now I move on with my life with Paul to New York. We will no longer be in love in La Push, we will be in love in New York.
love it, happy ending :)
really good
that cant be it thats so sad : (
love it monkey
nice job
sequel sequel sequel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pwease :(
great x


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