The Twilight Saga

This fanfiction is a combination of both The Twilight Saga and my very own series I call The Possessors Saga.  The Possessors Saga is about a family who discovers they have elemental and telekinetic powers, the ability to manifest elements like fire, lightning, ice, water and so on.  These people are known as Possessors, and three characters (Joe, Nick and David) become a superhero team called the Supreme Trinity.  In Twilight there are Vampires and Werewolves, so I wondered how well Possessors would fit in with that mix.  I found the combining of the Twilight universe and the Possessors universe very exciting, and I hope you enjoy this story.  Thank you for reading.



The sun set and dusk had risen on a humid summer evening. The Sutton brothers pulled up in their Dodge Intrepid to the Hanover Grove townhouse where their cousin, David Richards, lived. Throwing a backpack over his shoulder and waving goodbye to his mom, David hurriedly hoped in the car. “What the hell up, guys?”
“You got everything you need?” Joe asked.
“All packed and ready to rock.” David replied.
Nick grinned, “Then lets rock.”
“Damn right.” Joe smiled.
And the trio pulled out of Hanover and drove off, on their way to pick up Joe and Nick's 14 year old niece Lindsey, daughter of their oldest sister.
They were a family of four possessors, and Joe, Nick and David were once a superhero team known as the Supreme Trinity to the people of southeast Michigan. Those with powers like theirs - the ability to manifest certain elements with their minds - was becoming more common place at that time, not a full-on pandemic, so to speak, but something that was beginning to be known worldwide, when a few years ago most with supreme minds kept their abilities secret. With these powers, and because of the Supreme Trinity, the age of superheroes had risen, and random teams of possessors and solo possessors alike, occasionally arose to take a stand against crime, especially in the Metro Detroit area and surrounding suburbs, where such powers had first manifested. To Joe, Nick and David, their days as the Supreme Trinity seemed like ancient history, though it had only been a few years since they last wore their famous black superhero outfits with the symbols of fire, ice and lightning on the chests.
Today, the three lived normal lives. David had just graduated from high school, Nick and his wife Holly had a place together with a 3 year old daughter named Jennifer, and Joe now lived in Mt. Clemens, where Lindsey and her family had also lived.
"So you've not gone solo?" Nick amusingly asked Joe as they turned off Groesbeck Rd.
Joe gave Nick a look. "No, I just... like to fly when it’s late. You know better than to come to my place at 2 a.m."
Nick shrugged, "I was in the area. And, that was the same night that cop was saved by the 'masked man who shot ice from his hands.'"
"That wasn't me." Joe said, shaking his head.
"Sure it wasn't." David spoke from the back seat, smirking.
"No. My superhero ambitions died with the Supreme Trinity. I have no business fighting crime anymore."
"It's not a big deal." Said David. "You can tell us."
"And I told you it wasn't me."
"You live alone, and are out all night every night," Explained Nick, "and now this guy with ice power is out there."
"You damn well know I'm not the only possessor with ice power, Nick. There's thousands with it!”
They turned down Carlson - the dead end street Lindsey lived on. She sat on her porch waiting with her father, Dave Klos.
Joe continued, "I would tell you guys if it were me out there."
"Would you?" Nick wondered.
"Sure, why not?" Joe pulled the car in front of the house, its headlights now on Lindsey and Dave.
Lindsey arose with her backpack, hugged her dad, and then came to the car. Joe and Nick waved at Dave as Lindsey hopped into the back seat with David.
"Have a safe trip!" Dave called.
"Thanks, we'll bring her home in two weeks tops!" Joe replied.
"Keep her all summer if you want! “Dave joked. “No rush!"
Everybody who didn’t know about their supreme abilities thought the four were taking a road trip to Chicago for a week or two, and Lindsey's dad was one of them, including David's mom, Maureen. But that was only a diversion. Yes, they planned to travel, but by sky, not by car. And they planned to visit places all over the US. It was Joe’s idea, and the first time they had decided to use their powers for travel. At some point early on, Lindsey found out about their plans and asked to join the three, who agreed to let her tag along.
Joe pulled the car out of the driveway and drove off, beeping as Lindsey waved goodbye to her dad. She sat back down in excitement.
"How is everybody?" She greeted.
"Great." Joe, Nick and David happily replied.
"Thanks for letting me come." She smiled.
"Shall be a lot of fun." Promised David.
"We're going to park the car at a renting lot downtown.” Explained Joe. “From there, we fly."
The time was after 10:00 p.m. Their excuse for leaving that late was a morning rendezvous in Chicago they didn't want to miss. In reality they wanted to remain as unseen as possible while flying long distances, so a majority of their travels should be done at night - old habit of theirs. It would be proper since leaving Michigan into places where possessors are rare.
The garage they arrived at was four stories high, adjacent to a courthouse and the two biggest office buildings in downtown Mt. Clemens. To the right, further into the city, was the Mt. Clemens Police Department, where the Trinity signal once shone on the rooftop. Though they were leaving town, Joe got a two week deal through a couple connections and was given a space. The garage wasn’t meant for this kind of renovation, but it wasn’t a big deal to the owners, for spaces were always vacant. Now parked, the foursome took to the roof of the garage and got an eyeful of the nighttime sight of the city.
“Say goodbye of Michigan.” Joe stated, standing at the edge of building and securing his travel pack.
Each of them had a hefty backpack strapped behind them, carrying the necessary items for travel, including clothes, wallets, cell phones, toothbrushes, ect. They also wore dark jumpsuits for air travel, but nothing like the uniforms they once had as superheroes.
“Let the good times roll.” Nick declared.
David and Lindsey nodded, and then Joe shot into the air like a rocket with the other three right behind him. West they headed, leaving Mt. Clemens behind for a long flight ahead. Their trip had begun.


