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I am doing a new story.. The summary is that Bella Swan is born in Forks, WA.. When she wass 15 she moved with her mother, and got discovered.. Now two years later she has to get away from the fame, and fortune and most of all Izzy.... She moves back to where it all started, Forks. And she then meets her worst nightmare.. her ex-boyfriend Edward Cullen. What will happen? Will she forgive him for what he has done? WHat has he done?





















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Sounds good..u should definately write it.

u should go on 

it sounds great

come on!! what r u waiting 4??

yes Please write this story

It sounds like it can be a really good story

you should write this.. sounds more soon and up date me when u write this


post it sounds really good^_^

sounds good great cant wait to read it

Thank you all for the comments i will start on the rought draft right now...

Sounds interesting! Update me!


Someone once said,

"Love is like music, it always ends somehow,"

I didn't believe them then but... Now i do...


I like it. It get's straight to the point. But, surely you dnt think that that's enough to satisfy us do u? lol. POST MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

sorry for the delay



Ch.1 Home

"Sophie come on, we need to catch the plane to papaws!" I yelled for my 2 year old daughter to come down stairs.

" Hwi Momma" she said in the sweetest vioce.

" Hi sweetheart, are you ready?"

"Wes" she yelled while jumping up and down.

" okay how about you tell Grandma Renee and grandpa Phil bye" i said as she started running into the kitchen where they were.

Hi my name is Bella swan also known as the popstar Izzy Dwyer. I am 17 years old and live in New York City. As you know I have a 2 year old daughter named Sophie Carlie-Ann Swan. Today me and Sophie are moving back to Forks, Washington; where my father and big brother lives. My father is Charlie Swan; the Chief of Police. My brother, Emmett is 18 and the running back of Forks High School. I lived there my whole life since I was 15, also known as the runaway day, but I won't go into details.

"Momma!" Sophie said as we where getting ready to go out to the car.

"Yes, baby"

" Up,Up" she said as throwing her arms up,she wanted me to pick her up. I walked to the car and put her in her car-seat. All mine and Sophie stuff was shipped there last week. I gave my mom and Phil are farewell and hug, and then we were on our way to the airport, then home.

great job so far cant wait for the next chap XD!!!!!


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