The Twilight Saga


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Rated Pg 13 --Thank You.

Table of Contents::

Chapter 1-- Leaving.
Chapter 2-- Itally's Vampires.
Chapter 3-- The Turning.
Chapter 4-- My Amara.
Chapter 5-- Demetri and Me.
Chapter 6-- Isabelle's Bridal.
Chapter 7-- Breaking Down.
Chapter 8-- Expectations.
Chapter 9-- What's Love?
Chapter 10-- Visions.

Okay, so this starts out a month after Edward’s left, Bella hasn’t talked to Jake yet. She’s still in love with Edward, deep down. Bella’s ready to die with out him though, so Bella, get’s on a plane to Volterra. (Most characters belong to Stefenie Meyer.)


Chapter 1-- Leaving
///Bella’s P.O.V.///

Edward. Even thinking his name was torture, much less remembering his face, the way he held me, or the way he kissed me. But I needed to stop remembering. He doesn’t love you Bella, he said it himself, get over it, He no longer wants you. The sane part of me screamed to the rest of me, but the weaker, more pronounced side of me told the stronger side to shut up. It’s now been almost a month since the most horrific split in all of eternity, and life was starting to become a little, how do you say it, pointless…

I sat at the dinner table in Charlie’s kitchen, pulling myself together, again. Lately, bits and pieces of me were pulling themselves towards different decisions. I was going to die, I knew that. If not soon then later, yes, eventually I was going to die. But I’d rather it be deliberate than an accident. So, I saw two options; find Edward, or die- easiest of the two- dieing, but I knew I couldn’t kill myself, I‘d promised him I wouldn‘t do anything reckless- and killing myself seemed a bit reckless- plus I just didn’t have that kind of strength. I thought about asking someone else to do it for me, but really who was there to ask? All of the people I trusted were backstabbers.

Then I remembered some thing Edward had told me about the, what was the name again… oh yes, the Volturi.

You don’t irritate the Volturi, not unless you want to die - or whatever it is we do. Hey, I wanted to die.

So I grabbed a pen and a paper and wrote Charlie a note, short and sweet, telling him what was going to happen now:

I have to leave. Now. I’m 18 now any way, it’s time I start making my own decisions. I’m going to Seattle’s airport then getting the first plane out of here, could you pick up the truck? I am sorry, I love you.
P.s. Tell mom goodbye for me, please?

It was mostly true, except for I was catching the first plane to Italy, not just anywhere.
I stuck the note to the fridge with a magnet, then headed up stairs. When I reached my room I slowly walked to my closet and pulled out a backpack, then set it down on my bed, no Bella’s bed. I wasn’t Bella anymore. Bella loved him, me? I wanted to hunt him down and kill him. Bella cared, I didn’t, not anymore.

I roughly stuffed a few outfits into the backpack. I started down the stairs, in the kitchen again I reached in the fridge and grabbed a water, I put that in my backpack too. I left the house at that not really saying goodbye. I didn’t believe in goodbyes anymore, to me goodbyes meant sorrow and lies, it was a cover-up story. I drove away in my old red truck, taking comfort in the fact that soon I wouldn’t have to deal with life anymore. I smiled a real smile- one of the only smiles I had smiled since Edward. My drive to the bank was full of thoughts of the after life, I briefly wondered what hell would be like.

I withdrew everything out of my account, Jessica’s mother, Mrs. Stanley had looked at me as if I was crazy, but did what I asked, I had exactly $300.74 in the account. I thanked her, and got back into the car. I drove to the airport trying not to think about what I had planed. I only had a few days left to live. Wow, that’s hard to think about.

I had 107 dollars left after purchasing my one way ticket to Italy. I had to wait a few hours for the plane to arrive, when it did I bought a hotdog, that I didn’t really plan on eating and boarded the plane. I took my seat toward the front of the plane. I stared out the window repeating to myself, don’t think, don’t think, don’t think. I knew that if I started to think about what I was doing I would change my mind.

I was still looking out my window when I heard the shuffles of someone coming to sit next to me. I didn’t look to see who it was, I just gazed at the wing of the plane, out my window.

