The Twilight Saga


That evening, the possessors enjoyed another delightful night with their vampire friends. Upon arriving back with the 911 Turbo, David informed Bella about the interesting run in with her father, to which Bella found very amusing.
“He’s a great guy.” She told him.
“Indeed, he didn’t give us a ticket or anything.” David said, pleased.
Bella laughed cutely.
“Does he…” The young possessor unsurely began, “… know you’re a…”
“No… not yet.” Bella confessed. “But he’s smart and understands I underwent a physical change. Plus, he’s recognized Renesmee’s rapid growth. The beans will have to be spilled soon. He also knows about the Quileute tribe… being werewolves. Jacob showed it to him a few years ago.”
“Really? How did he handle that?”
“Surprisingly well. It makes me think he’ll handle my condition just the same. Perhaps he’ll figure it out on his own before I can explain it to him.”

Carlisle later arrived from work, still in his white coat, along with Esme. Nick was outside wrestling with Emmett, and Joe was in the dining room playing cards with Renesmee and Edward.
"May I ask you something?" Renesmee said to Joe while eyeing the tattoo on his forearm.
"Sure, Nes. What's up?"
"Why was your name 'The Crystal Unicorn?' Isn't that kind of... I don’t know... girly?"
"Renesmee..." Edward rolled his eyes.
Joe was amused. "I get that sometimes. It's okay." And he explained the story of the unicorn snow globe he once had, and how that inspired the name 'Unicorn,' while 'Crystal' represented his ice power.
Meanwhile in the spacious foyer, Rosalie and Jasper watched as David took some shots of Alice. She lied on top of Edward’s white piano in a shoulder-less, dark blue top and tight designer pants, her short black hair up in a cute silver head band. She also wore a choker necklace around her small white neck. The pixie vampire smiled, winked and giggled with her tongue between her fangs as she followed David’s instruction, looking perky and enchanting as always.
“Good, Alice.” He coddled her as he snapped photo after photo. “Now turn over, good. Look this way, my way… awesome.”
“Looking mighty fine, ma’am.” Jasper told his wife, observing from behind David.
Rosalie gave Jasper a look.
“What? Like you need to be told you’re beautiful, Rose.”
“Good point.” Rosalie smirked.
“Do you wanna go next?” David turned to her.
“It’s been a while…” She humbly replied, “… but of course I still got it. Let’s do this.”
David couldn’t speak as Rosalie took Alice’s place. He just snapped photo after photo as Rose moved from pose to pose, not needing David’s guidance. She knew what she was doing, and the young possessor wondered just how he could ever get enough shots of this stunning creature.
“Look at you go.” Jasper said, admiring Rosalie’s performance.
Alice shook her head, feeling as if Rose stole her spotlight, but remained a good sport.
“Don’t worry, I liked yours better.” Jasper whispered to her.
“I heard that.” Rosalie said after, and David laughed.
Carlisle kissed Esme goodnight, saying he had some work to do in his office. Lindsey, who was watching a movie with Bella but had fallen asleep, awoke to find her head resting on Bella's hard shoulder. She lifted it and apologized, but Bella didn't mind. Lindsey turned and watched Dr. Cullen as he patiently climbed up the grand staircase to the third floor. While in thought, Lindsey realized there was something she wanted to do, something she should have done sooner but didn’t think of it.
Now was her chance.
Bella kindly excused her, and she made her way up the stairs to the second floor, then turned right and began up another staircase. Once in the third floor hallway, she nervously paced across the white carpet to Carlisle’s study. She kept her eyes on a large wooden cross that was hung up at the adjacent end, facing her. It was perhaps her size in height. Edward had told her last week that it once belonged to Carlisle’s father and had deep sentimental value.
When reaching the closed door of the study, Lindsey released a breath and tapped lightly.
“Yes?” Carlisle’s voice came through the door. “It’s open.”
Lindsey opened the doorway, peeking her head in. “It’s me.” She tried smiling.
Carlisle was at his desk, his white coat hung up, looking through patient profiles and information. He smiled back at her. “Hello, dear. Everything okay?”
“Sure,” Lindsey nodded, “I’m not interrupting you, am I?”
“No,” He said kindly, closing a folder. “Come in, please.”
Lindsey entered and shut the door behind her. After she just stood at the door, looking bashfully back at him. Carlisle lightly grinned, “Would you like to sit?” He offered, gesturing at two leather chairs in front of his desk.
“Yes, sorry.” She said as she approached and took a seat.
“What’s on your mind, Lindsey?” He asked, putting his hands together and resting his arms on the desk.
She looked down at her own hands, noticing her palms were sweaty. “I just… wanted to thank you. For saving me from that bear last week.”
Carlisle’s eyebrows rose, “Oh.”
“I should have thanked you sooner, and I’m sorry.”
“You don’t need to thank me, dear. I know if I wasn’t there that bear would have become a scarlet ice cube.”
Lindsey giggled.
“But, you’re welcome.” The doctor obliged respectfully.
“Did you know?”
“Yes. Alice saw me intercept the bear in her visions, therefore I was the one sent out to meet you.”
Lindsey got lost in Dr. Cullen’s gold eyes, his sharp features, his scent. He was nearly 400 years old, but looked to be Joe or Nick’s age. Like Esme had a motherly personality, Carlisle’s fatherly guise was also evident. To her, he was the handsomest of the four male vampires, and the most admirable.
“Was that all you wanted?” He asked her, and she nodded. “Are you four still planning to attend the La Push beach party on Thursday?”
“Yep, Jacob invited us.”
Carlisle looked pleased.
“Are you coming too?” She wondered.
“No,” He smiled, “I’ll be working that night, I’m afraid, and the rest of us have decided not to attend. We thought you four could use a day away, to get to know the Quileute’s.”
“Oh. I see."
Carlisle sat back. “The Quileute’s are a fascinating tribe, and I’m proud to call them friends. It wasn’t always like that, but… things have a way of falling together nicely. They’ve been through a lot, and have aided us in ways that could never fully be gratified. We truly appreciate them and their protection. Did you know Jacob is the Alpha of the pack?”
Lindsey nodded, an impressed smile on her face.
“Well, be sure to say high to his father, Billy Black, for me. He’s a good man. Sam and Emily are really nice too. They have all been very… understanding and considerate of us.”
“I can’t wait to meet them.” Lindsey was sure, and stood from her chair. “I’ll let you get back to work now.”
Carlisle nodded, "Right, but before you go, could you give this to one of your uncles for me?"
He dug through a drawer and pulled out a yellow folder, opened it and handed her a single sheet of paper, which had information on it that she couldn't understand.
"It's a possessors DNA chart based on blood samples I took from Joseph, Nicholas and David. It explains that your blood is no different from a standard humans, and that your power is all of mind and not among physical attributes, as in DNA structure and things of that nature. Of course, to get to the bottom of every powerful attribute, extensive research would have to be done, which I am not at liberty to do myself, nor would any of us have the time if I were."
"That's very interesting. I'll show this to them right away."
“Good.” He smiled, and walked her to the door. “Thank you for the visit.”
Before she left, she turned to him and said, “We are having a wonderful time here.”
His expression became warm - a look he was known for as a doctor. Lindsey worked up as much courage as she could, and then stepped close to Carlisle and gave him a gentle hug.
He fondly put his arms around her. “And it is wonderful to know you.” He whispered back.
She smirked pleasantly and finally walked out, her cheeks as red as cherries.
Carlisle watched the young possessor as she left the hallway. His warm expression lingered as he shut the study door.


