The Twilight Saga

Phasing Moon Chapter 23:

yes, yes this is SUCH a pain in my butox! T___T

so the chapter is attatched below! I hope you guys like!

I worked really hard!

Here's a link to the playlist that inspired this chapter:

-Kristin Marie

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black notebook = edwards journal
poor bella she had leave edward and her family
love the story
cant wait for more
really good update soon!
i love but it made me cry alittle cant wait to read that there bacck together again

im a new reader and im so hooked up to your story,,i cant seperate myself from my laptop  because of this story!! haha

please keep me updated and btw you are an AMAZING writer!!

im begging you to update!!!!!!!! please!

Ooh!  Kate is jealous! I hope she doesn't do something reckless!  The rest of them seems to accept Bella.  Nice touch having Alice pack Edward's journal for Bella to read.  I do hope you will update this story again so that we can find out what she discovers and what will happen further on.  I really enjoyed reading this story.  I just hope there will be more.


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