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Chapter 22:

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Phasing Moon

Chapter 23: a cold escape

Alices POV


            The trackers were a man and woman. Their names were Victoria and James. Victoria was an excellent tracker, almost as good as Demetri.


            James has a power I have never even seen before. He can manipulate himself to look like anyone he has ever seen. This was very bad. We had to get Bella out of here. If
James and Bella are in the same place, he can make himself look like Edward and
draw her in. I looked toward the future once and again and Edward was leading
them here, which only gave us an hour to take Bella to the airport. Anxiousness
filled me like it never has before.


            “Bella!” I yelled to her.


            Her flight was leaving in forty-five minutes. We could get her to Denali soon. Tanya was cautious but allowed Bella to come without explanation. I would
send a note along with Bella explaining why. I hope she could understand this


            Bella came rushing down the stairs with one suitcase in hand.


            “C’mon” I murmured to her, swooping her in my arms and taking her to the garage. I threw my shaken sister in the backseat and threw her the plane tickets. Esme took the
passenger seat and Rosalie sat with Bella. Rosalie had put her jealousy
problems aside and helped Bella. Bella had always been there for Rose. It was
the least she could do.


            One click and we were off, speeding down the road. I concentrated to see what was happening with Edward and the others. James and Victoria are in the foyer and
we can ambush them successfully as long as we reel them in well enough. My
hands clenched on the steering wheel and sped forward as the vision started to
blur. A hand touched my shoulder and Esme whispered reassurances though I
didn’t concentrate on what they were, I just kept searching through what I
could see.


            Although under all this eerie feeling, I felt something coming, as if it was the calm before a storm. It was coming; tonight two vampires would be gone from the
world. An unusual chill ran up my spine as I hit the accelerator to 150. We
have to get Bella out of here.


            How could I have not seen this coming? Why now I suddenly see this? Why a few hours early rather than a few days? Sometimes I can see years before something can happen.
But somehow, I always felt this feeling was there, muted, in the back of my mind.
I never found it of any danger or need to take action. But slowly, I could feel
this coming; this horrible, disastrous event that could tear my brother and
sister apart for good.


            We were seventy-five miles from Forks already within twenty minutes. Port Angeles airport was just on the horizon. Just five more minutes and Bella would be safe.


            We reached the drop off and Rosalie and I would be going in with Bella. Esme would go back home. We all got out and this was first time I really looked at Bella since I
told her she was leaving. Her face had gone shallow. Her cheeks, for once, were
as pale as mine. Her hair had lost its shining, vibrant glow. But that wasn’t
the worst part. Her eyes, her beautiful chocolate brown eyes, looked at if they
were the inside of a grave. Rosalie took her bags and I frantically took
Bella’s arm and wringed it through mine, just like when she was sick.


            She seemed to limp the way instead of rushing like I was. I could feel her despair roll off her as if they were physically there. It must be hard for her. To
practically lose Edward in the short time she was with him...but they would be together again. I would make
sure of that.


            Rosalie was on Bella’s other side. Her gold eyes completely focused on the direction of her terminal. Bella needed to be somewhere safe, somewhere remote, somewhere that’s
hard to find, even for a vampire.


             We guided Bella until we reached her terminal. Her large suitcase was already on its way to the plane. All Bella had was with her was her regular school backpack as a carry-on. In it were pictures, CDs,
and other things; things that would remind her that we love her. Rosalie
touched her cheek and then left without another word. She couldn’t bear to say
“good-bye.” Bella turned to me. Her eyes were even worse than before. You might
as well call her a vampire if those dark brown pits for eyes were gold.


            She opened her mouth, and then she closed it. Her eyes drifted from mine, looking at the entrance. Sadness filled in my heart for her. She would be all alone. She’s
hardly ever been alone in her life. There’s always been someone there...always
been one of us...I wrapped my arms around my broken sister.


            “I love you to death, Bella. We’ll be together again, I promise” I squeezed her delicate, warm shoulders.


            Slowly her arms wrapped around me. Her whole form started shaking and I could hear her heart pound unevenly. Her whimpers burst through my shirt. I knew she wouldn’t
be able to keep it in for long. Her cries cut through me like steel. I felt my
own body shake. Who knows when -or if- we’d see each other again.


            “Last call for Flight number one-five-three. Now boarding” The intercom said.


            Slowly, hesitantly, I let go of Bella. I looked at her, put my hand on her cheek, and said “Be safe. Be strong. I’ll see you soon. Okay?” I told her. My voice was
surprisingly soft, as if caressing a feather.


            She mashed her lips together then nodded. “That’s my sister.” I pecked her on the cheek and shoved to her plane.


            Bella walked quickly through the terminal and that was the last I saw of her. Good luck, Bella. I thought to her fiercely. Then I turned and headed towards my
destined fate.