The four tore through the night sky at 150 mph. Joe took the lead, with David and Nick on his flank. Lindsey took the rear. Their eyes shone brightly their granted colors - Joe's purple, Nick's green, and David and Lindsey shared the color red. Flying high up at such a speed, putting Michigan behind them, a strong feeling of freedom came over the four knowing they could go anywhere they wanted so simply. For Joe, Nick and David, flying together again brought them back to their days as the Supreme Trinity. They felt fierce, strong and brave as they once were. Lindsey excitedly kept the pace, humming tunes to herself as the wind beat at her face. She glided up and down like a rollercoaster, twisting in the air, her arms out like a bird. The four focused their gaze on the dark terrain, the horizon ahead, and kept a straight path west.
Their travel plan was simple - circle the country and visit major cities and landmarks along the way. They would first stop at Chicago and then continue west towards Mount Rushmore in South Carolina, head into Seattle next, and then veer south where they would weave their way through the Rocky Mountains. From there they'd visit the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, and perhaps LA. But, it wasn't a completely set plan. They decided they could share ideas of places to go along the way, winging around the country. They could go anywhere they wanted and make good time without the restrictions of traffic on the ground or having to travel by plane. Their powers were all they needed, a great advantage to their kind.
They reached the suburbs of Chicago at a little after midnight. From there they settled on the roof of a 5 story office building which had an excellent view of the downtown skyline. They had reached their first destination sooner than expected, and used that opportunity to rest. The four sat on the edge of the building, surveying the lit up city ahead.
“Who’s tired?” Asked David.
“Wide awake.” Joe replied.
Nick and Lindsey agreed. They were having fun and not sleepy at all. It was good to get away.
“Why didn’t we think to do this sooner?” David wondered.
“I never thought of it.” Spoke Lindsey, shrugging. “I’ve only had my powers for a year. And I wouldn’t just leave on my own if I had thought of it first.”
“I’m glad Holly agreed to it,” Nick added, "letting me go away with you guys for a while.”
“Being a dad keeps you busy, Nick.” Joe said. “We’re all busy with our own things. Can’t just up and fly away whenever we want.”
David nodded, “Well, let’s make the best of it. This is our time, gentleman. And lady.”
“Such chivalry.” Joe noticed in David’s tone. “Couldn’t help but speak like that as the Trinity, remember?”
They all laughed.
After a late night snack on the rooftop, the group took to the sky once again, leaving Chicago for many more destinations ahead. They flew long through the night, and fast. It was the most they’ve ever flown at a single time, and they found themselves landing in remote areas to rest their minds every hour or so, for it was their telekinetic abilities that allowed them to fly at all, the complete work of the advanced human brain.
At around 4 a.m. they reached Mount Rushmore.
None of them had ever seen it before, and with the light of dawn breaking, the large faces carved in stone began to subtly glow in an odd way, kind of how the moon has the illusion of creating its own light. In mid-air they floated, staring at the masterful landscape. From there, Joe had the idea of eating breakfast on the very heads of the presidents. They all liked the idea and proceeded.
Each sat atop an individual head, Joe on Washington, Lindsey on Jefferson, David on Roosevelt, and Nick on Lincoln. Atop the massive stone shrine they ate from a small supply of food they carried in their packs - sandwiches, cookies and ice cold juice and water, compliments of Joe and Lindsey's ice power. They yelled across the smoothed stone to each other, their voices echoing in conversation.
Their time at that monument was great, casually eating and watching the sun rise as if on a beach back in Michigan. Now that the sun was out, they’d be more visible flying in the sky, so they agreed to elevate much higher once departing from the Mount. Their next stop would be Seattle, a three or four hour flight away. There, the group planned to check into a hotel, eat a real breakfast, and then get some sleep to be rested for the next night, where they would head south towards the Rocky Mountains - a journey they all looked forward to.

