The Twilight Saga

Chapter One: The New Girl in Town

"Gabby, grab the box of kitchen stuff please?" Dad called from the garage. I walked back into the U-Haul and scanned the boxes. I found one with 'Kitchen' scrawled across it in Dad's writing. I picked it up and jumped off of the truck into the grass in the yard. I stumbled for a second before striding into the house.

"Here, Dad. This was the last box." I set the box on the counter and headed up the stairs. "I'm going to start unpacking my room, let me know when the furniture guys get here." I called before shutting the door. I plugged in the stereo and turned it all the way up, trying not to cry.

Let me explain this whole thing. My dad is a business man for a health care company, and he gets relocated a lot. Last time we were in Florida and it was amazing. To those people, I was Gabrielle, swimmer and head cheerleader. I kinda just want to forget about that whole experience in general. This time, however, we moved to the constant cloud cover of Forks, Washington.

As I ripped open another box, an open photo album glared up at me. One on side was me at junior year prom with my boyfriend at the time. I was wearing a red dress that barely covered my butt and my hair was dyed a blonde bright enough to burn out the sun. My boyfriend, Rich, had his arms around my torso and his eyes definitely weren't focused on the camera. The other side, however, was much worse. It was a picture of me at a house party the night after graduation. I was in an even skimpier outfit, wearing shorts that exposed the bottom half of my butt and a tank top cut low enough that with one sneeze, I'd be heading for a fashion disaster. The picture wasn't the bad part, but the memory of that night.


"Hey babe." Rich snaked his arms around my waist and rested his chin on my shoulder. I could already smell the overpowering scent of alcohol on his breath and it made me want to puke.

"He's already hammered!" His best friend, Rick, yelled, guffawing obnoxiously.

"No, I'm perfectly fine!" Rich shot back, extending his arms and nearly toppling over onto me. I shot him a look and he shook his head, "Whatever, c'mon babe." Rich grabbed my hand and led me upstairs. Would it kill him to use my name? Or did he even remember it in this state?

While wrapped up in my thoughts, I hadn't noticed that Rich had brought me into an empty bedroom. My eyes widened and I began protesting quietly.

"Rich we are not doing this. Especially not while you're drunk off your ass!" I yell and he chuckles darkly.

"Who said we're doing this? Maybe I'm doing something to you." He smirked and finished the last of his drink before setting the cup on the nightstand.

"No, no. Please Rich, not now. Please, we'll do this another time." I plead, trying to stop him as his hands traveled up my skirt. I felt tears begin to fall and I couldn't wipe them away as Rich tied my hands to the headboard with some shoelaces. The tears began falling rapidly, and I let them.

I wasn't this type of girl. I didn't do things like this. What changed? I never smoked. I never drank and alcohol. I never had sex... Until now. No! This isn't sex, this isn't willing! Fight back. Scream. Do something. I tried commanding my self to react but I was frozen in my place. I gave up on fighting and became emotionless as a rock. I sat there, unmoving, and let him violate me. I wanted to cry and attack him but it was no use. He had already gotten what he wanted and left me there, shivering and naked.

I never want to go back to that state, and I never will. I made a promise after that night to never trust any man besides Dad, ever again. I was suddenly aware of tears streaming down my cheeks and wiped them away quickly. I tore all the Florida photos out of the album and tore them to tiny pieces. I then opened the window and tossed them outside.

"Hey litterbug!" a voice called from below. I was momentarily shocked before I poked me head out, looking down at the lawn. A tall, muscular boy was staring up at the window and smiled when he saw me. His teeth were a blinding white and his skin a beautiful tan. His dark, shaggy hair fell in his eyes and he kept flicking it out of his face.

"Gabby! The furniture guys are here!" Dad yelled, snapping my gaze from the boy. I slid the window shut and bounded down the stairs, ready to move on.

A/N hope you like it! Feedback would be great guys(:

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sounds really good!

Oh my, poor girl! I hope her life will be much better in Forks.

--Weeping Fairy

Sounds Interesting :)


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