The Twilight Saga

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Who knew that saving a life can create romance?...

Alyssa Bennett didn't. When irresponsibly leaving home at night, she discovers a teenage boy being attacked by two suspicious men.

Since she is a demon hunter, saving lives is just an automatic instinct.

But when she is done fighting the men, she realizes the boy is unconscious. When he wakes up, he mistakes Alyssa for being his girlfriend named Sarah.

Now she has no choice but to take him home with her.


Alyssa’s Point of View

I shouldn’t have even been out that night. I was feeling a bit more vengeance towards my fellow demon hunters than usual.

The darkness of the night sky had seemed especially soothing tonight, with just a tad of fog hitting the city streets. I was in the mood for a party, just to let myself loose for a while. Ever since Agnes died, Liam and I have taken charge over the twins and Dylan. So I deserve a break.

I noticed the club that Agnes and Liam took me to when I turned sixteen, The City, was next to where I was standing.

I was about to walk right in, but I was interrupted by shouting and yelling. I let my hair out of its high pony tail because it was hurting my head.

I walked towards the alley where the racket was coming from. I saw two strange men attacking another man, no, a teenager.

I had to save him now.


Wattpad Link to Story:

The Wattpad version is slightly more edited, because I've changed names, like the Burkes, and I've had a few spelling & grammar errors. That is the only difference.

But here you get the pure "straight from the brain" version, and it is updated more frequently =)

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Sound good

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I like it :)

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Sounds interesting.

Alyssa’s Point of View

 “Hand over the money boy.” One of the men’s voices was hoarse and sticky. The other man had the teenage boy backed into a corner. The boy’s glamour was too beautiful to be human, yet too disgusting to be a demon hunter. I could barely see him in the dark. His short chestnut hair appeared pointed towards the forehead like a guy on a highschool football team. I faintly saw his eyes. From a distance they appeared to be a greenish blue. I saw the boy’s muscles twitch in his legs. His voice shook as he spoke.

“I don’t have any.” The boy said.

“What’s that?” The man who hadn’t spoken earlier took out a sharp blade and inched it towards the boy’s neck. I caught him gulp.

“I’m sorry--” The boy began. The man with the creepy voice chuckled.

“I don’t know what dimension you are from down worlder, but ‘round these parts, sorry don’t cut it.” Creepy voice man said. So he’s a down worlder… I thought to myself. Now I had second thoughts about saving him. One of the men was about to slit the down worlder’s throat. At that point I couldn’t stand to watch. He is partially human.

“Stop!” I shouted, and threw a tranquilizer dart at the man with the hoarse voice’s head. He fell to the ground.

“Demon hunter.”  The other man who had stopped choking the down worlder and had now just knocked him out grumbled.

I got in a fist fight with the man who happened to be a dark demon hunter. Dark demon hunters hunt demons and down worlders for profit. I dropped the tranquilizer gun and took out the dagger my father had bought for me before he left. The dark demon hunter punched me harshly. I bent his arm backwards. He stopped using his glamour and became a demon-like creature. His skin was bumpy and covered in warts. He smiled at me with his sharp and yellowing teeth.

 I stabbed him with the dagger and he exploded into assorted glass and ashes. I never understood where the glass came from when dark demon hunters die. I rushed to the down worlder’s side, just to make sure I wasn’t too late. I touched his chest. It was extremely cold, cold enough to petrify human hands. All of the sudden he woke up, and he started to shake.

“Are you okay?” I asked as he slowly sat up. He smiled at me, but I didn’t understand why.

“Thank you Sarah.” He said, holding my hand.

“Who’s Sarah? I’m Alyssa.” I said, my own eyebrows furrowing together in a confused look.

“Don’t be silly Sarah; I’ve known your voice forever.

  I sighed at my loss of hope. Why was he calling me Sarah? More importantly, who is Sarah? I tried imagining who this Sarah could be. I assumed she was his girlfriend or something, just by the way he was holding my hand. I heard footsteps behind the boy and I and I gained a harder grasp on the dagger.

“Sarah, who is coming?” I jumped when the boy asked me.

“Alyssa!” I recognized Liam’s voice.

“Umm—” I couldn’t say much, I guessed it was because of the whole mistaken identity thing. I ignored Liam for a second. “What is your name anyway?” I asked the boy. He laughed.

“It’s always been Dan. What’s up with you today?” Dan smiled at me. I let go of his hand and left to talk to Liam. “I’ll be right back,” I rushed towards Liam.

“Alyssa, I was worried sick! Where were you?” Liam questioned, sounding more like a father than a best friend.

“I was saving a life.” I looked from Dan to Liam.

“Look, Dylan was being a tad too well, Dylan, and Piper thinks you are secretly dating and—” Liam sounded nervous as he trailed off.

“Relax. Look, this guy thinks I’m a girl named Sarah, and so we have to get him some special care or something.” I looked at Liam with concerned eyes.

“We just lost Agnes, Alyssa. We don’t have room for some, well, stranger.” Liam said. I sighed.

“Liam, it will only be until he recovers.” I frowned.

“Who knows how long that will take?” Liam rolled his eyes.                              

“So it’s a yes?” I smiled.

“Only if you can find a way to escort him to the house.” Liam’s lips were in a flustered curve but his eyes were smiling.

I smiled and probably would have cheered and kissed Liam if Agnes was still alive to be the responsible one. I mouthed the word Thanks to Liam as I walked towards Dan. I finally had the chance to look into Dan’s eyes as I hoped earlier. Agnes always told me that you can know a person’s life story just by looking into their eyes.

 Dan’s eyes told me that he was in love. No, not a love that romance novelists crave, but a sorrowful love. Something told me that Dan wasn’t allowed to see Sarah for some reason. He had a look of desperateness on his face, as if he wanted to hold onto me and never let go.

 “Dan, do you mind coming to my place?” I asked with an idiotic expression on my face. He laughed, not a laugh that was without humor, or a laugh that showed he thought I was funny either.

“I’m sorry.” He said.

“For what?” I asked, hoping for the best.

“Sarah, I’ve burdened you. You’re life has been a mess, slipping away from the others just to save me. You’ve always cared for others.” He trailed off slightly, and ran his fingers through my hair.

“Dan, Sarah is not my name. I’m sorry but my name is—” He cut me off.

“Agnes. Agnes Burke. You just always liked the name Sarah, you said you’d name your—”

 I didn’t listen to the end of his thought. I knew the answer. Agnes always wanted a baby girl with her prince charming who she’d name, Sarah. Agnes is Sarah. But why does Dan think I’m her?


I am splitting Chapter One into two parts because I don't think this is long enough :P

Anyway, I wanted to clarify a few things.

A downworlder (credit to Cassandra Clare for the name) is a demon with human features.

I created Dark Demon Hunters. They are demon hunters who injected demon DNA into themselves and became evil. (You'll learn more about that later...)

Feel free to leave your questions, comments, and predictions!


I'm intrigued.

Haha, Thanks :)

Your story is full of interesting ideas and already the characters are being nicely defined.

Keep going.

Best wishes


Thanks So Much!

I'm hooked on this!

Thanks so much Rachel!


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