Thursday. It came a little too soon for Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey, who's days with the Cullen's were approaching their conclusion, but the four were excited that today they would finally have the chance to meet the famous werewolves of La Push. The Quileute’s had chosen a perfect day for their beach gathering, for the news promised sun would shine for great lengths of time, but of course would be accompanied by many clouds. Jacob had called the house to let the possessors know he would pick them up at 3 p.m. That afternoon, Alice made sure the four wore something seasonal, like stretchy shorts and beach-style t-shirts, each their specific colors, as usual.
Just like he said, Jacob arrived at the correct time, driving up in an 86 Volkswagen Rabbit. He pulled up to the house and beeped the horn. Esme saw them out, holding the door open and wishing them a good time as they left. Joe was last out the door, and took Esme's cool, hard hand and kissed before leaving. She simply giggled, appreciating Joe's gentlemanly charm.
Lindsey called shotgun and quickly hopped in the front seat so she could sit next to Jacob, leaving the three guys no choice but to cram in the back, reminding them of when they all hid from Tyler together in a small bathroom closet on a New Year's Eve night, years ago.
They drove. Down to the dirt road and onto the highway.
"How far away is it?" Lindsey asked Jacob.
"Twenty minutes, all the way down to the Pacific."
"Is there gonna be a lot of people there?" Joe asked.
"Not too many, just the pack, and some of our family. My father and sister will also be there, and Sue Clearwater, who's been seeing Charlie Swan for a few years now."
"Chief Swan? Bella's Dad?" Wondered Nick.
Jacob nodded.
"Where do you live?" Asked Lindsey.
"We'll be passing my house shortly. I'll point it out to you."
"We should have come to visit you at your place at least some time this week, Jacob." Lindsey told him, feeling regretful.
"I agree." Said David.
Jacob shrugged, "It's no biggie. My house is small, not much to see really."
The five passed the reservation boarder. It was land separated by dirt roads, large hills, spacious fields and forests. They'd pass a small house every now and then, and Jacob would point out which member of the pack lived here and there.
"And here comes my house." He informed them, and all gazed out the left side of the Rabbit as Jake allowed the car to slow. It was out a ways from the road, a small red house with a few old cars parked along the side, and a large, run down garage sat next to it with a motor boat sitting inside. It was surrounded by grass fields with tall forest pines directly behind.
"See, not much to look at." Jacob stated modestly.
"Looks fine to me." David assured him. "It's home, right?"
"Sure, sure." Jake smiled, eyeing David in the rear view mirror.
Ten minutes later, they arrived on La Push beach. They pulled up onto a grassy flat next to a line of parked cars. A newly built cabin stood next to them, which Jacob explained belonged to a pack member named Paul and Jacob's sister Rachel, who were married. Paul had imprinted onto Rachel only weeks before Jacob had imprinted onto Renesmee.
All stepped out of the car. The sun was shining through the clouds and onto the sandy shore, where everyone was gathered. There were picnic tables full of food and supplies, a few grills were smoking, putting that summer smell in the air. A game of volleyball was being played, and an unlit bonfire about four feet high was being constructed by a few guys. The four possessors got a good look at everyone before heading down there. They were all of Native American ethnicity - red-skinned like Jacob, of course. Most of the guys were shirtless, and the women wore Indian-style sun dresses. When Jacob strolled up with the four possessors, everyone stopped what they were doing and stared, a curious hush coming over the party.
"What a way to welcome our guests!" Jacob announced to them, annoyed.
They all snapped out of their silenced state and composed themselves. The Quileute’s came over in a large group, with an elder lady in the front pushing an older gentleman in a wheelchair.
"I got it, Sue." Said Billy, now wheeling himself over to his son.
"Guys, this is my father, Billy Black." Jacob introduced.
Billy had a kind face, with long black hair and a brown cowboy hat. He wore a dark, long-sleeved button down shirt. Joe was the first to approach him and shake his hand, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Black. I'm Joe Sutton."
"David Richards," He greeted, shaking Billy's hand also.
After, Lindsey and Nick introduced themselves.
"Jake has told us a lot about you." Billy said, seeming pleased to meet the possessors.
Jacob then faced those gathered around, "Everyone, this is Joe, Nick, Lindsey and David," He said pointing each one out. "Guys, this is my tribe. Over here is Sam Uley, and his wife Emily..."
Sam looked to be in his late 20's, huge like some of the others, but had a friendly expression. He wore a unbuttoned flannel shirt - the only male with a shirt on, except for Jacob who wore a sleeveless black tee. Sam's wife was a very pretty woman, who had three terrible scars going down the right side of her face. "Glad to meet you, and welcome to La Push." She greeted sweetly, the breeze blowing her long straight hair off her shoulders.
The four were a little surprised at the damage to her face, but dared not act to notice, and warmly greeted Emily back. She seemed lovely.
Jacob continued, "... and this is my sister, Rachel Black Lahote and her husband, Paul Lahote. Over here we have Jared Cameron, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Collin Littlesea, and Brady Fuller."
Jacob then pointed out a small family to the right of the group, "And this is Sue Clearwater, and her two children, Leah and Seth."
Sue was an older woman, mid 40's. Leah looked to be in her early 20's, with black, shoulder-length hair parted from the middle. Seth was a very boyish looking guy, and was perhaps David's age. Lindsey found him cuter than Jacob. He stared at the guest as if they were movie stars.
Everyone acknowledged the possessors, seeming pleased to have them here.
"It's good to meet you all." Nick told them, and Joe, Lindsey and David nodded mutually.
Sam then stepped up and invited everyone back down to the beach, and Joe, Nick, Lindsey and David joined the happy crowd of Quileute’s.
"Whose cabin is that?" David asked Jacob.
"Mine," Answered Paul, approaching the two. "Jasper and Emmett helped us build it."
Joe and Nick stood and got a look at everyone, noting the sizes of these guys - all tall and fit. Jacob had explained to them it was a condition of becoming a shape-shifter.
"We have burgers, hot dogs, steaks, shish-kabobs, barbeque chicken, anything and everything grillin'." Said Sam in a deep voice, gesturing towards the smoking barbeques. "It'll all be done soon. There’s also seven large pizzas and a huge pot of Billy’s famous spaghetti. Hope you're hungry."
"I haven't ate all day." Nick told him.
"Starving," Joe agreed, nearly drooling as he eyed the buffet. "Thanks Sam."
"We wolves have big appetites," Sam explained, "nothing goes to waste around here."
Seth then moved toward the brothers, enthusiastically and personally introducing himself. "Which one of you has the green fire?" He asked directly.
"That'd be me." Nick raised his hand.
"Awesome!" Seth beamed. "What you did in the sky at night was one of the coolest things I've ever seen. Which one did the red lightning?"
Joe and Nick pointed to David, who was with talking with Jacob, Paul and Rachel a few yards away. Lindsey came up to her two uncles, and Seth turned to her.
"You must be the ice girl." He surely guessed. "Which color?"
Lindsey let her eyes glow red for a few seconds, and then ceased her power. Seth squealed with excitement, and Lindsey snickered.
"Far out! It's so cool to meet you! Jacob has told me everything he could about you and your kind! Has he told you about us?"
He had. Jacob had relayed enough information about shape-shifters, the Quileute’s, and some of the legends over the last couple weeks. The possessors found them fascinating, just as much as the vampires.
Moments later, Jared, Embry and Quil gathered around Joe, Nick and Lindsey and they all started chatting in a group, throwing introductions and questions at the possessors like news reporters. Emily broke in and told them to give the guests space. "Show some respect!" She ordered. "Don't bombard them."
"It's alright." Joe assured Sam's lovely wife. "They’re not bothering us, we are getting along just fine.”
"Thank you for having us, Mrs. Uley." Nick politely added.
"Call me Emily." She kindly requested, smiling.
After, Seth left to chat with David, and everyone kind of went about their business - preparing food, tossing footballs, talking and laughing amongst themselves, and treating the four possessors as one of their own, or at least as good friends. Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey saw the Quileute’s as a happy, fun-loving tribe, and did their best to blend in and make a good impression.
It was a special time for both sides. As was with the vampires a couple weeks ago, this was the moment when werewolves and possessors united for the first time in history.


