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Okay so i wrote this a long time ago, but then i got some rude comments and people stopped reading it. I might continue but i need more readers! I had gotten to chapter 5 recently on the FFA group but the owner is deleting all the stories (Lexi). So i'm moving it here to continue writing.


posted on may 13th, 2011


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I Love It! Its amazing (:
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thanks! :)
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Chapter ten

“Since Marisol’s group has the least amount people they will get to choose their book first,” Ms. Dean announces as she places five books on a table.

The books were all Holocaust novels, by the looks of their covers. One immediately drew my attention, one with a German Shepherd on the front. The book was called Saving Zasha and the author was Randi Barrow. The others were Night, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, The Boy Who Dared, and The Diary of Anne Frank. I looked over to see what Jack thought and he nodded to me, to let me make the decision. I didn’t bother to look at Mona to see what she thought. I reach out and grab the book called Saving Zasha.

“Good choice,” Katelyn murmurs to me and I give her a smile.

“Because that book is so short and simple I do want a very good job from your group,” Mrs. Dean growls walking towards me and my group.

“Of course,” I retort, not letting her effect me.

I walk with the book in hand over to Jack and Mona and watch the others chose their books. Jill chose Night. Kara chose The Boy Who Dared. Cameron chose The Diary of Anne Frank. George chose The Boy In the Striped Pajamas.

“Good choices everyone. Now can I have my project managers alone, the rest of you get may discuss your books, within your groups,” Ms. Dean says.

I glance at Cameron and Kara, as all the project managers follow Ms. Dean to the back of the room. We all gather around eager to hear our special project.

“Okay then. Each project manager and their groups of course must write a book and perform it for the class,” Ms. Dean says and pauses watching our shocked expressions. “You must work together, and each person must be a character and the book must have a theme-meaning a deeper message. You will be graded on creativity, message, story, and overall message. This must be done by next Friday. By the way you have two weeks to work on your book project. So in conclusion you must manage your time wisely to get all of your work done. And that is it.”

We all stare at her with our mouths open. There is no possible way we can get all that work done. We look at each other, everyone sharing the same look of fear. Especially being project manager if you failed, nobody really wanted to think of what could happen. This is the time where each person will be separated from the leaders and follows, winners and losers, multi-taskers and multi-losers. But which one will I be?

“The clock is ticking,” Mrs. Dean says coming up behind her daughter watching us all.

I snap out of my trance and blink becoming aware of what was going on again. I spin around and head off to my group members to explain our other task. I smile, I liked this project. It was going to be hard and challenging and gave everyone a chance to prove themselves. Once I explain the situation to my groups members they share a quick glance and nod.

“WE can do, “Jack says with confidence, at least one of us had it.

“Yeah sure,” Mona agrees.

I nod my head eagerly. “I say we first work on creating our own story because the due date for that is due sooner.”

“Okay. How about you come over later tonight to my house, so we really are ahead of the game, both of you?” Jack says.

I am shocked, I never knew Jack the Jock cared so much about schoolwork and was willing to devote his free time to it. I nod and look at Mona who also nods her agreement.

“Around 7 would that be good?”

“Yes,” Mona and I say at the same time.

“Well Mona you know how to get to my house. I’ll give you my info. Marisol,” Jack says.

I nod, but wonder how Mona knew where Jack lived. They never hung out, at least to my knowledge. I would have to ask Cameron. He hands me a piece of paper with phone number and address on it, right as the bell rings.

“See you around,” he says to me and Mona.

Mona smiles slightly and walks out behind Jack. I grab my books and wave goodbye to Katelyn and walk out the door behind Cameron and Kara who were already talking about something. This project seems to be more than it first appeared. Why did I sign up to be project manager?

Hmmmm, double duty on homework? I hope she survives it!!!!

Loving this! post more please!!!

lol yeah. Thanks for reading!


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