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What if the Cullens took Bella in when her parents were murdered? Would they tell her the secret? Turn her into a vampire? Or just give her up? Would Bella and Edward ever be together? This is my new fan fiction so I hope you like! feedback is highly appreciated! thank you!

This fanfic is ratedpg13 for some foul language and maybe graphic scenes

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Changing Moon
By Kristin Marie
Chapter 1
Escape from Darkness

Renee’s POV

The shaky forest seemed to grow deeper and deeper until I knew I was lost. It was too late for me. Charlie’s gone; he was gone at the first blow of the gun.
I was lucky to have gotten up on my own, but I have to save her; my one and only daughter, my dear Bella. So sweet, innocent, I would never let anyone hurt her. She was napping in my arms. Bella could sleep through anything. I simply had to save her. She was a year old. If anyone could live, it was Bella. The longing to be with her just kept getting bigger and growing every second I rain. Tears ran down my cheeks. It seemed impossible to leave my daughter but if leaving her with someone else is the only way to keep her safe, then that’s what I’ll do. She stirred and mumbled incoherently in her sleep. She had learned to talk just a month ago and she’s been talking in her sleep ever since she was born. I had to keep her asleep, if she woke up, she would cry, and he would find us. I tried to rock while I ran but it only seemed to make the shaking worse but she seemed to relax.
I once saw a house in these deep woods. It’s hidden, deep through twisted ferns and trees yet it’s still so white, so pleasant. She would be safe with whatever family was there, they just have to find it in their hearts to save her, to take care of her.
Sudden pain swallowed my right shoulder. I winced at the blazing fire burning. I kept running, yet my body screamed in protest. I must not stop. I had called 911 and that’s when he shot me in the shoulder, and hot blood rain down my arm. That’s when I started running with Bella.
I got into my car and hit the gas as hard as I could and drove passed the blur of greenery. I went as much as the car could take until it was protesting with a whine. I only had a old Volkswagen. Gun shots sounded from behind and I recognized the murder’s car behind us. The gas tank icon beeped. I cussed. The car drove until it couldn’t go any farther and when it couldn’t, I bolted to the forest. I could hear him pursing us but I lost him a long time ago. It wouldn’t be long before the murder found me. But he would only find me, Bella would be safe, that’s all that matters.
I started to find no hope in both of us; the forest just seemed to go on. My heart felt as if it would explode in my chest because of the pain of her getting killed. Although, as if out of nowhere, the house opened up in front of me and I felt like screaming in relief. As I limped-runned to the front door, my blood trailing across the light, green lawn.
I bolted up the stairs, almost tripping up the polished porch. I carefully set Bella down with shaky hands. I stroked her short, wavy hair and kissed her soft cheek. This was our goodbye, I would never see her again and she would never remember me. An idea sparked to my mind before I ran out. I reached into my dirty coat pocket and produced a picture of her, Charlie, and me a month after she was born. I’d already had her name scribbled in with mine and Charlie’s so her new parents would already know her real name. I tried my hardest not to let my hands shake as I tucked it in the covers. Tears spilled over my face, which was covered was cuts, and caused them to sting. I gently took her head in my hands and kissed her forehead. A tear fell onto her cheek. My little Bella whimpered and I rushed out into the forest without looking back. My mission was complete, my Bella was safe. I bolted to the forest to face my death. He would never find her. Ever, I vowed to myself.

