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I've been writing a lot of poems lately about what's been going on and I thought I should share some of them. A couple might be a little depressing, especially if you've gone through the loss of a parent (or in my case, a grandfather who was my dad when I didn't have one) because I'm just trying to deal with my feelings in a healthy way.


Let Go

Heartbreak, loss, and grief.

Pain beyond belief.

Thinking about you all day

But hardly having a word to say.

Remembering the night when you had gone

Now I feel so alone.

Picturing you healthy and alive

Sometimes makes me wanna cry.

Wishing you'd somehow come back home

So that I could let these feelings go.

Hoping you are somewhere safe

Standing in front of Heaven's gates.

Pleading for you to let me know

That you're okay wherever you go

So that I could have some peace of mind

Because I think of you all the time.

Sometimes I wanna break out and cry

But I hold back my tears, and I don't know why.

I miss you so much and it pains me to know

that you're gone from us and I can't let go.

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I have to say this is really Beautiful
I love it! It's really deep... it releases your emotions while still being mysterious and leaving out small details that leave you wondering... Beautiful... :')
Thank you so much. It's about my grandfather. he passed 6 months ago and he was my dad after my dad left me when I was three.
Okay im just saying I feel the same way my grandfather passed away like 8 months ago and i seriously thought i was  going into a great depression.... I LOVE IT!!!!!! hope you feel better..
My grandfather died, too. Only it was almost half a year ago. It'll he half a year this Sunday. I'm sorry for you :( Thanks so much and yeah, I hope to get better...
Well times go on... but these people will always be in your heart!!! <3 don't forget that there is probably someone who will help you threw this hard time... if you ever need to talk ill try and come on everyday for you!!!! we can help each other.. and i swear im not some sicko
haha. Well, this one guy I know kinda knows what I'm going through because his aunt and my grandpa both died within the same month and he's helped me a lot... He's a really good friend of mine :) And I don't want you to spend all your time on the computer for me. I'm healing at my own pace and it's bound to be really hard, but I'll eventually be all right.
So heartfelt and deep.
Thank you :)
this is beautifully written. i honestly almost cried.
Thanks :) And I did, too :')


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