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Chapter 15:

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Phasing Moon Chapter 16: Depart

“Lovers can see to do their amorous rites
By their own beauties; or, if love be blind,
It best agrees with night.”
Romeo and Juliet, Act 3, scene 2

My large queen size mattress pressed against my back. The plush feathers making me feel like I’m on a cloud

After a few days of ice crystals, soda, walking, sleeping, and most of all, Edward, I was able to come home from the hospital. Carlisle gave me antibiotics to take twice a day, one in the morning and one at night. I haven’t felt very well since I got back, which was part of the side effects. I missed some days of school but tried to stay in, so I wouldn’t miss much.

I pressed the cold ice pack to my head, another headache since I came home. My side ached, not the sharp excruciating pain from a week ago, no, just an annoying pain.

All these annoying aches and pains were nothing compared to what I was about to go through. Edward was leaving, not forever, but long enough to make me go crazy. I would have been downstairs if Carlisle hadn’t ordered me to go lie down for awhile. Edward was currently packing for this weekend trip. This wasn’t the first time we had been separated since I fell in love with him but I could live through it, right now I’m too deep, it hurts to not be around him.

Everyone was leaving except for Alice. I usually didn’t mind Alice but sometimes she went overboard with dressing me up and playing Barbie doll. I at least hope she would show some mercy since I was recovering and skip out, but knowing Alice, she was unstoppable. I groaned, thinking of the possibilities she had in mind.

Then a shrill ring burst my ear drums. I looked to my right at the caller ID on the silver phone, which said, Idiot, Mike I sighed at Edward’s immaturities. I knew it was him because he doesn’t like Mike much, especially for his thoughts. To save Mike from being scared to death, I jumped for the phone.

“Hello?” I asked, wincing at the ache on my right.

“Hey Bella, its Mike” Mike said, enthusiastic as always

“Obviously, I have caller ID” I laughed.

He laughed along with me. “How have you been feeling? I heard about the surgery from Ang” He asked

“Oh, I’m fine; I just have to take antibiotics, but not big deal. I’ll be back on Monday” I felt oddly comfortable talking to Mike. I hadn’t seen or spoken to any of my other friends in a few days. Angela, my very good friend, had come to the hospital with flowers and notes from our classes. She stayed for an hour and then left with a ‘get well’

“Awesome! Hey, do you think you’ll be well enough to come to my party next Friday?” Mike asked, excited, like a real golden retriever.

Dancing, side hurting, head aching, tripping, falling...oh how would I let him down easily? “Umm...I don’t know Mike...” I trailed off, wondering what the nicest way to say no was. While I thought, Alice appeared in the room.

“Hold on” I held the receiver of the phone. “What are you doing in here?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be lying down?” Alice chided me.

“Aren’t you supposed to not be here?” I snapped. Alice had been coming and checking in on me every five minutes and it was getting annoying.

“I’m just checking up on you,” She held her palms up. “And by the way, you’re going” She grinned at me, smug.

“No I’m not!” I said in a hushed tone. I felt my face flush in anger at Alice. She was going to make me go. “Are you trying to kill me?” I asked her, and I felt my angry tears coming.

“No, I’m trying to make you get out and have some fun with your friends” She smiled and crossed her arms over her chest. I felt angry tears fill my eyes but I held them back as best as I could.

“Fine, but under one condition” I held up one finger to her pixie face. She grinned and did a fast head bob. If I was going down, she was coming down with me. “You, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie and...Edward are coming with me” I hesitated when adding Edward, unsure if he would be angry.

“Fine. Unlike you, I love parties! We’ll have fun!” Alice jumped up and down, clapping air. I felt my heart drop at the sound of a growl upstairs. Alice glowered in Edward’s direction then she dismissed him with a hand. “He’ll get over it...” She stared off into space and then grinned, “Yeah, he’ll get over it”

I took my hand off the receiver, “Mike?”

“Yeah?” he answered, less confident.

I tried to sound as enthusiastic as possible, “I’ll come just as long as I bring my that okay?” I asked, hoping it was. For a moment, I feared for Mike and what Edward would do to him,

I heard Mike sigh on the other end, “Sure” he said grudgingly.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fun, I mean it is your party” I said as excited as possible, I felt bad for him, he sounded upset.

“It is” It sounded as if he was smiling. “Well I’ll see you on Monday”

We hung up and I glared at a grinning Alice. “Yippee!!” Alice started dancing around my room. What had I just done? I have sentenced myself to death, that’s what. I moaned and let my head hit the pillow. I can just see it now, me in a way too sexy dress that Alice put me, embarrassment on a stick. “We’re going to have so much fun!!” Alice jumped up and down, ecstatic.

