The Twilight Saga

Chapter 13:

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Phasing Moon
Chapter 14: A dreaming recovery
Bella’s POV

“So take me far away
And hold me close to your heart
And do me just this little favour
For I do, yes I do love you”

KT Tunstall, Little Favours

Fear. That was all I could feel, as I raced through the dark forest. The ruby-eyed fiend pursued behind me, fast. His wicked laugh filled my ears and I ran faster, tripping constantly. My legs cramped up as I ran deeper through the green maze. If I were to give up because of my weak human reactions, it would be over. I would never see the light of day ever again.

A twig caught my ankle and I fell into the dark leaved ground. I groaned and held onto my ankle. Pain shot and blood emptied from it. I looked at my blood covered hand then up at the sadistic vampire. He smiled, showing his sharp white teeth. I gasped and covered my face with my hands. I didn’t want to him spring and feel the pain of my death.

“Leave me alone!” I yelled through my hands. I tensed, ready for his sharp teeth to sink into my neck. After a few moments of silence, I opened my eyes and light filled through my hands. I waited, unsure of what was going on. When more silence followed, I slowly lifted my face from my hands and

The site was like anything I’d ever seen. A bright bay opened up in front of me. The sun reflecting sparkles onto the water and forest. The sun was so bright, but it didn’t hurt my eyes. The grass under me was smooth as satin and ear had evaporated from my system. I couldn’t make sense of the beautiful site. Trees surrounded the huge bay and sparkled bright with intensity.

I rubbed my fists over my eyes, wondering if this was a dream. I inhaled and could taste the sweet air. I could taste everything. The water, the roses, the sun...

Warmth radiated over my skin from the brightness of it all. I looked down and noticed I wasn’t in the same outfit I was when I was running from the dangerous vampire. A white, sparkly dress fitted my slim form, it was beautiful as sun beams hit the little diamonds and reflected sparkles. My skin was clean of the blood and scabs of the run. I ran my hand over my bare leg and it was as smooth as silk. Red roses covered me; their thorns did not bother me, all I could feel was their smooth petals. I picked up one of the lovely flowers and held it to my chest. It’s beauty blossomed into my heart, filling me with love.

I slowly rose to my feet, still stunned by the site of the lake. I wasn’t in forks any more... I was in my own almost perfect place. If only I could see Edward...he would complete it with his beauty. A smile played on my lips and love grew in my heart. I clutched the rose closer to me, wishing he was here with me.

“Edward” my voice rang clear as bell with need. His name sent thrills through my body. “Edward” I said again and the same thrill filled me. I felt almost whole. “I love you...” my voice sang with sincerity. I closed my eyes, smiling, and felt my heart about burst. I did love him.

A sensation filled the air. It was an anticipating feeling, electricity ran through my veins and I could almost feel his presence. His scent filled my nostrils and I could almost taste it, the delicious smell that had always made my mouth water. My heart sprang for him.

“Edward?” I asked, unsure if he was even there. The electricity flowed down my throat, sparking everything to life.

A soft, warm hand touched my cheek. I wanted to flinch but then the sparks flowed rapidly through my body. Excitement filled my heart. His musical chuckle filled my ear. It was so beautiful that I giggled.

“I love you too...” His words flowed clear in my head. My heart fluttered for the words that I’d wanted to hear ever since I found out I loved him. My smile turned into a grin, my teeth revealing.

“Good” my voice full of happiness. Now my moment was officially perfect. He stroked my hair and put a strand behind my ear. His warmth was extraordinary.

“Bella” His voice caressed my name

“Yes?” I answered eagerly to his wonderful voice.

“Open your eyes” He gently ordered

My lids slowly opened. Edward’s beautiful face stood inches from mine. I gasped with a shaky breath. The first thing I noticed, his stunningly bright gold eyes were a leafy green color. They were just as beautiful. His skin was not white anymore, it was a healthy pale color, but darker than mine. Some freckles ran across his cheeks. Standing so close, I could feel him radiating heat. It felt amazing. Who was this person? Was this the man I had always loved?

I took one careful hand and touched his bronze hair, feeling the texture of it, soft and wavy, then moved my hand down his face, and then stroked his cheekbones which were flushed. He was soft and warm under my fingertips and little tingles raced through my hand. My fingers moved to his lips, they parted when I touched them and his warm breath washed over my hand. I then moved it to where his heart was, and I felt its beat against my palm.

“Is it really you?” I whispered to him. I was so afraid that Edward, no not this warm Edward, but Edward, The man I loved, human or vampire, was not real, just a dream. “You- You’’re....human?” I choked out in wonder.

He nodded and let his lips curved up into my favorite crooked smile. It stopped my heart. My eyes opened wide. It was him.

“It is you” I whispered. I threw my arms around his waist and pressed myself against him, drowning in his warmth. This beautiful man in front of me was my Edward. His arms wrapped around me and I felt his lips on my shoulder. Electricity filled me. He hid his face in my hair while I laid my ear across his heart. It was beating healthy, and vibrant. I sighed in content. I never thought that in my life that it was possible to hear his heart but here I am. I don’t care if it’s a dream, as long as it’s something.

