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Here is chapter 5 and it is ALOT longer and finally in Bella's pov! :) So yeah its Bella's birthday, thats all I'm going to say XD

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Phasing Moon
Chapter 5 : Celebration
Bella’s POv

It was very dark. My arms were wrapped around my knees in a fetal position on the freezing cold ground. I looked down to see myself wearing a long white dress and no shoes. My heart was losing its rhythm, my breathing was slowing. My arms and legs were becoming weak, I couldn’t hold on. I shivered as the ground grew impossibly colder.

Warm salt water tears fell down my cheeks. I was ready to cry myself to death until I saw a bright light. It was bright and warm on my skin. I looked up in my blurry vision to see the sun. I gasped. I was wrong. It wasn’t the sun; no, the man was much more beautiful than that. I looked up to see two bright, warm, golden eyes starring down at me. I couldn’t see anything else of his form, it was covered by light, I strained my eyes to see who he was but all I could see was his eyes. His eyes were the light in my darkest hour. I felt unfamiliar warmth race to my cheeks.

The man reminded me of my family. They were vampires. Yes, I knew their secret. I was trusted not to tell a soul or else it would end in disaster, though they never told me why. The curiosity was sometimes unbearable but Carlisle said “it’s better not to know, Bella”. I learned all the things about vampires including the extra powers Jasper, Alice, and Edward had. Jasper could feel and influence emotions around him. Alice had the power to see the future but it was never set in stone, things could change. And Edward could read thoughts that were going through people’s minds, except for mine. He would tease me and tell me I was some kind of freak, although sometimes he would look at me with such curiosity in his eyes and ask me what I was thinking and I would tell him.

I asked if my blood ever appealed to any of them but they just said they could resist, and it didn’t hurt; the first part was true but I wasn’t sure about the second part.. They probably didn’t want to scare me away, which was impossible, I’m strong enough.

The stranger held out a pearl white hand to me. I untangled a hand from my leg and reached for him shakily. He slid his palm under mine and I felt an unusual electricity run through my vein. I took in a ragged breath and my whole form started shaking. The scary part was, though, I wasn’t doing it. It felt as if someone was shaking me but no one was around except the man.

He opened his mouth revealing darkness inside “Bella!” came out of it. I raised an eyebrow because that voice didn’t belong to the man in front of me. “Bella, wake up!” It was an angel’s, chirpy voice, a familiar voice...

Something cold was touching my arm and constantly shaking it. My eyes snapped open to see the white ceiling of my room vibrating roughly.

Finally!” I looked over to see Alice’s pixie face at my left side, her cold, white hand still on my arm. Alice was my adopted sister but I would think of her more as my best friend. She was always there with me in every situation I’ve gotten into. She always seems so confident with everything and that’s one of the features about her that I simply loved. Although, her persistence was another thing. I blinked a few times, recovering from the heavy stupor.

“Good morning, Alice” I said my voice quite and rough from sleeping. “Um, what are you doing in my room? You know I’m capable of waking myself up with the alarm clock” I pointed my thumb at my clock that indicated it was nine-thirty.

“Bella, don’t you know what day it is?” Alice asked excited.

“Um...” I pursed my lips and looked at my calendar which indicated today was September, 13. It was my seventeenth birthday.

Alice sighed and slowly shook her head, “Sometimes, as a best friend and sister, you are a disappointment.”

I thought about it for a minute. “I think I can live with that” I grinned at her. I wanted to see how long I could go without Alice noticing that I knew. I didn’t want the attention today. This day simply had to be my birthday; Alice was probably planning a huge party. I groaned. She is an unstoppable force of nature.

She smiled back, smug. She knew. So I sighed. “Yes, Alice, its my birthday, okay? Alright” I threw myself off the bed and started walking but her stone hard hand caught my shoulder.

“You don’t think you’d get away that easily do you?” She said into my ear.

“Alice” I groaned again, “Please? I don’t want a big party and stuff” I turned to look at her bright eyes.

“C’mon Bella! Please? And the party won’t be that big! I can tell” Alice tapped her temple then clasped her hands in front of me and puckered her lips. It was a heartbreaking expression.

