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Chapter 19
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Okay So I guess I'm in a lot of trouble XD lol I'm sorry to leave u hanging guys, but holidays and writer's block kept me back. EPOV is as i said, hard to write and now my plot is coming to an end, so i'm trying to fit stuff in between lol I'm putting as many ideas into my head as i can, i can say that Phasing moon should have a sequel if I develop more ideas for it, I'd say PM has about 10 chapters left maybe more, IDK we'll see :] but i hope you enjoy! its seven pages on word so lots and lots of pages lol

Phasing Moon Chapter 20:
EPOV: Choice

Bella mumbled incoherently at my side. She was an inch away from me, twisted in her blankets, with her face, facing me. Her long, slow breaths caressed my face. I didn’t dare to touch her, or else she would wake. Her hair spread out over her pillow, her fingers on her hair, tangled through it.

I’ve never felt more alive and human until that moment. My whole existence wanted to be with me. Bella has never meant so much to me until now. It would tear me apart to be away from her.

All I heard the whole night out of Bella was mostly my name. Sometimes, her lips would curve up into a small smile and then other times it would sound as if she would beg for me and at times I wanted to wake her, to save her from her nightmares. However after all the nightmares, her voice still caressed my name like feathers.

But that wasn’t the best part of the night. Bella mumbled my name a few times, her voice forming from begging to love.

“Edward...” She murmured, her heart lightly fluttered, “I love...” she took a deep breath, “You” Bella breathed. I felt my heart swell inside of me. Even unconscious, she reminded me that she loved me. “My...” Bella yawned. “Edward...mine” She claimed silently but stubbornly. The need to say it back was so irresistible, to tell her I belonged to her forever. She had a light smile weaving through her lips.

I lightly played with her dark hair, her scent washing onto my untouched skin. The little strands fell back into her field of a head. I stared at them, watching them slip through my fingers. I took another careful handful then watched each individual strand float down, and all too soon, they were gone out of my hand. Bella’s human life wasn’t much time. Yes, there were many years to her but the terrifying truth was that she was going to be gone eventually, just like the locks of her chestnut hair. They were so thin, so short. Pain filled my quiet heart. I breathed in her scent, not for the enjoyment, but for the burning. If Bella was going to die, then so was I.

Bella stirred next to me, groaning. I looked out the window, and it was still early, still dark outside.

“Ed...ward...” she breathed so softly, it would almost be incoherent to a human. I was not sure if she was asleep. “Edward...” she whispered. I still wasn’t sure weather or not she was still asleep. Then her breathing and heart rate started to climb up to normal pace; her hands fisting and un-fisting the sheets. I used to see that when she would nap, I didn’t know that she still did it. Then her small warm hand searched. “Mmm...” she hummed, and I shivered in desire. I placed my cold hand on hers and instead of flinching away as I thought she would, she kept it.

Bella’s eyes slowly fluttered open. They were still the chocolate brown color I loved. I felt a smile on my face. “Good Morning” I greeted her as she stared dumbfounded. All Bella did was blink. I chuckled at her incredulous face, it was very amusing.

She didn’t smile; she just kept her face in an unbelievable expression. I carefully touched her soft, human cheek; it burned where I touched it. Bella blinked multiple times and then put her hand on top of mine. “You stayed” She whispered.

I didn’t let her see my hurt. “I thought you wanted me to?” I asked, hiding the pain raging inside that she wanted me away.

“No, I’m just in shock that you actually stayed.” A small smile played on her lips.

Edward Alice’s thoughts broke through my mind. Ugh, I had been trying to keep her out and everyone else’s mental gasps of shock out as well. I knew I’d have to deal with them eventually, and Bella would be at my side. I knew they were perfectly fine with Bella being with me, but they didn’t know it would come so soon.

“Its time to tell them, Bella” I said and stroked her cheek. Her heart picked up to speed. Her intentions read clear across her face. “Bella” I closed my eyes and shook my head, smiling at her wrong assumptions. “They’re not going to be mad” I felt her shake her head in my palm.

There was one way I could get to her. I just couldn’t lose control this time; last night was way too close. The need to open my mouth against hers, my teeth grinding into her skin, tasting her sweet blood was unbearable... I winced. She was mine and I would do the opposite of fulfilling my thirst.

I took a deep breath, letting her scent burn my throat. Her eyes weren’t afraid as thought they would be (I couldn’t imagine how my face looked to her), but they were excited, just as when I first met her. I smiled a little at how much she hadn’t changed. Then just as she did when we met, Bella smiled back.

I became more confident as I pressed my lips to her forehead; little shocks of excitement filled the air. “Are you still afraid?” I asked her softly.

