The Twilight Saga

Summary: After a second chance at life Edward Cullen and Bella Swan have found each other once again, both running from their Preacher like families they find themselves and in love. The heartbroken Cullen's soon move to a new town were the parents of Edward live and discover the two are alive, Will Edward and Bella remember there past? Or can the Cullen fit into their new life's? Do the want them to?


Paring: Canon...Only for this story hehe

Disclaimer: I don' town it but i can wish cant i? Stephanie Meyer Owns Twilight And Queen Rowling Owns Harry Potter *sobs* Enjoy...

Chapter One-Intro

{Edward's POV}

I was floating like literally floating, all the pain I felt from the Volturi killing me, the loss of Bella-everything was gone; what was left was serene peace and the floating, it felt comforting as if someone was rocking me to sleep but vampires could not sleep but atlas I felt my eyelids closing voluntary.

. .


. .

"Teddy, Teddy wake up love." I shifted-Mother? I felt fingers run through my curls and a kiss on my forehead.

I didn't want to get up.

The women chuckled shaking me gently, I felt my lips settle in a pout as I turned towards her stomach opening one eye to pear up at her-the familiar gentle smile; bronze identical coloring set in long tight curls that spilled over her delicate shoulders, but what stood out the most were her eyes-emerald with a sliver ring around it. They were one of a kind and he knew the women who held him in her arms was his mother.

"Always so stubborn my Teddy." I felt the heat on my cheeks as I buried my face in her stomach as I did when I was boy.

"Where am I mother?"

"Heaven." She whispered "How I've watched over you for so long." She mumbled kissing the middle of her head.

"Vampires don't have souls mother, how am I in heaven?"

"Your soul was pure and beautiful just as you are." Elizabeth answered ignoring the jab to vampires, "You are also no longer a vampire."

"Why am I here?" I whispered

"I'm here to offer you something." I was quiet for a moment, enjoying the warmth of my mother, it has been over hundred and four years since his mother last held me and I wanted to relish in it, I've missed her terribly; then Bella popped into my mind.

"D-did you see Bella?"


"OW! Mother!" I felt myself whine rubbing the back of my head.

"That's for leaving her and lying to her; Edward Anthony Masen I raised you better than that."

"I'm sorry mother, I just wanted her safe-she was not safe in my world."

"You do not decide that, a women has a mind of her own and Bella has a wonderful and intelligent mind. If you had given her the chance and not dictated her none of this would have happened." She spoke to me in a gentle tone but he disappointment leaked in each word, and in return I felt horrible.

"And the stalking, staying post in her room? Did everything I instilled in you go out the window when it came to women?"

"I'm sorry mother." Her fingers still ran through my hair as she took a breath.

"You need to say that to Bella, Teddy." She whispered as she spoke my childhood name, I nodded against her letting out a shaky breath. "I didn't ask to have you to reprimand you, you have two choices my love, you may stay up here with me and your father or you may return back to earth as a human with no memory of the supernatural world."

"Bella?" I mumbled

"Is being given the same choice with her grandmother, you have three days to decide after that you must tell me your decision."

"Will Bella be with me if I return to earth?"

"You two will find each other again." She gave, I nodded biting my lip.

"Can we go find father?"

"Of course." It felt nice seeing her smile as we stood up and she started to give me the tour.

. .


. .

{Third Person's POV}

After the three days had passed Edward hugged his mother and father close as he prepared to leave-he felt he could have a life down there, on Earth that he knew he would do better with the chance that was given to him. And after that life was over he would have forever with his parents, he did request a letter sent to the Cullen's on his behalf, he loved the family that loved and cared for him he wanted to make sure they knew he was okay.

"We love you Edward."

"I love you to." He whispered

"Edward?" a soft voice whispered, he turned seeing Bella in all her beauty. He didn't see her much when he was up here, wrapped up in comfort of his parents; but here she stood.

"Bella." he whispered, she flung herself towards him and he held her close. "I'm sorry." He whispered breaking down "So, so sorry, I lied and I'm sorry I love you Isabella and if I have to take forever I will make it up to you."

"I forgive you Edward-partly, but I love you to." She clutched him close till their elders pulled them apart.

