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What do you you do when the love of your life dies and leaves you with a piece of him? How can you go on? How will Bella fall in love with Peter Whitlock?

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I like it !! plz keep me updated!!

i really like it, please keep  me updated!  and post more soon please!

Bella pov

I still remember the day when I got the call that Edward was in the hospital. He was a firefighter. That morning was like any other. Edward had to go in early and after kissing me and my belly good bye Edward left for work. A week before his death, I had found out that we were having a baby. He was so happy that he bought those gum ball cigars for all of the guys at the firehouse. We had planned on flying back home to Washington state to tell our familes. The whole town of Forks, WA turned out for our wedding just to see the daughter of the police chief and the son of a doctor. A fairytale in the making. That was three years ago. Everything was going great since. We both were twenty six and just planning out our future. I had just opened a bakery with my former class mate and good friend Tanya Denali. Things at the bakery was going beyond well. All the guys from Edward's firehouse would come in every morning for a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

That morning I was getting ready to leave for work when the fateful call came. Edward's boss Aro Morrison called me telling me to come to the hospital. I call Tanya and told her what was happening and that I would call her later. I took a taxi and got to the hospital five minutes later. I was led into the waiting room where all the guys were there waiting word on my husband. A doctor came in and said "Isabella Cullen?" I stood up and said "I'm Isabella, what's wrong with my husband?" I looked at his face and I just knew that Edward wasn't going to be leaving this hospital with me. He said "My name is Alec Owens, could you come with me please?" I felt myself go numb as we walked down the hallway.

I was led to a room that had Edward laying there in the bed. I could tell that it was the machines that was keeping him alive. Dr. Alec came up to me and said "There is really nothing that we can do to save him. His brain is basically dead. Do you have a way to reach his parents?" I shook my head 'yes'. I walked over to Edward and said "My Eddie, I never thought that I would be saying good bye to you. I'll never forget you and I'll make sure that our baby knows who their father is and what kind of hero he was. I'm going to call your family and get them here to say good bye to you as well." I kissed his lips, what I could reach of them and his forehead. I walked out to where his crew was there. I gave them his room number and they went to say their good byes as well. I called his parents and broke down while trying to tell them what had happened. They were calling the airport to buy tickets and get here as soon as they could.

The next day Esme and Carlisle showed up at the hospital looking like death. Esme came over and pulled me into a hug. I looked at them and said "I'm so sorry for this and I know that you didn't plan on this.." Esme looked right into my eyes and said "Bella, we love you so much. Now let Carlisle and I go say good bye so they can well..... you know." I cried and they left after thrity minutes they came back. Dr. Alec came and asked if I wanted to be in there and I shook my head no but went into his room. It was hard watching this and I passed out right when the monitor went off. I came to in a room. Esme was in tears and I said "What happened?" I was told about how I passed out and I knew that I needed to tell them about the baby. I took a deep breathe and said "Esme and Carlisle, Eddie and I found out that I was pregnant. I'm about six weeks along...." Esme had a small smile and said "My baby was having a baby. What are you going to do, Bella?"

Bella Cullen

Edward Cullen

Carlisle Cullen

Esme Cullen

let me know if you like it

Im so sad!! Lol this is great!!! I love it!! write more soon!

I'm in tears right now!!!!!!!!! you need to post more!!!!!!!!

Lol just wondering but is the picture of Bella Hillary Duff?

yes it is Hilary Duff. kinda seen a pic of her with dark hair and loved it

I knew it!! lol and that picture with her with dark hair is really pretty! :)


We had a small gathering for all of Edward and I's friends to say good bye to him and me. I thought long and hard about staying here or going home. I need a fresh start from the place of his death. We found out that it was arson and that they would be looking for the killer. Carlisle and Esme are having Edward's body flown back to Forks. We'll have a funeral once we're home. I took one last look at our home and cried my last tear here. It took us a few hours to get home. Carlisle looked at me and said "Bella, I will not take no for an answer. We have that guest house. So Esme and I would love for you to move into there. We want you to be here with us. So don't try to get out of this." I couldn't really say anything so I gave them a small smile.

The funeral was very beautiful. The whole town showed up to show me just how much Edward meant to them. Dad came over and pulled me into one of my favorite places in the world...his arms. He kissed me on the head and said "It'll be okay kiddo. It might not seem like it but one day when you think of him it won't hurt as much. Now Esme said that you had something to tell us. Why don't we go and get your mother and you can tell us." We found mom sitting on a swing in the back yard just looking at the clouds blowing by. She looked up and patted the spot beside her. I took it and took a big breath before saying "Edward and I had just found out last week that we were pregnant. What am I going to do now?" Mom and Dad let me cry my heart out. They told me that both families will be there to help me with the baby.

I was finally at a point that when someone said his name that I didn't start crying so badly. Today was the day that I was going to find out what the baby was. Carlisle is my doctor because he is the only one I trust. I smile as my name is called. Carlisle leads me into the room. He says "Let's see if I'm going to have a grandson or daughter." I was smiling the whole time as he was looking at the screen. I notice that Carlisle froze and I said "What's wrong?" Carlisle looked and me then said "Do you see what that is?" It takes me a minute to see that. I smile then say "A boy" Carlisle is smiling as he prints out several pictures of the baby. I kiss him on the cheek and walk out of the hospital. I wasn't looking where I was walking because I bumped into a hard body.

I looked up and said "I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was looking." He smiled and said "Well if I was looking at that picture. I wouldn't be looking up either. My name is Peter Whitlock and yours is?" I took a minute to get up and said "Bella Cullen, again I'm so sorry." He walked me to my car and I felt like I have known him almost all of my life. We made easy talk the whole time. He says "Let me take you out to coffee?" I freeze for a minute then say "Only as friends because I just lost my husband." He agrees and we exchange numbers. Now I have a new friend to maybe help me get better.


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