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Okay so i wrote this a long time ago, but then i got some rude comments and people stopped reading it. I might continue but i need more readers! I had gotten to chapter 5 recently on the FFA group but the owner is deleting all the stories (Lexi). So i'm moving it here to continue writing.


posted on may 13th, 2011


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lol. I just had to update! I will write as soon as possible I promise!
thank you so much!

hehe...will be

no problem..always looking forward to ur next update..

see yah.



should i make a group for this story? I plan to also make a sequel at the end of this one.

Chapter 8

“Welcome students. I am Mrs. June, as you all should know. This year we will be studying world history, which will involve many different countries,” Mrs. June states as she stands up front by the whiteboard and smiles at all us students.

Cameron and the rest of us are sitting in the front in this class. We got to choose our seats and Cameron likes to switch it up a bit, she said. I sat on her right, Kara on her left and the rest of the Death Eaters just sitting beside me or Kara. Cameron had a composition notebook pulled out on her desk and already began to doodle on its cover. She had a sharpie which she was doodling with in her right hand, and was not listening to Mrs. June.

“To start off our year of history I will have you do a simple task,” Mrs. June continues. “The task will be to write a one page, at minimum, in your notebook about something that happened in your past, which is part of your history. You will have the rest of the period to complete it, which is about twenty-five minutes. Go!”

I grab my notebook which I put under my desk. It was a blue composition notebook that I wrote History on it script on the front cover, followed by my name. I grab a pencil out of my pencil bag and open my composition note book to the first blank page. I glance out of the corner of my eye and see Cameron just starting to write, and I wonder what about. Suddenly the idea hits me, and I decide to write it. They always say writing is the best form to release emotions, or something like that at least.

I began to write it, despite what would happen if this got leaked out into the school. I remember the day clearly. Why did she choose her? I have no idea exactly. I remember it just like yesterday, or maybe it was yesterday. Though her name is barely whispered among people anymore, I hear her name echoing in my ears every day. I can see her face once again. I can hear her words echoing in my ears. The last words she spoke, the ones that haunted me. How could you? She asked. How could I, I really don’t know. She said it was just a joke, I had no idea what the end result would be. And I knew better to question her intent. But the guilt eats me away. I have sworn secrecy to her and may not speak about it. But my world in tumbling down. I need to say the words. But who to chose? Good or bad? Right or wrong? It’s too late to bring it back up. Her body was never found. Because we never told. I picture her body still there lying there, flies circling her head. I must tell someone. I must. No matter what She says. People can change. I can change. People can turn their backs and run. I can turn my back and run. But where to? I have no one.

“Okay class. Good job, today. You may put your notebooks on the shelf and leave,” Mrs. June says interrupting my thoughts.

I am shocked the period is already over. I want to write more, get the truth out. But now is not the time. But the time is coming and all the secrets shall be known. But will anyone believe me? I get up, push my chair in, and put my notebook on the shelf and wait for Cameron and the others to leave. Off to Mrs. Hearn’s English class for two periods next. At least that was my favorite class. But what will happen there to bring up the dead-or in this case the dead subject. One may never know, until the time comes.

very nice piece!
thank you!
I know posted a counter to see how many views from now on I will get!
let me know when u update


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