High above, Nick gazed down at the passing tree covered terrain and wide valleys trying to identify their location. Only a couple small towns dotted the woody and mountainous landscape, connected by a long highway lined with firs and rivers. From their height the Pacific Ocean had just become visible miles ahead at the horizon.
“We going the right way, Joe!?” Nick called against the wind.
Their pace had slowed as they all surveyed the topography.
Joe shook his head. “I don’t think so! We might have veered off course! I don’t see any signs of a major city or suburb, except that one we just passed down there!”
David flew closer to the two brothers. “The ocean is in view, so that means we passed the Seattle area without noticing!"
“We might be in Oregon!” Nick supposed.
“We’re somewhere in Washington!” David was sure. “All this forest, but not heading in the right direction!”
Joe checked a compass watch around his left wrist. By now the four traveled at a soft glide, about 40 mph just below the increasing cloud cover. Lindsey kept patient and to herself as the three tried to figure out their course.
“Lets see… the Pacific is that way,” Joe pointed west where the land ended. “If we veered north then Seattle should be that way.” He then pointed south-east. “Or maybe...”
“Is Seattle in the center of the state?” Nick wondered. “Isn’t it more towards the shore?”
“No.” Replied Joe. “It’s just south of us, I think. We've traveled too far north and too far ahead."
“You guys?” Lindsey called their attention.
Joe, Nick and David turned to her. The four were now stopped in mid-air.
“I think we should land for while, we’ve been flying for 4 hours straight.” She said.
The three men realized they were tired, but didn’t want to stop till they reached the city. Since they weren’t sure where they were exactly, they agreed with Lindsey to rest. On the ground they could unpack and discuss their course.
They surged down towards the wooded land all around them, slowing to a float once reaching the treetops. Their feet softly touched the rocks and scattered pine needles of the forest floor, finding themselves within a small opening in the woods. The four unlatched their backpacks and let them fall. From his, David pulled out an atlas he carried just in case they lost their way at any point. Joe, Nick and David huddled around the atlas as Lindsey eyed the woods around her.
The trees were large, much larger than any in Michigan. Tall and vast the trunks rose, with sunlight torn in radiant lines through the high foliage of this forest. It was beautiful. She walked about, letting her glowing red eyes cease to shine, relieving her mind of her powers.
“I’ll be right back,” She said to the three. “I need to pee.”
Joe waved her off, neither of them taking their lit eyes off the atlas. “Okay,” He said pointing at the map, “Seattle is here, and here we are.” He slid his finger a few inches north-east of the city, beyond Sequim and Port Angeles.
“Nah man, we’re over here.” Nick pointed further south, near Olympic National Park.
Joe shook his head. “No, I’m pretty sure this is where we are.” He tapped his finger on the first spot, in the upper right corner of the state. “Look, that small city we passed just before we landed? This is it.”
His finger moved to the dot on the map he believed to be their location. The three leaned in to read the small print of the town’s name: ‘Forks.’
Lindsey walked through the trees and shrubs, getting a little distance from the three men. She found a comfortable spot to do her business, but just as she reached it, she heard a rapid thumping sound behind her, getting louder. Lindsey whipped around, and saw a large brown bear charging in her direction. Without even thinking, her eyes flashed red again, she rose off the ground, and blasted her red frost beam at the fast approaching animal.
She missed as another swift moving creature pummeled the bear out of the way.
It happened so fast. Her blasting powers struck a tree and surrounding shrubs, freezing them in red ice. The bodies of the bear and other creature had tumbled yards to her left, and a small struggle between the two ensued, quickly ending as the bear went still, jerking in spasms as the other thing buried its head into the bears flesh. The whole incident only took four or five seconds, and Lindsey was just now able to respond in a gasp as she floated ten or so feet above the ground.
After the bear’s spasms ended, the creature that killed it lifted its head, gazed around a moment, and found Lindsey still afloat. The girls red eyes widened to discover it wasn’t an animal at all… but a man. For a few seconds she and the man stared at each other, both with astonished expressions. The man’s teeth remained barred from his fight with the bear, his mouth dripping with blood. It was the only detail she took in before dread forced her to rotate her body and fly away through the trees as fast as she could, back to the three she left behind just minutes earlier.


