The Twilight Saga

All of the following is RATED P-G 13. Just to be safe.

This is my first fan fiction!! The story is about Alice, Rosalie, and Bella who are servants working for King Carlisle and Queen Esme. They fall for the 3 princes, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward. Of course there are some conflicts and romantic moments. It gets really intense to. I hope everyone enjoys it.

DISCLAIMER: i do not own any of the original characters from the Twilight Saga. They belong to Stephanie Meyer the genius behind Twilight!!

CLAIMER: I do own Bernadette and any other characters I add to the story.

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In a kingdom far away live a king and queen and there three handsome sons, Prince Emmett, Jasper, and Edward. King Carlisle and Queen Esme have tried there best to provide their sons with women worthy of marriage...but failed. They left there sons to find there own soulmates and wives. But what will happen when there Perfect Match comes?? Alice, Bella, and Rosalie have worked in the castle as servants for years, and yet they have never met the King and Queen's sons. One day Queen Esme asks Alice, Rose, and Bella to make her sons the perfect costumes for a Masquerade Ball. But when the Alice, Rose, and Bella come face to face with Emmett, Jasper, and Edward things change. This Fan Fiction is filled with romance, plot twists, and cliffhangers here and there. It is a true fairy tale about finding your one and only love.

Chapter 1 - Alice's POV

"Bella, Rosalie wake up before we are late. The Queen will be expecting us early today!" Bella moaned and rolled over saying, "Alice, why must you insist on waking us up everyday?" "Because, Bella, if I don't wake you up you'll be late with Queen Esme's breakfast. And Rose won't be able to help me get the Queen ready." Suddenly, Rose sat up, shock and worry spread across her face. "Alice!! Are we late? Oh my, Queen Esme won't like this!"

I sat down on the bed next to Rosalie and put my arm around her shoulder. "Rose we aren't late, but we will be if we don’t hurry up and leave. We must be there early because King Carlisle and Queen Esme are meeting with Kings Aro and Marcus to discuss their terms of treaty,” I said. Rosalie got up and ran to our small washroom. She cleaned her face in the freezing cold water and got dressed in a hurry. I was already dressed so I waited for her.

When I finished putting her hair into a simple twist, I turned to Bella and said, “Bells hurry up and get dressed.” She didn’t move. “If you don’t get up I’ll pour a bucket of cold water on you.” Her eyes shot open and she made a face. Bella knew I wasn’t fooling around, so, she got up out of bed and headed for our washroom. “God, Alice! You can be so pushy sometimes,” She said under her breath. I ran to her side and stuck out my tongue. Rose laughed. I hugged her goodbye, as did Rose, and told her that she should be at the Queen’s bedchamber in twenty minutes. The Rose grabbed my hand and said, “Come on Alice! We have to leave or else we’ll be late!”

We arrived at Queen Esme’s bedchamber and helped her into her dress. I finished working on it last night. Esme wanted a dress that was both eloquent and simple. I made her a gown that was dark red with fancy black lace sewn along the hem and neckline. I made it with a velvety smooth fabric. There were no jewels embedded into the fabric, so, it was simple, yet divine. Esme loved it.

As me and Rose walked towards her door she called me and stated, “I wish to speak with you for a moment.” I whispered to Rosalie, “Wait for me in the hall. I will be right back.” She nodded and walked out the room. I walked back towards Esme and waited for her to speak. She turned towards me and said, “I know that my sons have their own seamstress, but I would like you to make there costumes for the Masquerade Ball. That is, if you can have them done before the Ball. I absolutely love you work and I’m sure my sons will think the same.” I smiled and answered, “Of course I can have them done in time. If you don’t mind, I request that Bella and Rosalie help me with the costumes. With their help my work will be done even faster.” She paused and nodded. “Of course. You may go.” “Yes milady. Thank you.” I walked towards the door and exited.

Rose was standing in the hallway.I explained to her my good news. She was very excited. As we walked down the corridor we almost ran into Bella. I told her to bring Esme her breakfast quickly and come back as fast as she could. She nodded. She looked confused and she quickly walked into the Queen’s bedchamber. Three minutes later she came out and ran over to Rose and me. We explained to her the whole situation as we walked up the stairs to the western turret, where the three princes’ bedchambers were.