Her heart stuttered, “Yes” She breathed.

I ‘tusked’ her; she was really trying to kill me. I kissed my way down her face, covering every inch of it: her cheeks, eyelids, nose, and both corners of her lips. Each time my lips would press against her soft skin, I sent a silent plea to her.

“And now?” I asked of her as I slid my arm under the covers and around her waist, warm and tingly underneath my fingers.

“A little”, her voice cracked. She was lying. I raised my eyebrows at her. “I feel safe right now, but it’s only because you’re here” she squeezed her arms around my neck. Her entire body was pressed against me, and it felt like one twitch of my finger could paralyze her. I sucked her in scent and remembered I needed her here, she wasn’t leaving me.

“I’m always here” I murmured, looking her in the eyes. They brightened. I smiled and gently kissed her lips. Sparks filled both of us as her warm lips pressed against mine. But also like last night, Bella’s hands fisted in my hair and I squeezed her to my body, almost forgetting not to break her. Her lips parted and that’s when I moved mine to her neck. She gasped out for air as I reeled my sanity back into my mind. My head swam with her scent and I only kept refilling it as I kissed her neck and jaw line.

Meanwhile, in my love drunken haze, I heard muted chuckles and a grunt: Emmett and Rosalie.

It was time, I couldn’t delay and neither could Bella. So I kissed up the side of her neck and down her jaw and to her chin. I moved my mouth over hers then and her hot breath flowed into my body.

“It’s time” I whispered against her lips. Bella closed the space and surprisingly behaved. It lasted a second and then she squirmed out of bed.

“C’mon” She muttered grudgingly as she tripped around the room. I forgot she couldn’t see as well as I could.

I was at her side in a second, sliding my arm around her waist and she automatically wrapped both her arms around mine. “I love you” she told me “No matter what happens” Her voice in the dark and full of sincerity. I felt my dead heart jump for joy. This wonderful, beautiful creature loved me, the monster. I pulled her and hugged her warm body to my chest.

EDWARD! Less huggy more talky! Alice screamed at me as she envisioned Bella and myself facing the family. A growl rolled off my lips and into Bella’s hair. Alice couldn’t be anymore irritating.

“Alright, Alright” I growled in her direction.

Bella looked up at me and then I realized she thought I meant her. Her eyes were so hurt. I put my hands on both sides of her face. “Not you, sweetheart.” Her eyes drowned in relief and she let out a sigh.

“Good because I thought we were passed all the boundaries” She half smiled.

I nuzzled my nose against hers, “Of course” I told her, there was nothing more to say. I had poured all my secrets out to her and now she could keep them in her heart. Bella began to pull us to the staircase.

As Bella and I descended down the stairs, thoughts of my family saturated my mind.

J******, back stabbing j****** Rosalie glared at me. She kept the reasons why she was using profanity against me blocked in her mind. Fine, I’d probably find out eventually

Ugh, the future is being blocked until they make a decision, Alice grumbled and pouted as the same picture of me and Bella came up in front of the family.

Wow, Bro, who could have known? This is going to be hilarious. Wonder what will happen if they go to home base... Emmett thought chuckling. I glared daggers at Emmett for the very thought of mine and Bella’s relationship reaching that level of extreme lust and danger.

How can he stand so close to her? It’s hard enough to stand next to a human but a singer? Not possible. Jasper assessed my arm around Bella’s waist and her head to my chest. He couldn’t see how I could even be attracted to Bella. He didn’t look at her the way I had. He didn’t see the radiant beauty and goodness of her. But then again, Jasper was very difficult with humans in general so I shouldn’t very much judge.

Oh my son. He’s been alone for so long. They deserve each other. I’ve never seen Edward so happy. Bella seems happy as well. Oh, that’s all I care about: my children being happy, Esme thought passionately. My mother in so many ways had always thought I wasn’t complete in my life, she always thought I needed someone. I had always pushed those kinds of thoughts away because I knew I didn’t need anyone, that is, until Bella entered my life.

Although, I did not think I deserve such a wonderful and lovely creature such as Bella. What was I? A monster. And there Bella was, standing beautiful and passionate. But somehow, she loved me back. She says she cannot be without me.

I knew he could do this. I’ve never felt so proud of him. He triumphed over his fears and became the person he should have been years ago, Carlisle stood, tall and proud of me. I still don’t think I deserve such gratitude. I’ve taken so many human lives...

I stood there, one firm arm around Bella, ready to run if we had to. The whole room became dead silent, even thoughts sounded like the inside of a grave. My family stood, expressionless, their thoughts no more than what they see in front of them.