Standing on the deck surrounding Paul's cabin, David stood with a cold Dr. Pepper in his hand and surveyed the long beach. He gazed out at the massive pacific, the way it sparkled in the sunlight, just like an immortal family he knew. The waves crashed onto the rocky shore, just touching the grey sand on the wide beach. A ways down, waves pummeled into sheer cliffs at the lands edge. Islands jutted out of the water here and there, whose summits rose high, some nearly a hundred feet tall, topped with firs and pines. The breeze was cool and soothing, the sounds reminding David of his summer trips to Caseville which he took with his family, only La Push was many, many times better. It was a backdrop you see on post cards and calendars, too beautiful for words. What he'd give to have a camera in his hand at that moment.
He sipped his drink when suddenly Embry called, "Head's up!"
David turned and eyed the sky, seeing a volleyball whistling down. Before he could even think, the ball ricocheted off his head and flew back onto the sand. David threw his can in the air as he was knocked onto to the deck floor.
Everyone saw it.
Joe, who was chatting with Jacob, spit out a mouthful of lemonade and busted out laughing. The guys who were playing volleyball, Embry, Quil, Jared and Brady, fell to the sand, doubling over in laughter.
"That's not funny!" Emily called, making chuckling spurts as she held her amusement back. Nick was laughing so hard he nearly started choking on his hot dog. Lindsey and Rachel, who were sitting together, chuckled as quietly as possible, covering their mouths. Seth was on his hands and knees, coughing heavily as his hysterics overwhelmed him.
David got to his feet, wiping off some soda from his shirt, smiling and nodding, "Yeah, yeah, laugh it up." He told everyone, unable to help himself from laughing as well.
Embry retrieved the volleyball, trying to catch his breath as he walked up the deck steps. "I'm s... I'm sorry!" He snorted, "It was an accident. Oh man that was funny."
"No problem." David rubbed his head where the ball hit.
Jacob approached, his face beat red from laughing. "You okay?"
"Sure, sure." David grinned.
The amused hooting continued.
"Alright, alright, leave him alone!" Jacob announced. "Ya bunch of muts!"
"Would you like some ice for that?" Emily politely asked the young possessor.
"No thanks, Emily. It doesn't hurt."
Leah, who stepped out of the cabin to see what was going on, took a good look at David and Jacob, realizing something. She compared their facial expressions, their smiles, and their laugh. "Hey," She said, walking up to them, "I just noticed you two kind of look alike."
The possessor and werewolf gave each other a puzzled look as those around them noticed the resemblance as well.
"They do!" Joe burst, seeing it for the first time.
"Maybe they're long lost brothers." Suggested Sam, lugging two full coolers onto the deck.
"Reunited and it feels so good!" Paul sang, and everyone laughed some more.
Jacob smiled and rolled his eyes, "Come, Dave, let's get away from these clowns for a while."
He led David off the deck and onto the beach, where they headed towards a far off clearing full of washed up tree trunks and stones. Meanwhile, Joe approached Sue's eldest daughter.
"Leah Clearwater, right?" He asked in greeting.
She nodded. "Hello, Joe. What do you know?"
He smiled, "It's been a while since I heard that one."
Leah seemed like a cool chick. She was the only female werewolf of the pack, and reminded Joe of a young Pocahontas. She had a certain beauty, nothing like the female vampires, but it was there. He hadn't spoken to her yet, so the two took a seat and talked for a while. Nick continued eating, starting on a plate of Billy’s spaghetti, sitting with Seth, Paul, Sam and Emily, who all had about three plates of food each, except for Emily because she wasn't a werewolf and only required a normal human amount of calories each day. Werewolves needed much more. After Sam scarped down two hamburgers and three hotdogs, he sat up and mentioned he was ready to light the bonfire, grabbing some charcoal fluid and a few big lighters.
"Allow me." Nick rose from the picnic table, taking the lighters from Sam and setting them down. The eldest werewolf then followed Nick onto the beach.