Edward was at my door, his eyes a very dark gold, almost black. He had a glare on his face, before I could flinch, I realized he was glaring at Alice. Alice just stuck her tongue out at him. “You can thank me later”

Edward growled incoherently at her. I frowned and looked down, I didn’t want to remember Edward leaving in such a bad mood, and it would only make me miss him even more.

I let out a shaky sigh. My eyes were still watery from my angry tears now they cooled down. I looked up at him in my blurry vision. I could see enough of Edward for his face to change to pain. He was at my side in a second. He pulled me to his chest in a cold embrace. I leaned hard against him, I missed him already. His all-too-familiar smell filled my nose and I let out a sigh of content. I clung to him, hoping never to let go of my beloved. He rubbed my back, stroked my hair, and kissed the top of my head; anything to comfort me. The only thing that could keep me comforted was him.

“I’ll be back before you can miss me” Edward’s velvet voice whispered in my ear. I held back a sob of despair.

“Too late” I mumbled into his shirt. Once he heard, he squeezed my harder to his chest. My heart longed to stay in his embrace and never let go. Sparks filled me and energy burst through my veins. It picked me up out of my depression and let me be brave for once. I took one last deep breath of his scent and he pulled out of the embrace. He put one finger under my chin and tilted it so he could press his lips against my forehead. For a millisecond, I swear I thought he was really going to kiss me, his cold lips against mine. I could just imagine how that would feel. The love, the electricity, I almost wanted to purr from it. I pushed my ridiculous fantasies aside; he didn’t love me that way. Hurt started to hammer down my bravery. I sighed sadly.

Edward turned from me, his hand trailing off my skin leaving a warm path, mussed Alice’s spiky hair, and left the room.

She skipped over to me, I hadn’t realized she was still here; her face was blank, looking into the future. Should I ask her if Edward loved me? After a moment I wondered if I wanted to know. How much would the answer hurt me? How much would change?

While I thought of it, Alice put her arms around my shoulders, hugging me in a comforting gesture. I hugged her back awkwardly, but still feeling whole in my sister’s embrace.

“He’ll be fine, I promise” Alice said, squeezing my shoulders. I still dropped my head and let the tears run down my cheeks of longing.

*~Alice’s POV~*

I saw them, again, together, again, confessing love, again, not telling each other...again. All these futures constantly were being changed, delayed by silly human reactions of fear and pain. It drove me crazy not having two important people in my life together when they should be. I wasn’t going to tell either that they loved each other, choices still had to be made and it was none of my business. I sighed

“Alice, you know I can hear you” Edward’s voice said from upstairs.

I don’t care, be a man and go tell her I grumbled to my brother.

“She doesn’t love me, Alice. She just needs me as a brother and that’s what I’ll do” Edward’s voice was full of pain and sorrow.

Good lord I growled in my head. I showed him futures of him and Bella together, their embraces, Bella staring lovingly at him, him staring back with the same look, them at a bay together, both of them saying ‘I love you.’

Edward was silent. I went to his room within a second and he had his head in his hands. My poor brother, he deserved Bella and Bella deserved him. Why can’t they see that?

“Those futures could mean something different, Alice. She could never love me the way I love her. She is my life and will always be that and if it means to be a brother then that’s what I’ll be.” He said into his hands, shaking his head as he spoke.

How do you know? Have you suddenly become physic? I think not. You don’t see the visions the way I do, even if you read my mind. She loves you I can tell I tried hopelessly to convince him of this. He stayed rock solid.

I snarled at him. “Hmph, oh well. The future will show itself like it always does and I’ll be right once again.” I smirked at him.

“Fine, Alice. You say what you want, but she doesn’t love me”

“Ugh!” I grunted and slapped him on the back of the head. He remained unmoving, just staring at the floor. “You’re so absurd sometimes! Can’t you see what I can?! Can’t you realize she cares for you?!” I snapped.

He looked at me and anger glinted in his midnight eyes. “Yes, I do realize that, Alice. She cares for me, but that’s it, nothing else.” His voice was rough and angry.

“Bah!” I threw my hands up in the air. “You’re such a pain!” I crossed my arms over my chest tightly and let my bottom lip jut out, giving him a pout. Edward glared at me but sent his eyes to the floor again. I controlled my anger and took a deep breath. I just want you both to be happy. I couldn’t stand seeing them for so many years unaware of their love at all. I saw everything in their relationship before they even knew.

“If you want me to be happy, then stay out of this, Alice.” He grumbled to the floor instead of to my face.

