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Soo I'm so sorry I took so long to get this out! School and crap :P but really I hope you enjoy, thank you soo much for the wonderful comments on the last chapter! It means alot =) Keep em comming! they make me feel awesome and write moreee lol Thank u for being so patient! enjoy!

Phasing Moon Chapter 2: Indecision
By: Kristin Marie

Edward’s POV

“I’m not sure. I need you all home now” Alice trilled into the phone receiver.
“But why Alice?” Carlisle’s stress looked like as if they’d been carved into his forehead. I felt my forehead mirror his.
“Please just come home and I’ll explain.” Alice said impatiently. I’d never heard her so stressed before. She was always so chirpy and happy until the point I would want to rip my ears out and never hear her again; especially if I wasn’t in such a great mood.
“Alright,” Carlisle sighed, “we’ll be home within a hour” He then clicked the phone shut and turned to the rest of us. “I don’t have to repeat any of that do I?” He half smiled.
I heard all of the answers before everyone shook their heads. All of us darted in the direction opposite of our route. I was right behind Carlisle, who was leading, when Emmett came up beside me.
“What’s going on kid?” His eyes were humorless for once and intense
“Your guess is as good as mine” I muttered, utterly focused on getting home to see what’s wrong with Alice. A million scenarios kept popping into my head; each irrational but didn’t stop me from worrying. Some of us should have stayed behind. What if other vampires had come? What if her and Rose were outnumbered? I shuddered to think that would happen and ran as fast as I could, ahead of Carlisle. He never minded letting me lead, I knew the way as well as he did; though I felt rude and looked at him for a confirmation.
“Go on son, we’ll be right behind you”, Carlisle thought
I nodded to him and darted way ahead of them. I noticed the air was becoming a lot cooler and heavier since we had left no doubt a rainstorm was brewing, which was normal for Forks, Washington.
It was already misty once I reached the house and it would be difficult for a human to look through the fog but I could see Alice crystal clear. She appeared to be holding some kind of blanket. I raised an eyebrow and walked in.
“Get away from here as fast as you can, Edward. I’m begging” Alice looked horrified.
I raised an eyebrow and she could tell I asked why.
“Just do it! Please I’m begging!”, if she didn’t look worried before, now she was horrorstruck. She was hiding something from me; she was very good at that. But what was she hiding?
I ignored her pleas as I walked towards the house. As soon as I got the room the scent hit me like cannonball. No stopping it, it just came. My throat automatically burst into flames. It was the most delicious, sweetest scent of human blood I’d had ever smelled. I had to have it; there was no question, no excuse. I felt the monster inside me come up to the surface after so many years; the same monster that smiled upon my diet of human blood in my newborn years. I immediately crouched toward the scent’s direction: The blanket Alice was holding. A snarled bubbled up to my lips and slid through my clenched teeth. The monster was completely in control now. The blanket was like a gravitational force, pulling me towards it; just begging me to sink my teeth into its succulent neck. The blood pumping warm and fast was just making me about to move faster than I was going to.
Alice still had her horrorstruck expression, when I saw it. I saw what she was seeing. I stopped my breathing but the scent was still strong inside my head, like an intoxicating haze. I stopped mid-step towards the blanket. I couldn’t stand it, the image she was sending me. It was impossible, heartless, horrifying.
“Get. Out. Of. Here” She growled. She wasn’t growling at me, she was growling at the monster controlling my actions. Another growl burst through my teeth. The blood was so irresistible, I had to have it; mine, no one else’s or they would get killed in the process. I crouched lower, ready to pounce.
Suddenly thoughts burst into my head.
Edward! Jasper
No son! Carlisle
Don’t do it, Kid! Emmett
Please don’t hurt her! Esme
Don’t you dare! I’ll rip your freaking head off! Rosalie
Run Edward! Alice. The image of the future hit me again like a slap in the face.
Suddenly, Emmett, Carlisle, and Jasper all had a hold of me. There was no one part of me they didn’t have. I struggled against their restraints that I could so easily break. I needed that blood, more than wanted it.
“Edward. Son, make the right choice. Don’t” Carlisle said into my ear. I glared daggers at the blanket but if I go any closer, I would ruin everything I had for us. I would not only them but myself. I would never live this down, not just killing a human but killing a newborn human, just starting out in the world. I continued to glower at the blanket, half wanting it, yet half loathing. Yes, I loathed that little human. It was trying to ruin everything for me and my family. I’ve never been filled so much hate for a certain creature. I tensed, ready to spring again.
“Edward” Carlisle begged. “She’s just a baby. Please.” My loathing began to evaporate. I would be letting Carlisle down and that hit me harder than anything else. He trusted me and knew that I would never do something so horrifying. “Find a will” Then I was completely still. I felt my face crumple in pain; I couldn’t kill such an innocent human. The monster inside me growled as the hottest flames licked the inside of my throat.
I took a step back out of their hands and the gravitational force grew stronger. I then darted out the door before I another step towards that baby. The forest passed by under my feet as I bolted north, away from Forks. All I could see in my mind was Alice’s vision. That little baby girl, dismembered and dead in my arms. I then shot through the forest even faster than before.