Jacob and David walked along the shore, chucking small stones in the water. David threw one and it splashed a ways away into the waves, followed by Jacob, whose stone went three times as far. The werewolf sat himself on a dead tree half-buried in the sand, and the possessor sat across from him. Both studied the ocean as the water rolled in.
"Like it here?" Jake wondered.
"Hell yeah." David happily replied. "I wish we would have come here sooner. The Cullen's are amazing, really, but this place... it's special in its own way."
"True that." Jake agreed. "You're leaving tomorrow, right?"
The possessor nodded unenthusiastically, "Tomorrow night we fly back to Michigan."
"Damn. You guys have been really cool. I would have liked to hang out some more."
"I know, it’s nice making new friends."
Both grinned, that wide teddy bear grin they shared, hence their resemblance.
The sun was getting ready to go down, and Jacob and David turned their attention to the party, where Nick impressed the pack as he lit the huge bonfire, reaching in and engulfing the wood pile in green flames that rose to his height. They all applauded the use of his ability, and Nick turned and bowed respectfully, his eyes still glowing green. Lindsey was kicking a soccer ball with Seth and Rachel, while Joe and Leah were on the cabin steps chatting. Embry, Jared, Quil and Collin were at the picnic buffet loading food onto multiple plates, fighting over the last slice of pizza.
"Hey, can I ask you about something?" Jacob turned to David.
"What is it?" He wondered.
"I just... was curious about your friend back in Michigan. The one who died."
"Oh," David replied simply and somewhat unsurely. "Errick?”
Jacob nodded.
“What would you like to know?"
"If you don't want to talk about it, that's cool."
The possessor shrugged, "Been nearly three years since his death, so it's fine. I like talking about him. Errick was my best friend."
Jacob nodded, "What was he like? I mean, being who he was..."
David thought a moment. "Honestly, he was like any other kid. He went to school, played video games, liked movies, listened to too much rap, you would have never guessed he was who he was."
"The Silver-Swarm." Jacob remembered the theatric title.
"Yeah, and it's still a little shocking when I think about it."
“He knew your power the whole time, right? That you were the Plasmatic Knight?”
“I guess he wouldn’t have been much of an almighty being if he didn’t.”
"Do you miss him?"
"Yes." David stood up. "I… sometimes wish I could change things. I wish he could have come on this trip with us, and met you and Cullen’s." From the log, he walked back to the shore, now attempting to skip stones as memories of his late friend flooded his mind.
Jacob remained seated and watched the young possessor, remembering how David had explained last week that it was his older brother Stephen who had killed Errick, and that he had also died the same night at David's hand. But, Jacob wasn't going to bring that up.
After a minute, the werewolf rose and joined his possessor friend at the shore, searching for a flat stone. He found one, and whipped it into the ocean, where it bounced perhaps twenty times across the water top.
"Is there anything else?" David asked.
"Nah," Jake smiled, trying to lighten the mood, "Maybe I shouldn't have brought it up."
"As I said, I don't mind talking about it. I'd be curious too if I were you."
"Yeah, but it’s bringing you down. I’m sorry. I know how to cheer you up, though."
Before David could reply, Jacob's two large hands grabbed him and lifted his body over his head without difficulty.
"Holy crap! Put me down!"
Jacob's grin was at its fullest, and he threw David directly into an oncoming wave, splashing hard into the cold ocean. The werewolf bellowed loudly, nearly toppling over in laughter as David sat in foamy saltwater up to his chest.
"You son of a..." The possessor growled.
Still chuckling, Jacob walked into the water to help David out. "Sorry dude, I couldn't help myself."
David held out his hand so Jake could pull him to his feet, but once their grips locked, the possessor gave the werewolf a good zap, creating a flash of red light between both hands.
"Yow!" The young Quileute jumped back, gripping his own wrist and screaming profanity after profanity.
Jake ran back onto the sand, jumping up and down as he vigorously tried to shake the pain away. David, his eyes now aglow, collapsed back into the water, now his turn to burst into laughter.
After the pain began to wear off, Jacob glared. "Damn, Dave! That felt like a bullet!"
David simply shrugged as he stepped out of the water. "Couldn't help myself."


That evening, while hanging out in the cabin, Seth made the mistake of challenging Nick to a game of Slayer, from the classic Halo 2 video game. Paul owned an X-Box 360 and had a sweet collection of games. While the two played, Paul and Quil stood behind Seth while David and Joe stood behind Nick.
“Game over.” It announced once Nick made his 25th kill.
Seth grunted, stopping himself from slamming the controller to the floor. Nick just grinned victoriously.
“I told you!” Joe said to Seth. “You have basically no chance against Nick when it comes to Halo.”
“7 kills,” Quil added, “your best against him so far.”
“Move over!” Paul literally knocked Seth out of his chair and took the controller in his hand, setting up another match, and the two went at it, frantically pushing at buttons.
“Double Kill!”
“Triple Kill!”
Paul barred his teeth, growling.
“I’m the king of ghetto Slayer!” Nick announced. “You ain’t gonna beat me!”
3-10. 5-17. 9-25. “Game over.” The match only lasted 12 minutes.
“Damn, you’re good.” Paul said, shaking his head.
“I swear, this one time...” Joe explained, “...I was playing him in snipers on that artic level, and I had him between the crosshairs from a mile away, was about to shoot, and he then turns my way and the next thing I knew I was dead! I was like ‘What the hell!’ and got so pissed I shut off the game.”
“I’m best at swords.” David told them. “Weapon of choice.”
Jacob came in then. “It’s getting dark, and Billy and Sam wants everyone around the bonfire. What are you guys up to?”
“Just a few Halo rounds.” Nick answered. “Undefeated, possessor versus werewolf.”
“Jacob’s actually pretty good.” Seth mentioned. “Go ahead, Jake… take on Nick.”
Paul offered the controller and got up from his chair, “Kick his ass.”
Nick undauntedly eyed Jacob, “You wanna go?”
Jake gave him an unfazed glare, and then squatted next to the possessor, accepting his challenge. "Alright, sucka, let's go. How good are you on rockets?”
"Pretty good." Nick said modestly.
“Good luck.” Joe consoled, patting Jacob’s shoulder before heading back outside with Paul.
“Yeah, prepare to get raped.” David warned.