“No” I said curtly. I wasn’t going to give up until I saw them together, I’d search their future together but that’s all, no discussions or talks of it.

“I can live with that” Edward whispered. “But do not dare to say anything to Bella.”

I waved my hand dismissively; he would see the light eventually.

As I started to walk out, I didn’t see what was in front of me, I saw flashing colorful lights, illuminating on Bella’s pale skin. Her chocolate eyes were incredulous as she looked around the room, avoiding dancing bodies. I didn’t get a chance to see what she was wearing. Edward stared at me with wide-eyes, either afraid or angry.

Then the phones through the house shrilled. Mike. Bella was going to say yes to Mike’s party invitation but not on her own. I was going to influence her, I saw that coming too. Edward’s eyes looked furiously at me, intending to stop my plans. He let out a menacing growl, he didn’t scare me. I rolled my eyes as he started for the phone but I tackled him. I jumped on his back and wrapped my arms around his neck, trying to bring him down with me.

Answer Bella!

“You can’t force her to do something she doesn’t want to do” He said as he tried to pry my body off his back. I stayed rock solid as his hands grabbed my shoulders. He threw me to the floor but I grabbed his ankle, pining his feet to the ground. He roared and I kept his body pinned. I pulled his ankle as hard as I could and swung him silently to the ground. The phone picked up.

“Hello?” Bella said, breathless.

“No” Edward’s fist slammed to the floor, almost cracking it.

“Just let her go” I whispered to him.

I listened cautiously to their conversation. Mike was inviting Bella to his party on Friday again. I saw Bella’s future.

“I’m sorry, Mike, I have to say no” her future voice echoed through my thoughts.

“Oh no you don’t” I mumbled as I let go of Edward and sprinted to Bella’s room.

“I don’t know, Mike...” Bella trailed off when she saw me, “Hold on,” she put her hand over the receiver and gave me a tried look. “What are you doing here?” She whispered to me

“Aren’t you supposed to be lying down?” I scolded at her. She was supposed to be lying down; she couldn’t do much physical activity.

“Aren’t you supposed to not be here?” She snapped back at me.

I held my palms up, trying to calm her down. “I’m just checking up on you” I needed an excuse to be in the room or else Bella would be angry, and I wanted to have fun this weekend. Ah, the dresses, makeup, the hair, we were going to have an awesome time, so I better not get on her bad side. “And by the way, you’re going” I smiled at her.

I heard her teeth clench together. She didn’t want to go. “No, I’m not!” She yelled as loud as possible without Mike hearing. “Are you trying to kill me?!” She asked, scared. Bella and her dancing issues were nothing, she had nothing to worry about, and she’d be sitting down all night.

“No, I’m trying to make you get out and have some fun with your friends” I crossed my arms. She’d been so cooped up here all week; you’d think she was an actual vampire. She should have some fun, and this is exactly what she needed.

Her heart beat unsteady and jagged, and her breathing turned shallow. Her eyes began to water, her angry tears were coming. “Fine, but under one condition” she held up one pale finger. I nodded excited; I’d do anything to get her to go. Before she could speak, I saw all of us there; Jazz, Em, Rose, and Edward. Then I saw Edward dancing with Bella. Her feet on his, her face flushed with like rose petals. They smiled at each other and danced to the slow beat. “You, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie and...Edward are coming with me” she hesitated with Edward, her voice dropping to a nervous tone.

I didn’t wait until she was done, “Fine. Unlike you, I love parties! We’ll have fun!” My whole form started vibrating of excitement of the thought of going to a party and dancing and dressing Bella up and having fun and dressing Bella up and the music and dressing Bella up...Oh I just loved to imagine all of this.

“Alice” Edward growled from upstairs. He was furious with me. Bella heard his growl and looked up in his general direction, hurt. Then she looked at me. “Oh he’ll get over it...” I looked off and saw Edward smiling at Bella again at the party. “Yeah, he’ll get over it” I smiled widely at her.

She gave me an exasperated look and took her hand off the receiver. “Mike?”

“Yeah?” he sounded upset on the other side.

“I’ll come just as long as I bring my that okay?”

Mike sighed, unconfident. He was hoping to get a chance with Bella at the party but he guessed not. “Sure”

I saw Bella looked concern. “Don’t worry, it’ll be fun, I mean it is your party” her attempt at excitement was a tad sad.

“It is. See you on Monday” Mike sounded happier as they both hung up the phone. It looked like we were going to a party.