Guess I’ll be the first to talk to the traitors. Rosalie thought viciously. “So” Rosalie laughed a grim chuckle “You’re together now? Wonderful” She sneered sarcastically.

I felt Bella flinch against me, she had never seen Rose act that way. Her sisters had always been so sweet and loving towards Bella. In fact, Rosalie always wanted to raise a child, and Bella was the only chance she had. Her mind was still blocking reasons why she was so furious.

Carlisle touched Rosalie’s shoulder. She shook it off, turning her face away to the windows

“Rosalie...I-I don’t understand’re so angry...I-I know it’s sudden...” Bella stuttered, struggling to find peace with her sister.

Rosalie just huffed. Of course she couldn’t notice how much of am absurd liar she is being

Fury filled my mind, making me see red. How dare she treat Bella like that. Growls erupted from my chest and rolled off my tongue, filling the room with them. Rosalie looked at me wide eyed; I looked like a monster to her. My growls stopped short. That was the last thing I wanted to be, even Rose.

Rosalie then glared at me and went outside. Emmett didn’t go after her like I thought he would, he was staying for this meeting. He kept his hands crossed tight over his chest.

Carlisle cleared his throat. I brought my attention back to him. He can take care of her surely...that doesn’t keep a father from worrying. Humans constantly change their minds. Then he looked at Bella, with her arms wrapped around me, her brown eyes full of desire. Then again, Bella doesn’t change her mind often. But how dangerous...

“I know the dangers, Carlisle” I reminded him.

“Yes, and I trust you son, but do you not think there is an easier way...” He trailed off and Alice’s face went blank. All I saw was Bella’s cold white form. Her face was expressionless, her red eyes glowing. Growls vibrated through my body and my vision became red. My arms turned into claws around Bella. Alice gasped and Bella was out of my arms. As soon as her body was removed, my claws closed the space in my hands so much they could cut into cement.

She can’t be doomed to this. Bella deserved a good human life. If she was going to die then I’d find a way to too.

Alice stayed silent, her arms out, protecting Bella from me. “It’s the only way, Edward. I won’t let you be hurt because a simple flaw that can be fixed. She’s going to be changed. I can see it”

My growls increased in their furious volume and all I could see was my love, damned for eternity. My teeth grinded against each other, feeling as if they could pulverize granite. The monster in me, buried after seventeen wonderful years, arose from inside and took over. I crouched in Alice’s direction, ready to attack the one throwing those unbearable images at me.

I crossed the room, towering over Alice, claws an inch from her face. Everyone gasped. Then there was a voice, one voice that kept me from tearing Alice limb from limb.

“Please! Edward, stop! Please!” A clear voice rang in fear. My red hazed vision rested on Bella’s frightened, pained face. What was going on? Bella’s face stayed inside my mind.

“What are you doing?!” Alice whispered, scared to death.

“He won’t hurt me, I promise” Bella murmured, and my eyes rested on the spot were Bella was.

She maneuvered out of Alice’s protective stance. I didn’t realize I was still growling. I fought against the strong anger inside me as Bella stood against my body. Warmth radiated off her skin, causing me to thaw out of my cold state. Her hot, human hand rested on my cheek, letting little tingles run through my system. My breath shivered in desire as she stepped up on her tiptoes to look into my eyes. Bella’s eyes shimmered with reassurance; her big, brown, warm, human eyes. Her other hand went to the other side of my face, doubling the warmth against my skin. Her scent ran up my nose, burning it but saturating it with sweetness at the same time.

I gently put my hands on top of both of hers. She smiled, turned her palms over so she could twine our fingers together.

“Mine?” Bella asked, her voice afraid and unsure. Her eyes had fluttered closed. Could she really be so doubtful of my love? A smirk played on her lips.

“I’m yours” I murmured to her. I would always be hers. She smiled widely without showing her teeth and laid her warm head on my chest.

Edward and Bella...who would have thought? Emmett thought, probably smiling happily, not amused for once.

Finally Esme sighed contently.

So, So odd Jasper contemplated

Be happy, Son Carlisle thought to me

I can not believe them Rosalie snarled outside and I mentally rolled my eyes at her childish actions

A choice is going to be made, Brother Alice thought towards me. Bella’s vampire form became sharper.

My eyes and teeth clenched together once again. I untwined my fingers from Bella’s and moved them to her shoulders. I had to leave the room, before Bella gets hurt. That’s the last thing I wanted. I kissed her ever so lightly on the lips, hardly touching her and went to the backyard, to let my anger steam out of me.

Chapter 21:

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