Darkness fell, stars filled empty patches of the cloudy sky, and a full orange moon peeked out between the tall pines, silhouetting the forests and surrounding summits. Ten Quileute’s and four possessors sat around a tall emerald fire in the middle of the beach. Sue Clearwater went home early, taking Collin and Brady with her. Jacob’s sister Rachel also retired, kissing Paul goodnight and thanking the possessors for coming before going to bed in the cabin.
Earlier, after the Halo round which Nick beat Jacob 16-25, they all gathered around the fire, roasted extra hotdogs and marshmallows and exchanged stories - possessor to werewolf and vice versa. During the conversations, Paul strummed at a guitar, and at one point Billy played a Native American flute called a Stellar Drone, which was a six-hole instrument made of Alaskan cedar.
The possessors particularly enjoyed Billy’s company. He was funny and wholehearted, and had told them many hilarious stories about him and Charlie Swan after Nick and David mentioned how they met the chief. Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey all took turns telling their tales, similarly the way they explained themselves and their powers to the Cullen’s, but kept their descriptions brief to make room for other conversation.
It was now 1 a.m., and they remained seated on smooth logs in a large circle around the bonfire, with their bare feet in the cool sand. David took in a deep breath of the soothing night air, listening to the sound of the nearby waves with his eyes to the stars, thinking how his camping trips in Michigan won’t ever be the same compared to this night in La Push. It being late, everyone was now quiet and at peace while watching either the flickering green flames or the dark sky.
Billy was starting to doze, along with Jared who nearly fell off his log after waking up suddenly. Leah gave a long yawn, and so did Sam as Emily rested her head on his big shoulder. Lindsey was ready to turn in, but didn’t say anything, for she was enjoying the quiet night and the warm fire, and burying her toes into the sand. Moments later, Billy had fallen asleep in his chair, his head straight and his mouth half open, which everyone found funny.
All of a sudden, Paul leaned over and let out a wet fart that lasted three seconds. Seth threw his head back, the first to bust-out laughing, and the rest joined in, except for Emily and Leah, who grunted with repulsed looks on their faces. Billy awoke to the laughter, looking around at everyone and wondering what had happened.
Joe finally stood up, “This has been a lot of fun, but I think it’s about time we head back.”
David sighed, but reluctantly agreed.
“Me too.” Admitted Billy. “I can’t keep my eyes open.”
“Embry, could you drive my dad home?” Jacob asked. “I’m gonna take these guys back to Forks.”
Embry nodded and got to his feet, taking position behind Billy, but before rolling him off the beach, Billy shook the hands of the three male possessors one last time, and Lindsey gave him a hug.
“Superheroes are always welcome on our land.” He told the four. “I hope you can visit us again sometime. Farewell, fellow protectors.”
“It was cool meeting you too.” Embry said to them, and then carted Billy off.
Next, Emily gave David a hug, and Sam shook Nick’s hand. Joe hugged Leah, and shook the hands of Paul, Jared, and all the rest, hugging Emily last. David, Nick and Lindsey gave their rounds of thank you’s and goodbyes as well, making sure no Quileute got left out.
“Your kind is truly extraordinary.” Sam told the four.
“And yours even more.” Joe replied, taking a last look at them all. “Thanks again, and goodbye.”
The moment was bitter-sweet. They had only met the Quileute’s that day, but in that short time felt they made excellent friends. A tribe who’s spiritual gift of morphing into wolves did not contrast the possessor’s abilities. In a way, they had that in common, being spiritual power both sides were granted. Possessors and werewolves were on opposite ends of the supernatural spectrum, but that is what bonded them.

La Push was a much needed element of their trip, one Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey were especially thankful for.


Jacob came in with the possessors upon arriving at the Cullen house. Renesmee was asleep up in Emmett and Rosalie’s room, and he wanted to see her before heading home. When he stepped into the room, Rose was seated on the bed, singing to the sleeping child. Jake knew the blonde vampire loved little Nessie just as much as he and her parents. Before her birth the vampire and werewolf didn’t get along at all. Hell, he didn’t get along with most of them back then, especially Edward. They were mortal enemies.
Renesmee changed everything.
“She just went under.” Rosalie whispered as Jacob sat on the bed with her.
He stayed quiet and stroked Renesmee’s hair, thinking how he had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. Rose got to her feet and silently left the room, deciding to leave the two alone. A moment later, Renesmee stirred, and then opened her eyes.
“Jakey.” She spoke tiredly, smiling.
‘Hello, little cub.” He kissed her forehead.
She sat up and put her arms around him. “Will you spend the night, Jacob?”
“Anything for you.”
He lifted the girl off the bed, her arms tight around him as she dozed off again in his embrace. Edward was now in the doorway, watching the two. Jake carried Renesmee out, but paused next to her father.
“You can stay at the cottage with her.” Edward offered. “Bella and I will remain here.”
Jake nodded, yawning and pushing some red curls out of his face. “I sometimes forget you guys don’t sleep.”
Edward grinned, “I sometimes forget you do.”
Jacob chuckled, and then took Renesmee into the hallway.
“Goodnight, son.” Edward wished him.
He hesitated at the top of the steps. The vampire didn’t call him that much, but it meant a lot when he did, even though Jake felt awkward calling him ‘Dad’ in return, but Edward understood that.
“Thanks, brother.” A label that fit better. "Goodnight."

In the guest bedroom on the third floor, Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey lied in their beds, staring out at the mountainous nighttime view, realizing this would be the last night they would sleep here. They remained quiet but awake, fondly reminiscing on the past two weeks, trying to make the remaining hours last.
At this time tomorrow, they would be in the skies and soaring east, back to their homes on the other side of the country.


