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I was driving to charlies house in my mercedes and listening to boom boom pow by black eyed peas. i had just gotten off the plane from pheonix. my mother loved me and i loved her but i just couldnt deal with her and phil anymore. i have a boyfriend ive been dating for almost 2 years now. his name is zach and i really love him. i think. the thing is i know i love him i just cant seem to find myself in love with him. there is no lust he is more like a bestfriend then anything else to me. even though there was no lust i gave myself to him anyway. but he was part of the reason i left because i had pretty much enoph of relationships. i just wanted to play around with guys emotions a bit. im not trying to be mean but i ve just had enoph of guys. zach is the only one i wont play with. charlie had lots of money and a huge house but he was never around. which i was thankful for charlie was the last thing i wanted to worry about. as i pulled up into the driveway i saw my big bear of a brother emmett standing there with 4 other people i didnt know who they were but something told me i would very soon. as i walked up i saw a beautiful blande girl by emmet then there was a little pixie like girl who i could tell was really bubbly and energetic. her face had a smile like a little kid on a christmas morning. beside her was a blonde boy who looked kinda like the baeutiful blande girl. the last one was the most beautiful guy i have ever seen. he had the most mesmarizing eyes i could get lost in them...

"Welcoome home Bella" emmett screeched and ran upto give me a big bear hug and to turn me around in a circle. when he put me down i felt like i was drunk.

"sorry sis" he said with a apoligetic face. he turned to the other four that were smiling brightly at me. "Bella this is my girlfriend rosalie" he said and she came up and gave me a hug. "Welcome to forks Bella" She said to me

" Bella this is jasper, alice and edward" emmett said pointing out everyone. jasper just awkwardly shook my hand and steppeed away. alice came running to me and gave me a hug.

"great to finally meet you bella emmett hasent stopped talking about you since you told him you were coming" said edward.

i rolled my eyes at my brother and he blushed a crimson red. me and him could be voted the blushing king and queen.

"its really nice to meet all of you i said after a couple of seconds.

emmett was the first one to break the silence"come on every one lets go inside.


after we all went inside i told them i was going to go change my outfit. i went upstairs to my huge room with the king sized bed and unpacked everything. i wanted to wear something really sexy. i wanted to blow edwards mind. he was so cute. i put on a very hot black top that was showing lots of cleavage, i put on some ice blue shorts that was right under my bum i wanted to show off my legs a little bit. for shoes i put on a pair of black gladiators. i got some black bracelets to go with it and if course i had my neclace that zach gave me i rarely took that off. he gave it to me on our 1 year anniversary and i gave him my virginity. thinking of him i told him i would call him when i came but ill do that tonight. i starained my hair and put on very light makeup. when i waled downstairs i could feel eevryone looking at me. emmett was shocked he had never seen me this way before. but this was the new bella. he needed to get used to it. i could feel edward staring at though i didnt lok at him i could tell by the smile on his lips he liked my outfit too.

"wow Bella i have never seen you dressed like this before" emmett said and i bluched good thing i already had blush on.

" i think she looks great" edward said i blushed even more.

"thank you" i said and sat down next to him.

the silence was awkward for a minute so emmett started asking questions...

"so bella do you have a boyfriend" he asked casually. i was right about to answer when my iphone rang. i saw that it was zach and i decided to take it.

"excuse me " i said and walked into the kitchen. "hello" i said as soon as i aswered the phone. me and zach talked for about 10 minutes. he asked me how i liked forks so far and that he missed and he love me. i told him i loved him too and hung up. i walked into the living room to find everyone quiet, probably listening to me on the phone.

"so as i was asking before do you have a boyfriend?" emmett asked again.i didnt want to lie to him so i answered

"yes emmett i do actually."

" how long have you two been tohether?" he asked

" almost 2 years" i answered looking at my newly polished nails.

" so are you still a virgin" he asked and i did a double take. his questuins were getting very annoying. i could feel edward staring at me waiting for my answer so i finilly decided why lie he would find out eventually.

" no i am not emmett" i answered and i could almost hear emmetts face turning red from anger. but he didnt comment anymore on the subject. edward looked almost as mad as emmett. i knew he found me attractive but c'mon i just met the guy. emmett decided to change the subject and ask me about my necklace . when i told him it was from zach he looked like he hadnt said anything all together. no body had really been talking . i broke the silence.

"So do you guys ussually stay here" i asked

"Yea mostly we do" alice answered. "hey bella do you wanna go swimming tomorow?" she asked she had the most pleading face so i just said sure. she started jumping up and down. i noticed rosalie and emmett whispering to eachother while we were talkin. a few minutes later they got up an said they were goin to bed. alice and jasper claimed they were tured as well and made their way upto their room. i took to oppurtunity to get to know edward.

" so how serious are you and your boyfriend?" asked edward after a few minutes of small talk.

"not too serious " i told edward."he is more like a bestfriend now there is no lust or that spark we had in our relationship. i think im going to break up with him soon" i told him he looked really pleased at that comment.

