The Twilight Saga


Twilight faded, and night was upon Forks, Washington. Brilliant stars filled the sky, and a nearly full moon was on the rise, lighting up massive cloud formations here and there in a silvery shine. High in the tall pine trees, Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey sat within the branches, staring down at the Cullen house in the distance. They watched the house like ghosts for a time, listening to the sound of hundreds of crickets simultaneously chirping for miles around. Most of the windows of the dwelling were lit, casting light upon the dark lawn surrounding it. Behind them, the sound of a distant car traveling down Highway 101 rose, and then faded as the vehicle continued on.
“I’ll go first this time, if you want.” David offered, looking at Joe.
“And I’ll ring the bell.” Nick smiled.
Joe shook his head, crouched on the branch like a predator watching his prey. “I have a better idea, actually.”
The four then turned their heads to the sudden echo of a wolf howling in a south-western direction, miles off through the woods. The wolf’s call was heard, and one by one, other wolves from different, unknown spots in the forest and valleys responded with their own howls. The sounds of the animals lasted only a couple of minutes, taking the full attention of the four possessors in the trees. Once the distant wolves were silent, they focused back on house.
“Here’s what we’re gonna do.” Joe began, and then laid out his scheme.

In their decorative living room, the nine vampire covenant sat in wait, including Jasper and Emmett who had returned from La Push, for the vision Alice had earlier that evening of the possessors returning had come to her the moment the four had made the decision in Port Angeles. For a short time the Cullen’s discussed how to approach the Michigan visitors a second time, figuring out how to welcome them back in the most courteous and friendly way possible, so not to frighten them or make them uncomfortable in the presence of creatures such as themselves. They wanted to convince to possessors that despite being vampires, their human nature and heart still existed, and they meant nobody any harm. Their hopes were high, because would the four have returned at all if they had only seen the family as a threat?
Edward sat cross-legged in the love seat with Bella, staring straight as he read the minds of the four possessors nearby. He had detected them once they came within the required distance, and saw them watching the house, debating how to approach. He grinned inconspicuously as Joseph explained his idea to the other three, so Edward decided not to let his family in on their arrival, for the possessors wanted this to be a surprise. He also noticed Alice hadn’t seen the specifics of their planned reappearance.
And then, it started.
The lightning bolt struck above the house, causing the lights to flicker inside. All vampire heads whipped up in surprise, except for Edward’s. Another blast of lighting hit, causing the lights to go out completely for a few seconds. Emmett was the first to his feet, turning his head this way and that, not knowing what was going on. More bolts struck, loudly, with red light flashing through the house windows from outside.
“They’re here.” Edward said simply.
“Duh, what else would it be?” Rosalie replied smartly.
Carlisle rose calmly, putting on a dress coat over his turtleneck. Esme rose with him, and then the rest of the family after. Noticing Jaspers perplexed reaction to the lightning, Alice took his hand, giving him a look of reassurance. He smiled at her, but then focused his attention back to the blasts above the house. Renesmee hurried to the front door, but an extremely anxious Emmett beat her too it, opening the doors and flitting down the porch steps.
“Wait up!” She called, and ran out to her uncle’s side.
The rest of the Cullen’s made it outside at a normal humanly pace, noticing Emmett and Renesmee’s astonished eyes pointed to the roof of their three story residence. All gathered on the dirt driveway and gazed up.
There stood David Richards, like a lightning rod at the center of the roof as multiple streaks of incredible crimson electricity flew out of the empty sky and repeatedly struck his body harmlessly. They could see his eyes at their brightest as the 18-year-old stared down at his audience, his arms and hands outstretched, creating strong currents all around him. Like the Norse god Thor, the blasts enveloped him, some of the electricity zapping out of his eyes, waves of it moving around his body. The vampires were amazed, for they had seen nothing like this before. Carlisle grinned at the display, overcome by the level of true power.
A body swooshed over the Cullen’s, one that carried a long tail of purple snow that traced its path. It was Joseph, the eldest of the possessors. The snow fell upon the driveway and over the vampires, its violet and glittery appearance so beautiful as it soothingly came over the family. Alice giggled as the flakes hit her face, and she began to twirl her body within the falling flakes of ice. Renesmee, just as excited, joined Alice, and the two took each other’s hands and spun around gracefully as the purple flurry settled.
From a new direction, another body flew over them, dropping a second coat of now red colored snow. It was Lindsey, the only female and youngest of the group. Her body flew on, continuing the trail around the house. Jasper cupped his hands and gathered flakes, studying the authenticity of the ice crystals. To him, it looked like real, genuine snow, its ruby color being the only oddity.
David ceased his lighting display, the last echo of thunder disappearing into the quiet night. Below, Joe and Lindsey landed behind the Cullen’s, directing the family’s attention as each shot their frost beams at full force, freezing the large pines that stood in front of the house. A faint mixture of purple and red light was cast upon the family as they watched this other amazing spectacle. Seeing the pines becoming solidified in the colored ice, Rosalie stepped up to protest, but Emmett grabbed her arm and shook his head.
“It’s fine, Rose.” Esme assured her, not taking her eyes off the trees.
Rosalie shrugged and looked away, trying to remain blasé.
“Look there!” Renesmee yelled, pointing straight up into the sky.
The Cullen’s raised their heads, and Renesmee climbed up her father’s back at sat on his shoulders. Edward put an arm around Bella, who smiled at him uncertainly. “It’s okay, love.” He told her in an amused tone. “They’re just showing us what they’re capable of, so we won’t make any attempts to suck their blood.”
In the sky, perhaps a thousand feet above the house, Nick whirled through the night air, his hands ablaze, which appeared only as two small dots of light to those watching below. From those two small dots, a torrent of emerald fire suddenly streaked out, drawing a line of fire in the air. When Nick, Joe and David were the Supreme Trinity, drawing a huge number ‘3’ in the sky with his fire was kind of their calling card. But tonight, since Lindsey was with them, he drew a huge ‘4’ instead.