The next morning came as a surprise to the possessors. They awoke and put on clean clothes, and headed downstairs as a group to find out the Cullen’s had decorated the house in an assortment of flowers, candles, and strangely – balloons. A banner hung over the doorway that read, ‘Farewell, Joseph, Nicholas, David and Lindsey!’ Upon reading it, Alice jumped out of nowhere, “Surprise!”
Of course this was her doing. “It’s our last day together,” She explained, “Like we were going to see you off with just a simple pat on the back?!”
Indeed it was their last day with this wonderful family, which was a fact that weighed heavily on their hearts, but Alice’s cheery antics made them laugh, and they each hugged her and thanked her. The rest of the Cullen’s were standing in the decorated living room, and welcomed their possessor friends, promising a memorable time before their departure. Jacob was among the family and would stay to see them off, which made the four – especially David – very happy.
And so the day began.

The party was amazing. The possessors fed on exquisite deserts made by Carlisle and Esme, which Jacob got his fair share of as well. Music was played, sometimes by Edward at the piano rocking out like Billy Joel. They danced and sang and goofed off and had a fantastic time within the house.
Nick was dancing with Bella at one point, and Edward asked to cut in, forcing Bella to step aside and then led Nick into a traditional waltz, which everyone found hilarious. Joe then joined Bella in the waltz, guiding Edward’s wife with poise, and David took Rosalie by the arm and danced with her, only she was the one guiding him. After, Jacob and Renesmee went at it as well, followed by Carlisle and Lindsey, Emmett and Alice, then Jasper and Esme. It was an excellent mixture, and the possessors learned compared to the elegant vampires just how terrible their dancing was. It didn’t matter, for all were joyous and silly and did what made them happy.

Later that day, Alice presented Joe with a gift. She done an 11’ by 14’ drawing of the Supreme Trinity, and explained it as a homage for his polite refusal when she offered him one of her drawings a week ago. Joe didn’t decline this time, and he and David and Nick stared at the piece in sheer awe. It was a stylistic representation of them flying through clouds, wearing their black costumes with the emblems of ice, fire, and lightning at the chest, based on their earlier descriptions. Below the heroes were the familiar mountains, woods and valleys of the Olympic peninsula, representing their time here. Joe thanked her over and over again. It was a gift he would treasure forever.

When the evening came, the possessors and family spent time outside. The eight men stood in a wide circle in the spacious backyard, chatting and tossing a baseball from one person to another. From vampire to vampire the baseball couldn’t be seen as it whipped from one to the other, but Joe, Nick and David didn’t catch the ball with their hands but with their minds, using their power to shoot it back at the vampires speed.
The six women remained on the back patio, seated around a large outdoor table, laughing and mingling as night wore in. The darker it got, the more Lindsey’s stomach ached as she sat close to Renesmee. She didn’t want to leave her, the feeling being fully mutual with the young half-vampire. They would hold hands as they sat together and go quiet now and then, thinking how strong their friendship had become.

But no matter how hard they tried to make the day go by slowly, twilight finally crept over the skies in Forks, indicating that the four possessors had to end the revelry and prepare for their departure. So, they all settled back into the house once again, and allowed Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey the time needed to pack their things.


Up in the guest bedroom, the four stuffed their clothes - which had been washed and ironed by Esme - back into their packs. They disposed of most of the clothes they brought from home and kept the new shirts and shorts the Cullen's had provided for them during their stay. All were silent and sullen as they prepared. After, they made their beds, and one last time Joe put his face to the pillow, taking in that famous scent the house and the vampires gave off. They threw on pants and matching jackets given to them for flight, and then secured their packs onto their backs.
Wiping tears from her eyes, Lindsey gazed around the room one last time.
“You guys ready?” Joe asked, and all four sighed simultaneously, heading for the door.
They turned and stared at the empty beds for a final moment, and then flipped the light switch, darkening the room and shutting the door on their way out.
Coming down the Cullen’s grand staircase, the possessors noticed the house was empty. They stood at the bottom of the steps, consumed by the house’s silence, eying its magnificence one last time. As they did, Joe noticed the front double-doors were partially open, and then led the three outside.

Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Bella, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Jacob and Renesmee stood in a line on the driveway, facing the four as they came out of the house. They stared at each other a moment, and then Joe, Nick, David and Lindsey walked down the porch steps and joined the family to say goodbye.

Immediately, Renesmee and Lindsey threw themselves into each other’s arms, letting the tears flow freely. Everyone watched, forming many sad smiles. The group then walked together onto the front lawn of the residence, away from the house and into the moonlit expanse, where the four possessors would soon take to the skies.
Joe approached Carlisle. "It’s been an honor, Dr. Cullen. You and your family are perhaps the finest people we've ever known. We can't thank you enough.”
Touched, Carlisle proudly shook hands with the eldest possessor. “The honor is mine, Mr. Sutton.”
"You're a good man, Carlisle.” Nick stepped in, and gave the vampire a manly hug.
Next, Joe went up to Esme, about ready to choke up as the beautiful vampire took him by both hands.
“You’ve… bewitched me, Esme.” He told her tenderly. “I will miss you very much.”
“Take care of yourself, Joseph. Know I will miss you just the same.”
The two hugged, and Joe kissed her on the cheek.
At the end of the line, David and Jacob were locked in a big bear hug. “It's been real, David." Said Jake. "Keep it that way.”
A tear went down David’s face, one he could no longer hold back. “Goodbye, Jacob. Take care of the pack."
"Sure, sure."
They released, and threw each other a high-five/handshake combination.
“Ya’ll come back now, ya hear?” Emmett said as he squeezed the breath out of Nick, lifting and spinning the tall possessor as everyone laughed.
Next, Lindsey put an arm around Bella and Edward, hugging them both. After, Bella wiped the tears from the girl's eyes, and kissed her on the forehead. After, Lindsey threw herself into Jacob's arms, and the werewolf lifted her into a strong embrace.
“Here you go.” Jasper eventually handed a single sheet of paper to each of them.
It was a list that had all the phone numbers and email addresses of each family member, so they could keep in touch from across the country, which helped ease some of the heartache.
“Thanks, Jasper.” Said David. “You know, we still didn't get to edit all those pictures we took.”
Jasper shrugged, “I’ll tend to it soon, and then mail you all the finished copies.”
"You guy's have a safe trip home.”
Jasper and David shook hands.
“Thanks for everything.” Nick told Esme.
"You are all most welcome." She warmly replied. "Thank you for staying with us, and for your acceptance."
Joe picked up Alice off the ground, hugging her hard and thanking her again for the drawing and everything else she had done for them.
"You have to come back sometime!" She told the four. "You've made it a whole lot more fun around here!"
Meanwhile, David forcefully took Rosalie into his arms and kissed her directly on her cool, hard lips, satisfied she didn't resist. Her eyes went wide in surprise, and she looked to Emmett, who just laughed and threw a hand on David’s shoulder. “That’s the spirit!”
“Sorry, I’ve been wanting to do that all week.” David admitted, shrugging innocently.
“Silly boy.” Rosalie smiled, tossing her hair back and crossing her arms.
Renesmee then hugged Nick. As he held the young half-vampire, he eyed Bella, who smiled and said, “Much love to your wife and daughter.”
Nick returned a smile, “Thank you, Bella.” He then whispered in Renesmee's ear, “Goodbye, little lady.”
“Goodbye, Nicky.” She said sadly.
Joe then approached Edward, and the vampire brought him in for a fond and friendly embrace. “You guys have been wonderful guests, and it gives me great pride to have you as friends.” He told the possessor.
“I’m very grateful to know you.” Joe told him with a lump in his throat. “I hope to see you again, Edward.”
“We’ll all meet again.” He assured, releasing the hug and shaking Joe’s hand.
"We will definitely return... someday." David replied, wiping his eyes and pulling himself together. "Keep that vision of yours clear, Alice, so you can see us coming."