David tossed a granola bar each to Joe and Nick, along with warm bottles of water that Joe quickly made cold again with his ice power. Clouds now completely blotted out the morning sun, and a grayness came over their spot in the woods.
"That's the last of our rations." David noticed, digging deeper into his pack. "We'll have to load up on food before we leave Seattle."
Joe took a seat on the ground, biting into his granola bar. "I say we can be there in less than an hour." He figured.
"What time is it?" Asked Nick.
Joe consulted his watch. "A little after 9."
"When we get to the city I want to--"
Nick's words were cut off as Lindsey flew out of the trees and brush, landing harshly in a roll and bouncing onto her front. The three guys were startled by her urgent return. She lifted her head, her eyes mad with bright red light as she frantically pointed the direction she came, struggling to explain herself. Something very obviously had frightened her. Joe opened his mouth to speak, but what he saw next silenced him. In the blink of an eye, a man flitted to the edge of the tree line and stopped, gazing curiously at the four in the small clearing. Lindsey immediately got to her feet, as did Joe, Nick and David. They swiftly activated their powers, all eyes flashing on their colors. Nick's hands burst into green flames, and the four crouched into a defensive stance.
A moment of silence went by as the four watched this mysterious visitor. They saw how fast he moved, impossibly quick, and knew something wasn't right. They kept still and silent, examining him as he examined them.
The man stepped closer.
The four possessors took a step back, and a red bolt of lightning - compliments of David - came out from the treetops and struck only feet away from the stranger, creating a blast of crimson light and a loud crash of thunder that echoed throughout the forest. It astounded the man, and he backed away with an impressed look on his face.
"Who are you?" Joe asked with aggression in his tone.
The stranger had an odd appearance, like somebody you wouldn't find strolling through the woods. His blonde hair was combed neat, partially hanging over his forehead. He wore clean khaki pants and a light blue button down shirt. His skin was deathly pale and his eyes were dark, giving off a slightly menacing appearance, but overall he was tall and fit and good looking, reminding them of a catalog model or something of the kind.
After Joe spoke, the man smiled lightly, raising his hands. "Forgive me," he spoke in a voice like warm honey, "I didn't mean to frighten you."
His menacing appearance faded with his words. Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey blinked at his sudden transformation.
"Who are you?" Joe repeated.
Lindsey eyed the strange man cautiously, remembering his blood drenched mouth and chin, which was now clean as a slate. He stepped closer, but their telekinetic forces stopped him from advancing. Surprised, he struggled against it a moment, then quickly ceased. He gazed down at Nick's burning hands, in awe and with an air of concern as if that were the only thing that could hurt him.
"My name is Carlisle." He introduced. "Carlisle Cullen. I live just a few miles away from here."
Carlisle tried to move again, but their telekinetic hold on him was strong. "You have nothing to fear." He promised. "You've obviously noticed I'm... different."
Nobody said anything for a moment. Carlisle continued, "As I've noticed you are... gifted."
"Are you a possessor too?" Joe asked, him and the three still in a defensive stance.
Carlisle cocked his head in contemplation. "That's what Alice called you - possessors. She was right, as usual." He spoke as if to himself, and then shook his head and answered, "No, I'm not a possessor. I'm a..." He paused as his dark eyes found the teenage girl, who was the only one of the four that had seen what he was, or at least what he was capable of. "Well, what I am takes some explaining, as I'm sure is the same in your case."
Nick and David glanced at each other in confusion. Joe relaxed a bit, standing upright again. His brother and cousin did the same, but Lindsey remained firmly on guard. Carlisle kept an unblinking gaze on the possessors, noting their glowing eyes of purple, green and red, and the emerald blaze which still burned from Nick’s hands. He was truly impressed by these visitors, for what he was and the amazing things he had seen in his life, Carlisle had never seen anything like this before. Alice's precognition had seen them coming, but he wasn't as prepared to meet and greet the possessors as he thought he would be. Another moment of silence went by, and in that moment Carlisle felt their telekinetic hold on him wane away.
He eyed their packs. "I overheard you are lost, and out of food." His expression and tone remained friendly and welcoming. "As I said, I live just a little ways away. I have a house in the clearing. If you'd like, you are welcome to come back there with me. We have food if you are hungry."
Joe shook his head. "Um... no thanks. We should really be on our way. We're not lost anymore."
Carlisle nodded. "Well, at least consider coming by for breakfast, will you? I'm intrigued to learn a little about your kind, as I'm sure you are to learn about me. Rest assured, there’s nothing to fear from me, despite how I may come off to you. My family would be honored to meet unique individuals such as yourselves."
Lindsey was so unsure of this situation. She had seen a monster in the woods just minutes ago, and now this monster stood before her in the most wise and charming of appearances. Who was he? She asked herself.
The possessors remained quiet and undecided at Carlisle's offer. Nick finally extinguished the fire of his hands. "Family?" He asked.
Carlisle smiled. "Yes. Our residence is here. I'm a physician at Forks Community Hospital."
"A doctor?" Asked David, surprised.
The man gave a nod.
"How did you move so fast?" Lindsey asked directly, speaking for the first time.
Carlisle turned to her, giving her a warm gaze. "We can discuss this at the house if you'd like, it is only polite that I invite you." His demeanor was overwhelmingly positive and friendly. The caution the possessors had at the arrival of this stranger was quickly disintegrating. There was something about Carlisle, different obviously, but evidently good too.
"Well, I guess... um…" Joe went on uncertainly.
"It's up to you." Carlisle said in full respect. "Really. I know you're not from around here and are startled from running into someone like me all of a sudden. The choice is yours, but I think we can all benefit from it, seeing as I've never encountered a possessor before, and you've never encountered a... guy like me."
The four looked around at one another, shrugging and nodding in agreement. Joe turned back to Carlisle, and then extended an arm and introduced himself. "I'm Joseph Sutton."
Carlisle comfortably approached, then took Joe's hand. "Good to meet you, Joseph."
Joe noticed Carlisle’s grip was rock hard and cold, another mysterious quality of the doctor. Up close, they also noticed the strange, goldish color of his eyes, which had appeared dark just a little while ago. Nick then introduced himself, and then David. Lindsey hesitated a moment, and then shook the hand of Carlisle. "Lindsey Klos." She greeted.
"A pleasure, Ms. Klos."
"You look young for a doctor." Nick noticed.
Carlisle chuckled, and then nodded. "Yes, I get that a lot." He then gestured towards the woods. "Shall we?"
"Which direction is your house?" Joe wondered.
Carlisle pointed west. "If you fly, you can't miss it. It’s off Highway 101, about a mile down a winding dirt road, just before the Sol Duc river.
"Can you fly?" Asked David.
Everyone eyed Carlisle with interest. "No." He replied, amused.
"But you can move like lightning." David stated, shaking his head. "I'm curious to your explanation."
The pale man nodded, "As I am to yours, and very glad to be having you as our guests. Come whenever you're ready. Take time if you need too. We'll be waiting."
And in a split second, Carlisle burst back into the trees and was gone. His last words to them - 'We'll be waiting' - left the four to question, as did his persistence in inviting them to his home, like he and his family somehow knew they would end up here. After a moment, Lindsey was finally able to tell the guys how Carlisle killed the bear that almost attacked her. They took her account into consideration, wondering even more about the strangers abilities.
"Are we really gonna go over there?" Lindsey asked Joe and the rest. "How did this happen so fast? Weren’t we just supposed to rest for a few minutes and then take off?"
Joe nodded in thought. "Yes, but now we've stumbled upon something here. Something... that I think we should look into, don't you agree?"
"Heck yeah." Spoke David, grabbing his backpack. "I mean, did you look at the guy? He looked like... I don't know... I mean... he was able to..." David let out a sigh, "we should find out what he is if he isn't a possessor. I didn't know powers other than ours existed. What else is there?"
Nick shook his head. "He's something, for sure."
"Yes." Joe agreed. "But he seemed... sincere, right?"
"I guess." Shrugged Lindsey, still somewhat unsure of everything.
The four intensely stared in the direction Carlisle had gone - the way he instructed them to fly. His ‘home.’
"Let’s see where this goes." Joe whispered.