When Nick finished, the conflagration remained among the clouds and stars, producing a green glow over the house and surrounding woods. The Cullen’s stared at it for a time, Renesmee with her mouth hanging open, Emmett with an awed grin. Carlisle held Esme, both with expressions of understanding. Alice remained as delighted as ever, and Jasper kept a comfortable expression. David glided of the roof, over the Cullen’s, and then landed between Joe and Lindsey. Nick hollered as he made a speedy decent, doing a front flip before making a slam landing at their side, rested in a kneeling position with a fist to the ground. He rose and then eyed the vampires. Together the four possessors sauntered past the now frozen pines and approached the Cullen family. Their eyes remained lit, one set purple, one green, and two sets red. They appeared daunting, but that was kind of the point.
Carlisle stepped ahead of his family, and was the first to greet the possessors once again. “We are most pleased at your return, Joseph, Nicholas, David and Lindsey.”
Joe gave a nod. “Yeah, well, we kind of jumped to conclusions after finding out… what you are.” He explained, and then gestured behind him. “But, these three talked me into coming back.”
“We completely understand.” Carlisle avowed. He was going to continue speaking, but Esme calmly stepped past her husband and walked directly up to Joe, an action nobody was expecting. Joe felt the need to step back, but he held his ground as his intense purple eyes stared down Esme as her golden eyes stared back. She looked… heartbroken, he noticed.
“When you ran from us earlier today, I felt so terrible.” Esme confessed, lowering her head as if to hold back tears.
Joe watched her, feeling awkward, but unable to shake a sense of guilt he gained by her words. “I’m sorry.” He whispered.
Esme raised her head and shook it, “No, you mustn’t apologize. You did what anyone would do.”
Carlisle approached his wife a put his hand on her shoulder comfortingly. She reached for it and continued. “It’s hard for me sometimes, for all of us, to be feared. We can’t help what we are, and are trying to make the most of our lives… to do what’s right.”
Behind Joe, Lindsey, David and Nick watched Esme, overcome by the level of emotion in her voice. Vampires were unable to cry, but if they could, Esme probably would be right about now.
Carlisle spoke next, “My wife is a little sensitive about this kind of thing.” He told Joe and the others.
Esme nodded in agreement, “We rarely are able to have guests, and when we do, it’s very special to me, especially now. We have never met your kind before.” She now looked at all four possessors, not just Joe. “You all have incredible gifts, as you have shown us tonight, and it is a marvelous revelation. So, when Alice informed us of your upcoming arrival, we were all looking forward to meeting and welcoming you, in a way that wouldn’t frighten you.”
“Even Rosalie!” Emmett playfully nudged his wife, “Though she may not act like it.”
Rose rolled her eyes, “Shut up, dear.”
Emmett laughed, and everyone smiled. Joe took a close look at them all, their faces, their convivial expressions, and let Esme’s words sink in. His lit eyes slowly dulled out, and became normal once again. Gazing at Esme, feeling awful for hurting her, he told the lovely vampire, “I can see your goodness, and the goodness of your family. I don’t know much about vampires, and we’ve only just met, but… it’s becoming clear that I had the wrong impression of you all.”
“Thank you, Joseph.” Esme smiled lightly.
“I told you,” David said to Joe, “There’s something about them.”
Joe nodded, “I know. I see it.”
Alice then came out of her silence, taking Joe by his hands. “Come, let me show you your room!”
“Room?” The four possessors asked simultaneously.
Alice laughed, “Of course, you silly geese, like we’re going to make you sleep at a crummy hotel? Or in the dirt somewhere? No, you will stay with us, and it is NOT open for debate, my new friends.”
“Um…” Joe uncertainly eyed his cousin, brother, and niece, “Yeah, I guess we can stay tonight…”
“Sure.” Nick smiled.
Edward lifted Renesmee off his shoulders. “They’ve already eaten, but haven’t slept for a full day.” He told the rest, and then turned to the possessors. “We have four beds in a single room waiting for you upstairs.”
Nick eyed Edward, “How do you know so much about us?”
“I can read your thoughts.” He replied matter-of-factly. “It’s my gift. Let’s save the explaining for another day, you are obviously quite exhausted.”
“Come!” Alice rejoiced, nearly dragging Joe up the porch steps and into their humble abode.
Lindsey giggled at the sight, and Joe couldn’t help but be amused at Alice’s exceptional, cheery attitude.
“Well, looks like everything is peachy now.” Emmett enthusiastically declared, approaching Nick, David and Lindsey and introducing himself. The burly vampire was impressive in size, standing just as tall as Nick, both 6’9”. He looked like a tough guy, a jock type, but had a “class-clown” personality about him.
Jasper likewise introduced himself, “Jasper Whitlock Hale.” He greeted, in a somewhat southerly accent. To the possessors, Jasper had a wise, sophisticated façade, similar to Carlisle and Edward.
Renesmee came to Lindsey, took her by the hand and led her into the house, eager to show her around and later get to know the young female possessor. Nick and David then joined the rest of the family and headed inside, at peace with the turn of events. Bella was the last one in and shut the door behind her.
She turned to Edward, who remained at her side. “New friends, Alice says?”
Edward sighed, “Bella, I know you’re not so trusting when strangers come around, and I understand that, but I’ve read their thoughts and these people have no bad intentions of any kind. They like us, but are not 100% sure of everything, same as you, yet are still willing to stay here, in a house of vampires when twenty four hours ago they didn’t even know our kind existed. Please show them respect. They are quite remarkable individuals, wouldn’t you say? Let’s make the most of this.”
Bella shrugged, “Yes, you’re right. Carlisle and Esme are easily hospitable to them, which is fine, but I have to adjust to newcomers. Rosalie agrees.”
He kissed her forehead. “Fair enough.”
“But unlike Rosalie, I’ll behave.”

Among the clouds, the massive green conflagration in the night sky began to dissolve. On a cliff top miles away from the Cullen home, a pack of ten large wolves observed the fiery display in the sky, watching it slowly dissipate. It was red lightning that first caught their attention, and then the green fire afterwards. The wolves remained still and hushed, unsuccessfully comprehending this unusual phenomenon, until it faded away completely.