And so the hugs and handshakes and high fives and thank you’s continued all around as the final farewells set in between vampire and possessor. Emotion overwhelmed them all as saying goodbye to new friends ached at their beating and non-beating hearts. The time the possessors spent here in Forks was an amazing twist of fate, and leaving the Cullen’s was like leaving a second family.
Before they separated, Lindsey gave Carlisle one last hug - an embrace that lingered as the girl had trouble letting go.
"Goodbye, sweetheart." He told her. "We won't forget any of you."
None of them wanted the moment to end, but finally, the four possessors stepped away, and paced out into a formation before taking flight.
The Cullen’s and Jacob gathered close together, and both groups stared affectionately, getting their last glimpses of one another while memories of the last two weeks flashed through their heads…

~ The moment Carlisle saw the possessors for the first time ~ when he invited them to the house ~ when they found out they were vampires ~ running away but then returning ~ the first night ~ meeting Jacob ~ exchanging stories ~ dolling up Lindsey and Renesmee ~ seeing Jacob transform into a wolf ~ flying and racing and chasing each other through the woods ~ Nick and David driving into Forks ~ Joe and Edward at the meadow ~ Lindsey and Renesmee at the cottage ~ Lindsey thanking Carlisle in his study ~ meeting the Quileute’s ~ Jacob throwing David into the ocean ~ their last night at the house ~ the farewell party ~ the revelations, the sights, the fun, and the magic. ~

…all the way up to the present moment where it had reached its end.
Joe promised himself he wouldn't cry, but that promise would soon be broken if he continued to stare at the Cullen's like he was. Lindsey waved a last time at Renesmee, who waved back softly, both girls sobbing.
“Goodbye, everyone.” Joe concluded, biding his fond and final farewell.
His eyes flashed on as he activated the powers within, now glowing a constant purple, and he glided off of his feet and flew high into the air.
"Until we meet again." Nick whispered, the second to ascend, and Bella softly smiled as he arose.
Jacob gave David a thumbs up, and David returned the gesture. Then Rosalie blew the young possessor a kiss, winking seductively, and David grinned as he took to the air, letting the wind cool his sudden flush.
After, Lindsey was off the ground, rapidly flying and rejoining the three. During the farewell, she had found herself unable to speak, and could only hug and kiss everyone, but her tears were words enough for how she felt about everybody.
The vampire family proudly eyed the sky as their superhero friends became black specs against the silvery, moonlit clouds. Esme rested her head on Carlisle's shoulder, and he took her hand, continuing their upward gaze.

The four circled the Cullen’s land once, and then shot off into the eastern horizon, leaving four streaks of their elements behind in a long tail.

"Incredible." Said Jasper.
"Badass." Smiled Emmett.
Alice giggled at the sight.
"New friends." Whispered Bella, now holding Renesmee as her heartbroken daughter continued waving up.

Miles off, a group of ten large wolves stood upon a high cliff side, howling and barking in cheer as the four possessors passed overhead, continuing their lit streaks across the sky. Joe, Nick and David saluted the Quileute's. Lindsey waved down as she was the last to shoot over them, sending a flurry of ruby snow onto the pack.

Forks and La Push disappeared behind the four, fading back into the dark-blue horizon. They would miss it terribly, but kept composed as they flew on, feeling overly lucky and thankful for what they had experienced. Joe, Nick and David had many great adventures as the Supreme Trinity, but their simple time with a loving family of vampires and a happy pack of werewolves was an adventure all its own.
One they would cherish, and absolutely never forget.


The way back home was long, taking extra time, for they didn't fly as fast as usual and made a decent amount of stops along the way, and even slept at a nice hotel in Minnesota. Before leaving the hotel, the four showered and changed - the scent of the Cullen's potent in the fresh clothes they put on. They couldn't help but place the fabric to their noses often.
Overall, the trip home was quiet, and the four didn't speak to each other much, for all were lost in thoughts of how this vacation of theirs became unparalleled to what they first planned, almost seeming like a dream to them now that they were away from it all.
But it wasn't a dream, and with difficulty, the four pushed on to get back to the family and friends that awaited them. Back to where they belonged. Their true home.

Almost twenty-four hours since leaving Washington, the possessors reached Michigan.

After sunset, downtown Mt. Clements appeared in the horizon, and the possessors decreased their speed and descended steadily the closer they got to the city. By the time they reached it, it was almost fully dark, and they made a gentle landing on the four-story garage where Joe's car had been parked at for the past 13 days. The landing wasn't as discrete, but they didn't care. Possessors were known to exist in this part of the country, so if a few had seen them fly in there was high doubt any fuss would be put up about it. Just a few casual, powerful individuals coming back to life on the ground.
The dark blue Intrepid awaited them. Joe approached his vehicle, checked out its condition, and then opened the trunk so all could unlatch their packs and throw them in. The four then stepped in the car and shut the doors, that familiar interior smell coming back on them as if it were something from the distant past. It made them feel like they had been gone a year.
Joe started the engine, which came to life without trouble. He switched on the headlights and backed out of the space, driving on.
Lindsey would be the first to be dropped off.