They approached the clearing’s edge hesitantly, seeing the old fashioned, but almost majestic white house sitting a few acres away. The four had decided to walk through the woods instead of flying, using that time to work their legs a bit and think about what they might encounter here. Carlisle’s house was three stories tall, had a wide porch that stretched to each end, and a stone stairway leading to the front door. Six tall pine trees – three on each side- surrounded the dwelling, casting a shadow over the home, and a smooth dirt driveway sat in front that stretched out to an opening in the trees, but also led to a large garage a distance behind the residence. Overall, their surroundings were lovely, coupled with the scent of freshly mowed grass and pine trees. Very appealing, but also gave the impression that the average town folk didn’t live in a house like this, and Carlisle was for sure no average resident.
"Okay, this must be it." Joe said, keeping an eye on the land. "What are we waiting for?"
"You first." David insisted.
Joe grinned, "Alright." And he stepped out onto the neat grass, followed by his brother, cousin and niece.
The possessors walked side by side, gazing around with interest as they approached the large house. Nick noticed a couple cars, one black and one silver, parked outside the garage in the back. They continued up past the pine trees as if in slow motion, the beautiful house staring down at them in silence. They gazed at the windows, looking for signs of anybody within, but no one could be seen. The four stopped at the porch steps a moment, shook off some nerves, and then stepped up to the front door together.
"So..." Nick said to Joe, "you wanna ring the bell, or should I?"
They were double doors, wooden with fiberglass windows. The four could hear a piano being played inside. Joe raised his fist to knock, but the door opened before he could, and there they saw Carlisle once again.
"I was worried you might not come." Carlisle greeted with a smile, holding the door open for them. "Come in, please."
Four just stared at Carlisle, hesitant to enter.
"It's okay." He said to them. "No need to be shy."
"Hello again, Carlisle." Nick greeted kindly, being the first to step in.
Joe, David and Lindsey moved in after, acknowledging Carlisle as he shut the door behind them. There, the four stood and studied the house's interior.
It was open and wide, with white carpet, brown wooden walls and a high ceiling. A grand staircase some yards in front of them curved up to the second floor. Beyond the staircase was well furnished living room, with beige colored couches and chairs. To their right a kitchen was visible, and an entrance to a dining room. There were vases with flowers here and there, and many lit candles. One of the first things they notice was how good it smelled inside the home, a fragrance all its own, one that comforted them. To their left was a rise in the floor where a large, ivory piano sat. At the piano was young lady and a young man. The girl had red, curly hair that waved down her back, and she stared at the four as they entered, pausing her piano playing.
"Renesmee?" The guy next to her whispered.
He looked to be perhaps 19 or 20, with bronze hair and a kind of square-shaped face, whereas the girl looked to be 11 or 12. Both were well dressed and pale, same as Carlisle.
"But Daddy, our guests have arrived." She whispered back.
"Finish the solo." Her father instructed. "The lesson isn't over yet."
She sighed and continued, creating lovely music once again.
Carlisle had on different clothes since they last seen him in the forest. He now wore a black turtleneck, which completely contrasted his pale complexion and blonde hair, along with beige pants and shiny black shoes.
A woman then entered the large foyer from the dining room. She wore a casual burgundy dress and had her straight, light brown hair back in a pony tail, with a few bangs coming down her forehead. She was very beautiful; looking no older than Joe or Nick, and her smile was tender as she walked to Carlisle’s side.
Carlisle took her hand, “This is my wife, Esme.” He introduced. “Esme, this is Joseph and Nicholas Sutton, David Richards, and Lindsey Klos.”
“Welcome to our home.” She spoke with a sweet, hospitable kindness. “It’s very nice to meet you, we don’t have guests often.”
The four acknowledged her by smiling and nodding. Two other women then came into the room. One of them, a young lady with reddish-brown hair, walked to the guy and girl at the piano, paying no attention to their new company. The other, a slender blonde, strolled up to Carlisle and Esme’s side and crossed her arms.
“This must be them, the bright eyed ones Alice has been babbling about all month.” The blonde spoke in a not so welcoming tone.
Esme rolled her eyes, “Have some manners, Rose.”
Rose flipped her hair back, and then forced a smile, “Rosalie Hale.” She introduced, looking annoyed.
Joe, Nick and David were taken aback by her. Despite a hint of attitude, and her odd revelation of the family somehow knowing some time in advance that the four would end up in Forks, all they could focus on was how breathtaking Rosalie was. The three guys shyly said hello, including Lindsey, who was also captivated by her beauty.
At the piano, Renesmee finished her solo, and her parents smiled.
“Very good.” Her extremely young looking father said. “You may address our guests now.”
Excited, young Renesmee rushed over to the four possessors and stood sweetly before them, smiling big. She was too cute for words, and the four couldn’t help but smile back. Her parents came up behind her.
“I’m Edward Cullen. This is my wife Isabella, and my daughter Renesmee.”
The four noticed how young Edward and Isabella looked compared to the age of their daughter. It greatly confused them, but they hid it as best they could. Edward grinned lightly, amused as if he knew what they were thinking.
“So lets see here,” David said, pointing a finger, “we have Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie, Renesmee, Edward, and Isabella?”
“Call me Bella.” Edwards’s wife insisted.
