The Twilight Saga

Above Graphic by me.

Who knew that saving a life can create romance?...

Alyssa Bennett didn't. When irresponsibly leaving home at night, she discovers a teenage boy being attacked by two suspicious men.

Since she is a demon hunter, saving lives is just an automatic instinct.

But when she is done fighting the men, she realizes the boy is unconscious. When he wakes up, he mistakes Alyssa for being his girlfriend named Sarah.

Now she has no choice but to take him home with her.


Alyssa’s Point of View

I shouldn’t have even been out that night. I was feeling a bit more vengeance towards my fellow demon hunters than usual.

The darkness of the night sky had seemed especially soothing tonight, with just a tad of fog hitting the city streets. I was in the mood for a party, just to let myself loose for a while. Ever since Agnes died, Liam and I have taken charge over the twins and Dylan. So I deserve a break.

I noticed the club that Agnes and Liam took me to when I turned sixteen, The City, was next to where I was standing.

I was about to walk right in, but I was interrupted by shouting and yelling. I let my hair out of its high pony tail because it was hurting my head.

I walked towards the alley where the racket was coming from. I saw two strange men attacking another man, no, a teenager.

I had to save him now.


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The Wattpad version is slightly more edited, because I've changed names, like the Burkes, and I've had a few spelling & grammar errors. That is the only difference.

But here you get the pure "straight from the brain" version, and it is updated more frequently =)

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lol :) xox

Chapter Sixteen; Flames of Poison

Dan’s POV

 I felt so awkward. Here was Alyssa, fighting the all-powerful Jared Withers, with “scary” Agnes staring me down. Meanwhile, I could do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Alyssa kicked him really hard in the chest, and he kept blowing the flame in front of her face, which seemed to hurt her more than a punch ever could.

 At that moment, it seemed like history was repeating itself. I thought I could do nothing to help her, but then Jared was about to slit her neck. That must be how Alyssa felt when she saved me on the night we met.

 I felt the rage building up inside me. I felt my hands get hot, and the rest of my body go ice cold. Then I saw a plasma sphere (similar to a fire sphere, but more plasma-y) growing in my left hand. Since when was that my power?

 It had to be this whole savior thing that Edward was rambling on about. I was the savior. I suddenly felt this nearly impossible power that only I possessed. It was the most amazing sensation I’d ever felt.

 I quickly calmed myself, and the sphere disappeared. My powers must be based on my emotions. I figured it out. But I needed to figure out what my other powers as the savior were, and how they are triggered. Not to mention, I had to figure this out quickly, or Alyssa would just be a memory.

I assumed that if one of my powers was based on anger, another had to be triggered by happiness. So I thought of when Alyssa and I had our second first kiss, which was one of the best moments of my life. Then I thought of when she saved me. Suddenly, it was like the whole room froze.

 I’d stopped time. I chuckled slightly because Jared’s facial expression looked hilarious. I looked behind me, and I nearly jumped out of my skin. Monster Agnes was putting her claws on the invisible box. I poked the invisible glass and it slipped down to her sides. It was really disgusting.

 If only my savior powers could work outside the box. I tried concentrating on Jared. I squinted, and I jumped when he turned around completely. Now he would stab thin air instead of Alyssa! It wouldn’t mean much, but it would give her some time to think at least.

 I thought happy thoughts again, and time began moving again. As planned, Jared stabbed the air, and Agnes looked angry at herself. Jared looked down at his hands.

“What?” He asked himself. Alyssa looked at me. I put on a crooked smile. She rolled her eyes, and jumped for the Bennett blade.

 I personally would rather go for the Withers blade covered in poisonous fire if I were in Alyssa’s position, but she seemed confident. In Jared’s confusion, he wasn’t paying much attention to either of his weapons, so Alyssa was able to easily grab her blade.

 She stabbed him in the back as he did to Charisma. Then he just started laughing. He kept on laughing as if killing him was the most comedic thing Alyssa could have possibly done. Black dark demon hunter blood poured from his back, and laughter poured from his mouth.

“I do believe it was your mother who said this Alyssa, dear.” Jared smiled at her, and he ripped the blade from his back.

“I’m invincible.” He chuckled, and tossed the Bennett blade to the ground as if it were a child’s toy.

 Alyssa looked panicked. She looked from me to him. “Hey look, a savior!” She looked at me, and Jared looked too. Alyssa picked her blade up off the ground. “That’s the oldest trick in the book; I’m surprised the almighty Jared fell for it.” She half smiled. That was the biggest smile I’d seen for a while.

After that it was an all-out war between the two of them. There was Alyssa with her combat skills, and Jared with his flames. Finally he was about to kill her again. I accidently triggered one of my powers for my fear; it was sort of a golden laser. But it actually benefited Jared; it seemed to enhance the flame’s power.

Then finally, he stabbed her stomach with her own blade.

“NO!” I shouted aloud, and the invisible box exploded. Even Jared, the sickest man I know, wasn’t smiling anymore.

“You’re the savior.” Jared said to me, putting the pieces together.

“Yeah no duh Jared!” I screamed. “Now get out of here, or I swear I’ll kill you!” I shouted, and he seemed alarmed. He rushed out of the room, and I hadn’t seen him since. Agnes hissed, and I held up a plasma sphere. She rushed after Jared.

I held Alyssa’s dying body in my arms, as she held mine when we met. “Alyssa please…” I cried. “Hang in there, please…” I spoke quietly, loosing hope.

I looked up, and I heard something I hadn’t heard in years. The other shadow watchers and the Healers were calling me.

I looked back down at Alyssa’s body. “They’ll save you, okay?” I asked, and I felt her heart beating very faintly in return.

Then, I teleported her to the Overworld, Heaven, where the Healers would be waiting.



(if you have read, just scroll down)


And that's, the end.

So how did you like it?

Alyssa's "death" was pretty brutal. But her and Dan's story is not over because she died what so ever.

Do you like Dan's super savior powers?

How do you think the Raveners will react to Alyssa's death?

How about James?

Where do you think Agnes and Jared are now?

So many questions, and so little answers at this time.

I'll be writing the prologue and the first chapter of Seductive Flames this weekend, and I'll add the discussion Friday August 17th.

Leave your final comments, questions and predictions.


Very dramatic ending!  I am really looking forward to the sequel!  I hope it will be up sooner rather than later!  I can't wait to see what will happen after Alyssa has been healed and what will happen with Jared and Agnes.  At this point in time they must be furious!  Can Agnes be redeemed or is she permanently evil?  And at last we see what the "Poisonous Flames" in the title referred to!  Please post soon!

PS: Dan's powers are really cool!

Haha, I'm glad you think so =).

Mmm, the old system with healers and shadow hunters might be starting up again.

We will soon find out the state of Agnes and Jared.

Nnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't do this to me nikki. I need more. And dan and alyssa need to be togetheir.

Mwahahaha.... It would be pretty messed up if the weren't, right? ; ]

Hi Nikki

So.... I got to the last page of comments and literally went... NOOOOO!!!!

I have just found your story again today (YAY me!!! found it a while ago but forgot to save it to my favourites) and read from beginning to now.

Loving the storyline! Cant wait for your next chapter :)

Especially the Downworlder concept. Its awesome!

Please update me when the next chapter is up :)

Many many thanks


Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! You can;t just kill her off, no no no! Poor Danny :( *sobs*

Haha, I know, it's sick.

But it creates a good plot for the next story.

She's not gone forever, don't worry ; ).

Oh thank God. If you killed her off I would be flaming furious with you

xD, we can't allow that, can we? But you are gonna have to wait a week to discover what happens =)


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