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Phasing Moon
Chapter 6: Vision

Edward’s POV

Boredom had seemed to be my dominant feeling at the moment. It was lunch and I just kept staring at the cracks in the wall ignoring the burn in my throat from Bella, who was sitting two seats from me; Alice was between us. It was one of the times in my life I wish I could sleep. It would at least give me something to do and not be part of boredom anymore.

I sighed. Bella looked up from her salad and at me. Her big brown eyes stared at me with curiosity as if they were saying: Are you okay? I just shook my head at her and continued staring the wall. Alice tried chatting with her when lunch first started but she didn’t seem to cooperate, she wanted to eat in peace. Bella never seemed to mind to be the only one eating out of all of us; she knew how to make situations comfortable. We’ve suggested to her to go sit with her human friends but she wanted to sit with us more. I actually wanted her to be close to us, I didn’t like the thoughts of those human boys about her, especially Mike Newton. His thoughts about Bella just get me ready slam him into the wall and crush his skull while I’m at it. I cannot imagine those thoughts about her becoming reality; Bella is much smarter than that. But there’s something else, I just don’t want her to be with him and his disgusting thoughts. He only thinks like that when she goes to sit with them sometimes which puts my mind at rest.

Suddenly, I heard a high pitch, blood- curdling scream and I knew who it belonged to, and I looked at Bella in panic. She was at ease and then she saw my expression and became concerned and worried. I looked at Alice who had a blank expression on her face that I always knew what it meant. Then I saw it all. Bella was running, blood streaming down her arm, screaming that scream that made me want to curl up in a ball. Then I saw a white figure tackling her to the ground. My breath hitched, pain shot into my heart. All I could see was a vampire with blond hair then the image flicked to Bella’s pale face and he bit into her neck. Her scream shot into my mind once again. If I was human, I’d probably throw up, I couldn’t stand seeing her like that, it hurt much more than it should. I shook my head furiously, banishing the vision from my just as Alice gasped and blinked a few times. Everyone was starring at me and Alice.

“Alice” Bella said in panic, touching her arm. “What’s wrong?” Alice’s eyes flickered around for a moment, trying to banish it from her mind, just as I did. Her panicked eyes rested on me for half a second then turned back to Bella.

“Alice!” Bella said, more panicked. She shook Alice, trying to get her to snap out of it. Alice blinked and returned her face to a normal calm expression.

“Well, that was unexpected” Alice rubbed her head.

“Are you alright, Alice?” Jasper asked and patted her knee. All of us felt calmness spread through us. I welcomed it, I couldn’t panic, it would only make Bella panic and I would not have that.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine” She said and smiled at him. I relaxed my expression. I looked at Bella who was staring at me already. That dent of concentration was dominant in her forehead again. Ah, the frustration running through. What is she thinking?

“What are you thinking?” I said, staring deeper into her big brown pools of eyes. Her breathing hitched and she blinked.

“Um, wondering, I mean, are you okay?” She stuttered, half embarrassed, half worried. Blood rushed to her cheeks, she looked at her hands. I half smiled.

“Yes, I’m fine. Don’t worry about me, Bella” She stared at me with concern anyway. I smiled reassuring at her. Her eyes narrowed as she turned back to Alice.

“What did you see?” Bella said in a hushed voice.

“I just saw some other vampires coming. Soon.” Alice lied and looked at Jasper then me.

“Should we be worried?” Bella asked. Her heartbeat sped up

“Not at all, we’ll just have to keep an eye on you just for safety precautions. Don’t worry about this, Bella.” Alice patted Bella’s arm, I could imagine how it feels; soft, and warm...

“Alright...” Bella said. She wasn’t letting it go, I could tell. Bella was stubborn that way.

The bell rang and I walked with Bella to Biology, we had that class together. As we walked, every so often, Bella would stare at me for a moment, with that same concern, and then turn back to walking. I wanted to take her hand and tell her it was okay, she seemed so scared but I kept my hands at my sides.