I couldn’t help myself as I squealed “Yippee!!” I jumped up and down, clapping my hands. I couldn’t wait for this! Me and Bella would have so much fun; picking an outfit, doing makeup, putting the outfit on, doing our hair, strutting that outfit. “We’re going to have so much fun!!”

Edward was in the door in an instant, glaring daggers at me. I just stuck my tongue at him. “You can thank me later” Bella’s party future shot into my mind: her face in the mirror, smiling and blushing.

“Why can’t you keep out of my business?” He growled so only I could understand.

Bella looked at my brother with loss and despair in her eyes. They were still watery from her angry tears. Comfort her I told him. I saw his eyes roll at me, and I just grinned. Edward embraced her and she clung to him for dear life. I let my grin shrink to a smile, my sister needed him, I could tell. The way Bella has been around him was more proof her future was coming true. She couldn’t just let him go. Edward did everything he could to console her. He slowly massaged her back and stroked her long brown hair. Bella’s hands stayed on his chest, leaning closer every now and then. He would press his lips against her scalp and she would intake a shaky breath. Strange energy surrounded me when I was by them; it was full of anticipation, just making me want to get them together. If only they could understand.

“I’ll be back before you can miss me” Edward murmured into her ear.

“Too late” she sniffled against him. My heart broke for Bella. It wasn’t hard to imagine that I was in Bella’s position, it was difficult for Jazz and I to be separated. We were no normal couple, but that didn’t mean I didn’t love him more than any other vampire should love another. I saw myself wrap my arms around Jazz as he went to go hunting, feeling his energy spread throughout me, bringing me comfort in my time of need. I took a deep breath and stumbled from the future.

Edward released Bella, only to hold her chin. He kissed her softly on the lips. I let out a short gasp only to realize that I was seeing the future. Edward lifted Bella’s chin down and kissed her forehead. Ugh. Chicken, I taunted him. Bella sighed sadly and let her eyes drop. Edward trailed his fingers off Bella’s skin, rolled his eyes at me and shook my hair, then left the room.

Bella’s breathing become short and faint. Her hands balled into fists on her lap. I crossed the room and wrapped my arms around her shoulders and she hugged me back. She whimpered after my brother.

“He’ll be fine, I promise” I squeezed her. Her sadness drifted to me and I felt as if I would cry. The missing despair of Jasper, loss filled through me, I needed to go see Jazz. Like Bella, I couldn’t stay away from my love. Jasper was everything to me, I couldn’t live without him, just like Edward couldn’t live without Bella.

My sister’s shoulders began to shake as she dropped her head and I saw her cheeks glisten with water. I gently rubbed her shoulders, comfortingly, consoling her in her loss. Her hands went to her face. If there was anything to bring my sister out of this pain then I’d do it. Bella was always such a positive person, always had her head up straight, ready to face life, it was hard to see that she needed someone so much.

“I wish I could see Jazz...” I trailed off, and Bella looked up at me, her eyes red and swollen. I bit my lip, wishing I hadn’t said anything, Bella needed me and I was being selfish.

“It’s okay” Her voice was rough, “Go ahead, go see him, I’ll just lie down.” Bella said, unhurt. She waved a hand for me to go see him.

“Thank you, Bella” My heart jumped in happiness. I pecked her on the cheek and raced out of the room.

I raced to Jasper who was waiting in our room, his back to me. His feelings filled me and clamed my happiness. I exhaled a relieving breath and walked over to my love. As I walked, I felt my feelings change to despair and sorrow. Poor Jasper, he didn’t want to leave without me. I walked up to his tall form and twined our fingers together. He looked down at me with concern. He hated being separated. His sad energy raced to my heart and I stared at the dark eyes of the person who meant everything to me, and missed him. I took our hands and put them against my heart. “You have to go” I whispered.

“I can stay” Jasper said, though I knew he was thirsty, he’s been edgy all week.

“Jazz, I’ll be fine, I promise. Do you think I’d do anything to hurt you?” I asked him, bring my eyebrows up.

He took a deep breath. “ guess not but it worries me not to have you with me” his eyes trailed off in pain. He’d been through so much, love was still so new to both of us, and he couldn’t just let me go for a weekend.

“I know, but I’ll be fine, I promise” I vowed already seeing him in my arms once again. He nodded slowly, each time dropping his head made my heart hurt, and call out to him.

“I love you” I told him sincerely looking straight into his black eyes.

“I love you, too” he didn’t hesitate, as he returned his declaration.

I wrapped my arms around his waist; pressing myself and feeling calmness run through me. Love filled me and I knew we’d be together once again.

