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Okay so i wrote this a long time ago, but then i got some rude comments and people stopped reading it. I might continue but i need more readers! I had gotten to chapter 5 recently on the FFA group but the owner is deleting all the stories (Lexi). So i'm moving it here to continue writing.


posted on may 13th, 2011


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okay i will post the prologue soon!



People can change, right? I know she is controlling me. All i can see is darkness though. She took me in when they left me. Who should i trust? I mean she cared and helped me through it. But was it all a plan? What do i mean to her? Am i just another minion? Does she only want power? But she talks to me, i guess that's better than the start. But am i wrong? Just look at what we did yesterday... I need to change. People can change, right?


awwww thank you so much! :)

Inspired by this song:


Chapter one

"Mary! Go!' yells Cameron.
I look up from my phone and bite my lip startled. What's going on i thought to myself. Oh right-locker! I don't look into Cameron's eyes, she must be furious with me to call me my hated nickname: Mary. I was supposed to be with Kara right now. Today was Tuesday, the first day of junior year. I get up quickly and stuff my phone into my pocket and run off before Cameron can say something else. Sometimes i wonder if it's really an honor to be accepted into Cameron's crew. Some say it is, along with it you get respect.
Cameron made us wear these long dark purple robes. They were a part of being
with her. Only she never wore them. I saw Kara.
"Marisol you get locker 270 since you were last to get here," she announces.
Some of the girls standing next to her smirk. I knew some of them, but some were new and only just learning the ways of Cameron's crew or also known as Death Eaters. I look at locker 270. It was in the corner next to the garbage can. I knew without anyone telling me that the middle locker was Cameron's and Kara's was on the right next to hers. I show no expression, so Kara didn't get the satisfaction of my disappointment. But this was a lot
better then freshman year. Alone, lost, and scared I will never forget that
feeling the day Gina went against me because Kara said I was talking to Kayla.
Gina was my best friend since preschool until high school. Kayla tried to kill
Gina once because she had this kind of rage since she never called her back.
Kara was working for Cameron at the time of telling Gina. Gina locked me in a
closet alone in the dark. My eyes watered at the memory. But was i no better?
"Mary! Mary! Move your stuff into your locker!" Kara says.
I walk towards my locker and open it. The locker was an ugly green color on the outside, and had one shelf only on the inside. I unzip my backpack and start to throw my books in there, not like I would ever need them
again. The Death Eaters often cut school, because Cameron ordered us some kind of new mission. Cameron sometimes came, but she had to keep up with
school, so when someone complained about her the principal would say Cameron!
No it can't be. She is the class president and president of the honor society.
The missions were difficult sometimes. They might require us to go far
sometimes. I look down at my dark purple robe and clutch a bit beneath my
fingers. This robe was who I am, but not who I wanted to be. There were reasons
we were called Death Eaters.

sounds very interesting
I'll read it!


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