The Twilight Saga

Bella Swan is a High School teen that is ignored. But a group of girls change that fact, and she becomes well known.


Disclaimers apply: I do not own Stephenie Meyer characters.


Chapter One:

   Hello, my name is Bella Swan. I live with my biological Dad, Charlie, whom he's known as the Chief. I spend most of my time in the house, waiting for him to arrive and serve his meal. That's pretty much what he expects when he comes home, anyways.

   Charlie Swan is not the responsible, and protective police you see. He's a bachelor, and looks for woman anywhere he can find - and that pretty much crashes his chances to earn respect if anyone finds out. Every night or so, he comes through the entrance door with his arms wrapped around a different female. It really disturbs me. At least my mom shows respect for him; just looking for someone specific and not just for pleasure.

   Now, when I first came to Forks High as a new student - duh, nobody treated me right. It was just as if I was an invisible person that comes and goes. Whenever I asked for help in class, they just stared at me as if I was a hobo - which I considered a very rude metamorphical stare. Whenever I get in trouble for something I didn't do or see, no one stood up and said the truth.

   But, there are always heroes in this place, right?

   "Look at that dude," a deep voice said behind me. "He's the one who said that he was going to fight Edwin after school."

   Edwin Masen was the leader of the popular clique in school. He's well known everywhere, especially with the girls. His parents owned a company of architecture that had grown very popular over time. So that means that he's pretty rich. And with his looks, no doubt that the ninety percent of the girls in school want him, the one percent is me: he's too self-centered.

   He thinks with his bronze hair, hazel eyes, straight features and perfect - wait. Did I just say perfect? I meant ugly, yeah, ugly. There's no way that I had thought that. I will not accept it. I know, I sound so stuborn when it's true, right? Damn it, I just said it was.

   Edwin also has a biological brother, and his name is Edward Masen. He's the cute guy who strolls the school like a very innocent, and smart teen. I've catched an eye on him latley, as in I have this little crush on him. But the problem is that I always see him rarely. He has these clubs and after school programs that he attends. Which I think it's pretty socializing for him.

   "Yeah, I would like to see his face when the guy throws a punch at him. It'll be epic!" The other guy whispered back to him.

   "Would you like an early detention, Mr. Drey?" Mr. Polski asked Drey who I asume is the guys' name.

   He cleared his throat and sat up, then said, "No, sir."

   There were a lot of snickering around the classroom, and it was a miracle that the teacher didn't notice. I mean, he looks like he's a thousand years so I get that part. But when it comes to threats, he's better at that than teaching.

   "Very well." The teacher said stiffly. He turned around and continued with the boring lesson of the history of America and the Constitution. As he did, there was a punch and snickering around. I resisted the urge to groan in annoyance.





Okay, you've noticed that everything is different here. Especially Charlie. I'm sorry if this is not the image you wanted of Bella's dad, but it was necessary. You'll see.



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Chapter Two:

   I was sitting on the caffeteria table far in the corner, minding my own business like always. It's pretty irritating not having someone to talk to, and I wish I had someone no matter how boring, chattering, or self-centered he or she is. The reason I said that was because those were the kind of people I used to hang out with. Bow at my greatness.

   I was calm until someone interrupted it.

   "You girl," someone yelled behing me. "You with the brown hair!"

   I turned my head around slowly, not everyone can be too careful. And then I saw a guy with brown curly hair, and brown skin. His narrow eyes were black, making him look intimidating. Taylor Crowley. He once threw my things off the desk 'accidentaly'. And also tripped me at the hall while laughing, and insulted my hair. So I held a hatred at him if you didn't know.

   The moment I turned my whole face around, it took two seconds for something slimy and warm splattered my whole face. Just like I needed - there's sarcasticness - everyone stopped making noise, and for a second they started laughing like there as no tomorrow. My face was flushing red under the food, I know.

   Risking my clean and disinfected hands, I placed my palms on my eyes and wiped it carefuly. Enraged and without control of what I was doing, I grabbed my spaghetti plate, went after him, and did the thing that gave me the satisfaction: I droped it on him.