I sighed, resigned. I hated upsetting anyone in my family, especially Alice. “Fine, Alice. Give me a party and presents but please don’t go over board”

“Small Party. No overboard. Got it” Alice grinned and waved dismissively, showing her sharp white teeth. I rolled my eyes at her. She grabbed my hand and ran down the stairs. She was faster than human pace

“Alice! Slow down! Not everyone has super vampire speed!” I said as she almost threw me down the stairs.

All I heard was her silvery laugh. She turned back and grinned at me. It was so beautiful with her white teeth. As I looked up from the steps, I saw my whole family waiting for me with smiles on their faces. Esme stepped out of Carlisle’s arm and walked towards me, arms open.

“Happy Birthday, sweetheart” Her cold arms hugged my shoulder. I hugged her back. I mumbled a “thanks” in her ear. She released me and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

Esme was always one of the most loving people I knew. She had such a kind heart. She always knows how comfort me when I was upset. I needed her a lot because it still hurts to never know who my parents are, when I was younger, she’d wrap her arms around me, cradle my head, and rock me back and forth and murmur comforting things to me, how lucky I was to have a family, that my parents loved me and always would, how they were looking down from heaven and watching me always.

Carlisle took and his turn and wrapped his arms around me. He released me and looked up and down my form. “You’re growing up too fast, Bella” He smiled. I shrugged and smiled at him. Carlisle was such a good father to me. He has taken care of me since I was a baby .He will always be there when I fall, just like the rest of my family. He supported whatever choices I made. He’d never hesitate to give me something, no matter how ridiculous. Though, I didn’t ask for a lot, I already had so much.

Suddenly these two big arms caught me up into a tight bear hug; Emmett. I gasped at first and then choked out a laugh.

“Scared ya’’ he said in my ear.

I laughed, breathless “More taken by surprise, Emmett”

“Whatever you say, Birthday girl. Happy seventeen, Bell” He put me down and grinned. I grinned back and giggled. Emmett was always there to make me laugh, even when I didn’t want to. He liked to make fun of me and my klutziness. If I merely miss a step then he’s on the floor for god knows how long. In the end, I would either laugh or glare. Although, I always found Emmett the scariest of them all but he can be as soft as a teddy bear.

Rosalie came up from behind him and kissed me cheek. “Happy Birthday, Bella. You two years closer to becoming a woman, now” I snorted and she smiled angelically at me. Rosalie was one of the most beautiful people I had ever met. Her beauty still stuns me to this very day with her long blonde hair and perfectly shape form, and her bright eyes were complimented by her hair. She can be pretty shallow sometimes, but at others she’s very sweet and loving.

Then another cold hand touched my shoulder and left it. “Happy Birthday, Bella” Jasper said quietly. Jasper was a usual quite one. Sometimes I really had to wonder what his deal was with me. Alice had always said it wasn’t me, he just a personal problem and I would sigh. Jasper smiled lightly at me, I hesitantly returned it.

It was only then that I notice Alice had disappeared and that Edward was nowhere to be seen. Ah, Edward. He was very different from everyone else, but it didn’t make him a bad person. In my opinion, he was like Apollo with his creative skills in arts and his good personality. He was always very hesitant around me as if he wasn’t sure what to do. At times I would see this look of fury on his face for no reason; I would want to ask him what’s wrong but kept my mouth shut. He, like Rosalie, seemed to stun me with his beauty. He was one of the most handsome men I’ve ever met. We’re not as close as I am with the rest of the family and I try to change that, its just I’m too worried he’ll reject me. He was the one of the family I was mostly unsure around but he was also the one of the family that I was the most mesmerized with.

“Hey, where are Alice and Edward?” I asked Rosalie, she grinned and shrugged her white shoulders. I could easily see she knew where they were. I sighed.

“Well while we’re waiting, Bella” Carlisle said and I brought my attention to him “how about we open some presents?” He seemed excited.

“Sure” I blushed. I wasn’t comfortable with them giving me presents, I already had so much. Esme took my hand and led me to the big pale blue couch and sat down. She kept my hand and squeezed it

“Mine and Jazz’s first” Emmett grinned, walked over to the table and got a square shaped box wrapped in silver wrapping paper off the table. He threw it to me but should have known better when it slipped through my waiting hands and fell to the ground. Emmett was laughing before it hit the ground.