Like the rest of the ladies, Bella and Renesmee were terribly beautiful, and Edward and Carlisle had striking, movie star like features that Lindsey didn’t leave unnoticed, but unlike everyone else, Renesmee had a little color in her complexion, not as pale as the rest of the Cullen’s. Secondly, Renesmee had a darker eye color, not the dim yellow everyone else shared.
“And I’m Alice!” Said a perky young woman with short black hair, who appeared before them in a blur of speed.
The four yelped at her abrupt appearance - an open indication of her super abilities same as Carlisle, and the rest no doubt. Alice apologized for startling them. She wore an odd black tank top and a matching, fluffed skirt that came down to her knees. She held four white roses in her hands, and gracefully handed the possessors one each, kissing the visitors on both cheeks in greeting. It made the men blush, and Lindsey found it delighting.
Alice gazed around the room, “Where are Jasper and Emmett?”
Rosalie answered, “They went to La Push to help Jacob and Paul build their dog house on the beach.”
Alice placed her fists on her hips, “Ugh! Those two! They knew the possessors were coming today!”
“It’s not a big deal, Alice.” Assured Carlisle.
“I know, I know.” She said, becoming sprightly once again. “But remind me to slap them both when they finally arrive.”
“Hold up,” Joe interrupted, looking at Alice, “sorry, but this is bothering me. You knew we were coming… a month ago?”
Alice stared at him, perplexed, as if no explanation was necessary. “Of course, precognition, it’s my gift! I saw you guys the instant you all decided to take this trip.” She then turned to Carlisle, “Had you not told them what we are?”
“No.” Edward answered for Carlisle. “He didn’t want to be direct with the possessors and scare them away. They were apprehensive enough when they encountered him in the woods.”
“Scare us away?” Wondered Joe. “How? I mean, we were hesitant to come here at first, but… seeing you have super abilities the same as us, that wouldn’t frighten us.”
“Not exactly the same as you.” Mentioned Bella.
“Then what exactly?” Asked David.
“Should we tell them now?” Rosalie was eager.
Esme stepped up almost pleadingly. “Could this possibly wait till later? They have only just arrived, and we’ve prepared a nice brunch in the kitchen. Our guests are hungry and this is hardly a proper reception.”
A few seconds went by, and then David nodded. “I am hungry.” He admitted, touching the pedals of the white rose Alice gave him. “We can talk about it later I suppose.”
Nick eyed Carlisle, considering the conversation and remembering what Lindsey said about that bloody fight with the bear. It seemed this family knew a lot about them already, based on how Alice nonchalantly revealed predicting this moment, but he and the others knew almost nothing about the Cullen’s so far.
Now uneasy, Nick said, “Sorry about my… straightforwardness, but we should probably get this over with. I’ve just become too interested to know what you are. It’s the reason we came.”
“Nick, not now.” Lindsey replied, trying to be polite.
“No,” Joe agreed with his brother, “now’s as best a time as any, and we’d like to know before we go any further here.”
“You all seem like really nice people,” Nick continued, “but our curiosity about you is too strong now.”
Carlisle and Edward stared at each other a moment. Edward gave an approving nod, and Carlisle nodded back. “Very well,” He complied, “if it will make you feel better.”
“It would.” Joe concurred.
Esme uncomfortably stepped back and stood with Rosalie, letting Carlisle go before the four possessors.
“I’ll get right to the point.” He placed a hand to his chin, thinking a moment, choosing his words carefully. “We are…” Carlisle began, “...our condition is not exactly human anymore.”
A concerned look came across Esme, Alice and Renesmee. Rosalie stood with her arms still crossed, an air of pride on her face. Edward remained content, and Bella’s expression was unreadable. Joe, Nick and David squinted their eyes in overwrought interest. Lindsey went wide-eyed.
“Very few know about us.” Esme confessed. “About what we are.”
“Correct.” Said Carlisle. “Local legends and folklore refer to our kind as the “cold ones,” or perhaps “the pale faces.”
“Legend?” Asked David.
Carlisle nodded, “We no longer age with time, and we are very old, most of us, compared to a normal human lifespan.”
To the possessors, this wasn’t sounding very good.
“And... we require blood as our only form of sustenance.” Carlisle revealed.
Joe’s heart began to quicken. The color drained from Nick’s face. A cold shiver drifted down David’s spine, and Lindsey felt the urge to tremble.
Carlisle saw the fear building up in them, but that was expected. “Worldwide legend refers to us as…” He paused.
Rosalie rolled her eyes at Carlisle’s hesitation, “Just say it… vampires!”
The possessors stood frozen, letting that word sink in, gazing into the pale, yellow-eyed faces of the Cullen’s, matching their appearance with that of what they claim to be.
It fit. It made sense.
“Vampires.” Nick whispered.
They no longer saw a lovely, gifted family standing before them, but imposing monsters acting as something innocent, something alluring. Four white roses simultaneously dropped to the clean white carpet.
"Quickly," Joe ordered out of the corner of his mouth, the four already backing towards the doorway.
Their eyes of green, purple and red flashed on, and their telekinesis swung the double doors open. They turned and ran, fearing they had walked into a trap, expecting the vampires to suddenly pummel them to the floor and sink their teeth into their necks. With swiftness like never before, Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey flew out the doorway and banked upwards, getting a quick height and distance as fast as their powers would let them. But before David made his swift exit, he heard who he believed was Esme cry out, "We mean you no harm!"
Ignoring the plea, David continued with his cousins into the air and over the trees once again. No one looked back.