Alice conducted the tour of their home proudly, and Joe, Nick and David followed the pixie-like vampire with interest. Alice was beautiful, but not in the same aspects as Esme, Bella, Renesmee or the unbelievably gorgeous Rosalie. For Alice, her personality seeped out into her physical features, her dark style matching her unique splendor. The male possessors found her fun and charismatic, not at all something to fear, and that comforted them. She showed them where the kitchen, living room and dining room were on the first floor before taking them up the wide, curving staircase to the second floor, where Renesmee was already showing Lindsey around.
One feature of the house they didn’t notice the first time is that the entire back wall was literally three stories of glass. These windows - Alice explained - were quick access to the woods when they hunted. It faced a spacious patio and yard, surrounded by forest as far as the eye could see. The second floor held Emmett and Rosalie’s bedroom, Jasper’s study, Carlisle’s office and personal library, and then Alice and Jaspers room, which contained a closet bigger than the bedroom itself due to Alice’s inclination of designer fashion, keeping herself and her family tailored in the finest attire.
Up on the third floor were Carlisle and Esme’s bedroom, a second library, and Edward’s old bedroom, which had been recently transformed into a guest space for the four possessors. Edward, Bella and Renesmee stayed at a cottage built a mile or so into the forest, past the Sol Duc river that flowed nearby. Alice and her three tourists found Renesmee and Lindsey already inside the bedroom. It was a large rectangle with a high ceiling. The adjacent wall was all glass, and four beds - two lined on the right and two on the left - were made up for the guests. The sheets were all black, silky soft, with two fluffy pillows each. One bed had purple pillows, another had green, and two had red ones, indicating whose bed was whose - a style Alice knew the four would like.
“So what do you think?” Alice beamed.
“It’s… cozy.” David replied truthfully. “Thank you very much.”
“Thank you, Alice.” Nick obliged. “Thank them all for us.”
Joe and Lindsey gave their gratitude as well. She bowed to them etiquette style, lifting the sides of her black dress and bending her knees. “Come Renesmee, let them get settled.”
Edward and Bella’s lovely daughter smiled at Lindsey and then left the room. Before Alice shut the door, she told them that a bathroom had been installed, pointing to a closed door within the room, and that the closet contained pajamas for the night, including an assortment of clothing for their stay, most of it customized in their specific colors just like the beds. She then sweetly smiled and shut the door, and the four were now alone. Alice’s delighted humming could be heard retreating down the hallway.
They all grinned at one another, absorbing the ‘out of their depth’ realization of where they were. David and Lindsey went to the matching black and red beds on the eastern side of the room, unlatching their packs and hanging them on hooks in the wall. Joe and Nick did the same on their side. Lindsey then went to the closet of clothes, discovering four sets, one of them filled with attire for a teenage girl, the rest men’s clothing. From there, she removed the pajamas from each set, and then handed them out to Joe, Nick and David. They changed in the room while Lindsey changed in the bathroom.
It was the cleanest bathroom she had ever seen, with white tiles, a single shower, and a marvelous double sink with golden faucets. On the sink was an assortment of toiletries left for them, including hairbrushes, toothbrushes, soaps, shampoo, deodorant, cologne, razors for shaving, and a closet full of towels and rags. The Cullen’s accommodations were not suprising, but unexpected. Lindsey looked at herself in the mirror, noticing the condition of her light brown hair; beat up from the winds of so much flying. She picked up a brush and neatly began to comb the tangles out, feeling too tired to shower, which they could all do in the morning.
The pajamas were a dark silk material, fancy bed wear, like something a lawyer or brain surgeon would sleep in, and that’s when the four remembered Carlisle was a doctor. After Nick got his pajamas on, he checked himself out through the reflection of the glass wall, thinking that he looked pretty damn stylish. The other three watched as Nick turned side to side, trying to act sophisticated as he stared at himself, and then noticed the others looking at him.
Joe burst into laughter, and then David and Lindsey after, for Nick had a grungy style to him and seeing him wearing those chic night clothes didn’t fit, but Nick laughed with them. Truthfully, none of them wore such nice clothing before, so they all thought they looked a little ridiculous, but found it comical.
Before settling into their beds, a knock came at the bedroom door. Joe opened it, and there stood Esme and Carlisle.
“Are you doing alright in here?” She asked nicely. “Is there anything you need?”
“Oh, no thank you,” Joe kindly replied, “We were just about to go to sleep.” He opened the door all the way, letting the two vampires in.
“The family wanted to wish you goodnight,” Said Carlisle, “and to thank you for your trust. It means a lot.”
To Joe, seeing Esme’s happy expression was soothing. He felt an ache in his stomach remembering how sad she looked earlier.
“This is a great home you have.” Nick replied.
Carlisle acknowledged him cordially, “Thanks, Nicholas. Your fiery display was impressive, as was all four of your individual powers. We were most thrilled. You are welcome here for as long as you wish.”
None of the four possessors knew how long they planned to stay with the Cullen’s, it all depended, but they let it slip their mind. Carlisle and Esme turned back to the door. “I hope you sleep well.” Esme wished them.
“You too, Esme.” Lindsey smiled.
Esme and Carlisle looked amused. “Thank you, dear, but we don’t sleep.” Esme told her.
“A vampire thing.” Carlisle clarified. “I’m sure we’ll have much to talk about tomorrow. Goodnight, friends.”
“Goodnight.” The four said together.
Before shutting the door, Esme turned to Joe, giving him the warmest smile anybody had ever given him, and he smiled back without realizing it. The door shut, and the possessors stood quietly for a moment before climbing into their beds. Joe flipped the lights off and all went dark, but not completely. Through the window wall, the backyard forest and valleys became visible, bathed in a bluish moonlight. The four sat up in their beds and stared out at the wonderful view, listening to the crickets chirp, and seeing the faint flashes of hundreds of fireflies flickering throughout the entire overlay. The Sol Duc river, about a mile down, appeared as a silvery streak across the landscape, and dark mountains painted the backdrop. It was like a dream.
“Do you still regret coming back here?” David asked Joe with a hint of smugness.
The question brought the image of Esme’s divine smile back to his elder cousin, and a fluttery tenderness came over him. He just gave David a glare in response, which was answer enough, and David was satisfied.
“Goodnight guys.” Concluded Lindsey, curling under her soft bedspread.
Joe turned his head and buried his face into his pillow, taking in that amazing fragrance which consumed the entire house. It was an attractive, alluring smell, hard to describe, but it contributed to their being at ease.
The possessors lied in their elegant beds and stared at the view as fatigue set in, all the while lost the same thoughts - wondering how they ended up in this house with a family who happened to be vampires. If everything had gone according to plan, they would have been leaving Seattle that night, flying south to the Rocky Mountains, but… fate had changed their course, and led them to something much more than they had ever expected.
It was only a matter of minutes until all four began snoring.