“Did you really think you’d get away with it?” the voice came from beside me, it was Alice. Of course she knew what I had planed, Alice saw the future, that was her talent. I sighed.

“You can’t stop me.” I said, still not looking at her.

“Oh, I know that.” She said, then she took my hand and said, “You know, I could try to explain this all to you, but I already know that it wont make a difference to you. I love you Bell-” my head snapped, I looked at her.

“Don’t call me that, Bella is dead. I’m sorry, she died a month ago.” Alice looked at me confused…

“I don’t understand.” She said.

“Bella would have forgiven you three minutes ago, I wont forgive you, I’ll be dead in a few days anyway, so why don’t you go pester someone who’ll live forever, oh, let me see, someone like Edward?” my throat burned a little as the last word came out.

She was quiet for a long time. It seemed like an hour had gone by before she said, “Well, what do you want me to call you?” not looking at me.

“Uh… I hadn’t given that much thought…” I said.

“May I give you a name then?” She asked it in a sing-song voice.

“Will I like it?” I asked, hesitant.

“Yes.” her eyes glazed over as she said it.

“Um, okay, what should I be called?”

“Amara.” She said it with a perfect accent, making it sound Indian.

“That’s pretty Alice, what’s it mean?”

“Eternal.” She smiled a smile that made me feel like I was missing something, then stood up and looked at me. “Well, Amara, if you ever decide to forgive me… well, I’ll know.” she tapped her temple and was gone so fast I didn’t even see her leave.

The plane started soon after, no one else came to sit by me. The ride lasted the rest of that day, that night and the next morning. I never got to sleep, at all.


Chapter 2-- Itally's Vampires
///Bella's POV///

The plane landed in Italy at 4am. I slept in the airport, not very crowded at 4am, I found a pretty comfortable chair, and slept. I didn’t wake up again until that afternoon, I walked outside and looked to the sky, the sun was just about set, vampires would be coming out soon… right? I asked for directions to the Volterra castle from a man on the street he didn’t speak too much English, but gave me direction, he pointed at a square across the way, then to a mansion beside it. I nodded my thanks and he gave me a map.

I headed for the square, and sat under a light post, waiting, for what? I don’t know, but I would when it came. I stayed there for an hour or so, I didn’t even get tired. I watched a clock tower near by, it sounded every half-hour, that’s how I remember it was exactly 6 o’clock whenever a child in a gray robe that reached down to the floor came up to me. She was tiny her wrists were small and her hair was dark, she smiled beautifully down at me.

“Hello.” She said, her voice was too high, and too bell-like to be human. I looked her up and down, she was a vampire, she looked around 14 or 15, but I was smarter than that. She had to be with the Volturi.

“Hi.” I stood slowly, my eyes meet her crimson irises. Confusion streaked her face. “So what do you know about vampires?” I said it all very slowly. Her face exploded with an emotion I could only describe as surprise. She crotched in defense, as if I might come after her. Wow, she was afraid of me, I was only a human. I backed up to the wall of a store, the bricks were cold with the night.

I heard a snarl building up in the small girl’s chest, her crimson eyes locked on me, “You should be on the ground, withering in pain.” She said it barely loud enough for me to hear. I vaguely wanted to know her power.

Suddenly, a man, who’s size instantly reminded me of Emmett, came out of the shadows behind her. Jane heard him and relaxed a bit.

“Jane,” he said, “what is taking you so long, we were told to hunt and be back for the meeting.”

“Felix,” Jane said, then pointing to me, “she knows about us.” Felix turned and looked me up and down, as I did the same to him. He was a pretty big guy, he looked around 20, 21. His brown hair was cropped short, his skin was slightly olive - it was odd compared to Jane’s chalky pallor. He too wore a pearl gray cloak that swept the ground.

“Can you help me?” I went for the innocent approach, “I’m so very lost.” Felix stepped closer, he kept walking toward me until I could reach out and touch him.

“What is your name human?” I was stumped, Bella? Amara? Bella? Amara?

“Bella.” I said. The human part of me, yes, Bella.

“Hum, Bella? Do you know what we are?”

“The Volturi vampires.” I wanted to cry, “Right?”

“Do you know what happens when a human knows about us, Bella?” his face became a hard statue.

