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Pretty Little Cullen Girls


Bella is saddened by the newspapers newsline. Her friend Jessica has been missing for over the passed year. Bella just broke up with her ex Edward, a year ago on the exact day Jess went missing. She still has feelings for her ex. Now Rosalie is in a relationship with Jessica's old boyfriend Emmett. And Alice is in love with a nerd? Suddenly on the that day, they all get messages from Jess. Could she still be alive?





Chapter 1-Bellas P.O.V


After parking my car and heading out the door, I realized how tired I was. My feet wobbled once in a while, and my head would get dizzy. Weird.


Today was my first day of senior year. The school looked the same except all the new freshman's coming in. They looked eager, or scared. I couldn't tell by all the makeup and hair they had in there face. Typical freshman look. I thought to myself.


"Bella is that you?" Alice was standing by a bench, with her bouncy brown long hair waving in the wind. She looked the same as last year, but this year her hair was longer.  "Bella!" She squealed and came to hug me. "It is you." She said.


"Well of course, it's always been me." I told her, she backed off on the hug and smiled. "Where's Rosalie?" I asked. Well of course with her new boyfriend. I thought. Just by thinking her name she showed up seconds later.


Rosalie never told us her boyfriends name, or what he looked like. On the phone she always said he's nice. Don't you think that’s a great description? I laughed at the thought.


I was greeted by another hug.


"So Bella, how was your summer?" Rosalie asked, there was no boy by her yet. I ruffled my hand through my hair.


"It was ok." I answered back. Suddenly a large body, embraced themselves on Rosalie's back. The person put his head on her shoulder.


"Hay Bella." Complete shocked rolled over me, Emmett was her boyfriend? My mouth wanted to speak for me by it wouldn't move.


Emmett was Jessica's old boyfriend. I never trusted him for some reason because I knew he was the reason she went missing. Thinking about Jessica brought back to many memories. I didn't want to think of them here, not now and maybe not never.


"Anyways, lets get to class." Rosalie said staring at my face. I looked next to me at Alice she seemed as weirded out at I was.


My first class was math, ugh. I hate math. The class room inside was bigger then last year, because I have moved up a grade. Already as I took my spot, the teacher was handing out worksheets. I listened to what she said.


"This is your first assignment, it won't be part of a grade. I would just like to see how and what you understand in math." She said. I never figured out her last name, it was a long W word. Wustachga, or Wuachtgusa. Something like that.


The hour went by, and I made my way back to my locker. It was far from this room, just around the corner.


For some reason I felt like I was being stalked, or spied on. When I would take a step, someone else would too. Quickly I opened my locker, got my English stuff and shut the door behind me.


"Bella wait!" A voice cried out behind me. I knew who it was right away, my Ex Edward. His hand grasped my shoulder. "Wait." He told me, somehow his hands were able to spin me around.


"What." I answered back, giving him a look.


"I've been looking for you this morning."


"Well you found me." I answered back.


"Do you want to come to my house tonight?" He asked me. I already knew what the answer was, no. We broke up over the summer, and I didn't feel like going to his house.


"No." I answered. I started to walk away, but he step in front of me. "Edward I said no, ok. Now move I have to get to class." He looked at me with his eyes that I use to love and moved out of my way. "Thank you." I told him.




It was lunch time. We all sat at the same table we use to sit at last year. Except there was someone missing. Jessica. She was the one, who helped us grow into popularity. I would miss her.


Getting there late at lunch wasn’t a big deal. Alice sat next to me, and Rosalie sat across from us.


"So you guys don't mind if Emmett sits here?" Rosalie asked both of us. I didn't even want him to sit here, he doesn't deserve too.


"Why are you even dating him?" The question came out of my mouth without a warning. Rosalie's  eyes had hurt in them.


"Well I don't know, we just started so-"


"So we al know he's the reason why Jessica went missing." Alice said to her. Rosalie shook her head. I sighed, we weren't going to win reasoning with her.


"We don't know that, there's no proof." She augured back with a huff.


"Can't it just be us girls." I told her, she smiled. Rosalie's brown chocolate hair shimmered with her pearly white teeth.


"Well consider Emmett a girl now." Rosalie said with a laugh, which sounded like a bark to me. "He's my little gay boyfriend." She said quickly to us, We all went quiet because he was making his way to the table. Emmett had his food and sat next to Rosalie.


"So what you talking about-"


"Rosalie thinks your gay." Alice said out of the blue. I laughed along with her, because Emmett gave Rosalie a look.


"I was just joking, I said you were one of the girls now which made you my gay boyfriend." Rosalie smiled, and looked at Alice with a scowl. Emmett laughed, and Rosalie sighed with relief. I couldn't stop laughing.





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love it <333
keep me updated!!!
love shauny
I love that show!!! And This Story!! keep me updated
Love it! And I'm wondering because in PLL A (the first anyway) and Ali are not the same. BUt I'm wondering if you might've changed it and had J and Jessica being the same person.
IDK Can't spoil the surprise. Lol you'll just have to wait and see.
love it!! cant wait for more





Chapter 4 Bella's P.O.V

I was on the computer, looking up the French revolution for my homework assignment. I skimmed some parts, since I didn't speak French, but there were some parts I did understand.