Bellas POV


        The voice of the pilot informed everyone that the plane would be taking off in five minutes. People in the aisles finished packing their carry-on items into the compartments. I sat alone in a
two-seater, looking at gray, rainy sky.


            Not even a good-bye to him. Edward’s face flashed briefly through my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut, dispelling the image. Tears flowed silently down my cheeks. Just a
note. No response. There was absolutely nothing that could bring me out of this
severe depression. I needed him. It was so straightforward. He needed me.
Simple as that.


            How could I bring myself to agree to this? How could I let Alice kick me out and to Alaska
just like that? Why didn’t I ask her to change me then and there? That way
those trackers could be gone, never to come back. But I wasn’t thinking at the
time. Only one person saturated my mind in that moment.


            The plane began to move on its way to take off and I dropped my head into my hands. Good-bye...Edward. My heart thumped hard and unevenly at the thought of my farewell. My hand reached my chest and hugged


            How could I sit like this? How could I bring myself to wallow if it will not do me any good? Edward. My first and automatic
answer of course. The loss of him is like dying a hundred times in one day. But
will depressing myself make it any better? I knew that answer: No.


            Then a memory from not too long ago appeared in my mind. A mere few hours ago. I had sat on my bed, crying, just as I am now but I had tried to be brave. I had tried to
leave everything I have. I let out a sick laugh. How ironic. Here I am again,
crying like a child. How come I wasn’t like this when I found out my family was
full of vampires? How come I was so calm? How come I wasn’t afraid? I guess that’s just who I am. I
could handle the dark truth of a world with supernatural creatures but when a
little drama with my vampire true love comes along, I have no idea how to
handle myself. I was freak. Somehow, I did not care. The only thing that
concerned my mind was Alice, Esme, Rosalie, Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett...Edward.


            As the plane left the ground, I rested my head on the seat towards the window and dreamed. Dreamed of a life were nothing ever had to be worried about. I dreamed
of Edward. I dreamed of a carefree smile on his face. I dreamed of no more pain
he had raging inside of him. I dreamed of having pale white skin. I dreamed of
being able to stand next to Edward and belong there. I dreamed of immortality.


            Tears rolled down my cheeks, washing those fantasies away, only leaving what I had left of myself. As I calmed down, I pulled a blanket the attendant gave me
around myself and tried to sleep in a dreamless slumber.


*    *    *


            I burst out of my bed, my little hand clutching my chest where my heart beat rapidly against my palm. I looked around, waiting for those horrible monsters to come
out again. After 5 minutes of silence, I got out of bed, feeling blindly around
my room for the door. A cold metal touched my hand and opened the door and the
hallway light shined in my face. I ignored and headed down the stairs


            Everyone was doing what they were downstairs like they usually were at night. Carlisle was reading a fat volume while Esme was across the room, blue prints in hand. Alice
was lounging on the couch, sketching some fashion designs. Rosalie was next to
her, reading a magazine. Jasper and Emmett were playing chess and Emmett was
losing. Edward was at his piano, as always, playing one of his pieces.


            I silently made my way down the stairs. Alice was the only one that looked up.


            “Hey Shorty, it’s a bit late isn’t it?” She said, smiling. “Little girls should be in bed right now”


            I rubbed my eyes, waking myself up. “I had a bad dweam” I grimaced at my speech. I had lost my two front teeth so it was hard to talk lately.


            “You did?” She asked as I reached the couch


            I nodded a little, trying to hide my fear. Alice’s cold arms wrapped around me and were placing me gently on her lap. She hugged
me and I sighed as her wonderful smell flowed up my nose. I nestled my head
deeper into her neck and sniffed.


            She laughed at me and stroked my hair. I smiled. “You all always smell so nice” I sighed. I hadn’t known my family members were vampires at the time.


            I heard someone get up and walk over to me. I looked up from Alice to see Esme sit down next to her and hold out her arms. I eagerly held out mine. Esme smiled gingerly and took me
onto her lap and she cradled me to her. For some reason, Esme reminded me of my
mother. She seemed to look like her a tiny bit compared to my one and only
picture of her and my dad.


            “Do you want to talk about it, baby?” She asked softly and I shook my head.


            “Can you please just hold me?” I asked of her. I didn’t want to go back to my dark room.


            “Of course” She said and rocked me. Alice rubbed my back and I felt my eye lids grow heavier.


            Edward had changed the song of what he was playing to a softer piece. It was beautiful to my ears and faintly, I could hear myself humming to it. Eventually, I’m not
sure when but I drifted off to sleep again and began dreaming lighter dreams.


*    *    *


            I stirred, half asleep in my plane seat, tears on my face.


            If only one of them were here. If only I could be so sure this was just a dream.


            Lights had been off on the plane as night had dawned over quickly. One more hour and I would be in Alaska.


            I sighed and tried to sleep again. I sat there in that seat staring at the dark window for what seemed like hours. Every so often I would try to sleep again but I was
wide awake.


