The Twilight Saga

Players Suck! Or So We Thought?(Edward and Bella) Written By:Kanako Cullen

Bella is the new girl to the wonderful city of Wavery Place.

Her family moved there because,they want to start up a dinner.

Edward is a player.He is hot,a football player,and did I mention hot?!So will Bella soon like him or would she get her chance to leave New York and go back back to Michgan and be with her hot boyfriend?


Chapter 1

Some Guys Are Welcoming And Some Guys Have Corny Pick-Up Lines



I hate it that I was moving to New York.I don't understand why.My dad Charlie Swan was the best lawyer in Forks.My mother was on the radio.She wa an announcer.She was great at her job.My brother was the jock.He did Football.Me, I am the cheerleader.Perfect right!I am supposed to be dating the hot football guy.And I am.It is so awesome.His name was Spencer.He is so perfect.He has dark brown hair the most whitest teeth and has sea blue eyes.But I won't be able to see those teeth and kiss those perfect lips until the summer.It sucks.We plan on going to the same college and getting married when we graduate from college.It was perfect.He was perfect.

We arrived in Waverly Place.I got out of the car and saw my parent's looking at and saying how perfect it is.I saw a shop that was vacent that said 'FOR SALE',then there was a sign on top of it saying.'SOLD'.My parent's didn't.

"Bella do you like the shop?"Renee my mother asked.I smiled and nodded.

"Yep.You remember that essay I did in second grade?"I asked.She nodded.

"Well it is totally bumps out my favorite place 6 Flags"I said.Renee went to me.

"You will get use to it.I promise.Now why don't you get your stuff and we can clean the place that bumped Six Flags off your favorite place"I rolled my eyes and smiled.

"You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you Can't Fool your mom"My Dad said.I laughed.

"Ok Dad"I said.He went in.Emmett my brother picked up his stuff.I got my stuff and headed inside.I went to my room.It was perfect.Big.Probaly bigger than my old one.I put my stuff down and saw my parent's painted my room dark purple while they came over when it was Spring Break.It was fun while they went to.Me and Emmett to Jackson Evan's party.It was the frist time I got drunk.But Spencer helped me get home safe.Perfect again.I started putting up my stuff.I put my books away and my clothes away.I started making my bed.I went downstairs and saw my parent's dancing to old tunes.Like Thriller.Emmett came down.

"Random"He said.I nodded.

"Totally.How did we get such loser parent's?"I asked.He shrugged.

"Bella can you get the last box that's in the car?"I heard my mother asked.I really shouldn't call her mom.She was such a loser.I nodded.

"Sure.As long as I get away from this awful show"I said.Emmett chuckled.I went downstairs and got the last box.

"WATCH OUT!"I heard someone say.I turned around and a football hit me in the head.I blacked out for a second.It hurts so bad.I opened my eyes and saw the most cutest most perfect green eyes ever.He had bronze color hair and perfect teeth.More perfect than Spencer's.Is that even possible?He looked at me and smiled a perfect angle crooked smile.

"Are you ok?"He asked.I sat up and blinked a couple of times and nodded.

"Yep!Thanks for hitting me with a football"I said sarcastically.He laughed and nodded.

"My pleasure."I nodded.I tried to get up.He got up.

"Let me help you"He said.I nodded.He took my hand.I felt a shock go though.I pulled away when I got up.

"I'm Edward Cullen."He said.I like it.Old fashion.I nodded.

"Isabella Swan..but I like going by Bella"I said.He nodded.

"Well your name is perfect for you"I laughed.That was so corny.

"I think I feel like Richard Gere - I'm standing next to you, the Pretty Woman."I laughed even harder.Can a guy be any cornier?But then I stopped.He was a player.I smiled.I looked at my feet.

"Your so funny..but do you know something funnier?"I asked.Edward shook his head.I stepped on his foot.

"That is pretty funny"I said.I picked up the box and headed toward my door.

"Come on.You have to be atleast a little intrested in me?"Edward asked.I turned to him.Edward was a stupid guy.He was a player.And I have a boyfriend.

"No.I am sorry.But players aren't my type"I said.He took the box from me.I groaned.Couldn't he leave or go throw a football again at another girl?

"Come on.Just a date"I shook my head.

"I am serious"I said.

"Ok but I promise you one day you will come crawling to me"He said.I nodded.

"Ok and Edward?"I asked.He nodded.

"Yeah?"He asked.

"You need a new pick-up lines.Goodbye"I said.I headed inside smiling.He was a total player and I knew why.


Chapter 2

What Is Making Me So Atractive To This Girl?



I don't know why I was so intrested in this girl.She was beauitful.She had long brown wavy hair that went down to her waist.She had choclate brown eyes.And her name was Bella.I wish I could have her.I had to get her.I got up from bed.It was another day of boring school.I got dress.I put on a polo shirt and some jeans and some converse.I went downstairs.I got an apple.I sat down.When I finished eating me and my sister Alice walked to school.We went and I saw Alice running to her friend Grace.They went to the bike rack.I was talking to my friend Max.

