The Twilight Saga

Above Graphic by me.

Who knew that saving a life can create romance?...

Alyssa Bennett didn't. When irresponsibly leaving home at night, she discovers a teenage boy being attacked by two suspicious men.

Since she is a demon hunter, saving lives is just an automatic instinct.

But when she is done fighting the men, she realizes the boy is unconscious. When he wakes up, he mistakes Alyssa for being his girlfriend named Sarah.

Now she has no choice but to take him home with her.


Alyssa’s Point of View

I shouldn’t have even been out that night. I was feeling a bit more vengeance towards my fellow demon hunters than usual.

The darkness of the night sky had seemed especially soothing tonight, with just a tad of fog hitting the city streets. I was in the mood for a party, just to let myself loose for a while. Ever since Agnes died, Liam and I have taken charge over the twins and Dylan. So I deserve a break.

I noticed the club that Agnes and Liam took me to when I turned sixteen, The City, was next to where I was standing.

I was about to walk right in, but I was interrupted by shouting and yelling. I let my hair out of its high pony tail because it was hurting my head.

I walked towards the alley where the racket was coming from. I saw two strange men attacking another man, no, a teenager.

I had to save him now.


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The Wattpad version is slightly more edited, because I've changed names, like the Burkes, and I've had a few spelling & grammar errors. That is the only difference.

But here you get the pure "straight from the brain" version, and it is updated more frequently =)

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lol well thank you :) I know I sometimes got a creative mind haha

xP Np


Would you guys mind if I posted the next chapter?

I don't want it to go by too fast, you know?

But at the same time, I don't wanna hold back.

Just let me know =)

please post

I agree!

Chapter Fourteen; the Burkes

The Civil Wars

Third Person POV

 Everyone had been most concerned about Cassia. She was the most injured of everyone. Well besides Jared, who everyone assumed was dead. Hazel and Opal had been surrounding her with medicines and ice, but nothing seemed to be working.

“Cassia, fight through this, please,” Hazel grasped her hand, and held it close. “You are strong Cassia, don’t let go now.” Hazel bit her lip at her friend who was in a coma. Cassia’s eyes weren’t opening, but she let out a cough.

“James!” Opal shouted, wanting him to see his wife. James rushed in.

“Jared isn’t dead.” She barely made out the words. “He’s invincible.” Her breathing slowed slightly.

“Edward killed him.” Hazel tried assuring her.

“Then he’s a faker. I knew all along that he was—” Cassia rasped, and she was about to say evil. But it was too late. Cassia had passed.

Opal looked at James sorrowfully. He looked back, ready to cry. Hazel couldn’t look at either of them. She could only stare at Cassia’s eyes that were sealed shut, never to open again. Hazel released her grip on Cassia’s hand, and let it drop over the side of the sofa.

“Let’s bury her; I don’t want the girls to see her like this.” Hazel gulped, Opal and James nodded.

 Hazel and James’s strong arms carried Cassia’s corpse to the back of the Academy. Opal picked up a shovel. She handed it to her husband, Mason, who came rushing over from the side of the school building.

“I don’t have the heart to bury my best friend.” Opal sobbed as she handed it to him. Mason bit his lip and began to dig. James was getting slightly anxious, and Hazel’s facial expression was unreadable.

“Where’s Edward?” James asked, hesitating from letting go of Cassia.

“He’s still recovering from killing Jared. He still got hit with that fire sphere pretty hard. Jared was working with dark demon hunters after all.” Hazel answered, still expressionless.

 Finally they released Cassia into her grave. James helped toss some dirt over her body, Hazel did as well. They finally patted it down and found a stone with nothing carved in it. James did the carving, while Opal and Hazel got flowers.

Cassia Evelyn Weiss-Bennett: Beloved Wife, Mother, & Friend. The headstone was placed into the ground. In tears, Opal placed a mix of tulips and daisies on the grave. Hazel put some roses and a few lavenders next to those. After that, none of them said anything; they just sort of stood, remembering her. They remembered her beauty and grace, and how much she’d done for all of them.

“It’s kind of funny, how Cass and Jared practically died together.” James surprisingly spoke up first.

“Mm. It shows how they may have been destined to be together.” Mason answered.

 After that it got really quiet, more silent than before. Then slowly everyone walked away. Hazel stayed last. “I’ll take care of Alyssa. Don’t you worry.” She whispered, and followed everyone else into the Academy manor.


 “Hey Jared! Successful mission and nice fake death!” One of the younger dark demon hunters said to him.

“Thank you Cedric. Any news on deaths on the other side?” Jared asked him. It wasn’t like he cared, well, except maybe for Cassia, even James, but if anyone else died he would laugh.

“Oh! Rumor has it Cassia Bennett died because of our attempt to kill James. They buried her today!” Cedric was excited, but Jared wasn’t. His worst fears had come true. Perhaps, his only true love is now dead.

“Cedric, I have to get some air.” Jared spoke briefly, and headed toward the door. Cedric blocked it.

