The Twilight Saga

okay you guys i was in algebra and this popped into my head. haha go figure? but any way, jacob actually imprints on bella and they both jump off the cliff. edward comes back but bella doesnt want him. so there's this new girl at school and edward starts to fall for her and then...... got to read the story.



the last thing i saw was bella, my bella, kissing that stinking wolf, jacob black. i had read his mind. him and bella had imprinted, that hurt worse than her kissing him. so i sat at my table in the lunch room and glared at him and her, mostly him. i didnt want to try and reason with bella, well i did i wanted her back more than anything, but i knew all it would do for me was make my life worse. i had half a mind to go to the vultri, beg them to kill me. jasper clapped my shoulder.

"dont, she's with the mutt now." he said. he was right. i watched her feed him a grape. i wanted to puke if it was possible. part of my mind told me it was best, she was with someone more human than me. but i was jelous. i wanted bella back. my mind was distracted by a sweet scent with no 'voice' coming from their head. i looked away from bella.

a girl, no younger than seventeen, walked by me. i gawked at her. she smelled sweet, sweeter than bella. i couldnt hear her mind. 'strange, i can normally hear every ones mind but bellas.' i thought. 'what is he staring at?' a new voice in my head said. i turned. bella was looking at me. i had heard her mind!!!!!

the girl looked at me. she had black/brown hair, similar to that of an asian girl, but it was curled at the ends, natural curl too. her eyes were a bright brown with blue and green mixed in. what beutiful eyes!!!! her skin looked as though she had lived here all her life but had just came back from the beach. it was pale, yes, but had a slight glolden glow to it, much like my eyes after a good grizzly. she was magnificant. her clothes were normal, but fit her well. her jeans were a dark denim and she had on a pair of ugg boots. her blue vee neck was wonderful against her skin. it was a fitted shirt and showed off her curves. her thighs were small but i could see that she was a very strong runner. she was fit. her high cheek bones highlighted her eyes. she smiled at me. i smiled back.

i now no longer had a pull toward bella, but this new girl. she sat down next to bella. i heard bella tell her she was welcome to sit there if she wanted. jessica and angela sat down next to her and mike, ben, and erik sat next to them. the girl picked at her plate of fries. she didnt eat but one and spit it back out. "yuck, what do they put in these things, dogs?" she asked in a voice that had to be the most wonderful id heard in a long time. mike, jesssica, angela, ben, and erik laughed. bella and jacob didnt. i chuckled.

"whats so funny?" emmett asked. "what the new girl said." alice answered for me. i looked at her. she searched through the futuer and found a glimpse of me going for a walk with her in a few days. she smiled, i smiled back. the bell was about to ring in a few minutes. i got up and walked to class. i sat down at my seat in biology. the sweet scent was stronger now. i looked up from my paper. the new girl was right beside me. i had the impulse to bite her but quickly fought off the erge. "hi." she said. i could tell she was shy. "hello." i said. "do you mind if i sit here? every where else is full." she asked. i looked around her at the door. bella had stopped dead. 'no no no, dont sit with him, you cant.' she thought. "uh sure. go right ahead." i motianed for her to sit. "thanks." she said. 'dang edward, did you have to let her sit by you? thats my seat.' bella thought. so she was jelous of the new girl. i needed to find out her name.

"im edward, edward cullen." i said. "well hello edward edward cullen." she said with a giggle. i laughed. "you're funny." i said without breaking our gaze. "thanks, my mom said i need to be a comedian." she said. she began digging in her bag. "darnet i dont hav a pencil." she mummbled to low for human ears to hear. "here, use this." i said and handed her a pencil. i pulled another out of my pocket. "thanks" she said. "no problem, oh i dont believe i caught your name." i said, giving her my crooked smile i only gave bella. i heard her gasp from behind me. "oh um, peace." she said. i raised an eyebrow. "peace?" i asked. "yea, my parents were hippies, get that. they wanted to name me something no one had ever thought to name their child." she said. "i want to change it to elizabeth but mom wont hear of it." she said. "no, i like peace. its very unique." i said. "thanks" peace said again. class started and bellas jelousy grew at an alarming rate. the day ended and i walked peace out to the parking lot. "which one belongs to you?" i asked, scanning th parking lot. peace rubbed the back of her head. "i dont have a car. i walk to school. you know, hippie parents." she said with a laugh. i laughed. "right. well do you want a ride? my sisters and brother wont mind. they better not." i said. peace laughed. "sure, i guess, just dont kill your siblings. they're your own blood by the way." she said. "actually, we r all adopted." i said. "oh, im sorry. i didnt know." she said. "its okay, i realy dont remember my parents very well and crasile and esme ar the closest thing i have but i wouldnt trade them at all." i said. "oh, well thats good..... whoa. is this your car?" she asked as we walked to my volvo. "yeah. too much?" i asked. "no no its just that well volvo aree supposed tobe really fast." she said. "yeah they are. hey alice, jasper, rosalie, emmett." i said as my family came to stand beside us. peace and alice were the same height. "hi peace, its so glad to meet you." alice said, taking peace's hand. peace frowned. "do i know you?" she asked. alice dropped her hand and frowned, but at me. "alice has her own way of knowing who the new kids at school are." i said. "this is alice, jasper, rosalie, and emmett." i motianed at each of them. "and you're edward." peace said. we all laughed. " yes im edward." i said. "edward offered to drive me home, i just live right over that little hill. he said you would be okay with it, but i want to make sure." she said. peace shifted her book bag back onto her shoulder. i grabbed it from her and threw it over one of my shoulders. she smiled and mouthed thanks. it surprised me when rosalie spoke up. "of course we're okay with it." she said cheerfully. rosalie and peace smiled at each other as though they were old friends. "well its getting cold, lets get in." emmett said. i knew he didnt feel the temperature drop but still wanted to seem human.