            Faintly, I could see my reflection in the window. The girl in the window was not the one I thought I was. Her face was expressionless. Her eyes were soulless. Blush had
resigned from her plump cheeks. She wasn’t Isabella Marie Swan. She was a ghost
of who she used to be.


            Suddenly, I heard a car. I looked up and around and clouds covered the ceiling. Mist saturated the air, almost as if it were going to rain any second. A backpack
was on my shoulder. Students of Forks
Middle School surrounded
me and little conversations had sprouted. Excitement and relief was in the air
for the first day of school had ended.


            A car horn honked and I jumped. Edward’s Volvo was parked on the curb in front of me. My new friends looked over and gaped at it. I gave them a sheepish smile and
walked to the car. My heart stuttered unevenly as I approached the door. I
remember Alice
specifically saying she would pick me up.  It was my first day for crying out loud! Maybe
Alice took
Edward’s car...yes, that was probably it. I took a deep breath, more relaxed,
and opened the door.


            There, Edward sat, looking calm and peaceful. Tension built up inside me again. I stared at my hardly-known brother, unsure weather to just make a run for it. He
turned his head over to me and smiled a bit.


            “Good afternoon, Bella.” His voice was like music.  “How was your first day?” he asked with his usual courtesy.


            “It was good” I said quietly, almost inaudible and got into the car.  


            He started driving off and I felt awkwardness fill the moment. Why? Why, oh, why was it Edward? I might as well be driving off with a complete stranger. How could Alice do this to me? How
could I talk to him? Alice
knew I couldn’t. She knew I needed her, especially today. I always had this odd
feeling inside me when Edward was around. It wasn’t unpleasant...just odd.


            I put down my book bag and crossed my legs uncomfortably. I noticed Edward’s white hand turn on the heater. I felt goose bumps on my arms and that wasn’t because of
the change of temperature.


            Edward took a deep breath and spoke. “I’m sorry Alice wasn’t here. She had un-finished shopping to do I suppose”


            “She said she would be here...” I drifted off.


            “I know and I’m sorry about that’ He sighed


            That caught my attention. I looked over at him who was looking at the road. “You’re sorry? For what?” I asked. Why is this Edward’s fault?


             “Alice tends to do things she thinks is right. She wanted us I suppose” He smiled


            Bond? Edward and I have bonded before. I’ve sat in his bedroom and read books...until two years ago when I found I had my own room. I sighed. I guess Alice wanted us to be
talking again. I have nothing against Edward. He’s part of the family. But does
he have anything against me?  


            “Bella” He voice lulled me to face him


            “Hm?” I asked, half conscious.


            “We don’t have to do this. We can just not do it and say we did, if you would like. I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable” He said. Something in his gold eyes
caught me. They looked....forlorn.


            How could I ever call me reading in his room bonding? I must have been crazy. Has Edward ever wanted to get to know me all this time? Had I ever even given him a
chance? I looked down at my folded hands. No. I hadn’t given him a chance.
Would he let me if said yes? Would he let me get to know him? I bit my lip,
contemplating. How many hours had I sat in bed just wondering about him? The
mystery of him? I lost count of how many. This may be my only chance. My teeth
left my lip and I took a deep breath his wonderful scent running down my


            “Sure” I didn’t feel my lips move but sure enough, I heard my voice.


            He turned to me and grinned, his white teeth shinning. A smile spread across my face as well.


            That afternoon, we talked all day. There was never anything else I wanted more than to know more about Edward.


            The heart breaking part of it was...we didn’t talk like that until probably my birthday, nearly six years later.


*     *     *


            “Attention passengers, we will be landing at Juneau International momentarily. Please make your seats and trays are in their upright positions”


            I jolted awake. The plane lights flickered on and I stretched my arms in front of me. My eyes burned from my recent crying. I reached for my backpack and placed it on
my lap, feeling the contents of it pushing against my skin.


            I could feel another ocean of tears coming but I sucked in a breath and held it. No more crying. It would put me nowhere. I would see Edward soon. We’d be together
again. I couldn’t let myself fall to pieces any longer during this situation. The
pain of not being near felt as if my soul was detached from my body.
It felt like there was no reason to live left. My hand grip my chest and I let
out the breath.


            I didn’t cry as we descended. The sadness and loneliness only filled my heart even more. I knew eventually my pain would flow out but not right now. I had to have one
sane moment to think things through. I should be thinking of myself as Alice had said but it is
not so easy when you’re vampire family is facing other lethal vampires. My
heart dropped. Okay, that didn’t help much. Don’t
think about them
, I commanded of myself. If only it were that easy, I sighed and grimaced.


            We stopped and everyone gathered their things. I quietly got up and moved passed the drowsy passengers.


            Then something else built in me. It felt as if a hand was clenching my heart so hard I could suffocate. My breaths became shorter. I was nervous... Who were the
Denali Family?

Chapter 24:

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