The Twilight Saga

Okay so i wrote this a long time ago, but then i got some rude comments and people stopped reading it. I might continue but i need more readers! I had gotten to chapter 5 recently on the FFA group but the owner is deleting all the stories (Lexi). So i'm moving it here to continue writing.


posted on may 13th, 2011


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Want to learn more about the characters? And maybe find out more about what will happen?

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whoa i love it! this is fabulous!

keep me updated  ^ ^

Okay, thanks for reading!

OMG..THAT WAS AWESUM!!!!!...this project has a very big part in this story im guessing..or atleast a very important part? sry i have not been on in a while..i have got exams cuming up so i will b eon until next weekend but keep me posted so that when i do cum back on i can read more..kkk?


u take care it!


It-well- the project is somewhat important. More like the *giggles* I might give away too much.

Sure, I was wondering where you were though. Good luck on exams!

Thanks for reading!

hm. i wonder how this project ties in everything else. awesome chapter =D

I miss this! :(

can u please write more????


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