A morning rain fell over the forests, patches of downfall here and there, spreading moisture on the vegetation below. In their room at the Cullen house, after the four possessors showered, they took a look at the kinds of clothes left for them instead of going through their own packs.
All the current trends were at their disposal.
Lindsey put on a long sleeved sweatshirt, black with red stripes, and some dark designer pants, while the guys wore similar outfits, button down t-shirts of their colors and black khaki shorts. Once dressed and freshened up, the four prepared themselves to greet the Cullen’s once again; very curious as to how the day would unfold.
Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey were met by the lovely Alice at the end of two flights of stairs and she led them into the dining room, where a large rectangular table was held. The breakfast platter was exquisite. Food of all sorts sat in wait. Pancakes, omelets, french toast, fried potatoes, an assortment of fruits, bacon, sausage, coffee, orange juice, and milk, all compliments of Esme, Alice and Rosalie’s culinary skills. The food was so neatly laid out, buffet style, and Alice pulled out four chairs for them to sit. Esme then walked into the room, looking lovelier than yesterday, and Joe tried to hide a flush as her and Alice politely and promptly served them their entrées of choice.
Nick noticed five plates laid out instead of four. "Who is that for?" He kindly asked Alice.
"Oh, that’s for Jacob." She smiled.
"Jacob?" Joe asked.
"A dear friend of the family." Esme answered. "He'll be joining you in a few minutes, if you don't mind."
"Oh, yeah okay." Said Nick, cutting a large chunk of blueberry pancake, taking the first big bite and nearly collapsing with flavor overdose. "So... good..." He moaned.
Joe, David and Lindsey were reacting similarly with their food, savoring such a well prepared meal. "Is Jacob a... vampire too?" David asked with his mouth full of fried potatoes.
"No, no, no," Alice giggled, "but he is... different like us."
The four paused in eating. "Different, how?" Joe was curious.
Emmett and Rosalie suddenly ambled into the dining room, followed by Jasper.
"Morning, gentleman, and young lady." Emmett greeted with a huge smile. "Nice weather we’re having, eh? Rain, rain and more rain. You’ll have to get use to it."
"The trees are thawing nicely, in case you were wondering." Rosalie directed sarcastically to Joe and Lindsey. She continued callously to them all, "Did you sleep well?" "Are you enjoying breakfast? Anything else we can offer? Don't hesitate to ask, we are here to serve you!"
Emmett laughed, finding her attitude comical, and Jasper said, "Rose can be difficult with newcomers, you'll have to forgive her."
"Oh shush," Rosalie rolled her eyes, "I'm just messing with them. I think they can take it."
David snickered, as did Nick. Joe merely smiled, and Lindsey released a breath, relieved the beautiful blonde vampire wasn't sincere in her rant. Nick then worked up a little courage and gave Rosalie a look. "Do we intimidate you, Rosalie?" He asked, striking back.
Rosalie grinned, her expression surprised but somehow pleased. "Why Nicholas, you would like that, wouldn't you?"
Nick simply shrugged. "You just seem a little annoyed by our being here. I thought maybe you were worried about something."
"Not as worried as you were when you ran away in terror yesterday."
Nick gave her that. "Touché," he replied, and continued eating, deciding he liked Rosalie.
"Be nice, Rose, please." Esme begged.
"It's okay." Nick assured Esme. "I was just messing with her too."
Rosalie crossed her arms and turned her head, hiding her amusement.
"Where’s Carlisle?" Lindsey wondered. "And the others?"
"My husband is at the hospital working. He's always on call, but he should be home later this afternoon. Edward and Bella stay at their cottage in the woods. They'll be here with Renesmee soon enough."
"Excuse me," David said, rising from his seat. "Where could I use the bathroom?"
"Our only bathrooms are on the second and third floors." Jasper explained. "The closest one is across from my study."
David thanked Jasper, and then walked past the three vampires, giving Rosalie a small smirk, to which she smirked back. Stifling a little laughter, David left the dining room and headed for the stairs, but stopped when he heard the sound of a motorcycle pulling up to the house. The engine idled out, and then somebody came marching up the porch steps, opening the door and letting himself in. The guy halted when he spotted David at the bottom of the staircase, and the two stared at each other in silence for a few seconds. The man was young, muscular, and had a dark skin tone, like that of a Mexican or Native American. His jet-black hair was combed back, and he wore a leather jacket and rough jeans.
"Are you... one of them?" The guy asked David curiously.
"One of what?" David unsurely replied. "Who are you?"
"Jacob Black, and you’re one of those supermen that are visiting, right?"
David remembered Esme mentioning Jacob just minutes ago. "Oh, yes, sorry. I'm David Richards."
Jacob walked across the open room of the home and shook hands with David, standing a head taller than the young possessor. His grip was firm. "I'll take a guess and say you’re the one who created the fire in the clouds last night?"