* * *

Alice left me in my room to go say goodbye. I didn’t lie down and sleep like I should; I stayed still on my mattress, bring my knees to my chest. My whole world wasn’t with me, I already felt like a distant planet, wondering with my sun through space. I sighed in pain. My side responded to my breath outtake and my side ached. I grunted, annoyed.

I looked over at my book of Romeo and Juliet. How could Juliet handle this? Having her love leave her when he was banished? She must be filled with so much anguishing, never knowing when or if he was ever coming back. But she did. Though, she only found him dead by her side. I flinched. If anything were to happen while Edward was gone, I couldn’t help but have a death feeling inside me.

I wondered if he left yet. Hope filled me. Maybe I could see him again; just to be in his arms, one more time, to whisper I loved him, his icy lips pressed against mine...I shook my head out of my fantasies of him and I. But maybe I could see him again and that was good enough for me.

I jumped from my bed, ignoring the huge ache at my side and ran down the stairs, nearly stumbling down the stairs multiple times. I slid my hand down the railing loudly and my heart started skipping a beat thinking of him.

“Edward?” I said loudly when I made it to the empty front room. My heart felt like it was going to burst out of my chest, had they left? I slid my hands to my arms.

“Bella” Edward’s voice came from behind me, making me jump. I twisted around to see him looking down at me, smirking.

“I...I just wanted to say goodbye one more time...” I stuttered and smiled sheepishly. My heart thumped wildly behind my chest.

He chuckled at me. “Really? You miss me that much?” I listened to his chuckle, so beautiful I almost lost my balance.

“Yeah, I guess so...” I looked down, my cheeks burning, sadness forgotten. I looked up at his face, and his dark eyes burned into mine. I felt I could see into his soul, his good, beautiful soul. My hand twitched at my side, I wanted to touch his cheek, to make sure this creature that I loved so much was real but I kept balled my hands into fists.

“Well...I’ll see you on Monday” Edward kept his hands in his pockets, and shifted awkwardly. I bit my lip looking at his stunning face. He looked down at me concentration. I automatically felt self-conscious when he did that, it made me feel like a freak.

He groaned, frustrated. “Honestly, could you tell me what you’re thinking?” His voice was impatient.

I blushed. I didn’t want to him to know how much I would miss him so I told him the less embarrassing truth. “You’re making me feel like a freak, staring at me like that” I let out a nervous giggle. He laughed at me. I strained to keep a smile, but loss stilled filled me.

“There’s something else” He stated. He could see I was hiding my pain. I didn’t want him to see that I was suffering; it would show even more of how much I love him. “Bella” his voice had a hint of impatience.

I sucked in a breath, and looked at his black eyes. “I don’t want you to go” I said in a broken whisper, instantly wanting to kick myself for giving in so easily.

He stared at me with his eyes brow furrowed. “Bella, it’s not safe for you to be near me right now” He told me quietly.

“I know I just...miss you...a lot” I looked down so I couldn’t see his reaction. My teeth met my lip.

After a long moment of silence, he said, “I wish I didn’t have to go either but do not worry about me, only worry about you.” Edward ordered of me. I couldn’t stop myself of worrying about Edward but I could try and not hurt myself for him.

I nodded. I felt my tears coming again. Pain came across Edward’s face and he pulled me to his chest once more for the night. He sent millions of little kisses to the top of my head; tiny circuits ran through my veins, but not filling me with bravery like it did before. If I was brave, I could deal with Edward leaving and not being a baby about it. I held onto his shirt where his heart; I wanted to keep it with me. He made me feel whole, there was nothing more in my life I wanted more than him. His delicious scent went up my nose and began to relax my body. Don’t leave me. I whimpered into him, and he squeezed me lightly.

“Son,” Carlisle’s voice came from behind me.

“Yes?” Edward’s chin rested on the top of my scalp.

“Time to go” Carlisle told us both.

I drew a ragged breath as he slid his arms to mine.

“I’ll be down in a minute” Edward murmured, looking into my eyes with reassurance.

“Alright. Be safe, Bella” Carlisle said from behind me.

I nodded my head at him and then turned back to Edward. Carlisle walked out and his footsteps faded outside. I gently closed my eyes, trying to calm myself again. Edward pulled me to him and my heart jumped as he place his lips against my cheek. Fire burned where his lips touched my cheek, wishing so badly it was my lips.

“I’ll see you soon, alright?” Edward tipped my chin up and I opened my eyes to see his staring at mine. He was happier. I nodded lightly, a tear trailing down my cheek, as long as he was happy. He smiled crookedly at me, wiped the tear away, and left to go for the weekend.

I took a deep breath and smiled in his direction. As long as he was happy.

Chapter 17:

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