“No, I don’t but I’m very sure that your Jane here is wondering very much why she can’t hurt me, and I’m sure whomever it is you answer to will be wondering also. And how are they to find out if I am no longer around? Hum?” Why was I trying to protect myself now? I want to die not stick around while they test on me. Maybe, just maybe, I wanted to know too.

“Jane,” Felix turned to her, “your power is not working on her?” I held my breath.

“No.” she looked down.

“We should take her to see Aro.”


Chapter 3-- The Turning
/// Bella’s POV///

We went through a series of tunnels, I only tripped once and I was glad for that, but my mortal pace aggravated Felix who walked behind me, every few minutes I heard him heave a sigh. Jane walked in front of me keeping a steady human walk capacity. We didn’t talk. I was starting already to wish that tomorrow was going to happen, while yesterday I didn’t.

The tunnels were cold, dark, and wet. My teeth started to chatter at one point, so I hugged myself tightly, refusing to let the misery have me. We walked a little farther then Jane pushed on one of the bricks in the wall, an elevator door opened next to it, we filed in. The elevator was very modern, built to fit with a décor. Obviously not the one of the tunnels.

The ride in the elevator was short, when we came out we were in an office like area, it was warmer here, for that I was grateful. As soon as I walked out of the elevator I was sure this was the room that it was built to go with. There was a desk to match the room, a receptionist sat behind it, I tried not to gawk at her she was tall, beautiful, brunet, with pretty green eyes. She’d be normal just about anywhere else, but here, here she was out of place, because she was just as human as I was.

“Jane.” She said in acknowledgement. Jane only nodded. I looked back as Felix passed her and he winked at her, she suppressed a giggle. I wandered if she had any idea what was happening here, she made no reaction to the bright crimson of their eyes so I could only imagine she did.

Across the room a boy that looked as if he could be Jane’s twin wore a washed out gray colored suit, Jane put a hand up to stop me and I did. She walked to him and tugged his arm they moved a fraction of an inch farther away. Jane’s lips moved fast as she talked low to him, I mused if Felix could hear her. I stayed quiet and still, I was sure the only sound they could hear coming from me was my heart beating. Jane and the boy began moving back to us.

“Bella, dear one, why have you sought us out?” the boy said. I wished I knew his name.
“I talk only with your leader.” I found myself saying the words with out thinking them, wondering where they came from.

“Alec,” it was Jane, “I think we should take her to Aro.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, she doesn’t know what she’s doing-”

“I know exactly what I’m doing.” I interrupted. Alec looked at me, he gave me a disbelieving look, then turned to Jane.

“Okay. Fine. Take her. He’s in the dungeons.”

“Thank you, Alec.” Jane said, as she reached up to kiss his cheek.

We walked past Alec and into another room. I wanted to groan. It was just as cold and wet as the tunnels. The room was long and had a door on the other side, from where we came in. The door was thick and wooden, I knew this because it stood open, on the other side of the room from where we came in.

On the other side of the door we went through hallway after hallway. Soon we came to what reminded me of a castle dungeon, inside the room there were thrones, at least 6, set up in an unordered fashion. One man stood the second he saw us.

“Jane, dear, you’re back I trust you fed well?”

“Yes, Aro.” then she pointed toward me, “ this is the human, Bella.” Aro gave Jane a questioning look, she held up her hand in front of her, Aro took it. His eyes went unfocused, he smiled. He let go of her hand and faced me.

“Bella, you’ve baffled, Jane. Her power didn’t work on you. May I try to read your mind. I only can through touch.”

Over my ashes. I thought.

“Yes, of course.” I said, then lifted my hand, confident it wouldn’t work. He came closer, then placed his hand on mine, he had a smug look to him as he did it. For a second I thought maybe he did it, that he’d gotten in. But then his face faltered, and his eye searched my eyes.

He looked around thirty, his facial features were very pronounced and angular, but he was beautiful in his own way.

“Kill me.” I whispered.

“Excuse me?”

“I said kill me.”

“Now why would I do that?”

“Because, I know what you are.”

“Yes, but I can’t kill you, you’re too powerful. Stronger than Jane or Alec, even me. I can’t waste that kind of strength.”

