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Bella is saddened by the newspapers newsline. Her friend Jessica has been missing for over the passed year. Bella just broke up with her ex Edward, a year ago on the exact day Jess went missing. She still has feelings for her ex. Now Rosalie is in a relationship with Jessica's old boyfriend Emmett. And Alice is in love with a nerd? Suddenly on the that day, they all get messages from Jess. Could she still be alive?





Chapter 1-Bellas P.O.V


After parking my car and heading out the door, I realized how tired I was. My feet wobbled once in a while, and my head would get dizzy. Weird.


Today was my first day of senior year. The school looked the same except all the new freshman's coming in. They looked eager, or scared. I couldn't tell by all the makeup and hair they had in there face. Typical freshman look. I thought to myself.


"Bella is that you?" Alice was standing by a bench, with her bouncy brown long hair waving in the wind. She looked the same as last year, but this year her hair was longer.  "Bella!" She squealed and came to hug me. "It is you." She said.


"Well of course, it's always been me." I told her, she backed off on the hug and smiled. "Where's Rosalie?" I asked. Well of course with her new boyfriend. I thought. Just by thinking her name she showed up seconds later.


Rosalie never told us her boyfriends name, or what he looked like. On the phone she always said he's nice. Don't you think that’s a great description? I laughed at the thought.


I was greeted by another hug.


"So Bella, how was your summer?" Rosalie asked, there was no boy by her yet. I ruffled my hand through my hair.


"It was ok." I answered back. Suddenly a large body, embraced themselves on Rosalie's back. The person put his head on her shoulder.


"Hay Bella." Complete shocked rolled over me, Emmett was her boyfriend? My mouth wanted to speak for me by it wouldn't move.


Emmett was Jessica's old boyfriend. I never trusted him for some reason because I knew he was the reason she went missing. Thinking about Jessica brought back to many memories. I didn't want to think of them here, not now and maybe not never.


"Anyways, lets get to class." Rosalie said staring at my face. I looked next to me at Alice she seemed as weirded out at I was.


My first class was math, ugh. I hate math. The class room inside was bigger then last year, because I have moved up a grade. Already as I took my spot, the teacher was handing out worksheets. I listened to what she said.


"This is your first assignment, it won't be part of a grade. I would just like to see how and what you understand in math." She said. I never figured out her last name, it was a long W word. Wustachga, or Wuachtgusa. Something like that.


The hour went by, and I made my way back to my locker. It was far from this room, just around the corner.


For some reason I felt like I was being stalked, or spied on. When I would take a step, someone else would too. Quickly I opened my locker, got my English stuff and shut the door behind me.


"Bella wait!" A voice cried out behind me. I knew who it was right away, my Ex Edward. His hand grasped my shoulder. "Wait." He told me, somehow his hands were able to spin me around.


"What." I answered back, giving him a look.


"I've been looking for you this morning."


"Well you found me." I answered back.


"Do you want to come to my house tonight?" He asked me. I already knew what the answer was, no. We broke up over the summer, and I didn't feel like going to his house.


"No." I answered. I started to walk away, but he step in front of me. "Edward I said no, ok. Now move I have to get to class." He looked at me with his eyes that I use to love and moved out of my way. "Thank you." I told him.




It was lunch time. We all sat at the same table we use to sit at last year. Except there was someone missing. Jessica. She was the one, who helped us grow into popularity. I would miss her.


Getting there late at lunch wasn’t a big deal. Alice sat next to me, and Rosalie sat across from us.


"So you guys don't mind if Emmett sits here?" Rosalie asked both of us. I didn't even want him to sit here, he doesn't deserve too.


"Why are you even dating him?" The question came out of my mouth without a warning. Rosalie's  eyes had hurt in them.


"Well I don't know, we just started so-"


"So we al know he's the reason why Jessica went missing." Alice said to her. Rosalie shook her head. I sighed, we weren't going to win reasoning with her.


"We don't know that, there's no proof." She augured back with a huff.


"Can't it just be us girls." I told her, she smiled. Rosalie's brown chocolate hair shimmered with her pearly white teeth.


"Well consider Emmett a girl now." Rosalie said with a laugh, which sounded like a bark to me. "He's my little gay boyfriend." She said quickly to us, We all went quiet because he was making his way to the table. Emmett had his food and sat next to Rosalie.


"So what you talking about-"


"Rosalie thinks your gay." Alice said out of the blue. I laughed along with her, because Emmett gave Rosalie a look.