"It's time." Their hands laced together as they jumped over a edge falling into a unknown.

{Stanford, California}

{August 23rd, 2009}


Edward Masen rushed around the corner to Starbucks; he was in need of coffee and needed something to calm his nerves. He had just moved out here far enough away from his parents and their pushy ways he was free and under the sun he smiled as it warmed his face, his knapsack slung over his shoulders and his glass pushed up on his face.

"Hi I'm Bella Swan how can i-"Her voice trailed off seeing the handsome male in front of her, his hair was in a messy disarray and eyes the color of jade stones with a sliver boarding; he gave her a bright smile running his long fingers through the curls. She she could see the edge of a tattoo under his short sleeved shirt, his pink plush lips was pierced as was his eyebrow. He was welled muscled with strong looking forearms, she could only image the muscles under the tight black shirt.

He was a god.

"I'm Edward, Edward Masen may I have cup of coffee?"


"Black please." He smiled shyly and she nodded, the coffee house was fully with little space but Edward found a booth slipping out a book to look over it and look Bella, she was stunning her skin was a bit dark and her hair was a chocolate brown with streaks of blonde and it was curly-very curly, he never knew he loved curls till her saw them on her. She had a nose piercing, and larges plush lips her eyes were wide and chocolate brown with a mixture of blue-it was stunning. She wasn't thin but she wasn't too big, he loved that he hated thin girls nothing about that was attractive, she had curves and large breast-he loved that, her pants filled her arse nicely, it was and firm.

She was a goddess.

She placed the cup down in front of him giving him a soft smile.


"Bella." He called as she walked away "When does your shift end?" He was not used to being so forward, after growing into his looks and an act of rebellion against his parents the only thing he had not achieved was successfully having a girlfriend, he dated a few girls but they wanted his name, what they could do for him out in California no one knew him he could be just Edward Masen not Edward Masen Son of powerful mayor and preacher, he was free for the first time in his life and he loved it.

"It just did." She grinned

"Would you like to sit down with me, I would like to get to know you better."

"I would love to." She flashed him a bright smile turning to take off her smock grabbing her purse and phone sliding into the booth with him.

"How can I help you Mr. Masen?"

. .



After meeting each other at Starbucks the two hit it off stupidly forgetting to ask each other's numbers but hoping to see each other on campus.

School had started up again and Edward had heavy on the school work-The Medical program at Stanford was one of the best in the nation, and he felt more than blessed to be in it.

"Ed! There's a party tonight tell me you're coming." My long time best friend Elliot grinned slapping my shoulders he hugged me close.

"I don't know Eli."

"We just got back." He argued back.

"More reason to get back in the swing of things you're twenty one Ed live a little." I sighed nodding and he grinned.

. .


. .

"(Oh, babe) I don't wanna lie,

I'm gonna take what you're giving

'Cause I know you're willing,

To take me all the got me right here.

Combustible. And I can't wait to finally explode.

The big big bang, the reason I'm alive,

When all the stars collide, in this universe inside.

The big big bang….."

The swarm of collage kids mingled together grinding and kissing the music blasted loudly, Bella relaxed watching with a bottle of beer in her hand, she only came to the party after being dragged by her best friend Angela, she had a class first thing the morning but Angela was drinking of the feelings of her last boyfriend.

"Babes come dance with me." Angela laughed hugging Bella her hands slipped down to Bella's ass as her head laid on her shoulder.

"Whoa there cowgirl."

"Sush you love it." Angela giggled

"Unless you have something hard and at least six inches down there I don't think I'm interested."

"What if I do?" she grinned wagging her eyebrows and thrusting her hips forward, Bella laughed pushing her with the side of her hip.

"I don't think you do love."

Angela pouted but her eyes widened looking towards the door.

"Who is the hell is that?" Her eyes turned to the doorway a smile frittered across her face before she could control it.

He looked around shyly his eyes finding hers and s smile lit up his god like face, rising an eyebrow she nodded and he made his way over to her.


"Edward." Their hands laced together and they were home.

"ANGELA!" Angela crowed laughing and they chuckled together

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