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Okay so i wrote this a long time ago, but then i got some rude comments and people stopped reading it. I might continue but i need more readers! I had gotten to chapter 5 recently on the FFA group but the owner is deleting all the stories (Lexi). So i'm moving it here to continue writing.


posted on may 13th, 2011


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okay! thanks for reading!

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thanks for reading!

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absolutely wonderful!!!!

people can change!!!!!!!

haha...this was really nice...hope you write more soon...lovely as always.



i will and thanks for reading!

Chapter 9

Cameron looks at all of us as we gather our books and she waits by the door with an impatient look on her face. I am the last to join them and as soon as I near them Cameron turns and begins to walk. Room 20 was Mrs. Dean’s English class, right next door to the math room. As we walk in we see Mrs. Dean sitting behind her desk and I have the urge to make a face. I hated Mrs. Dean, nicknamed Mrs. Mean because she was mean. We nicknamed her room Dean’s Dungeon. Standing to the side of Mrs. Dean’s desk, was Katelyn, her daughter. Katelyn looked nothing like her mother. Her mother looked like a witch with black knotty hair and a witch nose. Katelyn in comparison was a beautiful blonde with blue eyes and an unfathomable expression always on her face.

“Sit in your seats,” Mrs. Dean snaps at the students as we all file in.

Cameron sits in the back she hated Mrs. Dean as most of the school did, but she hated her because she did not favor her but instead liked me. Even though she liked me, I was scared of her. Katelyn saw me and smiled slightly at me, without her mother seeing. Last year, when she visited she and I had talked and been friendly and she must have remembered me. As the bell rings and everyone is seated Mrs. Dean stands up from her desk and wants to the front of the room and her daughter follows behind closely.

“This year as you have noticed my daughter, Katelyn will be assisting me but you will address her as Ms. Dean. Anyway this year we shall be doing group projects. I will assign you to a group and you will work with that group for the whole year, no exceptions,” Mrs. Dean announces glancing around the room. “For the groups I have decided that Cameron, Leah, Darren, and Liam will work together. The second group will be Jack, Mona, and Marisol. The third group will be Kara, Kellie, Brett, and Jill. The last group is Harry, June, George, and Mia. Ms. Dean,” Mrs. Dean says stepping back giving her daughter the floor.

“Your first project will be to read a book and create a scene from the book and also be able to do a twenty minute presentation on it. Each group must have their members talk for five minutes except for the group of three which they will decide the amount evenly,” Katelyn or Ms. Dean says glancing at me and then continuing. “But first each group must pick a project manager who will be in charge of the group. You have five minutes to do so, go.”

I turn and look at Jack, and Mona. The two people I talk to the least. Jack the leader of the Jocks and Mona who was my ex best friend. The group with the least amount of people who would have to do the most work and have to prove themselves the most. I also mentally note how no friends were put together, another challenge for everyone. I bite my lip knowing Mrs. Dean knew this and gave me Mona to see how well I could handle the challenge, but this was going to be tough.

“I will be the leader,” Mona says automatically.

Jack looks at her and then at me. “What do you want to do, be leader or let Mona?”

“I will be the leader,” I reply, stepping up and fighting just how Mrs. Dean planned it.

“No but I want to!” Mona shouts.

Katelyn walks over to us hearing Mona screaming and looks at the three of us. “What is going on?” she hisses at us through narrowed eyes, but I notice her glance is more meant to Mona rather than me.

“Marisol is trying to be leader and I called it!” Mona complains.

“Because you are acting like a baby, I put Marisol in charge. No buts,” Katelyn says as she sees Mona opens her mouth and Mona huffs.

Katelyn and I share a glance and I silently transfer with my eyes that I am grateful for what she did. She smiles slightly, amused by Mona and walks back to where her mother was.

“Okay groups. Please announce who your project manager are,” Mrs. Dean calls, silencing us all immediately. “Group one?”

“I am the project manager,” Cameron says stepping forward in front of her group with pride.

“Group two?” Mrs. Dean asks.

“I appointed Marisol project manager due to Mona arguing with her,” Katelyn says and Mrs. Dean gives her a dirty look but nods.

“Third group?” Mrs. Dean asks.

“Me,” Jill and Kara both say at the same time.

Mrs. Dean raises an eyebrow and glances at them. “Looks like you both will, for now, until one of you fails at least. And the last group?”

“I am Mrs. Dean,” George says stepping forward.

“Now that we got your groups and project managers you will each get your book assigned to you. By the way each group must have the project managers do a separate task and compete with the other groups’ project managers to see who is the best leader,” Mrs. Dean announces with a wicked smile.

Cameron, Jill, Kara, George, and I all glance at each other eyeing one another deciding who would be victorious in the end. Cameron gave me a dirty glare as did Kara. Was the point of this whole year to tear each other apart or see if we can stick together? It seemed to be Mrs. Dean’s plan for now at least. But for how long would the mind games last for?

I love it(:
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