Alice’s POV

I touched the blue dress design on the computer and dragged it to the virtual mannequin. I then added some sparkles and frills for finishing touches. My pale white finger moved unusually slowly –well, for me- to the finish and package button. The computer beeped the confirmation.
“Rose, your dress is done. It’ll be here in two days” I said dryly
“Whatever” She said from upstairs.
Edward, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, and Emmet had left for hunting yesterday and they wouldn’t be back until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. It was just me and Rosalie, but we haven’t been getting along lately. She’s been moody about moving here, she liked our last resident. It was pale blue and beautiful but it was mostly because her room looked out onto a lake; she pretty much had to best room.
This time, Edward had the best room and she was jealous and now she wouldn’t even look at him. She was so absurd. She should go a little easier on Edward, he’s just been kind of down lately. But no, it’s all about Rosalie. Its like her wave of negativity was literally physical; as if I could feel it in the air.
I sighed
Ever since we moved, its been boring, just the same old routine; hunt, sit, walk, run, hunt. I could stand it, eventually I think my head would explode with boredom and that’s kinda of hard to do to a vampire. One of the times I wish I could sleep.
I sighed again and strode over to the window overlooking a river, making the lightest footsteps that not even a mouse would hear. I starred at the blue vast beauty of it to the green, misty trees of the forest across from it. The water was dull gray reflecting the sky. The rapids were calm as they floated across the earth. I could hear the little animals that roamed the forest and see the young fish that glided through the river’s waters. The water from the rapids always left a misty cloud of water vapor and made the river foggy. To humans, the site would be uninteresting or boring but to me it beautiful. It was beautiful how the little water specs in the mist became sparkles and it was beautiful how the animals lived with the water and alongside with water. And it was beautiful how the water made the grass and plants bloom into beautiful flowers.
The next thing I knew, I saw these big chocolate brown eyes open up in front of me. They bewildered for one second with her pink, plum cheeks a rosy red, her mahgo and her mouth opened a tad. Then without, thinking about it, her lips curved up into a smile with her eyes getting just a big bigger, if it were possible. I had never seen this baby yet, so suddenly, it seemed like she was my best friend, like she was the world to me. I didn’t even know her at all but she became so much to me. She was part of my future. That’s all I could tell. She was going to love me, and Rosalie, and Esme, Carlisle, Emmett, Jasper, even Edward. This child was about to become a huge part of our lives. The problem was that I didn’t know when but on the flipside I could sense it was soon.
It was only a second later I heard steps run up the porch stairs. Two hearts were beating, one was weak and had uneven, disjointed rhythm while the other was strong, and had a vibrant, healthy rhythm. It was her. It was the child I’d just saw a second ago that was here.
A small drop of liquid dropped onto the stone of the porch with a light tap. There was some patting around and a whimper, then suddenly, the footsteps raced off south into the woods, opposite of the direction of they came from.
As soon as silence took place of the footsteps, I only waited a second in shock before bolting to the door. I looked out and saw nothing. I searched rapidly around the forest until I found a blanket at my feet. A small piece of brown hair was sticking out of it. I gently took the feather light blanket and opened it up to see the same baby that I saw in the vision. Her breathing sped up as she opened up her big, brown, incredulous eyes. As in the vision, they were bewildered at first until the blood rushed to her cheeks and her lips curled up into a smile that made the vision compete.
She was so beautiful, and innocent. Oh if only I knew her name! I stroked her soft, plump cheek. She giggled in response, it sounded like a little bell. A smile spread across my face.
“If only you could tell me your name, little one.” I said stroking her wavy, dark hair
I knew I shouldn’t have been doing this. I should be calling Carlisle and asking him what to do and that’s probably giving her to a human family. Sudden pain shot to my heart. I couldn’t let her go, and eventually, the others wouldn’t be able to either.
As I bounced her up and down, a small piece of paper floated from her blanket. I caught it reflexively before it could float to the ground. It was a picture of the girl and what looked to be her parents; all smiles and a happy family indeed. Why give her away? This question lingered in my mind as turned over the picture. On the back, there was writing:

Isabella Swan, October 13, 1988.

“Is that your name? Isabella?” I looked over her features and rocked her. “It seems like a mouthful, huh?”
Isabella was still smiling at our little time, having no idea that she was close to a vampire. I was in control, though. I went hunting a few days ago. The burn in my throat was only a minor detail I could ignore easily.
“Let’s give you a nickname” I thought about it for a half-second, then “Bella”
Bella giggled again. The little baby seemed to be oblivious to my cold skin because she was just as comfortable as being in a bed for her. I smiled down at her.
My smile faded. It was time to get to business, to find her a home. It would be painful for all of us but we had to do it. It was the only way little Bella could be safe.
I bolted to the phone with Bella still in my arms and called Carlisle.
“Alice, is everything alright?” Carlisle’s calm voice said
“I’m not sure. I need you all home now” I demanded

Chapter 2:

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