The sun was setting in Port Angeles - a city on the bay many miles east of Forks. After fleeing the vampires home, the possessors settled in the city, rented a room at a downtown hotel, changed clothes, and did a little grocery shopping for their planned departure at dusk. They had decided, upon their discovery of the existence of vampires in the area, not to go to Seattle, but to head down the Rocky Mountains and out of the North-West corner of the country. Their learning of the vampires was shocking at first, but such things were taken rather lightly by them, for possessors themselves were something people, at one time, did not believe in, and many still didn’t. It opened their eyes and their minds to the possibilities, for if possessors existed, why not vampires, or who knew what else? Nevertheless, Joe became adamant about leaving as soon as possible, even though the four hadn't slept in a full day and were quite exhausted. With their recent scare in mind, all agreed to the plan... for a while, at least.
Before leaving, they decided to eat at a local restaurant – the La Bella Italia, unbeknownst to them was the same restaurant the vampires Edward and Bella had their first date some years ago. On his cell phone, Nick stood outside the Italian eatery and talked to his wife, Holly. "We're in Port Angeles now." He told her.
"Where is that?"
"Um, northern Washington."
"I thought you were going to be in Seattle."
"We were, but we... got a little sidetracked, then decided to skip it."
"But you guys are doing okay? You sound tired."
"Fine, fine. Nothing to worry about. How's my little lady doing?"
"Still having those bug nightmares, but she'll be alright. She's sleeping now."
"Well, I'll give her a call tomorrow afternoon or something."
"Sounds fine, hun."
"I better get going, Joe and the rest are waiting in the restaurant. We're gonna eat, then fly south when we're done."
"Well be safe. I'll tell Jennifer daddy say hi. Love you."
"Thanks, love you too."
He flipped the phone shut, pocketed it, and then entered the crowded restaurant where Joe, David and Lindsey waited for him at a booth. "Food not ready yet? I'm starving."
Lindsey shook her head. "How's Holly? I haven't seen her in a long time."
"Everything's good at home," Nick replied, “with her and Jen."
"That's nice." Joe said, sipping a glass of orange juice, eyeing David who sat quietly, resting his head in his hand, staring into space. "What’s bothering you?" Joe asked him, noticing his seemingly depressed state.
David glanced at his cousin, and then shrugged, "Just thinking."
"What about?" Wondered Lindsey, who also noticed David’s state.
He sighed, obviously troubled. "I don't know… I just can't help but think about the vamp... the Cullen’s."
Sighing, Joe said, "I know, I know," In an understanding tone. "None of us knew of vampires existing. It's surreal but I'm glad you are all taking it well, as I am. We can't let it bother us. We did the right thing."
"Did we?" David questioned.
"Yes." Joe gazed at him sternly. "We did."
David shook his head, "Then why do I feel... bad about it? About running away like that?"
Joe opened his mouth to reply, but found himself without an answer. In secret, he had a similar regret, one he couldn't truthfully deny.
"I know." Nick agreed. "I feel that way too, I think."
Lindsey nodded, "Me too, but... they were vampires."
"Exactly." Joe said firmly. "They were vampires, and we left because of the danger we were-"
"What danger?" David interrupted. "Sorry, I no longer see the danger. I was scared at first but..." Joe kept unblinking eyes on his cousin. David continued, "...but there was something about them, you guys. When you add it all up, there was a kindness to them... more than that, a way about them, decentness they possessed. Danger, you say? Don't you think that if they wanted to kill us, they would have taken that chance the moment we entered the house?"
The four contemplated that scenario.
"We're not like normal, helpless humans to them, David." Joe explained. "We can fend them off, stop them with our telekinesis, burn them with Nick's fire, your electricity, and however else it can be done."
"Did you hear Carlisle's wife, right before we took off?" David asked them all. "I heard her say, 'we mean you no harm.' I don't know, guys, though we can defend ourselves better than most, I think we would be dead, caught off guard by them if they intended for us to be their next meal."
Nick agreed. "Let’s consider that."
"No, no, no!" Joe slammed a hand on the table. "We don't have time for this. We have a plan and are sticking to it. Don't psyche yourself out with thoughts of supposedly kind vampires. They are not our business, and are too much of a risk."
"Joe, relax." Nick told him.
"I'm fine. As the oldest of us, I'm just looking out for you guys."
"I get that, Joe,” David said, “but just for a minute, put the notion of vampires aside, and remember them when you thought they were humans with special powers like us. What did you think?"
The oldest possessor thought it through, considering the Cullen’s as a family rather than monsters. Nick, David and Lindsey waited for his response.
"I... I'm," Joe struggled to say, "I do see it David, the... quality of them, their special nature, like a real family they were."
Lindsey smiled, remembering that as well. Nick said, "Yeah, I liked them, they seemed sincerely interested in us, right?"
Joe shrugged, "Yeah, I suppose. But so what?"
"What next, is the question." David clarified. "Do we just forget about it like a bad movie?"
"Would be a good movie in this case." Lindsey implied. “Hard to forget.”
"Exactly." David approved. "Yes, they are vampires, but there's more to them that all four of us had seen today."
Joe shook his head, "This is crazy."
"But you agree with what I'm saying." David noticed. "Joe, we were the Supreme Trinity for nearly two years. We've fought all kinds of bad guys. We know how to take care of ourselves, if the worst happens. Thing is though, I don't think anything bad will happen."
They went hushed in their thoughts.
“Like I said in Chicago,” David continued, “This is our time, and we should make the best of it.”
"So what are you proposing?" Nick asked his younger cousin, already knowing the answer.
David straightened his posture, "We go back, tonight."
Joe went wide-eyed, but didn’t rebut the idea.
Lindsey spoke up next, "We were all scared when they told us what they were, but something feels right about giving this another shot. Leaving it behind would be like... like missing out on something and not knowing it. It's almost like... we were meant to run into Carlisle this morning.”
David smiled at her, confirming that mutual feeling. Nick smiled too. Joe, as much as he tried to contain it, eventually gave in to this reasoning. Though they had only met the vampires - the Cullen’s - Joe undeniably saw the situation as a chance to get to know something that they hadn't known before, an opportunity that must not be pushed aside. The stares of the three weighed heavily on him for his approval, and he felt the decision whether to continue the trip or return to the vampires was his and his alone. And it should be, he thought. This trip was his idea. He was planning the course and was kind of the group leader, though he never considered himself that. Now he had to think.