“But I want to die.”

“Well, I’m sorry I have to do this.”

Then he went for my throat.


Chapter 4-- My Amara
///Edward’s POV///

It’s been 15 years, I wonder it she’s even still alive. I hope so. I’m staring out the window, wondering, wishing.

I’m living alone, again.

The phone rings, it’s Alice.


“Hey, Edward. I need to see you, you’re in New York, right?”

“Yeah, what’s this about, Alice?”



“No, it’s a name dummy.”


“It’s important.”

“Okay, um, lets meet down-”

“Yeah, that sounds great.”

“Sometimes I wish you couldn’t tell the future.”

“Yeah, and sometimes I wish you couldn’t read minds.”

“I couldn’t read Bella’s…

“…okay, bye.”


Okay… strange.

I reached for my car keys and headed to the coffee shop.

Once I was there, I ordered a late`- so I wouldn’t look stupid, I pretended to drink it, waiting for Alice to show. I was about to leave when Alice walked in, she was distraught, her thoughts scattered,

I knew, but… no she wouldn’t… yes she would… but, no… she loves him I already know that… engaged!

And then I saw it what all the confusion was about. Bella. A vampire. By Aro. Great. And I was too late, she‘d been that way for years. She was ENGAGED! What to who? How? What?

Alice struggled to keep a human pace as she walked over and sat across from me, she stayed quiet as she ran over the story in her head.

I knew she was a vampire but, Edward, you must understand. If I’d told you, you would have stopped it from happening. She was born for it, Edward. It was what she wanted, you took yourself away, and didn’t give her anything in return, she wanted two things when we were with her- you and to be like you, a vampire. You took her chances at both by leaving, I know you thought it was a good thing but you don’t live with her jacked-up future replaying over and over in you’re head, she is a part of the Volturri now, she’s engaged to Demetri. Edward, we have to do something.

When she finished explaining in her head, she spoke. “I went to see her a month after we left, she changed her name to Amara.” She sighed, “I think she hates you…”

“Oh, I know she does.”

“You don’t sound like you care too much.”

“I care.”

“Then lets go.”

“Should we? Alice? I mean think about it, all I do is hurt her.”

“Edward, she’s ENGAGED, you aren’t gonna do anything about that?” She was outraged.

“Why, Alice? Why should I?”

“Because, you are meant to be together!”

“Maybe we aren’t. Maybe that’s why she’s engaged to him.” Then jealousy washed through me, I staggered, and let it have me, the jealousy took over, and made the choices. Alice’s face changed, she looked happy, I’d just made myself want to go. In Alice’s vision she and I were knocking on the front door of the Volturri castle.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Alice squealed with joy as she stood up. I stood too and, she hugged me, I hugged her back. Then I grabbed my coat and threw away the full late`, then we headed out the door, to go see my Bella.

Because no human bloodsucker was going to have her, and definitely not a tracker.


Chapter5-- Demetri and Me
///Bella’s POV///

I stared at my reflection in the river, my eyes blood red, my hair fire orange, and my chalk white skin, and missed my brown eyes. Demetri told me he would buy me a round of contacts for the wedding next month. I loved him but I wasn’t in love with him, he knew that when we started dating. He knew that if Alice would ever show up with my Edward that he’d be gone, I’d put up my shield and run, he knew that I was shielding the Cullens from his tracking, he was okay with that as long as I didn’t lie about it, and I didn’t. Aro’s concerned that we’re rushing it a bit, and, well, we are.

Alice needs to see it, if Alice sees it, Edward knows about it, if Edward knows about it , I really hope he’ll try to stop it.

When I “woke up” I could do so many things, I could use Jane’s power, which I did against Felix, I could shield many people over a very wide range, it took almost two years for me to be able to shield Alice, I call her sometimes, to chat, but she’s very cautious about thinking about it when she’s around Edward, her and Jasper are closer than ever, they’re living as a couple in Mane, Rose and Emmett are in Africa- um, having ’fun’ as Emmett says. Yeah he sends post cards, the last one was a picture of Rose on a camel, and I’ve got to admit it was hilarious. Esme sends e-mails, there usually short, and I don’t answer, I know I should but I can never bring my self to write ether Emmett or Esme back. She does it out of her big heart, I wander if Carlisle knows, and Emmett just misses making fun of me, though I could probably take him now. I was stronger than him, the human blood did that to you. That animal tofu crap made them weak, it made no sense to me really, but I’d do it if I could get back Edward, but I didn’t know if he loved me anymore, that’s why I was doing this, it’s a test. I really love Demetri, but I love him more.