Before they arrived on Carlson St., Lindsey pulled out her cell and called her father Dave, telling him she was on her way. When they drove up to the house, Dave was in the kitchen and saw them arrive, peeking out the window. All four stepped out of the car as Lindsey grabbed her pack from the trunk. Before going in the house, she hugged Joe, Nick and David individually.
"Thanks again, so much for letting me come." She sincerely told them.
"Of course." Joe replied. "Any time."
"We're glad you did." Said David.
"Have a good night." Nick told her. "We'll all get together soon, okay?"
From the kitchen window, Dave watched as they hugged and said goodbye, noticing their slightly down expressions and the tears in Lindsey's eyes. She waved at the three before coming through the door, where her dog Molly ran up and happily greeted her, jumping up and down and spinning in circles. Dave came out of the kitchen, getting a good look at his teary-eyed daughter.
As he hugged Lindsey, he said, "You must have had a good time, huh?"
Lindsey almost laughed, as if ‘a good time’ could ever suffice as an accurate description of the past two weeks.
Joe beeped the horn as he, Nick and David drove away.

They pulled into Hanover Grove, and came to a stop just in front of David's house. It appeared everyone was home. David stared at it for a moment before stepping out and getting his pack from the trunk. Joe and Nick remained in the car. Once he shut the trunk, David came to the passenger side window and peeked in, shaking Nick and Joe's hands.
"This has really been something." Joe said.
"It's been amazing." Replied David. "I'm coming with you on all your guys’ trips from now on."
Joe and Nick chuckled lightly.
"We must hang out soon." David added, remembering Nick's promise to Lindsey.
"Next weekend." Joe suggested. "We'll get the old X-Box's hooked up and have ourselves a Halo night like old times."
"Sounds pretty damn good to me." Nick agreed.
David threw his pack over his shoulder, and then stepped away from the car, waving as his two cousins drove down the parking lot and out of Hanover Grove. He sighed, standing there for a time, and then turned and headed up the short walkway to his front door.
"So how was your trip?" A voice asked from behind.
He turned suddenly, and saw Errick Cunningham walking towards him. David's mouth went agape as his old friend approached. He was taller than David remembered, his hair cropped shorter and had a little stubble on his chin, just how he would look at 18 years old.
David blinked a couple times, then said, "It was... so wonderful. I wish you could have come with us."
"Yeah," Errick shrugged, "Been busy, but it seems like we haven’t seen each other in years."
"It's been a long time."
Errick grinned. After a few seconds he asked, "Well, you wanna hang tonight?"
David nodded approvingly, "Sure, you can stay the night if you want."
"Cool," His friend said casually. "You can tell me about your stay with the Cullen's."
David's eyes squinted with interest, "You know… about the Cullen's?"
His friend gave him a cryptic look. "Of course. You know, therefore I know. They're a wonderful family, don’t you think? And the Quileute’s are a fun pack too."
Next, Tyler opened the front door, spotting his older brother standing on the walkway. "David, you're back!"
David turned to him, and then back to Errick... discovering his friend had vanished. He gasped as his eyes searched the surroundings, down the sidewalk both ways, frantically trying to see where Errick had gone.
"What is it?" Tyler asked, confused. "Who were you talking to?"
David shook his head, attempting to clear his thoughts, and his stomach dropped as he realized... he had imagined the whole thing.
He wasn't speaking to his friend just moments ago, but only to himself, distracted by a mild delirium. It was an indication of how much he missed Errick, but his friend was gone... and they would never speak again. David took a deep breath as heartache set in, tears threatening to spill down his face as he kept his eyes shut.
"Are you okay?" Tyler wondered, concerned as he watched David's attempt to stay together.
"I'm fine." David finally replied, forcing a smile as he came up the walkway. "How's it going, Tyler?"
"Fine." The boy repeated. "I thought you weren't coming home till tomorrow."
Chatting, the Richards brothers stepped into the house and closed the door behind them.

Nick owned a small house in Bloomfield Hills, on a street called Flame Ave. - quite fitting for a husband and wife who shared the power of fire. Joe pulled into the driveway and put the car in park. The porch light was on, and so were the lights in the living room.
"Holly's awake." Nick said as he eyed his house anxiously. "You wanna come in for a beer?"
Joe shook his head, "No thanks, I better get back."
"Or do you need to get out there and fight bad guys?" Nick kidded.
Joe glared at this brother, "Don't start that again. What did I tell you guys when we left for this trip? I'm retired, just like you."
The front door of the house opened, and Nick's 3 year old daughter Jennifer, looking cute in pink Supergirl pajamas, came running out to see her dad. Nick quickly unbuckled his seatbelt and exited the car, leaving the door open as he ran and scooped up his little girl, spinning her in his arms.
"You're home, daddy!" She laughed, looking like a miniature version of Holly.
Nick buried his face into his daughter's, kissing her cheek repeatedly. "That's right, I'm back! I missed you so much! What are you doing up so late?"
From the drivers seat, Joe watched his brother reunite with his daughter, not realizing the smile on his face.
Holly came out next, looking gorgeous in simple sweatpants and a black tank top, her brown hair in a pony tail. "Welcome home, babe." She smiled and kissed her husband, and the three held together in a brief family hug.
"Did you have fun, daddy?" Jennifer asked happily.
"The best!" Nick said, remembering Edward, Bella and Renesmee - a family just like his. "We met some really nice people!"
Holly turned and noticed Joe still in the car. "Hey, get out here!" She demanded.
Joe shrugged, and turned off the engine, shutting both doors on the way out.
"Hi, Uncle Joey!" Jennifer waved.
"Hey!" Joe approached and kissed Holly, taking Jennifer from Nick's arms and hugging her.
"Did you stay with the nice people too?" His beautiful niece asked him.
"Sure did." Joe smiled.
"We haven't seen you in so long." Holly told Joe.
"Sorry, sis."
“You shouldn’t be a stranger.”
“I don’t mean to. You know I love you guys.”
Holly smiled, “Yeah I know.”
"Well..." Nick said, clasping his hands. "How about that beer then? Stay a while, bro.”
Joe thought about it a second, deciding to give in. "Okay, why not?" And he carried Jennifer back into the house. Nick put and arm around his wife, and the two followed Joe and Jennifer inside.
The front door closed, and the porch light went off.



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