" oh im sorry " he said

"no your not " i told him "because if you were you wouldnt like it when i do this" and i took his face between my hands and kissed him with a passion i had never kissed zach with before. before i knew what was going on he pulled me really close to him every inch of our bodies was touching he was a very good kisser. without thinking i rested my tounge on his lips begging him to let me enter and he did. i melted just right then and there. eventually i pulled away because i needed to breathe.

"will you stay in my room tonight?" i asked him

"of course i will" he answered me.

i got up from the couch took his hand and walked upstairs to my room....

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this is good write more soon.
this very very good rire more
thanks for the commentsguys i will probably rite more tonight

Chapter 3

As we walked uo to my room i couldnt help by feel exited about this i wasent sure what i wanted to do. did i want to have do it with him tonight or wait the new bellla wouldve said do it tonight but the old bella saod get to know him better. in the end the new bella won the fight. we walked into my room and i didnt really let edward speak i crushed my mouth to his and started to unbutton his shirt.....

being with edward was pore bliss he was much better then zach i might add but still. when i woke up i saw that edward was still sleeping. i quietly got up from the bed to take a shower. the hot water felt good on my skin just as i was about to shampoo my hair i heard edward come into the bathroom. he looked at me with puppydog eyes and asked if he could. and i didnt really reject....

this was pure heaven. i hadnt been this happy in a long time. we walked out of the shower and wrapped ip in a towel.i walked into my closet to get a pair of black skinny jeans, a light blue top that shoved my stomach, black stilletoes, and of course some jewelry. i put on little makeup. when i turned around i saw edward was already dressed in some checkered shorts from hollister and a shirt that was also from hollister. he did look pretty sexy. i think he rwally liked my outfit because he couldnt stop smiling.

"c'mon lets go downstairs" i told him. and i took his hand and walked downstairs to see everyone looking at us. emmett looked like he was about to kill someone rosalie just tried to calm emmett jasper and alice was beaming at us so this apperantly made them happy.emmett got off the couch and started screaming at edward.

"WHAT THE --------- do you think your doing edward this my SISTER!!!! HOW COULD YOU?!!!!" i had to stop this now it was getting way out of hand.

"EMMETT CHILL I ASKED HIM TO STAY IN MY ROOM LAST NIGH!!!!" emmett looked taken back for a minute

" you just met him bella how could you plus you have a boyfriend" i flinched when he brought up zach into our conversation
and i saw edward frowning from the corner of my eyes.

" look me and zach are about to break up emmett and i just wanted to have a little fun ok me and edward arent a couple or anythung i dont want a boyfriend. it was just fun for a night thing ok so just chill" emmett went ten different sahdes of red. then turned around and sat beside rose. i saw edward looking really dissapointed oh well.

" lets go get ready bella were going out to breakfast then swimming ok" alice said to me then turned around to face everyone else. "everybody get your swimsuits on and lets go" alice said very exited.

me alice and rose walked in my room to get changed. i went into my closet to look throught my swinsuit collection i wanted something very sexy to wear. i decided on my hot pink bikini with a heeart design on the top and on the bottom. i put on just jean shorts over the bottoms but didnt wear anything over the top. i put on hot pink flip flops to go with it. i walked back in to my room to see rosalie with a red bikini and a white sundress with red flipflops and alice was wearing a black and white striped bikini with black tanktop and a white mini skirt over it.

"you guys look great" i told them

"thanks" they both said in unision and smiled.

"you look really nice too bella" rosalie added.

"thanks" i said. and we both walked downsatirs to meet the guys. jasper was wearing billabong shorts that were blue with a shirt over them. emmett was wearing black and white swimshort with no shirt on. then edward was there looking beautiful as ever in his swimtrunks just flaunting his mucles. emmett jasper and edward couldnt stop staring at us.

"well where are we going to breakfast" i asked.

"dennys" replied emmett who was still stariing at rosalie

"well lets go then " i said and walked into my car. edward was in my car ssitting in the passenger sear. alice and jasper went to sit in the back. rose and emmett was in emms huge jeep. the reason i wanted to drive was because me and emm were both crazy drivers and i wanted to show off a bit. i turned and looked meaningfully at emmett and he was hugely smiling because he knew what i wanted to do. everyone in my car just looked at me.

"fasten your seatbelts guys" i told them they even looked more confused now.

"me and emmett are gonna race" i told them they didnt say anything else just buckled up.

me and emm pulled out and started to get in a line. i pulled down the windows and emm did the same. " READY SET GO" i yelled

and we were off emmett was trying hard to catch up with me but couldnt i was goin like 113 mph edward was next to me just smiling and looking terrified alice was trying to calm down in jaspers arms i could tell they were a bit scared but i knew i wouldnt crash i was a very good driver. i pulled up in to dennys and about 20 seconds later so did emmett looking very mad. oh welll at least i won...

hey guys i need you guys to leave comments so i noo what you guys think

ps more should be up by tomorow
I like it!!!! I'm excited for the post tomorrow!
i like it
really gOOd
but ii dOnt liike
that bella iits liike that wiith Edward!
iits SO mean!
that was awesome keep writting
pls write more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
write more please this story is stating to get very interesting.
I like it!!!!!!!(:
hey guys as son as im home from school i will write more thank you for all your comments next chapter is going to be very intersting with bella and edward like i said she is a total pllayer now and till you read the things she does!!!!



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