"Did ou hear there are new students?"Max asked.I nodded.I knew one.Bella.Beautiful Bella.That was all I could think about.And what brought me more to her was that she wasn't intrested in me.

"Yeah.And she is beautiful"I said.Max laughed.

"Well you better be careful who you tell that to because,you know how Tayna feels"Tayna was my on and off again girlfriend.Grace and Alice came by us.

" My brother wants to work badly on that test Mr.Berty is giving"Alice said.That was true.I was planning on putting that on my college application.

" As I remember, he usually does!"Grace said.Grace and I use to date.She was pretty.She had blonde hair and sky blue eyes.I smiled.

"Grace"I said.

"Edward"She said.They went in.

"I can't belive you dated her"Max said.I nodded.

"I know"I said.Just then Bella came with her bike.She put it on the rack.

"Who is that hot babe?"Max asked.I rolled my eyes.She wasn't just any babe.She was different.

"That is Bella Swan Max"I said.He nodded.The bell runged and we went to our class.I sat down in English.And during the whole lesson all I could think about was Bella.And her only.When it was gym we had to run.I saw Bella running with Alice.I stopped.Perfect.My sister is going to be friends with Bella.I can use that.Just get Bella by her being around my place.Tayna came running to me.

"Edward do you think you can come over later?"She asked.I sigh.

"Tayna.I think your great but I don't think we will work out.I am sorry"I said.I started running.I just left her like that.Just like Jessica did to me.When we were 10.And it still hurts my heart when I think of it.I kept running.I past Bella and Alice.I went to my locker.I felt sick to my stomach.Just then Bella went to her locker which was next to mine.

"Hi Bella"I said.She turned to me.

"What no corny pick-up line?"She asked.She laughed and got her stuff.

"No sorry left them at home"I said.She laughed harder.

"Your funny without the pick-up line"She said.I smiled.She closed her locker.

"Edward.Maybe we can just be friends"Bella said.I nodded.I wanted to be more.

"Sure.I would like that"She smiled and nodded.I just looked though my locker.Waiting for Bella to leave.

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awesome start can't wait for more
love it <33
keep me updated!!

love shauny
its good.....keep me updated..pleasee...n writee morreee....!!!!
omg i luuv this keep me updated!!!
great chaoters write more soon
love it
Loved it!!!
love it
keep me updated please
i love it plz keep me updated
Chapter 3
After The Whole Baby Thing.My Boyfriend Came.Then I Dumped Him.But Then I Kissed My Crush.Perfect Week Right?