Grinning, David said, "No, that was my cousin Nick. Uh… I did the lightning."
"Cool!." Jacob looked impressed. "I had heard of people like you before, in the papers and such. The whole country is learning about it. And then Alice starts freaking out about her vision of you guys stumbling into Forks. Renesmee told me a lot about what she described, and I must admit I became anxious to meet you guys too."
David nodded, eyeing the open interior of the house. "We arrived yesterday. It’s been interesting... so far."
Jacob nodded back. "Are your friends in the dining room? I was invited to come meet you guys, and for breakfast."
"Family," David corrected, "and yes, Esme and Alice said they were expecting you."
Jacob shook David's hand a second time before going into the dining room to introduce himself to Joe, Nick and Lindsey. He shook all their hands, giving them a friendly 'nice to meet you,' and then kissed Esme on the cheek.
"How's Billy?" She asked Jacob.
"Good, good." He said, seating himself across from the others.
Jacob stated that he and his pack had seen last night's powerful display from afar, and that he was pleased to meet another set of unique people such as the possessors. Joe, Nick and Lindsey were inquisitively taken by his enthusiastic entry, the way he hurriedly piled food on his plate, an also his use of the word 'pack.'
"Easy, Fido." Rosalie ordered, picking up an apple Jacob accidently knocked to the floor.
"Good morning, Barbie." Jacob countered, and winked at the blonde. "Has she been behaving for the guests, Emmett?"
"A lot better than I had anticipated." The large vampire replied.
"Good girl." Jacob smiled at Joe and Nick, and they concealed a laugh as Rosalie smacked Jake across the head. "Hey!" He tried ducking, holding out his hands like he would karate chop her.
She then strode out of the room, nearly running into David as he entered. She smugly grinned, and offered him the apple, holding it out to him with both hands. He took it cautiously… as if it could be poisoned, noting how Rosalie's eyes were black instead of yellow. She walked on, and David couldn’t help but take in her intoxicating scent, blushing as he sat back at the table.
"Nothing changes around here." Emmett mused, following Rosalie out. "Take care of the posse, Esme. Rose and I are going hunting. We'll be back before Carlisle returns."
Jasper remained in the room, still as a statue, eyeing the breakfast buffet as if it was dirt and leaves the guests were eating.
"Posse, huh?" Lindsey almost laughed.
Alice smiled at her, "Short for 'possessor.’ He's silly."
Jacob turned to Lindsey, "How old are you?"
"14, you?" Lindsey replied kindly and contently, hiding the sudden crush she had on the Cullen’s ethnic friend upon first meeting him.
"Pushing 19." He stated proudly. "I know, I look older, right?"
He did. Jacob looked about 25 to 30 judging by his size, but he had a boyish guise to him, the face of a teddy bear and a wide grin. He seemed like a cool guy, down to earth and funny. The possessors liked him right away.
"In dog years..." Jacob thought out loud, "...I'm maybe 45 or something."
Nick remembered what Rosalie called him. "What do you mean by that, Fido?"
In a flash, Jasper was at Jacob's side, whispering in his ear. The possessors gave an impressed start to the vampire's speed. Jacob listened to Jaspers words, and then nodded in understanding, "I see." He eyed the four. "We'll, can I tell them?" He asked, directing the question to Esme.
She gave him a stare, debating, but eventually nodded saying, "They know we're vampires, perhaps this won't surprise them as much?"
"What is it?" David eyed Jacob curiously.
Joe braced himself for this, knowing it was going to be another startling revelation. Nick probed Jacob intently, ready to hear it as well. Lindsey froze in place, hoping it wouldn't be bad.
"Well..." Jake pondered the words, and then shrugged. "I'm a shape-shifter, and I take the form of a wolf, along with ten other members of our tribe. We are called the Quileute’s, but you can just call us the werewolves, if you want."
Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey went slack jawed, silently denying his claim, thinking it was a joke or something. Jake stared back at them, giving them a 'I'm telling the truth' glare, waiting for their reaction. Esme, Alice and Jasper were silent as well, slightly concerned the possessors might run again. This time though, the four weren't afraid, and the thought crossed their minds that if vampires existed, then why not werewolves? Still, they had trouble responding to Jacob, astounded by this friend of the family… this werewolf.
"Let it sink in," He told them reassuringly, "then maybe I'll show it to you, and you can show me yours."
Renesmee then came bursting into the dining room, startling the four already startled possessors. She squealed Jacobs’s name, and he immediately dropped his fork and lifted Renesmee into a playful, spinning embrace. She was happy as if Jacob were her best friend and they hadn't seen each other in a long time. Edward and Bella came into the room as well, noticing the four shocked possessors with their mouths hung open and staring blankly at Jacob as he joyfully greeted Renesmee. Bella held back her laugh almost unsuccessfully, but Edward let out his, unable to help himself.