Just then Demetri came out of the trees, “Amara, Love, Would you like to go hunting with me? Just in to town a bit?” I turned around and nodded, still sitting down, “Yes, Demetri, soon, but will you sit with me a few minutes, please?”

“Of course, dear.” He said. I remember when I first met Demetri, he used to scare the crap out of me, for the longest time I purposely avoided him. I wonder if he knew that, but we started talking at the meetings and get-togethers, soon we would hunt together and then, he popped the question about a month ago, next month I could be walking down the isle.

Where are you Alice!?
Demetri sat next to me and kissed my cheek, I wanted to pull away, but instead I leaned against him, I didn’t need to I could sit in the same position for weeks on end and not get the least bit tired, but because I didn’t want to seem distant.


Chapter 6-- Isabelle's Bridal
///Edward’s POV///

I was out side the air port around ten, the sun was set, and I was off to search for my Bella. Alice went back to Alaska to get the rest of the family, at least that’s what she said, she was thinking to get Jasper. It was almost feeding time, I knew that from the time period I lived over here. She wouldn’t be at the castle, not anymore, she’d be out. With Demetri? Oh, I hope not I didn’t want to have to fight him just yet. Wait if he’s a tracker wouldn’t he know I was here? Maybe he wasn’t paying any attention. I hope so. I walked up and down the streets of the town, listening, no one had seen her.

I walked in front of a store called Isabelle’s, I heard… screaming? Very, very faint screaming. Like a kid’s yelping… I opened the door to the store, it was a bridal store, if my heart were still beating it would have stopped all over again, I looked around, the store was closed, it was dark, and I still heard the screaming, but it wasn’t as faint, It wasn’t just screaming anymore it was laughing and… and… fun, like it was a game.

I walked to the front desk and heard exactly where it was coming from, the screams I mean, the back room, where they did the measurements. I could see the plan unfolding in my mind, Bella and Demetri walk in wanting a dress the Isabelle was about to close the store but being nice, she lets them stay to measure her for the wedding dress. Great. This fight might have to happen.

I walked around the desk toward the back, I stepped in blood, then a shiver went up my spine, my throat burned like a hot iron was stuck there, then I remembered Bella’s smell, I took a deep breath, and told myself to deal. I walked to the door to the back room and opened it, Bella stopped mid-laugh and turned to the door.

“Edward.” she whispered, dropping Isabelle to the floor in a panic, while I stared at here calmly. Demetri glance between me and Bella, his thoughts along the lines of:

What the hell’s going on?


Chapter 7-- Breaking Down
//Bella’s POV//

I couldn’t move, couldn’t think, couldn’t BREATH, good thing I didn’t have to. Edward was here, he really came, I wanted to run into his arms and stay there for eternity, but I couldn’t, he didn’t love me anymore, did he? Wait. Aro’s power! I could use it, I needed to know what he was thinking when he left me, maybe, maybe I was an experiment, maybe I was real. I don’t know.

I needed to touch him, just a little, but I was across the room from him, in two seconds I could be right next him, I could be hugging him, or slapping him. I felt like doing both, but I wasn’t Bella, Bella was weak, I wasn’t, I was Amara, and strong, but the second my hand “accidentally” hit him, or ran across his, Bella would take over, so I did the only logical thing to do , first, I blocked everyone’s mind I could think of, then I ran, I ran as fast as I could, past Edward, down three streets, across one, and around the castle’s courtyard. I was in the thrown room in no time. I ran up five flights of stairs, down a long hallway and in to my room.

My room had a huge king sized bed with a white mesh princess canopy hanging from the ceiling, I had a huge walk-in closet, a bathroom almost the same size as the closet, the walls were painted a soft purple with no pictures, and a humongous stereo. I locked the door and turned on the stereo as loud as I could, trying and failing to tune out reality.