“Are you crazy? If they see you you’re busted! Besides, you should be celebrating Cassia’s death, not mourning it! Have a beer!” Cedric cheered. “It’s not as if you still have feelings for her!” Cedric laughed, and Jared gave him a cold and stern look.

“Oh.” Cedric responded. “Go right ahead sir.” Cedric bowed slightly, and turned away from the door.

Jared grabbed a cloak with a dark hood, and headed out, this way he wouldn’t be seen in the dark night.

 He rushed to the Academy, and found Cassia’s grave easily. He breathed slowly and stared at the letters on the headstone. Cassia Evelyn Weiss-Bennett. Jared hadn’t known what had gotten into him, but he began to scratch at the letters that said Bennett. Was he jealous? Jealous of James Bennett? Please, he was Jared Withers, the all-powerful. He was distracted by Mason Burke walking outside. Damn. He’d have to run. He began to run, but Mason rushed after him.

“Stay away from that grave!” Mason shouted.

“I’ll do as I please!” Jared answered, not turning around.

“Who are you? Remove your hood!” Mason shouted. Jared grabbed a weapon. He turned around and removed his hood. Mason looked at him in shock.

“That’s right Mason. I’m alive!” He whispered, and Mason was frozen. “Later ‘buddy’.” Jared said, and stabbed Mason in the heart with the Withers blade. He heard footsteps coming toward them.

Jared put on his cloak and ran away, never turning back.

“NO!” Opal screamed when she saw Mason’s dead body. “Who could have done this?” She looked up at Hazel who was rubbing her shoulders.

“I don’t know honey, I really don’t.” Hazel spoke in a low tone of voice. This war was getting to be bloody.

Opal’s sobs grew louder as she banged against the ground crying. Hazel ran her fingers through Opal’s hair, shushing her. Mason had been buried earlier that evening. Opal hadn’t stopped crying since.

 It had been nine months since Mason’s death, and everyone was still torn. Opal had been diagnosed with a sickness of the mind, she was going crazy. She couldn’t even see her own daughter, Agnes, without ripping something to shreds. Opal hadn’t fought anything since her diagnosis.

 Opal heard a loud bang and she jumped. She saw fire coming into the house, and she squirmed away from it. “Opal!” James shouted, running through the fire. “Opal! The dark demon hunters threw a bomb! We have to go!” He shouted.

“No…I burn with the Academy.” Opal shook back and forth.

“Opal, I can’t leave you behind, let’s go!” James shouted, grabbing her arm.

She was too heavy for him to carry with her resisting his pull. “James, hurry!” Edward yelled. James looked from Opal to Edward to the fire. “I’m so sorry.” James whispered to Opal, and he released her hand and rushed away.

Opal was dead.

 James, the children (including Dylan), and the Raveners were running from the explosion of flames coming from the Academy.

“How much further can we run?” Hazel asked, slowing a little, feeling weak.

“We’ll have to escape to Earth. It’s safest for the children.” James answered, and he looked into the distance. “Look, a portal is already open!” He shouted, and they rushed toward it, Hazel holding Dylan, and Edward grasping tightly to Alyssa and Agnes.

Many of the dark demon hunters had similar ideas. They were going through the portal. Others stayed to watch the burning of Evane. Hazel and Edward immediately started climbing the tree to get through the portal.

 James climbed soon behind him, but something—someone was grabbing his leg. He turned to find a man in a black cloak. They both fell backwards to the ground.

“JAMES!” Hazel screamed.

“GO!” James shouted, but he was surrounded by the cloaked man and the surviving dark demon hunters. Hazel rushed through the portal, and then the portal closed.

The man’s hood had fallen off when he and James fell from the tree. James was slightly shocked.

“Jared?” He asked. “I thought you were dead.” James said.

“Well I’m not.” Jared answered.

 The dark demon hunters dragged James away, and Jared smirked. They went back to the caves where the dark demon hunters had been staying.

“I have a special idea for your death James. If I kill you, you’ll go to heaven and be happy. If I leave you alive, sure, you’ll suffer, but eventually you’ll die, and I can’t allow that.” Jared smirked, and James could only stare at him. “Mind if I use a little spell?” Jared asked, but James couldn’t answer.

“Non nunquam mortui, sed non vivit. Aeternum vivere in in astral planum usque in die mori.” Jared said the spell with a passion of death and pain that no one else could possibly have.

James began to fade into the astral plane. “Bye-bye.” Jared smiled, and watched him disappear.

Jared looked at his fellow dark demon hunters. “Boys,” he began smiling, “Let’s go down to Earth.” He laughed, and they began to re-open a portal.


Okay, so the chapter is a bit deadly,

Okay, very bloody.

Did you want more detail =P.

Leave questions, comments, and predictions.


Very dramatic chapter! It also explains what happened to many members of the older generation, including Alyssa's parents! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Haha, thanks! I was hoping for that =)

I liked it. Write more soon.

Yay, I will.

wow I was not expecting that. Poor Cassia :( her death sucks. I hate Cedric, he's such a jerk. How would he feel if he was dead and no one was mourning his death. I am confused about Jared, if he was all bad then surely he would not be mourning or would he? Mhh.And poor Opal as well.


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