The time had come for explanations and stories to be exchanged for both vampire and possessor, and also werewolf, for Jacob decided to join the family and their guests in the front living room where all would be enlightened. It was 5:30 in the afternoon, and Carlisle had recently arrived home from the hospital, greeting the possessors once again and inviting them for the discussion right after Esme and Alice prepared dinner. It was a chance to get to know each other better and to find out about each vampires background and how the Cullen family came to be, while the possessors would tell their stories as well and give the vampires a better understanding of what a possessor is and how one is granted such powers.
Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey sat on a single long couch. Emmett and Rosalie sat together on the love seat. Bella sat on the opposite side next to Alice, and with them was Esme. Jacob was in a chair by a flat screen TV, and Jasper rested on the arm of this chair with Renesmee sitting Indian style on the floor in front of them. Carlisle stood, while Edward preferred to be at his piano and fill the house with melodies as the discussion went on. The furniture style was elegant like everything else in the house, and very comfortable. A cozy fire burned in the fire place.
Carlisle insisted he and his family go first, to be courteous and sooner help the guests feel more at ease among the vampires. The possessors leaned forward with intense curiosity, and thus began the tale of the Cullen’s. They had time, so most details were not left out.

It started with Carlisle’s early life. He was the son of a religious vampire hunter - of all things - then his transformation, all which happened nearly 400 years ago. The tale progressed through the centuries up to the moment he first met Edward in 1918, who was dying of the Spanish flu, so Carlisle changed him to save his life.
Next came Esme's story - her life as a human and the time she first met Dr. Cullen when she broke her leg, becoming immediately drawn to him, but losing touch later in life. She had a child with her first husband, but the baby died only two days after its birth, depressing Esme to the point of suicide, in which she almost succeeded, but was brought to Carlisle of all people, and therefore turned.
Rosalie came years later, after being found by Dr. Cullen, beaten and left for dead by her fiancé. She was immediately brought to the current home of Carlisle, Esme and Edward and then changed. They thought she would be a suitable mate for Edward, but both he and Rosalie disagreed.
Rosalie found Emmett one day while she was hunting. He was a woodsman being mauled by a bear, and she saved his life and carried his severely injured body over 100 miles back to Carlisle. She had never tasted human blood in all her years as a vampire.
Jasper use to be a major in the Civil War, turned by a deceiving female vampire and used as a puppet to lead an army of newborns vampires. Years later he met Alice in a diner. She had foreseen Jasper and the Cullen family, and therefore became Jaspers wife and joined the Cullen covenant based on her visions.
Alice never remembered much of her past. As a human, she had precognition, and was thrown into a mental asylum by her parents because of that condition. Everything else was a blur.
While their stories had happened many decades in the past, Bella had come into the picture just three years ago, where she met Edward here in Forks as the covenant posed as the family they currently were posing as today. Edward didn't explain this part of the story, but kept a pleased grin on his face as Bella told her side of it. It included meeting Edward and the family, becoming friends with Jacob after Edward left her due to his concern for her safety, all the way up to a battle they had with another newborn army. After she talked about the wedding, and then the intense details of Renesmee's birth, revealing to the possessors that her daughter was a half vampire, half human hybrid - something that was very rare. Bella was human at the time and almost died delivering Renesmee, but was changed into a vampire just in time.
Another factor of this story - one the possessors found heartwarming - was Jacob’s explanation of a werewolf's imprinting, and how he imprinted on baby Renesmee minutes after her birth. Jacob never got into the details of the condition of him and his pack, for that was a whole different legend, and a long one. Now was about the Cullen’s and vampires in general.
The Volturi, which were a strict opposing covenant who governed the vampire world, was left out of these stories, for Carlisle believed those details were irrelevant to the possessors knowledge of vampires.
Among their stories, the possessors learned the important elements of vampire physiology, including their strength, speed, durability, thirst, and some of their more extraordinary abilities, including Edward’s mind reading, Alice’s precognition, Jaspers influence, Bella's shield and Renesmee’s touch. To better clarify things, Renesmee would allow the four possessors to touch her hand, and amazingly they would see vivid images of her life in their heads.
Also discussed was the Cullen’s way of life - feeding on animals instead of humans - and how that philosophy came about. Furthermore mentioned was the Denali Covenant - a similar family that lived in Alaska and were also "vegetarians." Most of the Cullen’s had much difficulty abiding by this philosophy over the many years, save for Bella who always had an uncanny way of suppressing her thirst for human blood.

Their narrative finished, and Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey now had everything they wanted to know.

Before the possessors began their stories, Esme offered them coffee to take the edge of fatigue off. The four accepted the warm mugs but confessed that they were not tired at all, for the lives of these vampires was so interesting that they were in no way bored or sleepy. Joe didn't like coffee, but it felt wrong not to accept anything the family offered, so he drank his without complaint. No one paid attention to the time, but it was around 8:30 pm when the possessors began their chronicle. It was the Cullen's turn to listen, and listen they did. Edward even stopped playing the piano and took a seat between Bella and Alice.

Joe and Nick started with the moment they were first exposed to the powers by their friend Lloyd, explaining it was easily contagious, and how using their powers on someone was enough to grant that person their own supreme abilities. They gave details about their gifts first, describing the three stages - telekinesis, super-telekinesis, and then the supremacy. Details also included the seven elements - water, fire, ice, magma, laser, lightning and earth - and how the power is basically pure energy generated by the human brain, producing a connection with a natural element and pigment. The possessors believed it was the uprising of complete human potential.
Once the Cullen's understood the important aspects of their power, they began to tell their personal stories.
It began with the night Nick, Joe and David used their powers to frighten David's younger brother Tyler, and how because of that, Tyler and their father gained powers themselves. Then came the day Tyler used his abilities to strike back against the three during Nick's 21st birthday party, to which a massive battle commenced in the middle of their street that very evening, resulting in the mysterious loss of Tyler’s powers by an entity they called 'The Silver-Swarm.' The Cullen’s noticed their slightly sullen expressions whenever the Silver-Swarm was mentioned, but never asked them why.
The story continued to their formation of the Supreme Trinity. Calling themselves the Crystal Unicorn, the Searing Dragon and the Plasmatic Knight, Joe, Nick and David decided to use their abilities to fight crime all over south-east Michigan, to which the possessors had many accounts. The Cullen’s knew about the Supreme Trinity only somewhat, based on newspaper stories of the three, and Alice’s visions. The vampires were very still and very engrossed as the possessors told those separate tales of their superhero deeds.
It led them to the story of a man named Michael Peterson, a.k.a. Blood, who became their first real life villain, and their later struggles with him. After, Joe and Nick - with shame in their tone - told the Cullen’s about their father, Roy, a possessor currently serving time in prison for a massive robbery - one that the Trinity had foiled. He called himself Darkray, and was an enemy of the Supreme Trinity for a short time until he found out his sons were two of its three members, along with David.
The story carried on, in which David described the sorrowful death of his friend Errick Cunningham - the boy who was the Silver-Swarm. The Cullen’s listened with great interest throughout the entire explanation, but the details of the Silver-Swarm caught their undivided attention hard, more for the revelation that the powerful being’s alter-ego was David’s best friend. Renesmee had tears in her eyes from it, and everybody shared the glum expressions of the possessors, including Jacob, who rarely looked sad. Furthermore, they explicated how the three quit the Supreme Trinity after the fall of Darkray.
After, they showed them their tattoos, which the Cullen’s had earlier noticed. Joe had a symbol on his right forearm, Nick’s was on his upper arm by the shoulder, and David’s was on his lower left leg. The icons resembled ice for Joe, fire for Nick and lightning for David, and was their superhero emblems once displayed on the chests of their uniforms as the Supreme Trinity.
The floor was then given to Lindsey, and she spoke about the details of how she became a possessor, which happened after the retirement of the Supreme Trinity. After her story, the four discussed their current lives in Michigan.
Joe lived alone and was thinking about joining a police academy. David explained how he just graduated from high school, and was interested in trying out as a freelance photographer. Nick later spoke thoroughly about his wife Holly and daughter Jennifer, which the Cullen’s found delighting, and Lindsey told them about starting high school and living with her father and two siblings.