There was a knock at my door. I wondered who it was, I didn’t move though, I slid down the wall and sat holding my knees to my chest, and breathing, just breathing.

The music stopped, and I felt cold arms wrap around me as I sat that way, with my eye’s closed, I didn’t know who it was, I just assumed it was Jane, she was my best friend, she always listened to my problems, from the Edward ones to the stupid ones, but when I looked up in to those sad golden eyes, I jumped up as fast as I could, I felt so… human, so fragile.

Is she okay?

Awesome, reading minds…

“Am I okay? No, I’m not okay! What the hell are you doing in my room?” I said, I wanted to scream. Edward’s jaw dropped, “Wait, you can-” I cut him off, “Read minds? Yeah, I can also put you on the ground in unimaginable pain, without ever touching you.” I said, Edward’s eyes widened, “I’ll remember that,” he said.

“Edward, what are you doing here?” I said, turning around toward my window.

“Bell-” I snapped back around, “Don’t call me that.” I said.

“Oh, right, Amara.” My breathing stopped, Edward was standing behind me in a second, his breath on my neck, his mouth at my ear, “Stupid Amara, thinks she can hide Bella under the surface with a new name?”

“I’m not hiding anything.” I said and walked to the door, opened it and said, “Don’t make me have to hurt you.”

“Of course not Miss Amara.” He put emphasis on the ‘Miss’ part, and walked to stand in the door way, “you know, I’m not giving up.” then in his head he added, ‘and you’re NOT marring that tracker.’ he made ‘tracker’ sound like a dirty word. Then he left. He left and his thoughts were going through different ways to crash my wedding, I smiled to myself and shut the door, once again.


Chapter 8-- Expectaions
///Edward’s POV///

My phone rang as soon as I was out of the castle. Bella, Amara, whatever, looked so beautiful tonight- oh what am I saying, she’d always been beautiful, I knew that. I guess my memories were faded, or tainted. Though she’d changed almost every aspect over herself, her hair, eyes, and even her name, but it was still my Bella, and she had to know that, didn’t she? She acted so cold, like maybe she really had change, but I knew better the sparks were there, I saw them, felt them, did she?

‘Ring, ring, ring’ my cell phone yelled at me.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Edward,” Alice was saying on the other line, “the plane just landed, and I saw Isabelle’s.”

“See you in a few.” I said emotionlessly.



At the airport, we had a family discussion. Everyone’s thoughts were, well, scattered:

Emmett: Why didn’t she answer my post cards?

Rose: Is she gonna be prettier than me now?

Esme: I did miss her dearly, as did Edward, how is she engaged?

Carlisle: Well at least we wont have to stop to make sure she doesn’t fall.

Jasper: I hope she can control her emotions better now.

Alice: Should I ask him what to do? Or will he tell us?

“Okay, everyone attention?” I said, everyone’s questions bubbled to the top of their heads as they turned to me. “she’s alive… in so many words, she drinks from humans, not like us, she remembers… everything. Emmett, I don’t know why she didn’t answer your cards, Rose, yes, she always was,” Rose gave me a dirty look, “Esme, yes she’s engaged, but not for long, Carlisle, not funny, Jasper, from what I can tell, she can. And Alice, we’re crashing a wedding.”


Chapter 9-- What’s Love?
///Bella’s POV///

After Edward left, I laid down in my bed and waited for Demetri to arrive home. I didn’t have to wait very long, I was silently crying dry tears when the second set of cold arms wrapped around me, Demetri was home.

“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” he said, my face was buried in a pillow, I sat up and put the pillow back the way it was supposed to be and pulled out of his arms, and stood beside the bed I looked at him, no, I stared at him, not speaking, for a few minutes. I let out a deep sigh, and turned away, walking into my closet, remembering my clothes were probably covered with blood. I looked through my clothes and found a simple outfit, one that I’d worn only once. Since becoming a vampire my fashion sense had increased. Alice would be proud. I laughed mentally at that, I wished she knew that, well maybe she was watching… I picked out a cute deep blue cami from Aéropostale, short shorts from AE (American Eagle), flip flops- also from Aéropostale, a heart locket necklace, and blue glitter- filled bracelets. [[[[[The picture is posted below.]]]]]