We borrowed measuring tape from the Princes’ seamstress. We walked up to the door and knocked. No one answered so I opened the door. As the three of us walked in we realized no one was here. Jasper, Emmett, and Edward must have gone hunting with King Carlisle this morning. They should be back soon. I heard there horses outside. They would be up in a couple of minutes.

“WOW! I can’t believe we are going to meet the Princes!” Bella cheered. “I know we have lived here for so long and we haven’t even met them, yet alone seen them,” Rose added. “I remember when we first came here seven years ago. Rose was eleven years old and Bella and I were both ten.” We were reminiscing when, suddenly, the door open and our jaws dropped. WOW I thought. In the doorway, stood the three of them, starring at us with confusion. We backed up, frightened as we saw one of the three walk towards us. He was huge! Bella and Rose were speechless, so I stepped forward, despite my fears, and spoke.

I hope you enjoyed the first chapter. Please leave comments and suggestions! Should I continue thsi story?

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it sounds great!
will you take some time and read mine?
sure. I love reading Fan fictions. they are all really good!!!!!!
PLZ write more!
it sounds really good! I can't wait to see how it turns out!
great story!
plz keep writing!!
thanx everyone. I will post Chapter 2 today when I get home from school. :)
Can't wait for more this is awesome. :D
its amazing i cant wait!!!
Awwwwwww cuite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is the next chapter. It's a bit long!!!! I want to try and post a new chapter everyday.

Chapter 2 – Jasper’s POV

Emmett, Edward, and I were still talking about our hunt when we arrived in the courtyard. Carlisle left us earlier because he had to meet with Kings Aro and Marcus to discuss the terms of our treaty. We wanted to attend the council, too, but Carlisle said it was better for us to stay out of it. We all knew he was right.

We decided to head upstairs to our room and hang around until the meeting was over. I was talking to Emmett and Edward about one of Esme’s mistresses, Bernadette. She caught my eye last night and I thinking of asking her to the Masquerade Ball tonight. She had dirty blonde hair that fell into gently waves down her back. Her eyes were golden, of course. Her skin was extremely pale. I really liked her.

Emmett and Edward laughed. Edward patted my back and Emmett said, “Jasper, relax. You don’t even know her. Trust me there are other girls out there that are a lot more beautiful than her.” I glared at him. Then Edward said, “Jaz don’t listen to him. We are just trying to warn you not to fall in love to fast. Take it one step at a time and don’t rush things.” I sighed, “Yeah. I guess you’re right.” I did have a couple of bad relationships in the past. I have a habit of rushing things.
By then we were outside our bedroom room. The sound of voices and laughter came from inside our room. We all froze. “Maybe it’s just one of the servants cleaning up the place.” Emmett and Edward nodded. They seemed to agree with me. I grabbed the doorknob and turned it slowly. Then Emmett pushed me into the door and it slammed open.

There standing in my room were three girls. Confusion spread across me and my brothers faces as we wondered why they were in here. Emmett took a step forward and they stepped back. They seemed scared, probably because of Emmett’s size. He was pretty big.

One of the three stepped forward to speak. She sounded like and angel and she was quiet beautiful. She said, “Hello. I’m Alice,” she paused and pointed to the others, “and this is Rosalie and Bella.” Alice! I thought. That name suits her well. I walked forward without thinking and spoke. I said, “Hello Alice,” I starred at her for a moment, not long enough for the other two – Rosalie and Bella – to notice, “Bella, Rosalie. I am Jasper and these are my brothers Emmett and Edward.” I gestured to my brothers as I spoke. Alice, my angel, spoke once more, “It’s nice to meet you!” I responded saying, “It’s a pleasure to meet you three.” “The Queen, your mother, asked me to make you three costumes for the Ball tonight.” Ah so she was a servant. “Bella and Rosalie are here to help me take down measurements.”