"I was just joking, I said you were one of the girls now which made you my gay boyfriend." Rosalie smiled, and looked at Alice with a scowl. Emmett laughed, and Rosalie sighed with relief. I couldn't stop laughing.





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Chapter 2 Alice's P.O.V

Lunch began to be more of a huge conversation about Emmett as a girl, but what caught my attention later on was David the high school football quarterback and his friends pushing another boy around. David was a boy who asked me out a couple of times, but I always said no.

I couldn't see who it was, but suddenly the kid was on the floor with food everywhere. I stood up. Now I recognized his face. It was Tyler, the nerd as everyone called him. Well I didn't think he was a nerd at all, he was just into computers. Quickly I pushed my chair back, and started walking.

Bella tried to pull me back but I pushed her off my arm.

All the boys who pushed Tyler down were laughing, so I went straight up to David and pushed his chest.

"What do you think your doing?" I tried to look serious but David just made a face. He laughed once more and then looked at me.

"Teaching the computer Wiz a lesson." He answered back, some of his friends behind him gave him a hive five. I pushed David once more.

"A lesson." I said. "Are you trying to teach him how to be like you. Stupid, Ugly and Moron. Maybe I should teach you a lesson if its so hard for you to even understand." I laughed a little at my joke. David grabbed my arm.

"I wouldn't be doing that if I were you. " David said with a harsh tone.

"Or what." I retorted back, I yanked my hand away from him, and went by Tyler. He was still on the floor, dazing at me. I began to pick up his milk, which luckily wasn't opened. Then his apple and pbj. All of his food were back on where they first started. I handed them over to him.

David watched from behind me, angry he was yelling at me to stop helping. Clearly I was right for saying no to him over and over again.

Tyler was confused he looked at me, like why was some popular girl helping me? Then I got an idea to make David even more mad.

"Want to come sit by me?" I told Tyler, now he was even more confused. I held my hand out for him to grabbed. He hesitated then grabbed it, I helped him up to his feet. Then we both walked back over to the table. Nikki, Emmett and Bella all looked at me and Tyler.

And as we sat down at the table they began to start with there conversation again. See that’s what I like about my friends, they don’t really care who I hang out with they don’t care what everyone thinks of us either. They are good friends.

I talked to Tyler for the rest of the lunch, he didn't talk much unless I asked him a question. But I guess it was alright to even talk to him, he needed it.

Then came the rest of the class's, and when the bell rang for the end of the day we all ran to our lockers. I turned my combination in quickly and opened my locker up. Then something fell out.

A white blank piece of paper was folded. I picked it up and opened it.

I'd be careful Alice, these nerds get crush's too. He might make you unpopular again, but I already know you like nerds.
- J

"Jessica?" I said. I felt like I was going to faint. How could someone know that, only Jessica knew it. I ripped the paper up and shoved it in my backpack. Its just a letter, probably David pulling a trick on me.

For some reason I didn't look at anyone or anything in the eyes as I walked out side. But Nikki got a hold of me.

"Hay is there something wrong?" She asked. I nodded no, and went straight to my car and headed home. I just felt so weird, Jessica.

Jessica was missing or dead even, it can't be her.

My mom was home and cooking supper already, I don't think she heard me come in so I went to my room. My room was how I left it. Clean and neat as always.

My feet couldn't stop moving they paced back and fourth for at least 15 minutes until I stopped and laid on the bed.
amazing chapter :)
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love it :) keep it goin
EEEEEEE i love it more take to long updating..........well i guess i cant talk because i haven't updated my fanfics in a while either so ....................
"I love you Rosalie." Emmett said, and kissed my lips softly. "I see you tomorrow." He murmured and stole one more kiss, which I wanted. His hand stroked my cheek, and then he turned around walking away.

Emmett, made me feel so different so right. Like it was just me and him only in this world.

I sighed with love and walked up to my house door. The door opened to nobody in the house. My parents were never home, always working. So this place was to my own being, I could do what ever I wanted.

I was hungry, for Ice cream. So I quickly snuck into the fridge and grabbed the container. And right as my hands touch the ice cold box, my phone began to buzz. I scrolled down and press 'Ok'

What did I tell you before. Ice cream makes you fat! Oh well, don’t listen to me. -J

My eyes grew wide, wider than I think they have ever been. Jessica, could it be Jessica. No it can't be, it can't. I don't know if I was panicking or confused, but somehow I couldn’t move.
love it lol


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