The Twilight Saga




Chapter I

Bella pov

My Life Was Perfect, I had a family, wealth, popularity, friend’s and a boyfriend. I lived in the small town, of Forks Washington

most people didn’t know about this place, but only the most wealthiest families, let their children, attend Forks high private school,

we lived in a large mansion that was built by one of my mother’s close friends, Esme Cullen, she lived in the neighborhood with her husband ,Carlisle Cullen, he was the best doctor in the U.S ,they were both very beautiful people ,pale skin and golden eye, they must have contacts on or something

(PS: Esme and Carlisle are vampires, Bella and her family doesn’t know"

My father, Charlie, was the CEO of "Swan industries”, the most powerful company in the world, my father had a mansion back in California Malibu
I loved it, there because off all the sun and cute boys, but we moved here to escape the press and rumors, it worked out just fine

soon as I came to Forks high, I was popular ,the school quarter back “Mike newton" a cute baby faced blue eyed boy asked me to be his girlfriend, at first I was hesitant ,but said yes anyways I wanted to fit in with the crowd…..,well I think that’s what I wanted

Suddenly there was an annoying sound that was starting to piss me off

Beep, beep, beep, I turned on my side to glance at the clock, it was 6:00 in the morning, time to get up and get ready for school

I got out of my worm, king sized bed then stretched with a smile on my face, the sun was shining through the window, it was one of the rare day that forks had sunny weather, because it was usually none stop rain and clouds

How could my life get any better I thought to myself then stood up

I walked over to my dresser and found that I had cloths already arranged for my day; it must have been from Alice

Alice Mary Brandon was my Best friend since birth, she was wealthy to, just like me, and she dressed me because I didn’t have a good sense of style

After taking a shower, I got dressed in the huge closet that was connected to my bathroom, which maids were currently in my room cleaning up

I didn’t like having maids, but they insisted because they were paid to, it gave me a guilty feeling

As I walked down the stairs I spotted some of the security that worked here, they nodded their heads as I passed by, sometimes I hated being fallowed around

I ate breakfast then quickly got into the car, I didn’t drive, had my own driver again, I wish that I could be like a normal girl and just drive to school alone

A black car fallowed me from behind and another in front, the ride to school was boring
I just stared out the window, lately I’ve been having these feeling, I felt as if something good is going to happen , but it’s going to be negative as well, as we drove, I noticed the homeless on the streets, I frowned, I always felt guilty, I lived in a nice house, while they were in the streets

I shuddered, I could never imagine living on the streets, I wouldn’t know what to do

As we got to the school, I watched as Alice got out of her car and waited for me to get out

We walked into the school together, and I spotted Mike Newton……my boyfriend

I didn’t really know if I liked Mike, but I wanted to fit in, Alice had warned me about Mike’s history with girls

“Hey there Baby” I heard Mike say, my eyes caught his blue eyes and I smiled

He put his arm around my waist, again something felt Rong, and there was no spark

I kept a fake smile on my face, but Alice could tell

“Are you coming to the party tonight Bella” Mike asked ten kissed my neck

At that instant, I felt uncomfterble and pushed him away, Mike frowned, he knew that I wasn’t the at type of girl

“I don’t know Mike” I said then walked off to class, with a bad feeling in my stomach


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