Their food came. The four ate, keeping silent the whole time, allowing Joe to consider everyone’s opinions and make up his mind.

After their dinner was finished and the waitress gave them the bill, Joe gave a simple nod to the group, one that confirmed he was willing to give it another chance. David gave a nod after, then Lindsey, and then Nick, and that sealed the deal.
They would return to the Cullen's home.

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this is so good. i can tell you put a lot of hard work into this story. i'm liking the possessors. <3

thank you so much!  that means a lot, i wasn't sure if anyone would actually read it.  its kinda long, and i wrote it for me, my brother nick, my cousin david and my niece lindsey (whom the possessors are based off of).  We're all huge twilight fans.  thanks again for reading im glad you liked it. :)  The Possessors Saga

i read the whole thing. and David is my favorite character. i also loved their interactions with the wolfpack, especially with Jacob. it was very nice to read and with very smooth writing from beginning to end like a real book. it didn't seem like fanfiction. you're really good.

you are really kind.  thank you for taking the time to read it, i almost didn't put it up, but im glad i did.  im also glad you have a favorite possessor lol.  David and I do Twilight vlogs in our spare time, so if you want, check us out here The Twilight Cousins ,  here also is Davids page on this site David , again, thank you for reading and for your comments!

So I have never heard of the Possessors before but I really like it! It's clear to me now what they are and I think it is very wise of them to go back to the Cullen's :)

Of course you never heard of possessors, I created them :)  Thank you for reading,Carmen, it means a lot.


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