Suddenly we were falling. I landed on his chest and he landed with a thud. “Oof!” He exhaled as I land on him. I forgot we were both human, I could push him down now.

“Oh my gosh! I’m sorry! Are you okay?” I panicked as I looked his surprised face.

He looked up and laughed. “I think the question is are you okay? You like a scared little cat” he laughed again. It was better than any sound in the universe.

I rolled my eyes at him. “Har, har. I’m not that delicate” I suddenly rolled off of him and then I was the one who landed with an ‘oof’ He continued to laugh at me. I laughed along, at the silliness of this dream or whatever it is. His emerald eyes gazed into mine, making me lose my track of thought. The only thing I knew was that there was nothing more I wanted more than him. I wanted every second of forever with him. Nothing else could ever complete me like Edward.

His fingers twined through mine. Then he brought them to his face. His lips grazed my fingertips, each getting an electric circuit. Then I wanted it, I wanted his lips against mine, warmth against warmth. To show him how much I loved him.

“Can I asked for something?” I asked, wary. Would he want me to? My face started to heat up.

“Anything” he breathed against my hand.

I gulped down my fears and waited hesitantly. “Kiss me” I whispered.

He looked at me, wide eyed. He blinked a few times, his face looked....nervous? I’d never seen him like that.

Edward didn’t say a word. He put one hand under my chin and started to pull my face to his. I put one finger over his lips. “I love you” I told him. He smiled and removed my hand.

“As I love you” He told me back. He put his hands on both sides of my face. He slowly brought my face to his. First, our foreheads touched, then our noses. His breath was in my mouth and our lips hadn’t even touched.

I was probably one centimeter from his lips. I leaned in to close the space when nothing touched me; absolutely nothing. Edward? I tried to speak but my mouth was closed shut. I tried to open my eyes but they as well stayed closed. No! Pain filled me then completely shattered my heart. He was gone. My beautiful, Edward, gone. I tried to fight against the darkness that held me closed but there was nothing to hold onto. My screams were no use and neither were my thrashing. I couldn’t feel anything anymore. All I saw and all I heard was darkness.

I had a strange sense of déjà vu. It had happened almost a month ago. The night I thought Edward left me; the sense of never seeing him again, being so in the dark. It seemed so little now compared to this darkness. I couldn’t do anything, there was no use. I was trapped inside my own mind. The scary part was, I wasn’t sure if I was alive or not. Reality didn’t seem to make sense. I was lost.

I uselessly tried pushing the pool numb away from me but also felt my mind slipping away from my body. Nothing made sense, what was the point of staying. I tried to pull pictures into my mind, maybe comfort of my family but no one came up. I couldn’t even picture Edward. If I could cry, I would, I’d cry waterfalls of tears to just see him one more time, to tell him that I loved him and that it was okay if he didn’t return interest. It can’t be over. He’s gone. My mind fell deeper into darkness. He’s gone. I drowned under the intense pressure. I tried to hold onto to him as much as possible but I wasn’t strong enough. No. Edward. I need you. I tried to bring him back with all my strength but only more pressure fell on me. Nothing was left. My life was slipping from my hands. I love you was my last thought and with that I was plunged into the ever lasting death I’d be waiting for

* * *

It felt as if my whole body was under a rock, I couldn’t move anything. The rock pushed harder against my constant struggles of breaking free. As I tried, Noises began to fill into my mind. I still couldn’t move my limbs but I tried very hard as I listened.


"Dr. Jackie, please contact the front desk"


Was I in the hospital? Why? What happened? I listened more to try and find my answer.

Patter, Patter, Patter

Scribble, Scribble, Scribble


What was that beeping noise? It was very annoying. I tried to focus on different noises.

“Time again to get out that umbrella-”


“In other news, Seattle has suffered three-”


“And this book had reached millions-”


“Take that you mother -”


“How did we get here? I used to know you so-”


“Emmett! What you please settle on a channel?” An irritated voice erupted from my right. Edward. He’s here. Relief swelled into my heart. He was here. It was such a relief to hear is voice that I may have needed to come up with a new word. I thought I’d lost him forever.

“God, I hate hospital TV’s! Can’t they have some decent channels!? Good lord I just want to watch a football game!” Emmett exclaimed loudly, also irritated for different reasons.

“Shh! You’ll wake her!” Edward shushed him. Warmth filled me. I wish I would wake up to see Edward’s face. “Here’s an idea. Go home. We have 10,000 channels” Edward muttered to him. That we never watch I added mentally

“Touchy, touchy” Emmett snickered.

Edward sighed. “Sorry, Em”

“No harm done, Bro”


“Oh look at that touchdown! Gators are now 8 to 7!”

“YES! GO GATORS!” Emmett yelled in excitement.



“Ow!” Emmett complained “What the hell, Edward?” he growled

“Didn’t I tell you to shush? You’ll wake Bella. She’s not recovered yet.” Edward told him severely. Recovered? Recovered from what? What was going on?

“Sorry” He said, faking a small scared voice.

They were both quite for several minutes. I guess I wasn’t going to find out an answer. Emmett continued to watch the close packed Gator game while Edward was writing in his journal? That’s all I could guess of the scribbling sounds.