By the time the four possessors were done, it was nearly midnight. The day had been spent mostly on this exchange of lives and information, and everyone found it greatly fulfilling.


While in bed, Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey discussed what they had learned about the family. Not talking about it was nearly impossible, but they kept their voices low in the dark room, reminiscing on all of it. David was most touched when Bella told how she and Jacob lied together in his bed after he was healing from a serious injury caused by the newborns, and how the two admitted their love for each other even though she was more in love with Edward and about to be married.
Joe tried to picture the moment Jacob imprinted onto Renesmee, for the way he described it was so incredible that Joe almost shed a few tears. Nick felt heartbroken by a lot of the Cullen testimonies, including the condition of Bella after Edward left her, how Rosalie was beaten to death - a detail they all were despairing about despite her mildly obnoxious behavior towards them - and Esme's suicide attempt after the loss of her baby, which Joe tried hard not to think about, it was too painful a thought for him specifically, having already been intrigued by Esme's motherly charm. Lindsey was taken by Carlisle’s story; the way he struggled as a lone vampire for so long and how that was part of the reason he turned Edward, simply to have a vampire brother. He took on the role of mentor for Edward and the rest, and never forced his philosophy onto the family, but helped guide them, one by one, in their struggle to do what they believed was right, eventually becoming a family because of it.
So many aspects of the stories stood out for each of them, ones they kept in mind through the night. The Cullen’s were no longer just a kind vampire covenant, but a caring family of decent men and women who did not lose their humanity upon turning into vampires, but rather gained admirable qualities while adapting to their new lifestyle. Learning about them was what the possessors needed. It made them feel as if they had known the Cullen’s for a long time. Plus, Jacobs’s involvement was surprising as well, for that morning they saw him as just a werewolf friend of the Cullen’s, but now... they saw him as a member of the family.

The four talked for about two hours, and downstairs - when Edward confirmed their guests were finally asleep - the nine of them, including Jacob, gathered around the dining room table for a conference about what they had learned of these amazing individuals. They left Renesmee in the living room, where she had fallen asleep on the couch.
"What do you think of them?" Carlisle asked the group. "Any concerns based on what they've told us? Comments of any kind?"
"Why didn't I ever think of that?" Emmett elated. "Using my vampirism to become a superhero! How sweet would that be?"
Edward smiled, "Yes, I can see you wearing a cape and running across the rooftops of Forks."
Everyone laughed, and Emmett continued, "They even had a little bat-cave! What did they call it again?"
"The Fortress." Edward remembered.
"Well, I think they're just wonderful." Alice sweetly uttered, answering Carlisle’s question. "They've had a few adventures just like we, and I think that gives us a lot in common."
"I agree," Jasper replied, "Their story could be one for the books."
"Yeah, well so could ours." Added Rosalie, acting unimpressed.
Edward read her thoughts, "Why don't you give your true opinion of them, Rose?"
Rosalie just gave him and annoyed look.
"They've helped a lot of people," Jacob said, remembering, "even saved Lindsey's life, when her mom's car lost control. I was impressed by that, how David caught her and Joe and Nick caught the vehicle."
"I liked the 'siege at the club' story." Emmett added. "How they took out those four thug robbers, and also bringing down that Blood guy at the end. So cool.”
"Nick's wife Holly seems lovely." Esme put in. “And their daughter.”
"Anybody else find it a little cruel how they used their powers to scare David's brother?" Alice wondered.
"I found that kinda funny." Edward snickered, and Bella shook her head.
"David's brother was another interesting part of their story," Jacob remembered, "how he went from being a young brat to a noble possessor. It was so cool how he came to help David fight Blood after getting his powers back, and how he ended up a hero in the end."
"I read the papers about that bank robbery in Detroit a few years back, remembering the name of the Supreme Trinity and the arrest of their father." Jasper pondered with interest. "Of course, newspapers and the internet was all I had in learning about the alleged possessor phenomenon back then, and some of it was wrong according to what our guests have told us. Plus, I had never heard of this 'Silver-Swarm' anomaly."
"They said he was the first of their kind,” Carlisle remembered Joseph explaining, “the one that governed those with the power. Fascinating."
They all agreed.
Jasper continued, "You know, I wonder if they know anything about the theory of wizardry and magicians? I ran into it while I was researching possessors a while back. It stated that in Europe, primarily, children are secretly enrolled into some sort of school that teaches them magic, wizardry, and witchcraft. It exists in a type of ‘wizard world.’"
"Possessors have been confirmed." Edward explained, for he had come across the same theory as well. "Wizards have not."
"Yet." Emmett added.
"I find it intriguing, still." Held Jasper.
"Rose? Will you say what’s on your mind?" Esme insisted she spill her thoughts about the possessors.
"What I think makes no difference."
"Yes, Rosalie, it does." Carlisle told her. "All of our opinions must be considered. Be honest with us."
Rosalie sighed as Emmett put an arm around her. "I... like them, but know that I never hated them or anything like that. We just didn't know enough about these kinds of people and you and Esme welcomed them here anyway." She reminisced a moment. "Overall, I'm fine with them being here, after what I learned tonight."
"They like you, Rose." Edward confirmed. "They felt for you strongly when you told them the unfortunate way you ended up becoming a vampire. Same with you, Esme."
Emmett rubbed Rosalie's back as she stared blankly at the table, silent as some emotion set in.
"That’s sweet of them." Esme replied gratefully.
"What do they think of me?" Jacob asked Edward curiously.
"They now understand how you are a part of us now... a part of Renesmee. Joseph and David were especially taken by the whole idea of imprinting, and how imprinting on our daughter turned our kinds from enemies to family."
Jacob smiled at that. So did Bella.
"I considered Joseph the leader type at first," Stated Esme, "he gives off that air, being the oldest of them."
"What do you have to say, Bella?" Carlisle wondered, trying to break her silence.
She pushed a layer of red-brown hair behind her marble ear, reflecting on everyone’s words. "I was a little saddened when David explained how the... anomaly was his friend, and he had died in David's arms."
"Oh, damn," Jacob distressed, "that... sucked."
Bella continued, "But it was nice finally getting to know them and their story. I wasn't on board with all of this at first, same as Rosalie, but after what I've heard tonight, they seem decent. Three brave heroes and a teenage girl with a good head on her shoulders. Quite likeable."
"Very likeable." Edward agreed with his wife.
"The pack would sure as hell love to meet these guys." Jacob thought out loud.
Bella eyed Jasper and asked, “Did you use your emotional persuasion when they returned here last night? You know, to make them not fear us?"
"No." Jasper replied adamantly. "I only do that when it’s extremely necessary. I wanted their feelings of us to be sincerely their own, not tainted with a false comfort if in truth they were afraid. They could have just flown away and forgotten about us, but since they returned, and knowing what they were feeling, I figured my influence wasn't required."
"That was nice when they returned." Esme smiled. "It's good meeting new people, people who can trust us, and being enlightened about those who are different. I’m very happy how well this has turned out.”
"It’s nice to know we are all of the same mind." Carlisle stated. "They are comfortable here now, and that's thanks to all of you for being so understanding of them, as they have been of us."
"How long can they stay?" Alice excitedly asked.
Edward shook his head. "They only planned to be away for a couple weeks, but none of them had decided how long they wanted to stay with us in that duration of time."
They were silent a moment. Esme then said, "We'll, how long they wish to say is a choice we'll leave to them."