“Funny, Emmett. I hope it wasn’t fragile” I said, sarcastically. I neatly ripped the paper off of the box and opened it up to find a shiny new silver CD player.

“The one in your room is crap so we figured, since Edward lets you borrow so many CD’s, you needed proper sound equipment.” Emmett said, trying to act like a teacher.

I snorted. “Thanks, Emmett. Thank you, Jasper” I said looking at both of them and smiling.

Jasper smiled, “He wanted to get you a pink one but I objected. Its not your color” He laughed while Emmett grimaced.

I laughed. “I would have guessed so much” and put the box on the empty side of the sofa.

Carlisle grabbed a little rectangular box and handed it to me. “From me and Esme” I smiled and took the box. I ripped the paper off to see a white box. I lifted the cap and saw tickets to something. I picked them up and sat it said Romeo and Juliet, September 30. Admit one seat. row: A seat: 4 There was only one though.

“Oh my goodness” I said, I grinned. They knew it was my favorite play. “Thank you so much!” I hugged Esme and Carlisle. “This means so much! Thank you!” I said, looking at the tickets.

“Yes, Edward and Alice are going to go with you, they want to see it too” He smiled.

“Alright, I’ll love it! Thank you!” I hugged them once more.

“We’re glad you like it, Sweetheart” Esme said, kissing my forehead.

“We’re ready!” Alice’s voice yelled from the garage. She didn’t I thought. I already saw it coming; a shiny, fast, sports car. I gulped; I would literally become part of the road. If she thought I would like it then she would be dead wrong. They all liked driving fast cars; Edward with his Volvo, Emmett with his jeep, Rosalie with her convertible, and Carlisle with his Mercedes; all shiny and fast. Then I noticed Rosalie was gone too.

I got up from the couch, unsteady. I was about to collapse when Carlisle caught me. “We promise, it’s not what you think it is” He put his hands on my shoulders and guided me to the garage.

“Your it and my it are probably two different things, Carlisle” I said, laughing shakily.

“We’ll see” I could hear his smile in his voice. Esme held my hand and we walked into the garage.

I stopped. Everything was the same. I cocked my head to the side and raised an eyebrow. “It’s the same” I stated, feeling like an idiot.

“It’s not in here. It’s out there” Carlisle said and gestured to the garage doors that opened in front of me. I saw something red as the door moved up. I walked up to the door as it finished opening and gasped.

The car was classic; it was a truck. It looked liked an old Chevy but it looked like it had been tweaked a little. The headlights had been replaced, it had a brand new paint job with a light red color into it, the windows had no hint of spec on them and the tires were all the same and looked new. Although, the tweaks didn’t take away the classicalness of it, I could see myself driving in it and not crashing. I stood there, gaping at the wonderful vehicle.

“Bella?” Alice asked and skipped over to where I was standing. “Do you not like it?” She sounded hurt. I slowly shook my head.

“You like it?!” She said excited. I shook my head again

“Love it?” a little less confident. I nodded, still gaping. I heard Edward chuckle. I looked over. He was by the driver side of the truck and Rosalie was on the passenger side.

“Yay!” She squealed and caught me up in a tight hug. “I’m so glad you love it!”

“It’s wonderful, Alice, of course I love it!” I said, hugging her back.

“It’s like you read my mind, I swear Alice” I looked at her bright, excited eyes. Edward choked a laugh. I looked at his amused eyes and grinned at him. Well he could read hers.

“I knew you wouldn’t want a sports car” Alice said, I gazed my eyes back to her “I know you’re into classics and well we found one. Rose fixed it up and I helped pick out the car” I gazed my ear back to Edward.

“What did Edward do?” I asked Alice, I caught she didn’t list him in contributes to the truck.

“Actually Bella, I have my own present to you, it’s inside the truck” Edward’s velvet voice said as I looked over back at him again. I walked over to him. He smiled and opened the driver’s side door for me. I blushed and looked down at the seats.