Whenever I thought of touching, my memory would immediately jump to her birthday a month ago. The way I held her in my arms, she was so warm, so soft. It made my whole body warm from her touch. There was also some kind of electric sensation from the touch. There were little sparks occurring and it felt extraordinary. I wanted to hold her closer, to never let go. But if I clutched her anymore, I would break her. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself by killing Bella.

We reached the Biology room. I opened the door and gestured for Bella to go first. She blushed as usual and went in. I kept my pace right behind her. Some lost strands of her hair flew into my face. Her scent was stronger than ever, I clenched my clawed hands into fists. Control yourself , I told myself.

She sat down in her usual seat, slamming her books down as she let out a gust of breath from the impact. I choked out a laugh. She looked at me and rolled her eyes. I sat down in my seat as well, and spread the books onto my desk without looking at them. There was no need. I knew more than Mr. Banner could imagine.

I folded my arms in front of my chest, rested my chin on them, and sighed. It was going to be a long hour. I heard Bella sigh too, but it was different, more frustrated. I turned my head to look at her and she looked at me with her eyebrows furrowed and facing at a southern angle; frustrated. I could tell she wanted to know what Alice’s vision was about. I always wanted to give Bella what she wanted, I wanted her to enjoy her life and have gifts part of them. But this was a gift I could not give her; I would not scare her away.

“Alright, class, let’s get started” Mr. Banner came through the door, adjusting his glasses. “Today, we will be discussing the features of DNA cells in Cactus's now if you would just...” I drowned Mr. Banner out of my system as I always do. I looked at the clock. Fifty-six minutes to go. I sighed. I picked up my pencil and started playing with it; sliding it between my fingers. This was not a good way to distract myself, but I tried to numb the panic in me for Bella.

Suddenly my book in front of me disappeared; I looked up to see Bella flipping through the pages. I raised an eyebrow at her for she already had a book. She flipped it to a page then set it down in front of me. I looked up to see the lesson we were on today. Then I caught the suspicious thoughts of Mr. Banner. That Cullen kid never seems to pay attention, yet he gets every question I give to him right, every test he is given is aced, he could be a college graduate for all I know. I restrained a smile. I have been a college graduate more than he could imagine. I turned my gaze to Bella, who smiled sheepishly at me and turned back to her book. Her cheeks started to turn bright scarlet. It was beautiful even if it burned my throat.

I heard the sound of a pencil scratching on paper. Bella dropped her pencil on the table, picked it up, turned it over and erased her mistake she then resumed writing. I resumed staring into space. A paper slid under my arm. I unfolded it and scripted in Bella’s hand, a note.

What did Alice see? Please tell the truth, Edward

I sighed. I hated lying to anyone, especially Bella. She deserved better. The guilt began to crush me. I put my hand to my forehead and squeezed it; I sucked in a fiery breath. She took the note and wrote something down on it, and slid to me again. Her heart was beating short jagged rhythm. She was nervous.

I'm not afraid. You can tell me anything, you know that. Please, Edward. My only fear is losing you and our family

The cold, silent heart in my chest, suddenly felt a lot warmer. She cared for me. She didn’t want anything to happen to me, as I did for her; only my feeling was very much stronger. All these years, I thought she feared me, yet she only feared of losing me. Though there was the other part of the note, telling her the truth. I couldn’t bear to see her afraid, though she said she wasn’t. I don’t know if I could trust that statement, I never get her reactions right but I’m not taking my chances here in a classroom. So I took the paper and wrote down my message in a millisecond, then slid it over to her.

I will tell you at home, I promise

She opened it and gave me a guarded look. “You better” she mouthed. Ah, her and her fury, it was quite amusing. She did not scare me it was like seeing a kitten try to be as ferocious as a tiger. I smiled slightly and nodded. She turned her big brown eyes to the front of the room. This was going to be a difficult night tonight.

Chapter 7:

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