That second morning awaking at the Cullen’s house was refreshing for the possessors. There seemed to be no more tension, awkwardness or nervousness upon staying with this vampire family. Everything they had learned the night before flooded back to them that morning, and it made them happy to be where they were.
At around noon, after a tour of the garage and seeing the many eye-catching cars owned by the Cullen’s, David asked if he could test drive an off-road vehicle Edward owned. It was a German truck called a Behemoth - a large 2-seater with huge wheels and a reinforced roof, resembling a small monster truck.
With David as driver and Edward in shot gun, the two tumbled over the rocky forest floor, staying along a clearing of trees. David shifted the gears and hit the gas, the Behemoth bouncing over boulders and logs and rises on the ground. With a shriek of thrill, David sharp turned the large vehicle, skidding on an area of small stones, the exhaust pipe blasting out like a shotgun. David laughed, and Edward kept an animated grin as the two continued their barrel through the woods.
"What's this?" David noticed a second gear shift at his side.
"Oh that's extra throttle," Edward explained, "Emmett installed it. You pull the red lever, push in the gear and throttle up-"
David worked the throttle immediately.
"Not now!" Edward yelled as the Behemoth exploded into double its current speed, nearly standing on two wheels as it hauled ass back onto the clearing of the Cullen property. David slammed the breaks, skidding into a halt, creating muddy lines in the grass.

Back in the house, Nick sat with Jasper at a chess table, both with intense gazes on the board, planning out their strategies. Jasper was winning, but not by much, for Nick was usually good at chess and played with Joe from time to time. When Jasper achieved checkmate, Rosalie asked to play Nick and took Jasper’s seat across from him. She achieved checkmate after five minutes, and Nick demanded a replay. After the second loss, Nick knocked over his king angrily.
“Best out of five?” Rose offered, smugly.
“Damn right!” Nick declared.
Lindsey and Renesmee were at Edwards’s piano. Renesmee practiced while the two ladies discussed the usual teen gossip, like favorite boy bands, reality shows, places they'd like to travel to, ect. Renesmee didn't have very many friends, based on her inability to go to a public school. She was homeschooled by her parents with the help of Carlisle and Jasper. Because of her lack of friends, having Lindsey around - a girl more her age - was a real joy, and the two got along famously.
Upstairs, Alice was showing Joe a collection of her very own artwork. The two discovered they both shared a talent for drawing, and Alice had an assortment of sketches and paintings done by her, mostly landscapes and portraits of the family, which Joe found to be some of the best work he had ever seen.
"You can have one as a gift, if you'd like." Alice offered with a smile.
"Really? Oh, I couldn’t." Joe said bashfully.
"Which one is your favorite?"
Joe eyes moved from one to the next, having no idea how to answer that. A drawing of Esme had caught his eye at first, the way Alice captured her alluring stature, but the one's of Renesmee were adorable, showing her at her early stages of life and getting older and bigger within other drawings. He also considered a portrait of Rosalie, one that was angelic and didn't reflect the tough side of her personality. Marilyn Monroe had nothing on Rosalie, he thought. She was just that stunning.
"I can't choose." Joe said, turning down her offer, "But, I love them all. Thanks for showing me this."
Back outside Emmett joined Edward and David, relaying the plans they all had for the day.
"We're going to have a little fun in the woods." He informed. "The women are going to stay here, but Jacob will be coming with us. He's on his way over."
What happened next caught David off guard. Among the grey clouds above there came a patch of clear sky, casting rays of the sun upon the house. The young possessor's jaw dropped as the sunlight touched the skin of Edward and Emmett, causing them to... sparkle. He had learned of that effect last night during the discussion - how their skin was crystalline and reflected sunlight - but it was his first time seeing it. Upstairs, the sunlight snuck through the bedroom window, and lit up a portion of Alice’s face like diamonds. Joe stared at her, stunned, the glittery effect on her skin so magical. Alice found Joe’s stare amusing, so she stood deeper into the sunlight and struck a sexy pose, her exposed arms and face lit up.
"Take a picture," She said, “though, if current vampire folklore were true, I might not show up in it. Hell, I would have burned away by now."
Joe laughed, and she winked.
Outside, Jacob rode in on his motorbike through the clearing on the dirt driveway, pulling up to Edward, Emmett, and David. Esme then stepped out on the porch and called them inside for a brunch that her and Carlisle prepared - for those who ate food.

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