The Twilight Saga

What if there was someone for Bella besides Jacob? What if she helped her through it all?


This starts right after Twilight in August. Enjoy!


All characters belong to Stephenie Meyer except Amy and Abby.



Pieceing Her Together Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Getting Away

Chapter 2: Meeting the Family...Clan

Chapter 3: Realization

Chapter 4: Princess of Forks

Chapter 5: Beserk About Blood

Chapter 6: Hole

Chapter 7: Pain

Chapter 8: Crowbar

Chapter 9: Turkey and Wolf

Chapter 10: Waiting

Chapter 11: The Lie

Chapter 12: Crazy

Chapter 13: Imagining Danger

Chapter 14: Messing With the Horns and Chapter 15: Under Reacting

Chapter 16: Company

Chapter 17: Mistakes ED POV

Chapter 18 Part 1: Giving Memories Not Gifts 

Chapter 18 Part 2: Giving Memories Not Gifts

Chapter 19: Dangers

New Year's Eve Outtake: Celebrating for the Greater Good

Chapter 20: Scissors

Chapter 21: Laurent

Chapter 22: A Night to Remember

Chapter 23: Time

Chapter 24: Hell on Earth ED POV

Chapter 25: Jets and Time

Chapter 26: Playing Poker

Chapter 27: Briefing and Voting

Epilogue: Not the End


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Keeping It Together Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Late

Chapter 2: Daniel Powter's Day

Chapter 3: Discoveries

Chapter 4: The Talk 

Chapter 5: Just for Kicks

Chapter 6: Crossing the Border

Chapter 7: Bunnies, Yum.

Chapter 8: Unplanned

Chapter 9: Treading Lightly

Chapter 10: Another Detail

Chapter 11: Ears and Eyes

Chapter 12: Stacking Up the Defense




Chapter 1

Getting Away

Abby Point of View


I missed California beyond belief. I had always been a girl who enjoyed warm weather, days at the beach, flying kites in the park with my sister, Amy. But I realized that life in Los Angeles was in no way good for her. I did not want her to grow up where there was constant ciaos.


My boyfriend had just been shot. He had never done drugs, had a single drop of alcohol, he had perfect grades, he was on the varsity football team, and he loved my sister like his own. And most importantly he cared about me. If I had to cancel a date because my sister was sick he understood, and then brought over a teddy bear, a get well soon card, and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Even though she was just sick with the common cold. He was the best thing that ever happened to me. And then he was taken away. The main reason for moving was to get away from the bad memories. He was shot one day as we were walking to pick up my sister from school. He was not in a gang, but the members of a gang accidently shot him. I held him in my arms and watched him bleed to death. The last words he said to me were, “Don’t forget me, but move on. There is someone out there for you. Go find him. I was only part of your life. But you were all of mine. Be happy again. Take care of yourself and Amy. I will always love you.” That day, Amy and I sat in my bed and cried. We went through about four boxes of tissues, two gallons of ice cream, and five sappy movies. The next day we started to look for a new place to live.


I was eighteen, and held the custody of my five-year-old sister, Amy. My parents had died in a car crash. They loved us both and that was another unbearable event. I was sixteen, became emancipated, and took custody of Amy. She was the most important person in my life. And I was going to make her life better. After I went to court and did my part in putting the gang members away, I decided to take my sister somewhere she could be safe. We were moving to Forks, Washington. My mom had a brother named Charlie. He was ten years older than she was, and they did not talk very often. Maybe once a year, but often times not even that. When my parents died, I tried to keep in touch with him. I called him every three months and sent him Christmas cards, but that was it. Charlie was the Chief of Police. We were moving into the house next to his. Apparently his daughter Bella had moved in a little bit before us.


It was August and it gave us just enough time to move in and get settled before school started. It was my senior year and it was Amy’s time to start first grade. We moved in quickly. There was an extra room where we put all of our stuff. We were painting our rooms today.


“Amy, you sure you want your room pink?”


“For sure! I want to have a princess room! Can you paint a pretty castle on the wall like you did in our old house?” She asked with the biggest puppy dog eyes.


“Of course. Now let’s get to work.” We painted the room in no time at all. We were professional painters. NOT! But we were good. We let the pink in her room dry while we worked on my room. It was going to be a lavender color. Once my room was finished we went back to Amy’s room. I started on the intricate design of the castle as Amy watched. Then the door bell rang.


“I’ll get it!” Amy yelled and flew down stairs. I continued to paint knowing it would be Charlie at the door. He called earlier to let us know he was going to check on us and see how we were doing.


“Wow, this is a really good paint job. You guys should start a business.” Charlie said with a whistle. I set my paint brush down and went to hug him.


“Hey, Uncle Charlie, it’s good to see you.” I really was glad to be able to be around family. I loved my sister with all my heart but seeing family was good for the soul. “How’s Bella? I haven’t seen her since we were in diapers. So I guess that doesn’t really count because I don’t even remember that.”


“She’s good. She is over at the Cullen’s house as we speak. She is dating Edward Cullen.” He said that trying not to include too much distaste.


