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last night i had a dream about one of my friends that i had a crush on, his name really is Zack, and i'll post a picture of him later, so tell me wat u think :)

The band had something going on, I don’t know what. It was getting pretty crowded inside the school so I walked outside. I just stood there, it was cold and misting outside, there were no stars in the sky, and the street lights offered little light.
I stood there peacefully; it was a nice change from the hectic life I had been living for the past year. Three nights a week I had marching band practice, and it was a high school marching band. I was only going into seventh grade, one of the youngest people there, and it was harder on me than most people because of that.
As I stood there, deep in thought, someone crept up behind me. An arm went around my waist, I suddenly felt a warmth shoot through my entire body, I felt like I belonged here, in his arms. I sighed and rested my head on his shoulder.
“You seem happy.” He remarked, I just nodded, I was breathless, my heart was beating wildly, threatening to burst out of my chest.
He smirked at me, like he knew what he did to me, I wondered why he had decided to do this, I mean, I was a seventh grader, I wasn’t pretty, or popular, and he was an eleventh grader, cute, funny, nice, caring, and he had a good sense of humor.
It started to get windy, and he pulled me closer to him, he was now cradling me to his chest. I closed my eyes, it felt so nice, we stood there for hours it felt like, and it might have been, it was perfect.
“Zack.” I breathed

Zack *drool* idk y but he looks really young in here, he is in fact and 11th grader *again, drool!* and god is he HAWT!

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this is pretty good..update me when u write more

..nice start..

..keep me updated..
i don't know if i'll be posting more, cause like it was just a dream i had so......idk
if i decide to write more i'll tell u:) thanks for reading!!!

We stood there, like two pieces of a puzzle that had finally been out together. The wind blew, wiping up Zack’s sent, it was amazing, I couldn’t even describe it.
“Would you like to be Mellophone couple #3?” He breathed, I gasped. See, the Mellophones had 3 different couples, which means a Mellophone dating someone in the band. Matt, dating Kaylie our head drum major, Alyssa and Henry, both Mellophones, and now me and Zack….
I couldn’t believe this, it was like a dream. This amazing gorges creature wanted to go out with me.
Finally, he let go of me, I was disappointed, but then he leaned down….and kissed me.
My first kiss.
really cute story so far
thxs :)
thank u:)
i think u really should write more, a lot more
thts so sweet n cute
tht happen to me once but i was in 7th grade n he was a 9th grader in high school (it lasted 2 years but i loved every mintue)
plz write more soon!
well it was kind of a one shot and idk y i wrote more, cause like it was just a dream i had one night


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