Alice’s POV

Relief washed through my entire body. Bella was safe, Bella was safe. I kept chanting in my mind. I clutched her closer as the blanket fell and revealed her little head of mahogany. She whimpered from all the sudden growling and yelling.
“You’re okay, Bella” I crooned and patted her little ringlets.
“Alice” Carlisle said.
I unwillingly looked up from Bella.
“Why?” Carlisle’s face was in agony. He knew that I knew that we couldn’t keep a human baby girl; it would put her danger of not only us but the Royal Italian Family, the Volturi. The result if they found her would be the death of her. I winced.
“Carlisle, I had a vision....” Trying to make him figure it out
“About the child...?” His face remained crumpled in pain
I nodded, “I can see Bella apart of this family, Carlisle.” I could see her becoming one of us. Not a vampire, but part of the family. “We’ll all love her. If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t hesitate to drop her into an orphanage. I already love her too much” I squeezed Bella gently.
It was only then that I saw Jasper for the first time. He was staring at me with wide eyes as I said her name. His eyebrows furrowed, trying to figure out our bond. I was sure he could feel the devotion and love I felt towards this child. He could probably feel Bella’s simple emotions. As my emotions turned to concern for him, his eyes became frightened.
“It’s alright Jasper, you can handle it. I know you can” I reassured him although I was entirely sure myself. But I had to plaster this onto my face so he’ll be confident. He sighed.
Carlisle ignored the exchange and walked slowly over to me, his eyes locked on Bella. I looked down at Bella and noticed for the first time what her face looked like. Her eyes were confident, yet curious. Then there was a small little dent of concentration in her forehead. She didn’t look scared nor frightened as I thought she would, she looked brave. She was intelligent even at a year old.
Carlisle continued his slow walk; he was being cautious and careful not to scare her. Bella didn’t cringe or wince, she merely waited for what would happen. Carlisle made it over and looked Bella straight into the eyes. She stared back, dumbfounded for a moment and then, just like she did to me, her face broke into a smile showing her shiny little teeth. Carlisle looked shocked for a moment, then, as me again, he smiled back at her.
“Her name is Bella?” Carlisle asked still smiling.
I nodded and dug the photo of her and her family out of my pocket then handed it to Carlisle. He examined the photo for a moment.
“This is Charlie Swan and his wife Renee” He said reading the back. I stared at him, confused. I already knew that.
“Charlie is police chief here and his wife is a teacher at the elementary school” He looked confused and concerned.
“Was” I mumbled
. “They died?” His voice matched his eyes; concerned.
I nodded solemnly.
“Alice, tell me exactly what you know.” Carlisle demanded. I then started my story with the vision of Bella looking at me then to when I called him. At certain points, that look of concern would return to his eyes, then remain emotionless. I finished and waited for the verdict. I couldn’t see Bella’s future until he made a decision.
“I think everyone should have a say if Bella should leave” his voice broke on the last word. Carlisle was already wrapped around her finger. He turned to our family. Esme looked compassionate, Rosalie looked determined, Emmett had a big grin on his face, and Jasper still looked concerned. Although, they all looked to accept her; My only worry was Edward. I saw his face, heard his growls, almost felt his intense pain. Then it hit me. He must feel betrayed, I picked someone I just saved than him, who I’ve known and been close with for over forty years. Pain shot through me. Things just couldn’t go the way I wanted them to for once.
Carlisle put a hand on my shoulder. “He’s strong enough Alice...” At first I thought he was talking about Jasper but he was gazing in the direction Edward had left three minutes ago. I shuddered at the thought of Edward even getting close to Bella, not in his condition right now.
Suddenly another vision hit me. It was Bella’s future, sharpening by the second, it was all of us. Rosalie and I were hugging Bella’s young adult, human form, while Bella had a hand on both of our arms with a big grin on her face. Carlisle and Esme were on Rosalie’s side, Jasper and Emmett were on mine, and at first I couldn’t find Edward. I panicked, had he left our family? I searched and quickly and found him in the corner with a small smile on his face, though it didn’t reach his eyes as they gazed at Bella. There was something else in there; determination, strength and....compassion? Edward would love Bella just like the rest of us.
Suddenly, the huge grin I always wore to show my confidence shown. Everyone looked at my eyes with curiosity.
“If we chose to keep Bella” I looked at each one of them “She’ll love us and we won’t kill her even Edward.” My eyes rested on Carlisle and relief washed his features.
“Are you sure the vision is permanent, Alice?” Rosalie demanded. She wouldn’t want Bella getting hurt but hell Rosalie wouldn’t let her go, ever, even if we tried.
“I’m positive. She’ll be fine” The vision became more defined.
An angelic smiled crossed her features.
“How does everyone feel about Bella joining the family?” Carlisle asked, wary.
All of them nodded simultaneously. My grin stretched so far, it covered the whole bottom half of my face. I gazed down at Bella, she saw my grin, and smiled back. I hugged her tightly.
“Welcome to the family, little Bella” I whispered to her. But then it hit me again, how much pain would Edward be in to keep that face in the picture?

Chapter 3:

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thank you! I'll try my best!
I like it! Lol I think tthis helps with Rose wanting a baby! And we'll see if edward can deal with her sprouting from a tiny bud to a beautiful flower. Can't wait for the next chap
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u should like make that a flashback and then come to present time when Edward falls in love with Bella. that would be soooo cool! but it's ur story u do it how u want it:) just a suggestion

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maybe I'm not sure yet lol nI'm still working on the plot, I just write as i think of the story lol


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