Renee had the baby.She was so cute.Her name was Coutney.She was so cute.I was eating breakfast and having to film something for my photograph/directing class.It was so boring but I had to make a doctmentary about my family.So I choose to teach Coutney about our family.
"Look how cute Countney you look at 9 months"I said.I turned the camera to me.
"And look how cute I am"I said.I smiled.I saw Coutney having some apple sauce.I laughed.
"I can see that you like apple sauce"I said.I cleaned her mouth.Mom came in.She looked horrible.
"Mom your looking fine as ever"she looked at me mad.
"Don't start"She said.I nodded.I saw Emmett doing his homework.
"Looks like Emmett is doing today's homework in the morning...again"I said.He rolled his eyes chuckling.
"This is yesterday's homework"He said.I turned to the camera to me.
"It's a good chance you guys will be in high school together"I said.I turned the camera off.I sat down.Dad came in.He was looking though the mail.
"Ok guys.I am going out of the town for the first time to see your grandmother.So you guys have to help Dad with the cafe and Coutney"I sighed.I raised my hand.
"Mom I have a thing with Spencer.And I have a study at the libary"I said.She sighed.
"Bella I am sorry but I already made plans"I sighed.
"Why did you guys have to have another baby.You already do and his name is Emmett"I said.Emmett looked shocked at me.
"Becuase,2 kids is to easy.Two is for quiters"She said.I rolled my eyes.
"Do you have a study date with Edward?"Emmett said to me.He gave me kissy faces.I shoved my hand in his face.
"Save it for your pillow"I said.I walked downstairs and went to see Spencer at the sub place down the block.I came in and Spencer kissed me.No sparks.Totally no sparks.It felt wrong.
"I missed you"I nodded.
"Me too.And now your going to college and I am going to be a Junior"I said.He nodded.
"Yep.And I am going to college in New York"No.I was planning on breaking up with Spencer today.Right here and now.i sighed.I grabbed his hand while I was sitting down.
"Spencer.I can't do this.I have feelings for a different guy"I said.He looked at me.A tear went down his face.
"I am sorry.It's just.I don't want to see you hurt when I say no to the marriage thing"I said.He nodded.
"Yeah.Great"I nodded.
"And.I know you cheated on me with Grace Moorefeild.Your friend's girlfriend shouldn't be my friend"I said.I got my cup of coke and poured it on him.
"Enjoy"I said.I got up and smiled.It was heartbreaking at first to know that Spencer cheated on me.Next step change schedule with Edward.I was planning on kissing him with the study thing.I called him.
"Edward can you come over and study.My mom went out of town and I am supposed to help with taking care of Coutney"I said.
"Ok I will be there in a few"I hanged up and went inside.I changed my outfit.I got in a purple blouse and a pair of skinny jeans.I had boots on.I did my hair and make-up.I brushed my teeth and sighed.I went downstairs.Dad was helping Emmett with his homework.Told you.Dumb as a doorknob.
"Can we clear out.I have a study date with someone"I said.Charlie looked at me.
"Bella I thought you were dating Spencer'I nodded.
'Yeah.I was but things change.So now.Leave"I said.Emmett got up and went.Charlie sighed.He didn't move.The doorbell runged.I went to get it and saw Edward.
"Hi Edward"I said.He waved.
"Hi Bella"I giggled.
"Hi"Charlie said.I rolled my eyes.
"Hi Charlie"Edward said.Charlie nodded.
"Study hard.Really study hard"Charlie said.We nodded.We went in the living room and sat down.We opened up the textbook.We had to study for finals.
"I left my textbook at home.Can we share"I nodded.I sat right next to him and we read the book.I smiled.His breath smelled minty-fresh.So good.We leaned in when we heard muisic.We jumped away.It must be Emmett's stupid band.
"I can tell Emmett is hanging out with the loser"I nodded.
I will go fix that"I said.I went downstairs and saw Emmett playing.I went to his boombox and plughed out the chord.
"What was that for"I shrugged.
"I wanted too.We are studying upstairs.So keep it down or this will go up somewhere"I said holding up the chord.He sighed and nodded.Justin came next to me.
"I agree with thw sound"I nodded.
"Great.So keep it down"I said.I went upstairs and sat down.
"where were we?"I asked.
"Studying"Edward said.i nodded.I sat down next to him again.Edward did the move.The yawn move.I smiled.
"You mind?"He asked.I shook my head.I got Coutney's toy and threww it at the music player.It started playing a slow song.Perfect.We leaned in.
"Bella"I pulled away.I got up.
"Yes?"I asked.Charlie was walking downstairs.
"I need you to watch Coutney for a little bit.I have to go to the store"I picked up Coutney from Dad's hand.
"Nooooo....kay"I siad.I held Coutney while Charlie got up and got his keys and left.I sighed.
"Well..we can still study with a baby in my hands"I said.He nodded.Edward sat down.I was trying to fed Coutney.
"I think I should go"Edward said.No.This is supposed to be when we feel sparks and we go awe.It would be perfect.Then we become a couple.And Edward changes.
"No!Please stay.It won't be long until Charlie comes back"I said.He nodded and sat down.I sat down next to him again.
"What is celluar respotation"He asked.I sighed.And thought of it.Got it!.
"That's when sugar and other componds produce comeical engery,carbion dixodie and water"I said.He nodded.
"Great job"He said.Then I smelled something nasty.Coutney just went to the bathroom.Great.
"Or you can call that poop"I said.He laughed.I smiled.I went to change her.When I was done I went in the kitchen to make Coutney go to sleep.I sighed.
"Come on COutney.Let me kiss the hot jock guy"I said.I kept bouncing.Edward came in.
"How is things"I nodded.
"We are almost there"i said.He nodded.I swayed from side to side.Edward put his hands on both sides of my hip and swayed with me.
"What is going on"We jumped apart and saw Justin.
"Why are you still here?Emmett went Rosalie's place"I said.He nodded.
'I was looking for the kitchen but stopped infront of something else"I sighed.The phone runged.I went to answer it.
"Hello?"I asked.
"This is Mrs.Nells"I sighed.She had a dog and she always called to see if we stoled it.
"We haven't seen your dog"I said.
"That's not it.Your brother is messing infront of my apartment."I sighed.Go Emmett.Ruining my chance with Edward.
"Ok I will be there in a few"I hanged up.
"I have to go somewhere really quick.Edward stay here and Justin.Go somewhere.Maybe find a girlfriend"I said.He stopped me.
"You are my boyfriend"I looked at him in disgust.
"No I am not.I am SINGLE.And HAPPY TO GO OUT WITH OTHERS"I said.Hoping Edward got the signal.I walked out and went to get Emmett.
"You are the worst brother ever.I really need help Emmett.I need to have Edward ok.I helped you with Rosalie now help me with Edward ok?"I asked.He nodded.
"Ok.Don't tell Mom"I nodded.We walked in.Emmett took Coutney from me.
"Thanks'i said.I went and saw Edward.I waved.
"Hey"I said.He smiled.
"Hey"I walked to him.
"Edward do you like me?"I asked.He nodded.
"Yeah.Alot.And I want to go out with you,Please"I nodded.I smiled.
"Yeah.I would like that:"We leaned in and kissed.It was perfect.Now this felt right.Yes.Edward is mine.And I will have him until the day I die.
love it!


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