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This is a fanfic about Paul and Rachel . I don't think I have seen one about them so here it goes. In this Nessie does not excite so Jake spends a lot of time at home

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I look at the women that I loved. She was laying next to me looking like a angel. Which she was. She changed my whole life. Well most of it. I still have temper but when I am around here she clams it, like she is my chill pill. But the only time it does not work is when Jake is around.
“Ugh” Rachel said as she yawned.

“Hey sleepy head” I said to her as she smiled.

“Hey, you know if you keep sleeping in my bed when my dads not home, I might need to buy some pj's that are thinner and shorter” she said walking into the bathroom.

“Don't tees me” I said. I got up and garbed a tole and headed off to the other bath room. All I could think about was her and how much I love her. I have been thinking of asking her to marry me but I don't know when. I walked into the bathroom to find Jake in there.
“Spent the night again” he said.

“Ya got a problem with that” I asked pulling my toothbrush of the shelf.

“Ya I do” he said. I was about to respond in Rachel walked in looking well beautiful.

“If you to punch each other again I am not making breakfast” she said and kept walking. Man I love that women. Jake left the room so I continued to get ready for the day. Me and Rachel were going to beach and Jake well I hope he will find an imprint, so he is out of my hair. How could Rachel be related to him. I just don't get it.
“Hey Paul” Rachel said coming in the bathroom.

“Ya” I asked.

“Which one” she said holding up two bathing suits.

“Um the pink one” I said.

“White it is” she said. I don't get it. She asked me what I though and the choices the other one. I will never understand her.

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Tell me if I should keep going
yes u should!!! pleeeaaase???
you should definately keep going!!
kk thanks
hahaha girls always do that the guy says one and u pick the other
i liked it
lol thanks
Well here is another chapter mabey I will get more readers with two capters up lol tell me what you think

After having Paul help me pick my outfit it was time to talk to Jake. I love him and Paul ,I wish they could get along. With out me threating Jake with food and Paul with um 'reading time'. I walked to Jakes room. It was a mess, he never cleans it at all.
“Jake we need to talk” I said making way to his bed.

“What you are leaving Paul” he said. He never liked Paul.

“No, but I think you two should get along better” I said.

“Why, you know I don't like him” he said like two year old. The only time he pretend to like Paul was when dad was home. But scene he was at some convention with Charlie and would not be home for a week, I had to dill with Jake.

“Ya but I love him. So can you just not try and kill him for me please” I asked.

“Sure,sure” he said. I walked out of his pig pen and into the kitchen to continue cooking.

I looked at what I made. It look like I was feeding an army, but I was feeding wolfs who eat more than the army. I was making a plate before they come in to eat. When I felt big arms around my waist. I set the plate down and turned around to face Paul. He lend in and kiss me. It became passionate quickly. I wrapped my legs around him and he backed me up so I was sitting on the counter. Good thing I moved that plat over.
“Get a room” Jake said.

“Get a life” Paul said his lips still on my mine.

“Boys” I said pulling myself away from Paul. I got the food and set it on the table. They devoured it as I lend agents to counter and ate my food, just watching them. They look like wild animals, oh ya they are.
“So when do you want to leave” Paul asked me as he ate the last piece of bacon.

“Well I would like to go before the sun goes down” I said.

“Are you sure” he asked with one eyebrow up.

“Yes” I said.

“Okay just let me get dressed.” he said getting up. He gave me kiss and then left the room. Jake got up and went out the back door.

I love Paul so much. I just wounder when he will ask me to marry him. We have been together for what two years. I know we are meant to be, but it be nice to have a ring. I mean come on how hard is it to buy a ring. But at lest his temper is better much better.

I walk into my room to get my bag. Paul was in there looking for swim trunks.
“Um which one” he asked. I knew what he was doing so I pick the ugly one.

“The black one” I said.

“Okay” he said and pulled them on.

“You were suppose to pick the other one” I said.

“Why you picked this one” he said.

“I hate you” I said as I crossed my arms.

“No you don't” he said coming trowed me. I ran away like a five year old.

“Yes I do” I said running threw the house.

“Got you” he said as he lifted me up and spun me around.

“Can you two act your age” Jake said coming in the door. We looked at each other.

“No” we said at the same time.

“Well I think you should because dad called and he is coming home early” Jake said. We herd a car pull up. “That should be him”.

“I hate you” Paul said.

“We have no time to hate Jake because we have to make it look like you were not here for a week in two minutes.” I said as we ran into my room, to hid all of his things. We cleaned out every where but the hamper because I am sure that all his clothes were on the floor.

“I am home” my dad yelled. I herd him wheel his chair down the hall. He come in the door just as I threw Paul cloths in the closet along with Paul. “Hey” dad said.

“Hi” I said.

“I know he was here Jake told me” he said. “so where is he”.

“In the closet” I said.

“I always knew he was gay” Jake said walking down the hall.

“I am not gay” Paul yelled from the closet. Well I guess dad being here won't help with their fighting. Will they ever get along.
love it write more soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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