"Bella." I jumped from my seat and fell backwards. Rough hands help me up, but I pushed them off me. I looked at the person face.

"Edward! What are you doing in my house!" I yelled at him. I looked at my window, this is where he always came up when we DID date. "Get out." I shoved him back at the window.

"Give me a chance, Bella I didn't mean to hurt you." He said getting closer. He pushed my against the wall. His breath was on my cheek.

"You want to know why I broke up with you." He nodded, "You made fun of Jessica all the time, and on the night she went missing you were laughing like it was no probably. She was my friend and I couldn’t date anyone with problems with friends." I said. He gave me a look.

"I promise I won't do it again." He told me. I didn't believe him, then in that moment his lips crushed mine. The movement of our lips was so familiar so I let it continue.

It had been a while since I kissed him, and when he did kiss me it made me realize I still love him, not only because of this because I needed him. I wanted him in everyway possible.

Edwards hand realized in my hair like wild lions, his lips part with mine. Then I gently pushed him off me.

"No Edward." I murmured. He kissed my neck.

"Seemed to me like you loved it." He kissed me once more. "Just admit it. You still like me." I didn't want to say it I just shook my head yes. He smiled. We kept kissing, until I heard someone coming I think it was my mom.

"See you at school." He mumbled and went out the window, I fell backwards onto my bed. I guess I didn't mind kissing him.

Something was being slipped through my door. A Piece of paper, almost have way through. Why would my mom be doing that. Quickly I got up and took the paper. Someone's feet ran like crazy away from my door. I opened the door.

"Hello." I looked back and fourth between the stairs and hallway. "Who's there." I said. No one answered. I shut my door, and locked in rushing then back to my bed.

I opened the letter.

YAHHHH! Your back together with, Edward. Now you guys can cuddle together like you did when I was around. -J
"Jess." Jessica I Said, in my head. No that couldn't be her, it can't be. I kept reading the line over and over again, the writing looked like hers too. No. No. No. No.

In the morning school started, I felt awkward and weird and looked at everyone like I was guilty. I needed to find Alice, there she was just about to open her locker.

"I need to speak with you." She looked just as worried as I did.

"I can't I have to get to class." Alice opened her locker and a piece of paper fell out. I picked it up for her, but when I read what it said I gasped!

"You got one too!" I said and showed her the paper. She looked at me like I was crazy.

"It was from yesterday when I help the boy in the cafeteria.." She told me. "What did yours say." I handed my to hers, I grabbed it from my backpack.

"You back together with Edward-"

"That’s not the point." I looked at her letter again. "Do you think its Jessica?" I asked her, she shook her head.

"I really don't know, its been a year since she went missing and if it was her she finally decides to tell us now. That is not her." Alice said. She shut her locker with her note in her hand. "Where Rosalie?" And it was like Rosalie read are mind she came around the corner.

"Hay guys." she said. "Or should I say Cullen Girls." Rosalie said our group name that Jessica came up when we were all friends.

"Rose, we need to talk." Alice and I pushed her out of the school, who cares if were late. I said in my head. "Look." I said. I handed her my note and Alice handed her note. Rosalie's eyes lit up.

"You too!" She examined, Rosalie reached In her pocket and brought out her found. "I got a txt message from her." She said. "Oh and a rock thrown at me that said 'I'm watching you Rose." I looked at her, and we all looked at each others messages. It cant be. I repeated in my head.

"We should talk somewhere more quieter." Alice said, we all nodded. "How about after school, lets meet at out old meeting tree."

"Yes." Rosalie and I said at the same time.

We made it just in time before the bell rang. Class's went very fast then they did yesterday. In study hall I finish all my homework and got half of my French revolution paper done. When the last bell of the day rang, I got in my car and hurried to the tree.

I was there in 15 minutes. Rosalie and Alice had already beat me.

"What makes you think this is her." Rosalie said looking at her nails and sitting on a tree branch. Alice was pacing back and fourth. I stood next to the tree, with the surrounding many other trees there were.

"It has too, she's the only one that knows all these secrets. Unless she told someone else." Alice said.

"That’s probably it." Rose said and looked back at her nails. I sighed.

"I think its Jessica, Like you said Alice she's the only one who knows our secrets." I repeated somewhat what she said. Alice still was pacing back and fourth. Then I heard a noise. "Did you guys hear that?" I asked.

"Hear what." Rosalie said. There it was again, it felt like there were eyes on me. Rosalie and Alice heard it because both of them stopped what they were doing and came closer to me. "Ok I'm scared, this is the same freaky thing that happened to me yesterday there was some weird noise and all of a sudden-"


"AH!" We all screamed.

"Just like that." Rosalie said catching her breath. In front of us was a picture of Alice, me Rosalie and Jessica sitting at the beach.

"Jessica only had that photo in her room, remember?" Alice said, she picked it up. The picture frame was broken so we took the photo out and dropped the frame.'

All three of us looked at it.
Enjoy soooo good post more soon!!!
keep me updated!!
love shauny
creepy...LOL! loved it! Want to know more! PS, is Jessica still alive?


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