The Twilight Saga

Bella Swan is a High School teen that is ignored. But a group of girls change that fact, and she becomes well known.


Disclaimers apply: I do not own Stephenie Meyer characters.


Chapter One:

   Hello, my name is Bella Swan. I live with my biological Dad, Charlie, whom he's known as the Chief. I spend most of my time in the house, waiting for him to arrive and serve his meal. That's pretty much what he expects when he comes home, anyways.

   Charlie Swan is not the responsible, and protective police you see. He's a bachelor, and looks for woman anywhere he can find - and that pretty much crashes his chances to earn respect if anyone finds out. Every night or so, he comes through the entrance door with his arms wrapped around a different female. It really disturbs me. At least my mom shows respect for him; just looking for someone specific and not just for pleasure.

   Now, when I first came to Forks High as a new student - duh, nobody treated me right. It was just as if I was an invisible person that comes and goes. Whenever I asked for help in class, they just stared at me as if I was a hobo - which I considered a very rude metamorphical stare. Whenever I get in trouble for something I didn't do or see, no one stood up and said the truth.

   But, there are always heroes in this place, right?

   "Look at that dude," a deep voice said behind me. "He's the one who said that he was going to fight Edwin after school."

   Edwin Masen was the leader of the popular clique in school. He's well known everywhere, especially with the girls. His parents owned a company of architecture that had grown very popular over time. So that means that he's pretty rich. And with his looks, no doubt that the ninety percent of the girls in school want him, the one percent is me: he's too self-centered.

   He thinks with his bronze hair, hazel eyes, straight features and perfect - wait. Did I just say perfect? I meant ugly, yeah, ugly. There's no way that I had thought that. I will not accept it. I know, I sound so stuborn when it's true, right? Damn it, I just said it was.

   Edwin also has a biological brother, and his name is Edward Masen. He's the cute guy who strolls the school like a very innocent, and smart teen. I've catched an eye on him latley, as in I have this little crush on him. But the problem is that I always see him rarely. He has these clubs and after school programs that he attends. Which I think it's pretty socializing for him.

   "Yeah, I would like to see his face when the guy throws a punch at him. It'll be epic!" The other guy whispered back to him.

   "Would you like an early detention, Mr. Drey?" Mr. Polski asked Drey who I asume is the guys' name.

   He cleared his throat and sat up, then said, "No, sir."

   There were a lot of snickering around the classroom, and it was a miracle that the teacher didn't notice. I mean, he looks like he's a thousand years so I get that part. But when it comes to threats, he's better at that than teaching.

   "Very well." The teacher said stiffly. He turned around and continued with the boring lesson of the history of America and the Constitution. As he did, there was a punch and snickering around. I resisted the urge to groan in annoyance.





Okay, you've noticed that everything is different here. Especially Charlie. I'm sorry if this is not the image you wanted of Bella's dad, but it was necessary. You'll see.



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'Course I will. And thanks :)

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I LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLease Keep me updated?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you! I'll be sure to keep you updated :)

- Alex


I know, late like any other. Second part coming tomorrow.

- Alex


Chapter Three | Part One


   As I walked through my last class - Calculus - I had to get over the idea of having after school detention three days. I mean, isn't that too much punishment for just a little tini tiny smaller-than-microscopic food fight? But of course it has to be me and my bad luck - bad luck just tags along and I don't know why. See, it even earned a title; Awesomely Bad Luck. The awesome part is a mock, if you guys don't get it.

   I sat down without tripping, thankfully.

   Everyone looked at me, whispering and pointing at me. I know they tried to sound and look discreet - It's not that it would've worked on me; I'm not deaf. But if it were me in the crowd, I would at least stop gesturing at the said person you're talking about and make it less obvious that you're talking about that horribly pressured and stressed out human. Which would be me.

   Now I'm not trying to be the self-centered, and an arrogant (those words pretty much mean the same now that I think about it) persona. I'm just smoothing things out the way I see them. And I'm not saying ... you know what? I'm going to murder that guy here and there if he does it again; he keeps on throwing papers at me - I know it's a he because of the window's reflection.