I took in the interior of my new truck to see the seats had been replaced too but still classic. It had the smell of freesia inside and I looked over to see a scent tree hanging from the rear-view mirror. I looked down to see it was a stick shift. I smiled, smug, I already knew how to drive a stick, just incase. I put my hands on the steering wheel, feeling the smooth texture of it and running down the cold middle, making sure not to honk the horn. I put my hands on the wheel and my feet on the pedals just as I learned in driver’s education classes.

I didn’t realize my window was rolled down as Edward put his head inside. “Sorry it’s a stick, we couldn’t find another car like that without one” I gasped as he spoke. It was a natural reaction when people come up to me like that. Edward knew.

“I already know how to drive one though. Just incase” I smiled.

He smiled back, showing his white teeth. “Good. Well my present is in the glove compartment” his smile fell a little. “I would understand if you don’t like it”

“That’s ridiculous, Edward. Shouldn’t it be the thought that counts?” I asked, trying to cheer him up.

It worked, he laughed. “Yes it is” he laughed again. I took a second to listen to it. It was better than an angel’s chorus. His beautiful smile returned and his eyes were bright and excited. I smiled, relieved.

I reached over to the glove compartment but froze. I turned back to Edward.

“Do you want to sit next to me while I open it? I mean, it is your present” I felt my face burning. I bit my lower lip. I shouldn’t have asked but...I wanted him to watch with me.

He looked surprised for a moment, his eyes wide and eyebrows up. He was almost a statue. I bit lip harder, very much regretting I asked. Then he blinked a few times and the statue came back to life.

“If you wish for me to, Bella” his voice was quieter than usual but he opened the drivers door and sat next to me. I looked out the window while he did so and saw that Alice and Rosalie had left. They must have wanted Edward to give his gift in private. I smiled in their direction.

I turned my smile at him, he smiled a tiny bit back, and I opened the glove compartment to find a medium, flat box wrapped in blue wrapping paper. I ripped the paper off to find the back of a picture frame. I felt my eyebrows pucker. I turned it over to see the picture of my parents and me when I was a baby. I always carried the picture with me; it was all I had of them. The picture in this frame was clearer and brand new. I put my hand to my mouth and my vision got blurry.

“I always knew how much you carried the picture so I figured you would have this one in your room or wherever you would like to put it. I know how much they mean to you.” Edward said, softly.

Tears spilled over my cheeks. Edward was one of the most wonderful people in my life; I’d never be able to repay this.

“I’m sorry, Bella. I didn’t mean to make you cry. I shouldn’t have gotten it” Edward sounded so hurt and concerned; I was hurt that he was hurt actually. He caught a loc of hair that had been in my face and placed it behind my ear, hardly touching my skin. He gently smoothed my hair leaving his hand lightly on my shoulder.

I shook my head and let out a soft laugh through my sobs. “No, Edward...I’m not crying because I’m sad.... I’m crying because I’m happy...this is one of the most precious gifts anyone could ever give to me. Thank you.” I looked at his golden eyes with sincerity

He smiled with sincere warmth and his eyes burned into mine “You’re welcome.”

I lost my train of thought, and all I could focus on were his eyes. They were so warm and gold. I blinked a few times, collecting my thoughts.

“Um...” I blinked a few more times. “I’ll put this in my room”

He grinned. “Excellent”

We both got out of the truck and began walking into the house when I saw Edward walk in my direction. I stopped and raised an eyebrow. He was very deliberate. He slid his long arms around my waist and pulled me into his chest. He was hugging me. I froze. I don’t remember the last time Edward even held me. My heart burst into sprint. Even though his touch was cold, I felt warm in his embrace. I wrapped my arms around him and laid my head across his chest. My cheeks burst into flames. I felt a strange electrical current running through us, it wasn’t painful but it was a relieving kind of feeling, as if I was relieved from the pain that never came; it was extraordinary. He stroked my hair with very careful movements.

“I’m so sorry, Bella” He whispered in my ear. It wasn’t about my crying. I could tell he thought he had been a horrible person to me for never really getting to know me as well as everyone else and never touching me, for never being there for me like everyone else, for never being there when I fall. I could tell there was a reason but he didn’t want to tell me.

“It’s okay” I reassured him. He squeezed me and let go. We smiled at each other. I could still feel the electric current surging through the air.

“Let’s go back inside” Edward said, gesturing to the house. I nodded and we walked into our family that would forever stay together, forever.

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