   Everyone gasped in surprise as so did I, and someone gave a high-pitched scream. Uh oh. Just kill me and end the embarressment - not litteraly kill me though.

   "Sorry, I didn't mean ... oh my gosh." I said hastly.

   I had spilled my meal on Rosalie Hale, the beauty queen and head cheerleader. Nothing new from that; It was the last thing that I wanted to happen to me. No, make that the thing I never wanted to happen. This is just something that I can't deal with. Now, back to this: Taylor had ducked. Not to mention that I am badly coordinated, so I had a lousy aim.

   She turned around sharply, "You! What did I ever do to you!"

   Oh, just a few endless teasing at how I needed to have a change of food because my breath stinks - though maybe yours is worse than mine, I thought grumply. But I figured that it wouldn't be wise to answer to that . . . unless I wanted to me murdered. Which I didn't want since I haven't even said bye to Edward. Now you know how much I like him. Damn it, I bet he's watching this whole scene - or is at a very important meeting. I hope it's the second one.

   I knew what she was going to do, since we're teenagers and want revenge and are wild animals - not to mention ruled by hormones. I tripped away from her hand that was raising a salad bowl - that had lettuce, carrots, apple slices, and ... olives? - as fast as I could to avoid being hit. Sadly, the whole caffeteria heard another high pitched scream - likes really high - of surprise.

   Rosalie Hale, had hit Alice Marie - rhymes with merry - straight on her as she was on the process of standing up with her tray. A few facts; she was the gossiping girl who ran the newspaper in this school - not a very good trait - so most of the story lines are pretty messed up. She also was a fashionista - not to mention obssessed with it. Her black short hair was covered in stripps of lettuce and bits of carrots.

   "Oh-em-gee," she cried. "Get this yucky think off of me!" of course some guys got up and tried to clean it with napkins, but she pushed the away with a snarl.

   Angry much? I could say that. But I didn't.

   She grabbed a random object from someone's tray, and threw it without aiming at her. The results were hitting someone else, earning another desperate cry. Jessica Stanley had her back filled with a slice of jalapeño pizza. Jessica must be the most animal rambler in the whole world. And I'm speaking of experience here. She wrote a four page - front and back - essay to the science teacher, about animal abuse. Jessica actually insisted on reading it to the whole class.

   "Ahh!" She screamed. Yes, she screamed like a mad woman who was about to get killed with a knife painfuly. "What the hell, my wonderful shirt!"

   That's when everything started to get ugly - like it wasn't already. They all stood up from their seats in sychronization and began yelling and screaming at each other, probably some hair pulls too. Wow. They were completly oblivious of the whole crowd, and ignoring me. The person who started it all

   Being the idiot I am, I tried to stop them. Now, not because I want to get revenge on all of them - thought that's part of it - but to prevent them from getting detention. The lunch ladies probably already imformed the teachers.

   "Guys," I yelled. "Ah, stop now, um, the teacher's coming and . . ."

   But they paid no attention to my warning. It was a nice try, though. I pushed through the fight, and got a few scraches on my arms and face, nothing I expected.

   "You, you, you! And you!" A furious voice said.

   Everyone stopped and turned around. The coach of the basketball team was standing with his hands on his hips. His face was glowing red, and his gym shorts were darker, and I had a feeling that he was washing them.

   "The four of you!" He said. "Detention! Come and follow me to the principal's office. I'm sure she'll be delighted to see you." he sneered.

   The girls gasped, and I just gaped.

   Well, there was always a first time to everything, right?





There. Awesome.

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Great chapter. More!!! :D

Thanks so much! There will certanly be more (:

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Lol FOODFIGHT!!!!! I remember those I had one last year lml post more soon love it!