as we all headed back to my volvo, bella came up and tapped me on the shoulder. i turned at looked at her along with alice, jasper, emmett, rosalie, and peace. "can i help you?" i asked her in a gentleman fashion. "yeah, you can tell me what the hell you are doing."



i had only known bella for a few hours but she had seemed so nice and friendly. why did she all of a sudden change? i saw jacob wrap his arms protectivly around bella. she sighed and didnt shrug him off. i saw pain flash across edwards face. omg he liked her!!!!!! i couldnt believe it edward liked bella and bella had a boyfriend. oh and to top it all off i had what i thought was a serious crush on edward. i didnt want to get in the way of him getting bella so as edward opened his mouth to say something i stopped him.

"he was going to give me a ride home but i think it would be better if i didnt go. i'll walk." i said to edward. he tried to say something but i stopped him again. "see you guys tomorrow" i said and jogged away.

okay i was fast. pretty darn fast for a human. i ran a 100 meter in nearly 9.5 seconds. hello the fastest man in the world runs a 100 in 9 seconds? im fast. i was on my high school track team for 4 years and my middle school team for 3. it added up to 7 years runing track. not to mention cross country and basketball.

at home i dropped my books and went upstairs to look in my mirror. edward was beautifull. i was plain. i had always thought i was god looking for me but now i wanted to reconsider that thought. the cullen girls blew me away and i if i didnt step up my game i wouldnt have a chance with edward. "but do i want to be with edward?" i wondered aoud. "oooh whos edward?" i wiped around. my best friend, katelyn was standing in my door way.

"KATELYNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled. i ran to her and hugged her as hard as i could. i loved her. i loved her a lot. "i have so much to tell you." so i launched into my story about forks and the cullens and today. but in the back of my mind i was planning what i would do to catch edwards eye without seeming like a ho.



"ugh i cant believe him. he's just doing it to make me jelous. im so mad. i thought he was abouve all that. how could he? i mean hello, me and you imprinted. its not like me and edward didnt have a thing, its just that ts over and done with. but he he he he....... he ................. ugh" i said as threw my arms up and plopped down on the couch next to jacob. he put his arm around me. "hey its fine dont worry about it honey." he said. i smiled at him. he brushed his lips against mine. i shivered with pleasure. "i will try. but its gonna be hard. he doesnt deserve her. and she sure as hell dont deserve him." i mumbled the last part and prayed jacob didnt hear it. his hand was under my chin and he pulled my face up to his. i kissed him and he kissed me back.

i dont know how long we sat there and kissed but it wasnt long enough for me. his cell phone went off. "darnet. its sam. there has to be an emergancy down in la push. i gotta go but ill be back tonight. promise." jacob said. he must have read the orry in my face because he kissed me one good time before he left.

i fixed charlie dinner, finnished my homework, took a shower and ate. as i cleaned up plate charlie came in. he didnt look happyand was mumbling about a homicide in la push. i dropped the plate i was scrubbbing. i felt pain lash through my heart. i screamed. "bella" i heard charlie yell."ill call the doctor." i heard him faintly talk to the hosptial before i blacked out.



my eyes fluttered open and i saw a beautiful blonde head looking over me. i looked straight into his gold eyes. "carsile." i muttered and started to fumble around trying to find the one person i needed to see. i felt cold hands on my shoulders pishing me back down. "no bella, you must lay down." edward said. i felt rage at him trying to calm me. "how dare you touch me. let me go. i mean it. JACOB!! JACOB, HELP!!!!!" i said. there was another voice in the room, a more welcooming voice. "bella, its okay but we have some news. jacob, well, he cant be with us any more." i stared into the black eyes of sam.

"what? what do you mean, cant be with us anymore?" i asked. "his funeral is next week at four. we are all very sorrry and hurting. we know that u are hurting the worst. the imprint between you two is broken. it died as jacob passed." same said. i couldnt believe it. i didnt want to either. obvoisly no humans were in the room. i glared at edward. "did a vampire do it? because if they did i promise there will be no more secret when i ........" i stopped in mid sentece. a police officer had just walked in.

"isabella swan?" he asked. "bella." edward and i said together. "shut up" i mumbled angerly at him. "yes well, i wanted to ask you some questions about jacob black."

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that was amazing write more soon!!!!

dang you read fast i just posted it five minutes ago. and they told me i read fast lol i wont be able to post any tomorrow but i can try tonight. i have a cross country meet tomoro
This is really good! Write more soon, and keep me updated please!
OMG!!! This is really good!!!

Well... Bella has Jacob so Edward deserves Peace!!

Peace sounds so nice and pretty by the way!!

Really!! I hope you continue!!!
whoaaa u need to write more!!!
i absolutely love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow. bella such a jerk
luv it keep me updated plz
srry i havent been on in so long check out the rest of the story chapter 2


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