The Twilight Saga

Powerful in Love {A Bella and Edward Story- What if Bella was turned when Edward left in New Moon}

Powerful in Love





Edward has just left and Bella is absolutely horrified and depressed. She has successfully tried to hide her true feelings about her breakup with Edward. Angela and Ben have been there for her. They now know everything about vampires, the wolves and about Victoria and James. What they dont know is that Victoria has been planning to kill Bella and destroy the Cullens. Bella tries to keep Angela and Ben safe but Angela is taken... Mike's mom has been murdered by the one thing she fears... Victoria... And Bella ends up being taken. Will Edward save her before her destiny is sealed.... before she ends up dead...






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Replies to This Discussion

it was ..PERFECT!!!!!!!!!


I do not want it to end....hmmm...loved everything about it..ur an amzing writer..and u should be very proud of urself....this story is amzing..i cannot find the right words to say to u how perfect it is..u put so many emotions nto this and with edward and bella finally together as thye should is beautiful!!

For ur first fan fic..let me tell u..u did A VERY GREAT JOB...i hope that u wil continue to write more stories such as this one...this story was very emotional and ur writing..the way u expressed the feelings of the characters was with skill...hope u knkow how much this story means to us all....caus it brings alot of happines to me as i am sure it does to the rest of ur fans...pls keep me updated..i would not want to miss the

take care and BTW..all of ur stories are amazing to read...update me soon..always..Ashmeena.

Ashmeena! I am always elated to hear your comments!

Thank you so much for reading! I have to admit that to write this chapter I had to re-read the last chapter I posted :) I almost forgot as well :) Thank you so much for your support and for thinking  the chapter was perfect :) You are the greatest fan ever! Thank you so much for all the compliments!

-with love, Kat! <3

Thank you so much Abby! I had to make sure the speach was epic :) Thank you! <3
aww that was fab.yey their getting married.awesome story love it.update soon
I will Sarah! <3
loved it
Thank you Cierra!
loved it!  edwards speech was so romantic i almost cryed several times when i was reading it. glad that they are back together. take your time but post more soon.
Well Done!!! I really enjoyed this chapter.........There finally together.....Thank God!!!.until you post again

Thank you Robyn! <3

:) Yes they are finally together.

I will Terry! Thank you for reading! <3
loved it every 1 off them


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