Thank you! Food fights are awesome! ... well, sometimes xD

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Chapter Two:


   The moment I stepped in the classroom, I knew I was in so much trouble. I resisted the urge to run to - with the probability of tripping all the way - the principal, Ms Kerkinn, and beg for her forgiveness. But because I have no life and right to do that to her ... I just didn't. I didn't want to die before I made my Will.


   Ms Kerkinn by the way, looked old. She came from Texas, so she has a very strong accent. She had short caramel hair up to her jaw line. Her lips were thin. As for her face, it was wrinkled and looked delicate. I'm sure you're asking 'Wait, she looks old but has colored hair?' Yeah, I ask myself that too. Maybe she dyes it?


   Nobody, and I mean nobody, likes looking old.


   Anyways, I was in the back of them. They all gave me nasty looks and I glared at them back with the most brave face I had and pushed around them to stand in front of the principal. Just kidding. Let's just say that I turned into the smallest mouse ever seen from mankind. Oh, and my face was probably burning. 'Course.


   Ms Kerkinn sighed heavily and shuffled with some files and set them aside. When she did that, my eyes followed her movements to prevent from looking at the group of ravens. Ha ha, I would've been dead if they heard me call them that. Oh well.


   The principal straightened and said, "If one of you can please explain what happened."


   All the girls started talking at once, and I just stayed behind. I heard some things.


   " . . . stupid girl . . . "

   " . . . poor animals . . . "

   " . . . food up my nose . . . "


   It went like that for a few minutes. I bet everyone outside can hear every single muffled word that come out of their mouth. Dang, I bet my whole book collection, that every single person in the universe can hear. I emphazied my point, by pressing on the words. Now that probably doesen't even make sense . . . .


   I looked at Ms Kerkinn's eyes, and I noticed it had deep sleeping bags underneath her orbs. And her eyes were also red, as if she weren't recieving enough sleep. She looked ready to go into sleep. Finally, she did something a woman with that kind of physical appearance wouldn't do in my book; she yelled at them to stop arguing.

   Their faces clearly showed dislike in following the order, but they did anyways. I wonder how it must feel to have the power to shut the person up . . . .


   "I will not tolerate this behaviour of you young ladies." she said in a strong voice. "I believe I said one of you to explain the situation." when she said that, she turned to look pointely at me.


   Oh god, I though. Oh no, oh shite.


   You probably know that I hate spotlights. Especially if I have to explain in front of people that make me squirm uncomfortably. But hey, since when was I confortable in school? Maybe in the bathroom. But that's not the point.


   "Can you explain what happened?" she asked.


   I fiddled with my hands nervously, and I fumbled for a story. But I bet it all sounded like total crap.


   "I -- I -- I don't . . . er . . . food, flying everywhere . . . people . . . ."


   The principal thought that maybe I was totally useless in this case. So she looked at Jessica with a demandinding expression. But before she could talk, there was a knock on the door and Ms Kerkinn gestured for one of us to open the door. Being the nice little girl I was, I opened the door.


   The good part is that Edward and I looked at ourselves in the eye and I blushed. I felt like swooning. The embarrassing part; I was covered in food and sauce. Taylor Crowley can go to hell. Anyways -- I was blushing and I was sure the whole room was burning by now.


   But being the nice, and courteous gentelman he is - god bless his parents for raising him like that - he smiled and nodded at us. He then turned to the principal and gave her an envelope.


   "This is the money we've earned from the fun raiser." he said in his smooth voice. "We're planning on making another, since the last one was succesful. If you give us permision, of course." he waited for her answer as she pondered.


   "Well of course, Mr Masen." she smiled kindly at him. "Thank you and your friends."


   "You're welcome. And thank you, I appreciate it." with that he walked out the office, giving one last glance at the three girls with a grim expression. And then looked at me with a smile.


   Was that favorism he just showed?


   When he left, Ms Kerkinn looked at the four of us. "I have decided that you four will have three after school detentions."


   Chaos broke, and I stayed in the back.




I tool six days to update this short thing. I looked at the date I updated and I counted the day, and I almost had a heart attack. I mean, *six* days with no update? You probably thought I was dead!

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