“I’m happy for her. Will she be home later? Because I want to introduce her to Amy.” And I also wanted to see her myself.


“Yeah, she’s coming home for dinner. Edward is too. You two are welcome to come over.” He offered.


“Count us in.” I said and went back to my painting. Amy and Charlie struck up a conversation for the longest time. I sat there in my own world, painting away. After about two hours Charlie left and Amy continued to talk to me. When I finished the Castle I wrote in purple lettering Where Fantasies Become Reality above the spot where her bed would be. We cleaned up the painting supplies, and then we cleaned up ourselves. I helped Amy shampoo her hair as she talked about her imaginary prince charming, Embry. It was really cute that she still had fun in life after all that had happened to us. I dried her off, put her hair in a French braid, and she went down stairs to read a book from the Magic Tree House series. I taught her how to read because she kept wondering what I was doing all the time with books. She became completely enamored with the idea of a world with in something so small. I took a shower and slipped on some clothes. I went and looked at the stuff in our extra room with dismay. There was no way I would be able to move the furniture. The movers put it in that room in the first place. Amy and I slept on the couch last night. But I did not want to keep doing that. I’d have to get Charlie and someone else to help me move it all. I went down stairs and helped Amy into her rain coat. I eased into mine and we walked outside. I locked the door, and then we raced to Charlie’s house. There were there cars parked out front, a Volvo, Truck, and a Police Cruiser. Edward and Bella must already be back, I assumed. We knocked on the door and Charlie yelled to us that the door was open. We walked in and hung our coats up. We walked into the living room to find Charlie watching football.


“What is this?” Amy asked Charlie and pointed at the football game.


“Are you asking what football is?” He asked completely shocked.


“Yeah, we don’t have cable Charlie. We have a television but it only lets us watch movies.” I reasoned.


“Then I’m going to have to teach Amy all about football.” He started, and then dove right in. He told her everything about football. I walked into the kitchen to find everything on the counter to make dinner. Apparently we were having spaghetti, but Bella and Edward weren’t home, yet. Just their cars.


“Charlie, where’s Bella?”


“She’s still at the Cullens. Edward’s sister picked them up this morning so that they could go play baseball.” He hollered back.


“Do you mind if I start making dinner?”


“Knock yourself out.” And then I was off. I started cooking like crazy. By the time I was done I saw a jeep pull up to the house. Two people hopped out, and I was assuming they were Bella and Edward. The boy sitting in the driver’s seat was a big muscle guy. He drove off once they were out of the car. They walked to the front door and came into the house.


“Charlie, I’m home!” Bella exclaimed. The put there jackets in the closet and came into the kitchen. “Abby! It’s so good to see you!” Bella said and hugged me tightly.


“It’s good to see you too. I hope you don’t mind but I started making dinner.”


“Not at all. Abby this is my boyfriend, Edward. Edward this is my cousin, Abby.” Bella introduced us.


“It’s nice to meet you.” I said and shook his hand. It was slightly cold, but assumed it was because of the weather. He looked gorgeous. Not in a way that I wanted him, but more in a way that I couldn’t deny he was handsome. “Hey, Amy! I want you to meet Bella and Edward.” I requested her presence. She merrily skipped into the room and came up beside me. I picked her up and settled her on my hip. She may have been five, but I would always want to hold her like this. “Amy this is your cousin, Bella. And this is her boyfriend Edward.”


She squirmed out of my embrace, got on the ground, and curtsied in front of them and bowed. “It’s a pleasure to meet you Sir Edward and Lady Bella. I’m Princess Amy.” She said playing her game.


Edward and Bella both played along, he bowed and she curtsied. “It’s is such an honor to meet you princess.” They played along.


“Queen Abby, is the feast ready?” Amy asked me politely.


“It is princess, as soon as you wash your hands.” She skipped to the sink and I helped her up so she could wash her hands. She was kind of short. But she was perfect that way. Once that was done we all sat around the table and ate spaghetti. Except Edward, he was apparently on a special diet. Bella asked us how the move was going. Amy told her about the painting session today. She and Edward were going to come over afterward and see it. Once we finished easting, Charlie washed the dishes and the rest of us walked over to our house. We walked up to Amy’s room and they both ogled at my Castle painting.


“This is absolutely amazing! How long did it take you?” Bella questioned. “A couple hours. No biggie. The real issue is getting all the furniture into our rooms. We had the movers put all of it in the spare room. And I can’t lift it all alone.”


“My brother’s and I can come over tomorrow and help move it.” Edward offered.


“That would be amazing. Thank you.” And then I noticed Amy trying to hide a yawn. “I guess it’s time for bed, Princess Amy.”


“No! Please! I’m having too much,” She yawned again, “fun… Okay, I’ll go to bed.” She said and went to change into pajamas and brush her teeth. I said goodbye to Bella and Edward. Then I went back upstairs to help Amy get ready for bed. I did the same. I was exhausted. We went downstairs and read for half an hour and fell asleep with the worlds of a magic wonderland.

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This is realy good please update more soon!
This is realy good please update more soon!
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