I walked out of the closet, once I was fully dressed, and looked toward the bed where Demetri sat looking down at the floor. His thoughts replaying the scene at Isabelle’s in his mind. I realized he hadn’t said a word since asking me what was wrong.

“Demetri?” I asked, tensely.

“Yes, Amara love?” he said, looking up from the ground. He suddenly had a sort of puppy dog look to him. I wanted to cry all over again.

“Please, don’t call me ‘Love’ any more.” I said, holding back my tearless sobs, then I turned out of the room, but was stopped by Demetri’s russet- colored hand pulling back my hand. He turned me to face him. I looked up at his expression, it wasn’t sad or upset… or even mad. He looked like… like he understood, Amara, I love you. He was thinking.

“No, you don’t love me. You don’t even know what love is, and you probably never will. I do, though, I may never get to embrace it as I must spend the rest of forever with you, because you think you know what love is.” I whispered, it was probably the longest sentence I’d ever said to him out loud.

He closed his eyes as if he were considering this, and his mind went on a rampage, blaming himself for my problems, I smiled sweetly, and put the palm of my hand on his cheek, he opened his eyes and smiled apologetically. I shook my head and said, “No, Demetri, don’t blame yourself, blame me. I’m the one who agreed to this stupid deal.”

“Amara, you do not have to marry me, not if you do not want to.” oh, how I wished that were true…

“Demetri, you and I both know this wedding must take place. Aro would be quite disappointed if it did not, and no one wants that. Now do we?” I said, a bit sharply.

Demetri nodded his head slowly, pondering that, “But, Amara, you’re in love with-” he was cut off by a yelling Jane.

“Amara! I need you in the thrown room, right away!” She said urgently.


This is Amara’s/ Bella’s Chapter 9 outfit.


Chapter 10-- Visions.
///Edward’s POV///

“Alice, will it work?” Emmett asked.

Damned future seein’ pixie.

I held back laughter as Emmett shot me a look, I didn’t think that! he scolded me mentally.

“Yes it will,” Alice said with unfocused eyes, “but she wont be very happy with us.”

“Well, can’t we just walk in there and start ripping out thoughts?” you guessed it, Emmett said that.

“Don’t get yourself all worked up.” Jasper was annoyed with Emmett. I chuckled.

“So have we taken into consideration her powers?” I asked Alice.

“Yes and no,” Alice said, then thought We don’t even know all of her powers, she could be able to move thing with her mind for all we know, she never told me her power, not really. All we know for sure is that she can read your mind and you still can’t read hers.

I nodded slowly, pondering this, um… maybe she could just read minds and that was all, maybe she was just guessing… no, because she said she could read it.

“Oh, yeah, she said she could put me to the ground in ‘unimaginable pain’ with out touching me.” I told Alice.

Then her eyes glazed over once again, they were as if she were staring off into space. I watched in here mind as my Bella, well Amara, exploded into tears, blood red tears, then saw the Volturri, my family, and I stood around her, she held her head in her hands and then everyone around her fell to the ground in obvious pain. Alice gasped as she came back, I felt my jaw drop and my eye widen a fraction.

Alice looked at me and said, “Edward, what are we gonna do?”

“I don’t know, Alice, I don’t know.” I said looking down.


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I know this sounds like another story on here, "the new bella" i think that's what its called, but this will be different. Hence, the name- SomethingDifferent. Read, and if you like, tell me- i'll post more.
I love it..not like LOVE more soon and tell me when you post!
if you add me as a friend, i will totally keep you up to date with my posts.

Yeah, i heard about that, thanxx, would you like me to message you when i up date it?

if so then add me as a friend.

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This is good!

Hey add me too! i wanna know wat really happen next!!
i'll coment you when i post more, promise.

This is really good :) When did you start writing it? I like it :) Please message me when you decided to write another segment.

i started writing a few weeks ago on word documents, thanxx.
will do.

yeah, she's not suposed to geat it yett, she will.




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