   Isn't it considered rude to disturb people when they are thinking and trying to deal with constant glances and points? Think of the near-depressed beings! We have the right to freedom. We have human rights!

   He did it again. Stupid imbecile. Oops, bad phrase right there.

   But I refuse to look back. I will not end the life of a teen boy who still needs to endure challenges and loss beyond anything he's ever experienced. That just sounded out of character. I mean, I don't usually think about miserability like that. And that's saying something very important. A sign, almost.

   The bell rang.

   I wasn't conscious that time was passing by so fast because of my killer thoughts. I packed my notebook and pencil slowly, not wanting to contradict several diseases in me. Okay, that's not the real reason. I don't want to go home with Charlie. It makes me patient. What I'm doing. Apparently not the teacher.

   "Go on, go on," he said. "Get out of here and do your homework."

   I can see why he doesn't have a wife.




- Alex

please update ur story soon im begging u????

Plz post more soon its amazing and update me

very interesting.  pleae update

A/N: Well, I can't see why it's bad to just update a bit when I totally screwed everything up. I thought I was immature to give this up, so I'll give it a try :)
- Alex

Chapter Three | Part Two

When I arrived home after my detention with those three horrible women, I saw that my dad's car wasn't there, just his police cruiser. Either he was gone or he's just in the kitchen complaining about the lack of food in the fridge and planning on telling me, while he forgets the fact that he doesn't let me go out alone. (About the car, he sometimes let's the girl use his car to do whatever she does in the streets. I don't think he learned from his last time; she stole it when he wasn't aware and after a few weeks he saw it at a store. When he retrieved it, a lot of his police crews were asking what happened, and he almost blew his cover.) I was starting to get annoyed with Charlie. I mean, he never gives attention to my efforts at school. He never seems to be a least a bit interested with what I have to say. The part that hurts most is that he'd rather me with his street friends than me. Now isn't that gold?

I sniffed, feeling my throat burn. Then I shook myself; it wasn't time for this. I came inside and raced/tripped to my room. I threw my backpack on my bed. Then removed my shoes, sweater, and grabbed my bag filled with my needs and got ready for a shower.

I stripped myself down and then took a look at my face in the foggy mirror. I should really start getting every bit of sun that I can; I started to look sickly pale. Or maybe it's because of the stress that I threw at myself today? I combed my hair, the strands rather determined to give my scalp some pain. (I had to do this, because then it's going to give me discomfort when I try to put on the shampoo. And I ran out of conditioner.) Anyways, after I took a shower and dried myself, I went to my room fast to get my clothes in which I stupidly forgot. I stopped rather suddenly that I almost slipped but got hold of the doorknob. When I opened it, Charlie was going though my things?

"Ch -- Dad!" I said.

"Bella!" he turned to look at me, then looked away fast, staring outside my window. He shifted uncomfortably. I noticed that he didn't use my nickname, which made me think something was up right away.

Yeahhh, I thought. Like it wasn't already.

"What are you doing...." I trailed off, and then I saw something on my bed. It was a wrapped present. I blinked.

"Bells," he began. "I've noticed how I haven't been paying enough acknowledgement to your efforts in school. And most importantly, how good of a daughter that you've been to me. You haven't ... bugged me in anything, nor asked. And I have to say that I'm very grateful." he cleared his throat and I swallowed, feeling uncomfortable.

When it comes to us, it's really difficult to describe or say our feelings to each other. So I'm surprised that he had the guts to tell me. Then I felt guilty, because I was always criticizing and felt angry at him. I never thought about his point of view. I looked down to the floor, chewing on my lip.

"Bella, thank you." he told me.

I stepped aside as I let him pass.

That night, I spent my night thinking about ways in how to take pictures of Edward Cullen secretly and if it would be considered stalking.


A/N: Yes, Charlie gave Bella a camera! So .. I would understand if it's too late for me to make it up to you guys. This doesn't necessarily mean I'll be back to write, y'know :)
- Alex

nice update, can't wait to read your next one.  update soon please!


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