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Powerful in Love {A Bella and Edward Story- What if Bella was turned when Edward left in New Moon}

Powerful in Love





Edward has just left and Bella is absolutely horrified and depressed. She has successfully tried to hide her true feelings about her breakup with Edward. Angela and Ben have been there for her. They now know everything about vampires, the wolves and about Victoria and James. What they dont know is that Victoria has been planning to kill Bella and destroy the Cullens. Bella tries to keep Angela and Ben safe but Angela is taken... Mike's mom has been murdered by the one thing she fears... Victoria... And Bella ends up being taken. Will Edward save her before her destiny is sealed.... before she ends up dead...






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lol thank you for reading :))))
lol.... they are currently on hold.....

Charlie is thinking that Bella is dead.... Ben knows that Angela is a vampire but she is still a newborn, the pack is still hunting Victoria.... Edward IS IN NEW ZEALAND!!! Bella was set up by Alice.....
hah!!!!!! Alice... of course!!! lol POST MORE SOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just did!!!!!!!! :)))))))) yayay and of course it had to be alice.... lol

Chapter 20

I have always heard about the beautiful country right underneath Australia. Renee, while obsessed with a show: Legend of the Seeker, wanted to go there. Remembering my mother was nostalgic. I missed her more than I thought I could. Renee had always wanted to visit New Zealand. Their luscious green forests are the exactly the same as Forks except…. They have a sun.

Forks sun was rare. In New Zealand the sun was a constant companion. Its beautiful scenery made it a great place for movies and for vacationing.

The tickets where set for an 8:00 flight. It was 5:30. I had time to get to customs and go through security. I called for a cab using a burn phone inside my bag.

It took about 10 minutes for it to arrive. I told the cab driver where to go and we headed off.

It was drizzling as I stepped off the yellow cab. I paid in hundreds not wanting change back. The man looked at the money as if it was God made. I felt a small pain at how many people value the smallest of things. The airport was smaller than the one in Phoenix. But I couldn’t be sure. I felt as if all my human memories where blurred.

I was forgetting my past. It made me paranoid but it was the price for vampirism. I wanted to remember but it seemed to be getting harder. I could barely make out the lines of my erratic mother’s face. No matter how hard I tried, my memories just kept on fading.

Customs was short. The line for security was longer. It took about an hour to get through. The thirst raged at every human that came too close. The contacts were a good way to hide my red eyes, but my body wanted to destroy them. I knew they wouldn’t last long so I took them off and put my glasses on while I waited for the flight.

The airport was packed with families all going on vacation. I guess that after being in a place where there is no sun you get tired of it and go to the Caribbean.

I looked at some traveling broachers while I waited. It took about an hour before the plane came for fuel.

I watched the rain as it hit the clear glass windows. I started to wonder about Angela… I left her in the middle of no where when I found… Edward. I was sure she wouldn’t get lost but I found the time to wonder about my new life.

What is Charlie doing right now? He probably thinks I’m dead. Ben knows the truth but he can’t be with the one he loves. Angela was a vampire.

I finally understood how hard it had been for Edward at first when he actually loved me. I was scared. I was scared for Ben and Ang. What would happen if Angela got bored of him? It would destroy Ben.

My thoughts turned to a very unhappy path.

I looked up as the voice of a young flight attendant spoke through the speakers.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Flight 801 to New Zealand a one way flight is now boarding passengers. If you are in first class please make a line right here.”

I looked at my plane ticket. First Class was written in big gold letters. Ugh! Alice!

I stood up and watched as some men in suites and silk shirts made a line right behind the flight attendant.
She took my ticket and I made sure my skin made no contact with hers. She smiled and I walked through the gray carpeted tunnel.

Alice knew I needed time to think… I needed to get away and think about the future and my family. I needed to set things clear with myself and with… Edward. We were both immortals and the love I hold for him and his family is stronger than ever. Imagine seeing the one you love but broke your heart every day for all eternity.

It would be excruciating.

I sat down on a leather white seat and suffered 19 hours of continuous thoughts.

****** New Zealand*********

I have never seen such scenery in my entire life. It was the most beautiful place I had ever seen. The forest was lush. The beaches were pearly blue. The city was just like Phoenix except that instead of Desert there was forest. We landed in Queensland, New Zealand at around 12:00 p.m. It was noon and the sun was high in the sky. I covered myself tactfully in my trench coat.

The weather was dry and a bit cold. I felt like I was at home. Right now I could thank Alice for all eternity for sending me here. I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to have alone time or if she had planned something for me. I trusted Alice with my life. I knew she would do what’s best unless it is shopping.

I shuddered at the thought of shopping with Alice. I stepped out of the flight and through immigration.

As I made my through baggage a sign made me stop. A tall blond figure was standing there with a sign that read BELLA. I made my way through as he covered his face. His scent was covered. Everything was covered he was wearing a black coat with what looked like a black shirt and pants. He was fast as he made his way to a dark Mercedes.

I got in on the passenger side and started the quiet ride towards the woods. We passed through a small village that seemed to be on the edge of a cliff.

He was very quiet even for a vampire. He wasn’t breathing and seemed to be concentrated only on the rode ahead.

I know parents always constantly tell you not to trust strangers but I felt safe. I felt as if I knew this person. It was a strange comforting feeling.

We arrived at a small house/ cottage. It was covered in windows and screamed ESME! It had a certain charm to it just like the Cullen’s house. The house was wooden but probably metallic from the inside walls in order keep out the rain. The mysterious vampire stepped out. He flitted towards the steps with me on his tail. I entered as he closed the door.

The inside was orange and yellow. This wasn’t Esme’s it was Alice’s.

The living room was small but comfortable. The fire place was on. I presumed that someone else had already been here. The stones were a red-ish brown. The floors where wooden and a large TV was decorating the center.

I was distracted. Maybe too distracted by the furniture to notice that the strange vampire moved forward. I spun and looked into his black hood. In a flash he had his wig off. His real hair was bronze. Before I could process who he was his lips pressed against mine.

It was something that was natural. I remembered the gesture and the person that had made it. It was the same. Even though I was a vampire the kiss was just the same just more intense. I felt the flood of memories as I remembered him.
I was going to write more but I have to do my homework. Can you believe it!!! My second day and I have 3 projects!!!! INSANE!!! Anyways I will still post a chapter a day… Please Comment!!!
AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love This!!!!!!!!!!!!
thankyou!!!!!!! :))))
love it
cant wait for more
yeah i know!!!
Love it! Love that Edward is there!
Just so you know Queensland is in Australia NOT New Zealand! Tasmania in Australia is probably better for Vampires (not as sunny there and lots of beautiful forests), Queensland is VERY sunny, it is nicknamed the sunshine state! How do I know this, I am an Aussie and have been to Queensland about 50 times (actually going there for a vacation in 2 weeks time)!
I think you meant that she arrived in Auckland in New Zealand, as United airlines and Air New Zealand fly from LA to Auckland!
Need anymore help let me know! By the way, great skiing and extreme sports in New Zealand!
Post soon!
oh thankyou i wasn't sure soo i just put it in.. thx for reading :))))
love it


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