Rosalie had long blonde hair. Her eyes were like blue crystals. Bella had wavy brown hair that fell halfway down her back. Her eyes were a chocolate brown. Then there was Alice. She had spiky jet black hair. Her eyes were the most beautiful shade of green. They resembled small emeralds. No vampire’s beauty could not compare to hers.

Emmett took another step forward and said, “Hi!” Edward added, “It’s nice to meet you.” Alice said, “If you don’t mind we need you to take off all your clothes except for the bottom layer.” Bella and Rosalie blushed, so did Alice. Emmett’s lips turned up just slightly at the corners. Edward looked worried. “Sure. Um… could you ladies step outside for a minute while we do this, if you don’t mind?” Alice responded, “Of course. Come on girls.” She grabbed Bella and Rosalie’s arms and pulled them out of the room.

Once the door closed we started talking. “Wow! Rosalie is really pretty.” “Yeah I guess. I think Bella is very beautiful. I could stare into her eyes forever,” Edward added. I said, “Surely Alice is the most magnificent creature.” Edward said, “Why does it matter? There are three of them and we each like one. Everyone has there own opinion and it works out evenly. I have Bella. Emmett, you have Rosalie and Jasper, you get Alice. Okay?” Emmett and I both said, “Fine!” We all got undressed until we were in our bottom layer. There was a knock on the door and Alice called in from outside, “Are you three ready?” I looked at Emmett and Edward and yelled back, “Yes! You may come in!”

When Alice, Bella, and Rosalie reentered the room they went straight to work. Rosalie took the measuring tape and started on Emmett. He kept moving. Bella held piece of paper and a pen. She recorded the measurements as the worked. When they finished measuring Emmett they moved on to Edward. Alice said, “Sir Emmett, you may get dressed we are done with you.” He nodded and quickly put his close on.

“Edward stretch out your arms,” Alice commanded. He did as she ordered. Bella, again, recorded the measurements. Alice asked Rosalie to check over Bella’s work. My angel spoke with perfect clarity, “Okay! Sir Edward, you can put your clothes back on.”

Then she turned to me. I felt nervous. I could feel her emotions. She was nervous and happy. She felt a little shy when she came over to me and asked me to stretch out my arms. I didn’t understand why, but I saw her cheeks turn a little pink. She was blushing! I know I can usually stand perfectly still, but with her around I got nervous and kept fidgeting. “Jasper, you have to stand still or else I’ll mess up my measurements,” she said sternly. I had no problem following her commands. “Thank you,” she said when I finally got a hold on myself and stood as still as a statue. It was over in a couple of minutes.

“Are there any animal designs you want for your masks or would you like me to surprise you?” Alice asked. Emmett was the first to reply, “I’d love to have a bear mask.” Then Edward said, “Nice choice Emmett. I’d like a lion mask, please.” I didn’t know what to choose. “I’d like you to surprise me Alice. Get a better sense of your work.” Emmett and Edward starred at me in disbelief. Alice smiled her angelic smile. It was breathtaking. “Okay, Sir Jasper…” I interrupted her and stated, “Please, Alice call me Jasper.” “Okay Jasper.” Oh how I loved it when she spoke my name it sounded amazing when coming from her lips.

“Well we have to get to work. We will have your costumes ready in a couple of hours. We will deliver them to you when we are done.” “I’ll come pick up the clothes that way you won’t have to carry them around the castle.” She blushed a little more and smiled. “Actually I wouldn’t mind helping you either. You know, so, the costumes will be done faster,” my brothers glared at me. I couldn’t blame them I was way out of place.

“That won’t be necessary Jasper. It’s our job,” she responded. “Well can I come with you to your workroom and help with the design?” Why was I so desperate to be with her? I asked myself. Alice answered back, “I guess I can’t stop you and I will need some input on the designs. Okay. Follow us.” The three of them curtsied and walked out the room. Well actually Alice looked like she was dancing. I followed them through the castle to the Southern turret. We entered a small bedroom. There were many different fabrics folded up on a table. Wow! I thought to myself. This is where she worked. It was quite cozy. I liked it.

Comment please. <333 Alice
Loved ittt. :)
post more soon!!! : )


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