The beeping had increased. A heart monitor maybe? For mine? I wish I could move my limbs! This was very frustrating!


“Whoa” Emmett noticed my increased heart “She having a heart attack or something?”

Edward ignored him and I felt pressure on my hand. “Bella? Sweetheart, can you hear me?”

How much did I want to answer him? I’d do more than kill to answer.

“Forget it, Edward. Carlisle said she wouldn’t be up for another few hours Eh, who knows? Maybe you woke her up”

“Shut up please, Emmett” Edward growled.

“Again: Touchy, Touchy”

Beep. Beep. Beep..Beep..Beep...Beep...

Edward drew a deep breath. “And I thought she was finally waking up...”

That makes two of us. This was one of the rare times I wanted Edward to read my mind.

“Aw. Sleeping Bella will wake up eventually” Emmett said and it sounded like he patted Edward’s shoulder hard.

“I just need to know that she’s okay...” He sounded hurt. There was nothing I wanted to do more now than to wake up.

“She is. Look, she’s breathing” Emmett snickered.


“Shutting up” Emmett choked out a laugh.

“Thank you”

They didn’t speak again, so I started counting Edward’s breaths; they were nice, calm and even. He wrote things down in his notebook. He sounded like he was a couple inches to my right. I wondered what he was writing. I always wondered that, even when I went into his room when I was a child, I’d ask and he would say nothing I needed to worry about. If I could, I’d sigh.

One-thousand, two- hundred, and forty-four breaths later, a pair of rhythmic feet entered the room.

“How is she?” Alice’s chirpy voice sang. It felt so good to hear my sister’s voice again. I missed her.

“You would know” Edward murmured, distracted by his journal I guess.

“Yes, Yes, I would” I heard her footsteps approach the left side of my bed. She was silent for a moment “She looks healthier”

“She does” Edward agreed wholeheartedly. He hesitated for a moment. “Do you know when she’ll...?”

“Yes...” Alice said.

After a moment, Edward sighed in relief.

How much time?! How long would I be stuck like this?! C’mon Alice! There has to be a chance she knows I could be listening!

Alice winced after a second.

“What did you see?” Edward asked anxiously

“She’s going to be angry at me” Alice said and her silvery laugh filled my ear. Yes I am mad at you, Alice! “Haha!” she continued to laugh at her vision of me probably trying to strangle her.

“I’d better stop Bella before she hurts herself” Edward chuckled at Alice’s future seeing talent.

I growled inside my mind and felt my finger twitch with annoyance.

“Bella?” Alice and Edward said together in symphony. Hope filled me. I tried to control all my other body parts but failed miserably

“It’s almost time...” Alice trailed off in anticipation. “Ah, Bella is struggling” Alice saw. No wonder. “Jasper” She said.

“Alice” Jasper’s voice said to my left. I faintly felt my body limbs relax. Wait, what is she doing!? Did she want me like this forever?! She had some explaining to do.

“The more calm she is, the better” Alice said

“Yes, her heart was...energetic before.”

Very lightly, I thought I felt a sore on my right side. A spark of memory came to me. The pain in Edward’s eyes as he said he loved me...I tried to remember more but nothing came up. Something happened...I felt weak and waiting for hurt to remember. As I struggled to with my memories, I faintly felt the huge block of darkness being lifted off my body. I could merely twitch my fingers and toes but at least I could do something.

Edward took my hand again. “Bella, honey, can you hear me? Squeeze my hand if you can” I weakly tried to grab the pressure on my hand. I was able to but I don’t think it was enough for him to notice.

“I think she can, I’m not sure” He said to someone.

More footsteps came into the room.

“We heard” Rosalie’s chime voice sounded. “She looks better” Rosalie said, relieved.

“Yes, it shouldn’t be long now” Carlisle’s voice.

“My poor baby” Esme said.

Footsteps came over to my right. Edward growled at whoever it was. Was he protecting me? I felt warmth on my cheeks.

“I’m sorry, son. I have to check her bandages.” Carlisle said, calmly. Tap was being ripped and I felt a slight pinch at my left side. I didn’t flinch I heard Edward did.

Once he was done, Carlisle said “She’s healing very well; Bella should be out of here in three days...Alice?”

A moment of silence, then Alice answered “Yes”

They all sighed in relief. I did mentally also. Edward squeezed my hand and then I felt I could squeeze back so I tried, it was still weak but more distinct and noticeable.

“Bella?” His voice was full of relief and excitement. “Can you hear us?” I tried to squeeze his hand harder but it was still weak.

“Yes, she can” He said to someone.

Suddenly, the whole block lifted off me and I could feel myself. I could feel everything. A cold hand was holding mine. I started to twitch my eyes and found out where they were.

“Bella?” Edward asked anxiously.

I groaned in anticipation and slowly blinking my eyes open. Edward’s face white and cold was inches from mine. His golden eyes stared into mine with worry.

“Edward?” I choked out. Slowly, his lips curved up into my favorite smile.

His favorite crooked smile stopped my heart and I knew I was home.

Chapter 15:

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